A/N: This is going to be my second real story, so I hope you will enjoy. I have read many stories were Naruto is a Ninja, a Kitsune, a half-Kitsune, a Vampire, a Dragon, and many other things. So I decided to try my own hand at a monster Naruto story, with my own ideas of course.- -

People speaking: "I'm a Vampire."

People thinking: 'I want to suck your blood.'

Youkai speaking: "Know your place!"

Youkai thinking: 'Blood is better than tomato juice.'

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Chapter 1

New Beginnings and a Vampire

"So you have everything packed?" Kushina Namikaze asked as she stood next to her husband, Minato Namikaze, who stood at the doorway with his arms crossed.

They were seeing their son off as he would soon leave for the bus to Youkai Academy. Kushina was a beautiful woman with long red hair, amethyst eyes and a great figure, she had a loving personality but if someone pissed her off then in the words of a famous man…I pity the fool. Minato was a tall good looking man with a strong, lean build that was nothing like those gross bodybuilders, however since Minato was a Yokai, he was lot stronger; he had spiky platinum blonde hair and blue-colored contacts over his red eyes, making them appear the same color as his wife.

"Yeah Kaa-san, I've got everything I need." Naruto replied as he shifted the bag on his shoulder. He had spiky blonde hair with silver streaks and natural amethyst eyes like his mothers; he was almost an exact copy of his father except for the hair color. Naruto was wearing Youkai Academy's school uniform with two alterations; the first was a black tie with an orange swirl at the end and the second was a black leather bracelet with a small rosary on it on his right wrist. "I don't like the uniform though, it needs more orange."

"Nonsense, it looks great on you." Kushina said as she moved closer to her son to fix his tie before giving him a hug. "I'm going to miss you Naruto."

"I'm going to miss you too Kaa-san." Her son said as he returned the hug; Minato waited for the two to part before walking up to his son. He placed a hand on his shoulder while giving him a grin.

"Naruto, I am going to miss you as well, but I want you to make sure of a few things. The first is to study hard and try not getting into a lot of trouble, but I get the feeling you might, after all you're your mother's son." Minato ducked his head, dodging his wife's swipe. "Also…be careful while you are there; especially if you see any Vampires."

Naruto nodded his head. "I will Tou-san, don't worry…I'm going now. Bye." He opened the door and started walking out, once he was outside released a sigh before heading to where the bus was going to pick him up. 'So here I go; watch out Youkai Academy, cause here come Naruto Namikaze!'

It took Naruto a good fifteen minutes before he made it to the bus stop, where he saw the bus just arriving. When Naruto made it on the bus, he noticed two things; one was the driver was giving a creepy laugh and his eyes were glowing, the second was another student on the bus. Before he could move to sit down the bus driver spoke.

"You're the final student on my pick up list that attending Youkai Acedemy, right?" the bus driver asked, his glowing eyes stared at Naruto for a second before he continued to speak. "You're definitely Minato's kid, almost a spitting image of him."

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Naruto replied while rubbing the back of his head, before realizing what the man had said. "Wait, you know Tou-san?"

"Of course, he is an old friend of both me and the principal." The driver closed the doors behind Naruto and got ready to drive. "It would be best if you got into a seat, the roads about to get a bit bumpy, hehehe."

Ignoring the creepy laugh, Naruto walked back while thinking. 'If the principal knows Tou-san, I guess that means they know about my secret too.' Naruto looked to the side to see a boy around the same age as him looking out the window; he seemed pretty ordinary with unkempt mess brown hair and brown eyes, he was wearing the same uniform as well. As Naruto moved down the rows, the boy turned to him and gave a friendly smile.

"Hello, nice to meet you." The boy said, making Naruto grin a little.

"Yeah, likewise; I'm Naruto Namikaze." Naruto introduced himself as he sat down in the seat next to the boy and reached a hand out. "First-year and you?

"Tsukune Aono, and I'm a first-year as well." Tsukune said as they shook hands.

The two conversed for a while, getting to know each other. Naruto could tell that Tsukune didn't have a lot of confidence in himself, the brunette considered himself average and nothing special, though Naruto could tell he was a good guy. It definitely was a positive for Naruto that he was able to make a friend so quickly at school, he never really tried to make friends with others at his middle school because they would try to bully him, but he had fought back and sent a few to the hospital. Naruto silently shook the memory out of his head; this was a new place to start and make friends.

Tsukune noted that Naruto was a very cool guy; energetic and funny, but knew how to be serious in a certain situations. It surprised Tsukune about how nice Naruto was; usually guys with such good looks were arrogant jerks and bastards, but Naruto didn't seem to be like that at all. Tsukune, like Naruto, was glad he was able to make a friend so soon; being alone during his time at the academy would have sucked.

The two boy's conversation was interrupted by the bus driver as the bus entered a dark tunnel. "As soon as we exit this tunnel, we'll be at the front of the school." the bus driver said to get their attention."You two better make sure you're ready…" He said before turning back to them, showing his glowing eyes. "Because Youkai Academy is known to be a very scary school." He finished his warning with a laugh.

Naruto release a low scoff before looking at Tsukune, who seemed to be panicking a little at what he said. When they reached the end of the tunnel, a bright light covered the bus and blinded the two for second; when they opened their eyes, the boys noticed the bus came to a stop.

"Well, here we are." The bus driver said as he opened the door.

Both Naruto and Tsukune grabbed their bags and made their way off the bus. When they both got off, they saw a scarecrow in front of them with a smiling pumpkin head and a sign that said Youkai Private Academy. A good mile or two from where they were standing was the school, or at that what they believed it was, it looked like a haunted mansion; lightning was flashing behind it like in horror stories. Surrounding the school and the area they were currently were many dead trees and tombstones; some crows stared at them with their small black eyes.

"We'll you two better be careful." The bus driver said casually before driving away leaving the two boys behind. Getting out of his stupor first Tsukune yelled out at the retreating bus.

"Wait a minute! Just what kind of place is this?!" His shout went unanswered as the bus disappeared into the tunnel again. He turned away from the tunnel to take another look at his surroundings slightly shivering. "T-This is where we're going to school? I-It's like another world compared to outside the tunnel." He said more to himself but Naruto could easily hear his words.

"Well let's get going, don't want to get in trouble before we even start classes." He said as he gave the panicking brown haired boy a pat on the back as he started walking towards the school.

"Y-Yea I guess so." Tsukune responded as he followed the blonde, inwardly crying in fright and despair as he thought about much he suddenly missed his home.

The two of them followed the path way towards the school, but Naruto was already getting bored after just staring at only tombstones and dead trees the whole time. But before he could try and do something to relieve his bored, he heard a strange noise coming from behind them, making him stop in his tracks.

"Huh?" Tsukune noticed Naruto had stop walking and stared at his new friend before asking. "Something wrong Naruto?"

"I just thought I heard something…" Naruto stood there for a second before shrugging his shoulders at Tsukune. "Guess it was just my ima-!" He didn't get to finish as he felt something slam into his back; it turned out to be a pink-haired girl on a bike, she flew off the bike and collided with Naruto, sending them tumbling a few feet away before coming to a stop with Naruto lying on top of her.

"Naruto!" Tsukune exclaimed as he ran towards his friend and the girl; Naruto slowly got up, making sure not to hurt the girl.

"Yeah, I think so…was that a bike?" Naruto asked as he reached for his head, feeling something wet falling down his cheek. Turning his head to get a look at the girl, Naruto's eyes widened as he stared at the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen before. She had long pink hair that below her waist, it reminded Naruto a little of how long his mother kept her hair before shaking the thoughts away, and her dazzling green eyes stared up at him. She was dressed in the female version of the school uniform, and as he got a better look at her face, before noticing she was staring up at him with a small blush on her face. Naruto remembered their position and quickly got off her with an apology. "Sorry! I didn't mean to…"

The girl sat up and gave him a shy and embarrassed smile. "No, I am the one who should apologize. I was feeling a little weak because of my anemia and I accidentally crashed into you." She looked at him a little startled. "Oh no, you're bleeding!"

Naruto reached up and touched his cheek, sure enough there was a little bit of blood. "Don't worry about it, it's nothing."

Tsukune, who was almost overcome by how beautiful the girl was, just stared as she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and reached over to wipe the blood from his friend's cheek. He noticed that she seemed to freeze before her head drew to Naruto's face with a small blush on her face.

"This scent…it's so good." The girl mumbled as she seemed to be sniffing Naruto.

"Scent?" Naruto repeated as he watched her sniff him, before a thought shot through his brain. 'Wait! Don't tell me she's a…'

"I'm sorry, but I can't control myself when blood is around." The girl placed her hands on Naruto's face as s he apologized, "Because I'm a Vampire." She leaned close to Naruto's neck and bit down.

"A…Vampire…" Naruto whispered in surprise as he felt the girl suck his blood and it didn't hurt, it was more like a tiny pinch and there was a pleasant feeling in his neck. He didn't think that he would see a Vampire this soon; Naruto turned to look at Tsukune, who looked like he was panicking a little at what was happening in front of him.

When the girl finally pulled away, she had a dreamy look on her face as she spoke. "Thank you so much, your blood was the best I've ever tasted!"

"…Thanks." Naruto replied, not knowing how else to respond.

"Naruto, are you okay?" Tsukune asked his in-a-daze friend before turning to the girl. "Did you really just drink his blood?"

A look of embarrassment came to her face as she nodded her head. "Yes, I'm sorry for doing that without any warning or asking, but as soon as I caught his scent I couldn't hold myself back." She gave the two a smile, "I'm a Vampire, you see."

"A Vampire?! As in the bloodsucking Yokais that hate crosses and garlic!?" Tsukune exclaimed.

"Uh-huh." The pinkette seemed quiet as she stared at Naruto before asking, "Do you…not like Vampires?"

Naruto shook his head as he stared back at the female Vampire. "I can't really say that I have anything against them, I mean I only know of one." Naruto gave her a sheepish smile as he rubbed the back of his head. Naruto felt a body collide into him and saw the girl was now on top of him, giving him a bright smile.

"I'm so glad to hear that, do you want to be friends?" She asked excitedly.

"Sure, I don't see why we can't." Naruto replied, blushing a little on how close she was to him.

The girl looked over to Tsukune with a hopeful look; the boy chuckled nervously before nodding his head. "I hope we can be friends too."

"Yay, two new friends!" The girl cheered before introducing herself. "My name is Moka Akashiya, nice to meet you both!"

"I'm Tsukune Aono."

"And I am Naruto Namikaze, pleased to meet you." Naruto said with his eyes closed. "Excuse me Moka, but do you think you could get off please?"

The girl realized their position and quickly jumped to her feet and apologized, but Naruto waved it off with a smile. The three walked towards the school, with Moka walking next to her bike, they talked about how they were all first years and Moka was hoping that they would all have the same homeroom; she seemed really happy to have friends.

"I'm glad I got to find some friends here, I was afraid that I would be all alone again!" Moka smiled.

He smiled at her excitement. "Yeah same here, but wouldn't a pretty girl like you have lots of friends?" Naruto instantly regretted his words as Moka suddenly blushed again and looked away. Tsukune was wondering the same thing; a pretty girl like her should have no trouble making friends. Naruto, thinking he said the wrong thing, tried to explain himself. "No, I didn't mean…You're acting like we're your first one ever, that's all."

Moka didn't look at them as she replied in a sad toned voice. "That's because you both are." Naruto and Tsukune stared at her in surprise after she said that.

Naruto stared at the Vampire in surprise, she was nothing like the Vampires he had heard about, they were known to be ruthless and showed no mercy to their victims. But his father had told him that there were a few, like him, that were exceptions to this, like an old friend of his named Akasha Bloodriver. Naruto's face grew a smile and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Well then, I'm very glad to be your friend. Would you like to walk with us to the school?" he said, offering her his hand.

She looked between at him and Tsukune, who was giving his a small smile, and shyly took the offered hand. "I would be happy to."

The three headed towards the school, rushing their pace a bit so they would not miss the entrance ceremony. Tsukune, however, was wondering to himself why Moka called herself Vampire.

(A few hours later)

After the long, boring and annoying speech given at the entrance ceremony, Naruto and Tsukune were finally able to relax as they made it through the crowd and found their homeroom. They were happy to have found themselves in the same room and were now sitting in the seats next to the windows. Naruto was sitting behind Tsukune and watched as the classroom was full of chatter.

The homeroom teacher came in and settled down the class; she was a young blonde woman with glasses and had a weird hair style; two tufts of hair on each side were sticking out almost like a pair of cat ears. In Naruto's opinion she seemed a little air-headed, but had a nice personality; Tsukune was just glad that he had such a beautiful, nice teacher.

She smiled at the class and started her introduction. "Hello class, and welcome to Youkai academy! I am your home room teacher, Shizuka Nekonome!" She said cheerfully before walking next to something written on the blackboard. "I'm sure you all are already aware of this, but Youkai Academy is a school built for the sake of Yokais!"

This made Tsukune freeze as he tried to absorb what she just said. 'A school f-for m-mon-monster!?"

"The fact is that the world is currently dominated by Humans. If we are to survive, we must learn to coexist with them." The class seemed to ignore Tsukune's actions as they listened to the teacher speak, well except for Naruto who watched Tsukune's body shake like crazy with an eyebrow raised. He shook his head a little to listen as the teacher explained the rules, "That brings us to our first rule; while you are at this school you must stay in Human form unless you're given special permission from the principal and staff! You must always stay in Human form as it's to help you practice disguising yourself as a Human! The second rule is that you must never allow any of your fellow students to know what your true form is! Now everyone WILL follow these rules, correct?!"

"This are some stupid rules if you ask me," a brawny student sitting in the seat next to Tsukune called out.

"Hmm." Nekonome-sensei looked at the student before looking at her class roster. "…You're… Saizou Komiya!"

"Would it not be better for us to eat up any Humans we find? Or in the case of beautiful girls, to molest them?" Saizou commented as his tongue slithered out, freaking out Tsukune and getting a small huff from Naruto.

"Oh no, that wouldn't be possible," Nekonome-sensei answered. "Since here at Youkai academy, the teachers and students are all Yokais; there are no genuine Humans here! Since this academy is completely covered by a secret barrier, any Human who somehow wonders in, will be killed immediately." The fact that she said that caused Tsukune to mentally freak out a little, the addition to Saizou giving him a creepy look wasn't helping him calm down.

"Excuse me sensei," Naruto's voice called out, making everyone turn to him; almost every girl in the class blushed as they stared at him. "Wouldn't that be kind of a contradiction; I mean if this school was created for us to coexist with Humans, how does killing them help?" That question quieted everyone as they thought about the truth of his words.

"Truthfully I'm not sure how; only the creator of the school would know the answer to that." Nekonome-sensei replied before she heard the door open.

"I'm so sorry I'm late," a girl's voice called from the class room door. "After the entrance ceremony I kind of got lost in the school."

Nekonome-sensei looked over to the girl and smiled. "It's fine, why don't you introduce yourself."

"O.k.," The girl revealed to be Moka as she stepped into the room and faced the class. "My name is Moka Akashiya! It's nice to meet you all!" Immediately the boys went crazy as they looked at the beautiful girl.

"Is that really her Human form?"

"She's so hot!"

"I think I'm in love!"

"I'm so glad she's in my class!"

Many such comments flew about the room and were suddenly be shouted out to her. One of the students, the one who had commented earlier about eating Humans and molesting their woman didn't bother to say anything. He just eyed her with a hungry look.

Moka stood there a moment; she didn't think she would get such attention and looked around the classroom. Her eyes widened as she spotted two familiar faces. "Naruto-kun! Tsukune!" She shouted happily. "I'm so glad we're in the same class!" She ran over to them and gave Naruto a hug.


Since it was the first day there were no official classes; the student had only been required to attend the entrance ceremony and meet with their homeroom teacher. Once Nekonome-sensei had dismissed them, they were free to explore the academy grounds. But before any of the other boys in class could approach her, Moka grabbed a hold of Naruto and Tsukune's arms and swiftly led them out into the hallway.

"Let's go explore!" She'd said excitedly as she continued to pull them.

Naruto only smiled and nodded his head while Tsukune as deep in thought about him being in a Yokai school. Even given the situation he just couldn't help but enjoy the time he as having with Naruto and Moka. Her joy and eagerness were just contagious and both Tsukune and Naruto actually found themselves sharing in the fun. Tsukune also couldn't help but notice the jealous looks all the guys were sending in his and Naruto's direction, as well as some of the girl's sending jealous looks at Moka. But he quickly dismissed their looks as Naruto spoke.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm a little thirsty." Naruto said as he pointed towards a vending machine outside. "How about we get some drinks, my treat." He offered with a smile.

"Uh yeah, thanks." Tsukune replied. "I'll take a canned ice coffee."

"Some tomato juice for me, please." Moka said.

"One ice coffee and a tomato juice; coming right up." Naruto said as they went over to the vending machine. He purchased his friend's drinks and handed them their drinks before turning back to the vending machine to purchase his own drink. The three moved over to a bench and relaxed.

"This is nice, right?" Moka commented after she drank her juice.

"Yeah, it's really peaceful." Naruto replied with a small smile.

Tsukune didn't say anything as he seemed to stare off into space, not even touching his drink; seeing a bit of movement in the corner of his eye, he saw Moka and Naruto staring in confusion. Blushing a little from embarrassment he took big gulp of his drink, bringing smiles to Naruto and Moka's faces.

'It's hard to believe Moka and Naruto are monsters, they are so nice.' Tsukune thought to himself.

"You're Moka Akashiya, right?" A voice called out, catching Tsukune by surprise. They turned towards the voice and saw it was the same guy who made that comment earlier in class; Naruto felt a scowl coming to his face as Saizou drew close. "You are even more beautiful than I thought. I am your classmate Saizou Komiya!" He then reached out and grabbed Tsukune by the collar of his jacket and easily yanked him up off his feet. "By the way, why is a beautiful lady like yourself associating with guys like these?"

'This guy…! He's that…" Tsukune thought as he remembered this was the guys who said that stuff about eating Humans. He could hear some of the other student watching talk about the rumors they had heard about Saizou and kept their distance away from the four. Tsukune's thoughts were interrupted as a hand grabbed the arm Saizou was using; both boys turn to him and saw Naruto glaring at Saizou.

"You have two seconds to put him down gently, or I will make you suffer." Naruto stated as he tightens his grip.

"Big talk, let's see you tr-" Saizou didn't finish as Naruto pressed a nerve in the arm, making him release Tsukune and Naruto moved in front of him with a leg brought back.

"Trash." Naruto said before kicking Saizo in the face and sending him crashing into the vending machine. "Never mess with my friends, you pathetic bastard."

Saizo quickly got up and shot Naruto a deadly glare while releasing some killer intent, a little blood fell from his lip. "Lucky shot loser, but now you're going down."

Naruto scoff at his words and shifted his stance a little, "Bring it."

Before either could do anything, Moka grabbed Naruto and Tsukune and dragged them away, shouting back as Saizou. "I'm sorry but I am having fun with Tsukune and Naruto-kun."

"Just watch me." Saizou said as he watched them leave; he licked his lips as he watched Moka run. "I…never let a hot woman like you escape when I've set my eyes on them."

(With the group)

When Moka had stopped pulling them, the three made it to an empty corridor of the building. Tsukune was a little shaken up from the whole ordeal; Moka was worried about him and Naruto, who had a small disappointed look on his face.

"Are you guys alright? I was a little scared back there." Moka asked with a concerned look.

"I'm fine. Thanks for helping me back there, Naruto." Tsukune said as he turned to look at the bi-colored teen.

"No problem, but you should've let me kicked his ass." Naruto grumbled; he seemed to be pouting a little about not being able to fight that bully.

"I don't want you to get in trouble Naruto-kun." Moka replied as she gave her own pout. Naruto stared at her without any emotions before relenting to her.

"Why are you guys so friendly with me? I'm just a mediocre person; I doubt that you would have any trouble hanging out with anyone at this school, so why me?" he asked wondering why they would want to be friends with a Human.

"Don't say that!" Moka said, surprising Tsukune a little. "Tsukune, you're not mediocre or worthless or anything like that!"

"Re… really?" Tsukune asked as he stared at Moka.

She nodded swiftly. "Of course!"

"She's right you know." Tsukune turned and saw Naruto, who was smiling at him. "You should talk down about yourself like that, you have some good qualities."

"Moka-san…Naruto…Thanks." Tsukune said as he rubbed the back of his head with a smile.

"You have good qualities as well, Naruto-kun." Moka commented, "You're a nice person and very protective."

"Yeah...?" Now Naruto was rubbing the back of his head. "I thought it was natural to stick by your friends."

"I guess that's true, but that's what I like about you…and also…" Moka blushed as she stared up at him.


"We're on blood sucking terms." She finished with a blush and had her hands on her cheeks' making both boys face fault.

"Seriously." Naruto said with a deadpanned look.

"What does that even mean?" Tsukune asked.

"You should be proud. You have the tastiest blood that I've ever had, it's so much better than the blood I've drank from transfusion packets." Moka continued to explain with a smile..

"Don't make it sound like I'm only food?!"

"Well to tell the truth…you were my first." Moka said, her face going redder. Hearing this caused the two boys eyes to widen; the way she said that could definitely be misinterpreted if someone else had been listening. "A girl never forgets their first time, the feeling was wonderful."



"Since you're her first, you have to make sure that you take responsibility." Tsukune said with a serious look but had a small grin showing he was joking; causing Naruto stared at him in shock and had a little blush.

"What are you talking about!" he shouted. "And since when did you make jokes like that!"

"Don't say something so embarrassing." Moka said before lightly shoving Tsukune...Well a light shove from Vampire Moka was a hard shove to Human Tsukune, the result for Tsukune was being slammed into the wall crying comically, creating cracks and a small indent, while Naruto laughed his ass off.

"…Tell one joke and get shoved into a wall…that's not right." Tsukune complained as Naruto pulled him away from the wall.

"Let's go explore the rest of the academy!" she cheered as she headed for the door followed by a laughing Naruto and an injured Tsukune. They continued to explore the academy until they made it to their dorm buildings. Naruto and Moka thought it was cool, Tsukune…not so much.

"Are we looking at the same building?" he asked. 'How on earth am I going to survive at this school?'

"Are you kidding? This place has so much character." Moka praised.

"It's not so bad Tsukune, haven't you ever heard the expression, never judge a book by its cover." Naruto commented as he stared up at the building; his words seemed to calm Tsukune down a little as he knew Naruto was right.

"I think it's a perfect place for a Yokai. Speaking of which what type of Yokai are you two?" Moka asked curiously, making Tsukune freeze up

'Crap, I can't tell them I'm Human or I'll be killed.' Tsukune thought in a panic, but lucky for him Naruto came to the rescue.

"Sorry Moka-chan, but it's against the school rules to tell you, remember." Naruto pointed out; he didn't want to disappoint the Vampire girl, but his true form had to be kept a secret until he had no choice, and he knew Tsukune would be in trouble if he was revealed to be a Human…It wasn't hard for him to figure out with all the reactions Tsukune had done when he found out the truth about this school.

"Oh you're right! I don't want you guys to get in trouble, sorry." Moka said, playfully hit her head.

"Speaking of which, you really don't remind me of the Vampires I've read about." Tsukune commented as Moka looked at him in confusion. "If I didn't know you were one, I would have thought you were Human."

"It's actually because of this." She touched the rosary that rested on her chest. "You see, if I to take this rosary off I would revert to my true form, a scary Vampire." Tsukune stared at the small cross in surprise as Moka continued to explain. "Rosaries have the effect of sealing off a Vampire's power. Since my original form was hated and caused conflict I put this rosary on myself so I'd keep my Vampires powers sealed."

'Wow…even if she looks so cute and gentle, Moka is very different from me after all.' He watched as Naruto leaned close to look at the rosary, much to Moka's embarrassment. 'And Naruto is completely different from me as well, even though he was so nice. Are these two really not Human?'

"That is an impressive seal, it definitely is powerful." Naruto said as he stood straight; Moka started leaning against him, making Naruto blush a little.

"But even when sealed, we still need our blood." She said before biting into his neck. Naruto just stood there while Tsukune stared in surprise before letting out a small yell.


(The Next Day)

Naruto let out a yawn as he walked down the path to school; Tsukune had already left before he even got down stairs. He had noticed that his Human friend seem deep in thought yesterday, but Naruto dismissed it thinking he could asked Tsukune what was wrong later. Sensing something coming at him from behind; Naruto jump away as a big hand destroyed the wall next to him; quickly balancing himself as he spun around to look at his attacker. He saw that Saizou was the one who punched the wall with one of his fists transformed.

"First thing in the morning and you try to attack me…can I help you?" Naruto asked as he never took his eyes off Saizou, ignoring the students watching from a distance.

"I already warned that pathetic weakling Aono, so I'll get you a warning as well. Never go near Moka or else." Saizou said ignoring the blonde.

"Who's going to stop me if I chose not to listen?" he asked bored.

"I will." The bully said with a smirk.

"If it means I get the chance to kick your ass, I think I'll stick around." The blonde said smirking at Saizou's growing annoyance. "I wouldn't miss that kind of opportunity."

"You're only get one warning, pretty boy." He said walking away before Naruto called after him.

"And here's one warning for you. If I ever catch you attacking my friends, I'll kill you…very...slowly." He said with a demonic tone at the end with his eyes flashing red, shocking Saizou a little. Regaining his composure the bully scoffed and retreated. "…I don't like this, I better find Tsukune." Naruto muttered to himself as he began searching for the brunette, it didn't take him long as he heard a certain pinkette's voice.

"You can't leave!" He heard from behind the trees. He followed the voice to see a distressed Moka next to a sad Tsukune who was holding a suitcase. Naruto stayed back as he watched the scene.

"I'm sorry Moka, but this school just too scary for me." Tsukune said gravely. He would have been happy to stay here with her and Naruto, but receiving that death threat from Saizou was too much for him to take. After all he's Human; he doesn't belong here at a Yokai school. "I think it would be best if I'd just go to a Human school." He admitted shocking the young Vampire.

"You can't go to a Human school! I hate those Humans!" she cried. Hearing this Tsukune felt his heart shatter while Naruto cringed, those words stung a little.

"I had actually gone to school in the Human world before coming here. It was horrible, I felt so isolated and alone. The Humans don't believe in Yokais. I started to see myself as a freak, as different from everyone else, and to wonder if it would be better if I didn't exist at all."

"She was alone." Naruto muttered from where he was watching, listening to the girl as she talked about her past. 'Just like I was…'

"But both you and Naruto said you were fine with me being a Vampire. You two are the first real friends I've ever had." Moka said with a smile. "Let's just stay here and the three of us will stick together at this acade-"

"What if I told you…that I was one of those Humans you hated?" He interrupted shocking the pink haired girl but he continued on. Would you still stop me?" Seeing Moka stare at him, Tsukune gathered himself before continuing, "I'm Human, I got accepted to this school by mistake. I'm completely different from you and Naruto."

"That's impossible…" she muttered but he heard her. "No Human could possibly…"

He noticed her look and frowned; the look Moka had was full of fear and a little bit of hatred, but it mostly contained sadness. Tsukune turned away from her, "So now that you know I'm a Human that's how you look at me." Moka looked surprised. "That's right; I shouldn't even be here to start with."

Moka tried to stop him by grabbing his shoulder, "Wait! Tsukune…is it really true? I –"

Tsukune cut her off again, "You hate Humans remember?! Well maybe I don't like Yokais, either!" Tsukune turned and ran away with his luggage as soon as he said that.

Moka tried calling out to him, "Tsukune!"

Naruto watched him run into the forest and felt sad as his watch his two new friends end their argument like that; with a deep sigh he walked towards the sad girl. Moka kept her head down as she let some of her tears fall, before turning her head a little when she heard footsteps, she saw Naruto standing there with a sad look.

"Moka…I'm sorry." Naruto apologized as Moka looked at him with her teary eyes. "I had figured it out earlier but I didn't want him to get killed, so I kept quiet."

"So are you one too…? Are you a Human as well?"

Naruto didn't answer right away. He closed his eyes and looked down, "…Part of me is." Seeing her confused look he explained. "I'm half-Human; my mother is Human and my father is a Yokai."

Moka felt tears rolling down her face. "Well then why are you still here!? You probably hate Yokais even more than him; Hanyous are said to be hated by both Yokais and Humans, aren't they?"

Naruto watched as she fell to the ground, covering her face with her hands. He walked up to her and knelt in front of her. She looked meekly up at him. Naruto smiled warmly at her, "Personally I don't have any hatred towards Yokais or Humans; and to me Moka-chan, you're not just a Yokai…"

Moka stared up at him, wondering what he was going to say. Naruto used his thumbs to wipe a few tears off her cheeks, Moka blushed at the contact. "To me, Moka, you are one of my precious friends and I won't ever abandon you."

Moka felt more tear come after he said that and hugged him, crying softly into his neck. Naruto hugged her back and ran a hand through her hair; doing his best to calm her down. Soon Moka let go of him, and Naruto stared her in the eyes. "Moka, I'll have to leave you for a bit. I'm going to bring Tsukune back; so wait here and I'll be back."

"…You promise?" Moka asked.

"I promise, and I always keep my word." Naruto respond with a smile before running into the forest. Moka continued to stare, unaware that a figure was hiding in the shadows.


Tsukune looked across the red ocean and at this very strange cliff. 'Now I can go back…to my totally average life…' He heard the bus pull up and released a deep sigh '…but…is that really what I want? Being here…was the first time…I didn't feel alone.'

He saw the bus pull up to him. The door opened and the bus driver from before was smoking his cigar again. He looked at Tsukune and smiled, "Hehehe… I had a feeling you'd run away."

Tsukune looked surprised, the driver continued, "I could see it on your face." He opened the door to the bus, "If you have no regrets boy, climb aboard."

Tsukune looked down and was about to take a step on the bus when a voice stopped him.

"Are you sure you really want to do that, Tsukune?"

Tsukune whipped around and saw Naruto leaning on the tree next to the scarecrow, giving his a cold look. He pushed off the tree and slowly walked to Tsukune. He stopped walking when he was standing right in front of Tsukune.

"So, you're here as well boy." The bus driver said, but noticed Naruto was ignoring him, keeping his amethyst eyes on Tsukune.

"We would really miss you if you left Tsukune…you don't have to go through this alone." Naruto said seriously.

Tsukune hesitated; he had no idea what to say to Naruto.

"I'm going to tell you a little secret Tsukune, about my true form." Naruto said, making the boy in front of him look at him in surprise,

"Your true form?" Tsukune repeated; Naruto nodded his head.

"Are you sure you want him to know?" The bus driver asked as he stepped off the bus, taking a big inhale of his cigar before releasing the smoke. "Not that you're breaking any rules since you are so far away from the school, but you would be opening a door that could never close again."

"I trust Tsukune." Naruto stated with a smile, before looking serious. "I am what is known as a half-breed or Hanyou, it is a being that is born from both a Yokai and Human parent. In my case, my mother is a Human and my father is a Yokai."

"So…you're half-Human and half-Yokai."

"That's right; people like me aren't liked by either Humans or Yokai, so I know what you and Moka must have felt like, being alone. Like I said before Tsukune, you don't have to go through this by yourself; Moka and I will be right there with you. But it's your choice on whether to stay and trust us to help or leave and we would most likely never meet again."

Tsukune stood there in silence, wondering what he should do.

(Back with Moka)

Moka walked around thinking about what both Naruto and Tsukune said, tears falling down her face. She kicked a rock on the ground, "I finally make some friends…and I say such mean things that push them away…"

She felt someone suddenly grab her wrist and her waist, making sure she wouldn't move; Moka heard a voice from behind her, "…So what brings you out here…all alone?"

She turned to the familiar voice and saw shaggy blonde hair…and a lip piercing! "S-Saizou!"

He licked his lips and grinned insanely, "If you're lonely…I can take care of that!"

Moka broke free of his grip and created some distance between the two of them. Saizou threw off his school jacket and chuckled, "I'm serious. Your beauty is on a completely different level from the Humans I played with! I wantyou to be my girl, Moka Akashiya!"

Saizou's tongue grew and his hand transformed into claws, the veins poking out sickeningly from under his skin. Moka flinched when she saw his hand, "S-Saizou?"

Saizou's body shifted and tore through his uniform as he started transforming into something very grotesque. He chuckled darkly, "MWAHAHA! When I get excited like this, my body starts to change. Then I can't stay in Human form anymore!"

Moka looked horrified, "No…No…" She said weakly, "Someone help me…please…" She felt fear welling up inside her, it was almost suffocating and she did the only thing she could think of. "NARUTO!"

Saizou laughed evilly, "HAHAHA, It's kinda breaking the school rules but let's have some fun, shall we!" Saizou's tongue slid out of his mouth and was dangling along his chest while he said this. His tongue reached out and was about to wrap around her body when a voice halted Saizou's movements.

"Moka-chan! GET DOWN!"

Saizou looked towards the voice and was met with a kick to the face, sending him crashing into several tombstones. Naruto landed in front of Moka with his right arm extended out.

"I told you before; you will pay for attacking my friends!" Naruto growled as he cracked his hand.

Moka shouted to Naruto, "Be careful Naruto! This is Saizo's true form!"

"Don't worry; Tsukune get her out of here!" Naruto ordered as Tsukune appeared, running toward them in a hurry.

Moka felt a big smile come to her face and called out to him, "Tsukune! You came back!"

Tsukune grinned, "Of course, Moka! We're friends after all and friends are there for each other!"

Moka got all teary eyed and nodded her head in enthusiasm. She saw Naruto and grinned at his back but then her eyes widened when she noticed a bracelet on his wrist. "Naruto…is that a..?"

"That doesn't matter right now!" Naruto exclaimed as he turned to look at her, "You need to get out of here before you get hurt!" Naruto, sensing something heading at the at a quick speed, grabbed Tsukune and Moka before leaping out of the way as Saizou's fist slammed into the ground. But with the sudden addition in weight, Naruto wasn't able to dodge the tongue moving around his leg and swinging the three of them into several trees. He quickly let go of his passengers and was sent flying even further away.

"Naruto-kun/Naruto!" Moka and Tsukune shouted as Naruto's form slammed into a tree. His body slid down the tree and sat at the base of the trunk, his face showing the impact created a lot of pain.

"So much for him."

They two of them looked back at Saizou with fear; there was no grin was on Saizou's face anymore, only a face that held pure rage. There was blood dripped down from his face, the kick had left a steaming wound. Saizou roared as he brought his hand back and slammed it right in Tsukune's chest; he was sent flying back and rolled into a tombstone. Moka cried out to him and got to his side in a second to see if he was alright.

Saizou was laughing maliciously, "What's the matter little 'Vampire'? I've always wanted to test my strength against one of your kind! It's too bad you're only trash!"

Moka sat by Tsukune's side and made sure he was all right. She felt tears well up in her eyes, "N-no! This is horrible. You both came back for me!" Moka felt the tears run down her cheeks and fell on Tsukune's face. "I'm so sorry …I wanted to believe… that I could really have a friend, even if it was a Human. But…I'm a Vampire. I suck the blood of Humans, and I hurt them. I wanted to think that the right person and I…could overcome that…" Moka looked at Tsukune's face and then at Naruto who was over by the tree attempting to stand up. I trail of blood flowed down the right side of his face. He was staring at Moka; she then turned her head back to Tsukune. "But I guess it's impossible. I'd only end up getting you both hurt as well!"

Tsukune moved and coughed, "That's true."

Moka cried, "Tsukune?!"

Tsukune used her shoulder for support, "I'm weak and ordinary. But…Naruto helped me realize that I can't just run away like this…and leave you both behind like that." Naruto was using the tree as his support while Tsukune was finishing with a smile. "Moka…I want to be your friend, even if you are a Vampire."

Moka was shocked at those words, her attention shifted as she felt another hand on her other shoulder and turned to see Naruto, grinning at her. "I want to stay your friend too, Moka-chan." Sadly this happy moment was ruined by a certain ogre.

"Are you both idiots?! I told you both to stay away from Moka!" Saizou yelled angrily as he reared back his fist and sent it flying at Naruto and Tsukune, but Naruto quickly caught it.

"And I told you before; I won't let you hurt my friends!" Naruto exclaimed as he held Saizou's fist in place; Naruto's eyes flashed red for a second before he flipped over the ogre and pulled his arm to send Saizou flying back. Naruto dashed forward and threw an uppercut to Saizou's back, lifting his body a bit and making it rotate 180 degrees with his head facing Naruto, who had a punch ready and slammed it against side of the ogre's face. Saizou crashed into a few trees and laid still against a tree for a moment before rising to his feet; Naruto went into a battle position, ready for any counterattack. "Is this really all you've got Saizou? I'm not impressed."

Saizou said nothing before turning to Moka and Tsukune; opening his mouth, his tongue shot out and headed in their direction, ready to pierce either one.

'SHIT!' Naruto thought before quickly moving in front of his friends and took the attack, the tongue piercing his chest near his heart. Blood flowed from the wound and Naruto's mouth. "Made…it…"

"Naruto-kun!" Moka shouted in fear as Saizou's tongue retracted back to his mouth. More blood burst out of the wound, the scent was getting to Moka, but she shook it off as Naruto turn to them; Tsukune watched in shock as blood spread through-out Naruto's uniform.

"Heh, so predictable." Saizou said with a smirk as he watched the blonde stumble.

"Get…out of…here." Naruto said as he reached out to push Moka and Tsukune away. Naruto knew he couldn't fight with his full power as long as his friends were there. "You have to…run." Naruto's hand caught onto the rosary before it was ripped off by the weight of Naruto's body pulling it, Tsukune quickly caught Naruto as he fell.

"The rosary…came off!?" Was all Moka could say before a bright light flashed around the seal and a dark redish-pink glow covered off Moka. She disappeared in the light and Saizo's attention was focused on her; Naruto watched the transformation occurred while the pain started to diminish as his healing abilities kicked in.

Naruto and Tsukune remembered her words from yesterday as they watched her body change, "If this rosary were to be taken off…I would turn into my true form, a scary Vampire!" They watched as her skin seemed to turn pale, her hands grew claws, her proportions grew drastically, her teeth became fangs and her hair turned silver.

Saizo looked fearfully at this transformed Moka. "What is this? This radiating power…It's like she's not Moka Akashiya anymore. She's a totally different person!"

'So this is the Vampire!?' Tsukune thought in amazement and slight fear as he felt Naruto stand up and move back a bit to lean against the tree.

Saizo thought in total fear, 'Red eyes…and an intense amount of power! So the legends are true; the most fearsome of Yokais – the Vampire!'

Naruto however had an entirely different reaction to the situation, "So this is Moka's true Vampire form, she's beautiful…"

When her transformation finished, Moka gave Saizo a smile. "What's the matter…rogue one? I thought you wanted to have some "fun" with me. So just try and take me…by force…" She held out her hand to the trembling Saizou, with an evil glint in her eyes. "If you can."

Saizou reached out to strike Moka with his claw, releasing a roar full of pure hatred and anger. Tsukune looked shocked and yelled out to her, "Moka!"

Moka didn't move as he attacked her everyone was shocked that she didn't anything at all. Saizou's claw made contact but Moka didn't budge an inch. But what she said next was simply amazing. "Is this all the power you've got?" Naruto watched as she moved at amazing speeds appeared in front of Saizou's face ready to give him a brutal kick, at the exact same place that Naruto hit earlier. "It's time for you to…" She gave him a scary look and finished with venom in her voice, "Know…your…PLACE!"

She gave Saizou a powerful kick that sent him crashing through several trees and tombstone before rolling on the ground until he stopped, unconscious and unmoving. Moka put her hand out in front of her, almost as if she was challenging him to get up again.

"Typical Yokai, all size and no strength to back it up; as I said, know your place." She grew a sexy smirk as she said that. She turned around and began walking back towards Naruto and Tsukune.

'What is this overwhelming cold power…!? She like a completely different person…from the Moka I've known so far…' Tsukune thought as he could only stare as Moka walked passed him towards Naruto, whose wound completely healed and was now standing straight, staring into Moka's red eyes with his amethyst ones.

"You are very strong for a Hanyou…Naruto. So…are you afraid…of this me?" Moka asked as she stopped less than a foot away from him.

Naruto looked at Moka for a second and answered her with a smile, "Of course not, there's no reason be afraid of a friend, right?"

Moka gave him a seductive smirk and leaned in close to Naruto, he could feel her breath blow into his ear as she whispered. "That's good to hear. I wouldn't want you to be afraid of me…you are an interesting one… Naruto Namikaze." Moka brushed a finger against the blood on his uniform and brought the blood-covered finger to her lips before she gave it a slow, sensual lick; Naruto felt a small shiver go up his spine as he watched her lick her finger clean. "And your blood is very delicious, I can see why my other self likes it so much; I wonder what your Yokai half is…until I find out, make sure you stay alive and well, Naruto. My other self would be sad if you disappeared, so be sure not to go anywhere."

"Like I said to the other Moka-chan earlier; I'm never going to abandon her." Naruto replied as he handed Moka the rosary.

Naruto watched as she pulled away, grabbing the rosary before turning to Tsukune, who took a small step back, and took a few steps closer to the Human. He narrowed his eyes a little as she stop in front of Tsukune and gave the brunette a small smirk. "Don't be so jittery. It's been a while since I've been awakened…I'm still drowsy." Moka gave Tsukune a playful pat of the cheek before continuing. "But don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you; after all you seem to also be a special friend to the other me, just like this one here with the delicious blood. Until we meet again, you both keep babysitting the sentimental other Moka…" She lifted the rosary and reattached it to the chain, changing her back to her pink haired self; the girl swayed for a bit as her body reverted back before collapsing into Naruto's arms.

Both boys stared at the unconscious Vampire and then at the battlefield were the beaten Saizou lied. They turn to each other and were quiet for a few minutes until Tsukune spoke. "I think we should go to the dorms and sleep this off; what do you think?"

The Hanyou was silent for a second before replying. "You know Tsukune…that is probably the best idea I've heard all day." Adjusting Moka into a better hold, carrying her bridal-style, Naruto and Tsukune started walking back to the dorms, leaving the unconscious Saizou behind them.

(At the Bus Stop)

The bus driver watched from the cliff where the bus was located at, smoking his cigar as he stared out into the forest where Naruto and Tsukune disappeared. "What two interesting young men…to make the decision to stay at the academy. I hope you both are ready for the perils of this school." The bus driver let out a small chuckle, "…A Human and a Hanyou attending a school full of Yokais will be dangerous, but I wish you both the best of luck…you're going to need it." He said as he walked to his bus.


The next morning, Tsukune was standing outside the gate of the school with Naruto at his side; Tsukune was shocked to find that the injury Naruto had received from Saizou had completely healed. Naruto shrugged it off saying it was one of the perks of his Yokai blood. The two boys were currently staring at Tsukune's withdrawal letter; Naruto gave Tsukune a smile and the brunette nodded. Tsukune took a deep breath, closed his eyes and mentally prepared himself; holding the letter with both hands, trying to push himself to rip it up.

"Morning Naruto-kun! Tsukune!" Moka exclaimed happily as she jumped on Naruto and giving him a hug; her surprise appearance and sudden pounce made Naruto bump into Tsukune and caused the boy to tear the letter in half. Moka noticed the torn up paper in Tsukune's hands, he had comical tears were flowing down his face. Moka looked sheepish. "Umm…sorry?" .

Tsukune said nothing as he let go of the two halves of the letter and watch it get taken away by the wind; Naruto began to let out a laugh which his Human friend soon started to follow; Moka, though not fully understanding what just happen, joined the boys laughter.

'Almost all my life, I've been alone and had hated by many for being a Hanyou.'

Moka turned towards Naruto and fidgeted. "Naruto…Thank you for yesterday…" Naruto turned towards her and saw her dangerously close to his face; Naruto took a step back when he noticed Moka had a little blush on her face, "Geez! Whenever I'm around you, my heart beats so hard!"

'But now I found something special at this school, something I couldn't find anywhere else.'

Naruto blinked before asking hesitatingly. "Really…why's that?"

"Yeah, because I keep wanting to suck your blood!" Moka quickly said as she leaned forward and bit his neck

'See what I mean!' Naruto thought to himself with a sweatdrop.

Tsukune tried waiting for Moka to finish, before he had to pull Moka off Naruto when she just kept drinking, "Moka-san, at least let Naruto keep enough of his blood so he can handle classes."

'I've got Tsukune here as well, the only Human at this school and a good friend.'

"Ah, sorry Naruto-kun!" Moka apologized with a sheepish look.

"Don't worry about it," Naruto said with a smile before walking through the gates, turning to his friends with a big grin. "Now let's go, I don't want to get in trouble with Nekonome-sensei for being late after missing school yesterday!" His two friends returned the grin as they followed after Naruto.

"Right!" Moka and Tsukune replied cheerfully.

'It's a new chapter in my life, and I going to give it everything I've got!'


To Be Continued

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