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Chapter 7 - What is True Art?

"You didn't do too badly this time Tsukune." Naruto he rubbed the back of his head as he stared down at Tsukune's downed form, the Human was in a tracksuit that had several rips and tears.

Almost a month has passed since the group had met Yukari and Tsukune requesting Naruto to train him. True to his word, the blond didn't make things easy for Tsukune, pushing him to his limits every time. Naruto was focused more on increasing his friend's reaction time and speed rather than his strength, after all you can't hit what you're not quick enough to make contact with. Like most of their training sessions, they had started early in the morning a few hours before they needed to go to school.

"R-Really? I-It doesn't seem that way to me." The brunette replied with a weak voice. Naruto didn't pull his punches when he was training with Tsukune, which was brutal and perfect for him because he knew that Naruto was helping him by doing this since enemies in the future wouldn't hold back either.

"Don't say that Tsukune, when we first started you couldn't handle three seconds of dodging my attacks and now you're doing a lot better. That's the important thing." Naruto crouched down to get closer to his friend's level. "Remember that unlike me, you haven't been in battle before coming to this school."

'He's right about that, but still…' Tsukune sighed before looking up at Naruto, who tilted his head with a confused look. 'Even though Naruto is half human, there's still a huge difference between us.' Tsukune broke off from his thoughts when he saw Naruto stood up and took out his cellphone to look at the time.

"Looks like we're done for the day… You okay to stand?" Naruto asked as he turned to the human, who slowly started to rise to his feet.

Tsukune nodded his head before wincing as he took a step towards Naruto, "Yeah, I think I'm fine. Just really sore… like all the other times you decide to up the training."

"That'll happen to ya, especially when fighting a monster that is a power type." Naruto laughed as they started walking back to the dorms, passing by a few students while on the path. "Just take a relaxing rinse and an icepack later and you'll be fine."

"I guess so… it's hard to believe that my birthday's already come and gone." Tsukune commented as he thought back to a few days ago when all his friend had thrown him a birthday party, even Naruto's friend, and surprisingly Gin's as well, Haji was there …though he was giving Yukari a weird look until Gin said something. Which caused a little fight to break out between the two until Naruto put a stop to it with his shadow and threw them out of the room. But even with that, Tsukune had a lot of fun with his friends and enjoyed the different gifts they had given him.

"It's just one of those things." Naruto smiled as they arrived at the boy's dorm, where a lot of students were already making their way out of the building. The two made their way to their rooms, which were actually on the same level. Naruto made it to his room first and made his way inside, grabbing a small towel he left on his desk and wiped some of the sweat that was in his hair. "It's only been a few months and yet we've gone through a lot…?!" Naruto froze as his gaze went to the calendar facing him on top of the desk, focusing more at the one date that had been circled with a bright-red marker.

"That's true, well I should head to my room to get ready for school… Naruto?" Tsukune looked into the room with a confused look when he heard no reply and saw Naruto staring down at his desk with a solemn look. "Hey, is something wrong?"

Naruto ignored him however as he closed his eyes, tightening the grip on his towel. "That's right… it's this week, isn't it?"

"What are you talking about?" Tsukune asked as he moved to see what Naruto was looking at, and noticed the circled date was only a few days away. "Something important about that date?

"… It's nothing, we should get ready." Naruto replied quietly.

Tsukune looked away from the calendar towards his friend, "But if it's nothing then why-"

"I said it's nothing Tsukune!" Naruto interrupted the human with a sharp tone before he walked away from his desk to get some fresh clothes, ignoring the startled and concerned look Tsukune was giving him. "Anyway the others will be waiting for us on the path to school so we should hurry up and get ready." Tsukune silently watched as his friend went to his closet before turning around and started his way towards his own room, wondering what was wrong with his best friend.

(A Little While Later)

"Ah, Good morning Tsukune-kun!" Kurumu greeted as she wrapped her arms around Tsukune, making the brunette flinch at the contact. That caught the Succubus' attention as she noticed his condition, bandages covering some parts of his body. "Oh my god, what happened to you?!"

Rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish grin, "Naruto upped the training today, it's not as bad as it looks."

"Not that bad?! If he keeps up training like this, you'll look like a Mummy!" Kurumu exclaimed, which caught the attention of another student, who had a few bandages around their head, and sent her a small glare. "Hehehe, sorry." The student let out a huff before turning and continued their way to the school.

"I'm sure Naruto-kun knows what he's doing Kurumu-chan." Moka said as she tried to reassure the Succubus. The blue-haired girl let out a huff before crossing her arms and turning her head to the side. '… We can't really say that Tsukune is a human and that's why he's training under Naruto-kun like this.'

"To be honest, any methods that Naruto-sama uses in Tsukune's training is lighter than what Kushina-sama and Minato-sama had put him through when he was growing up." Haku commented making Tsukune snap his head to look at the feminine boy in shock, before noticing Haku's body shivered a bit. "I remember my first reaction to how Kushina-sama trained Naruto-sama… it wasn't a pleasant sight."

"His mother sounds like a sadist." Kurumu said with a shiver. "A human's training really be that scary to a monster, could it?"

"… Kaa-san is no ordinary woman, if she was then Tou-san probably wouldn't have noticed her…" Everyone, sans Haku, jumped in surprise before turning to see Naruto standing behind them with a blank look on his face. Naruto paid no mind to this as he walked passed the group and started making his way to school, catching Haku's attention as he watch the blond as he continued to walk. "… Come on, class will be starting soon."

Moka was one of the first to recover as she blinked a few times, "Is Naruto-kun alright? He seems a bit… tense today…"

"Yeah really, and he was so quiet too. Haku is usually the one that does all the sneaking." The elemental Hanyou sent Kurumu a look after she said that, before shaking his head to look at Naruto.

Tsukune was the next one to speak, "It's really weird, he was acting normally until he saw his calendar. After that he had gone real quiet and angry… Even with the incidents with Gin-sempai and Yukari-chan, I never saw him like that…"

"I see… Moka-san, today is the 26th right?" Moka turned to Haku with a confused look before nodding her head. Haku let out a sigh before taking a few steps forward, which caused the others to look at him with confused looks. "… Naruto-sama always becomes like this during the last few days of June. I can't say the reason why exactly, but one thing I can say this… on July 2nd he won't be coming to school at all."

That caught them by surprise as they watched Haku start to walk towards the school, before following after him with questions of their own going through their minds. When they had arrived at school and made it into the classroom, Naruto was already inside with a frown on his face as he stared out the window. Slowly they made it to their seats and turned to look at Naruto, who hadn't reacted at all when they appeared.

"Um, Naruto-kun…" Moka started, catching Naruto's attention as he turned to look at her. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Moka-chan… Why do you ask?" Naruto gave the girl a reassuring smile… one that Moka had almost fallen for is she hadn't seen the pain filled look on his face.

"It's just that you seem so distant than usual, and Haku mentioned you only act like this before July 2nd…" Moka pointed out, to which Naruto's smile disappeared as he turned back to the window.

"Oh that, it's nothing… It's just a special anniversary for me." Naruto answered as he tightened one of his hands into a fist. "One that I can never forget."

"Anniversary?" Moka, as well as the other viewers, blinked in confusion before speaking again. "Anniversary of what?"

Naruto was silent for a couple of minutes before turning to face Moka again, but this time his eyes turned from their usual amethyst to his Vampire red. "Of the day when someone very close to me died." Their eyes went wide at what he said, but before anyone could say anything the school bell rang and Nekomone-sensei walked in the room.

"Alright everyone, let's get started." Nekonome-sensei spoke to the class with a smile, "We'll continue where we left off yesterday…"

(After Classes/Newspaper Classroom)

Naruto was staring out the window with a bored look on his face, his mind wandering. 'I will need to talk to Nekonome-sensei about being absent that day… probably the headmaster as well, seeing as he is the one in charge of the barrier around the school.' The Dhampir was cut off from his thoughts when he felt something bop him on the head, making him look up to see Gin passing him with a rolled up newspaper.

"Enough daydreaming, we're beginning our club meeting." The club president said as he continued walking towards Moka, who appeared to be focusing on the book in her hands. Tsukune and Kurumu were sitting next to her having a conversation, though Kurumu was more focused on holding onto the Human's arm than talking. The Werewolf leaned closer to the girl as he looked at the book in her hands. "Hello there Moka-san, what do ya have there? That's an art textbook, you planning on painting a picture or something?"

"N-No! It's not what it…" The pinkette replied with a small blush as she tried to hide the book she was reading. Shifting her gaze to the side, she could see Naruto looking at her with a curious expression. The blush on her face grew a bit before looking away from him, which made the blond raised an eyebrow at her action.

"You're looking as beautiful as always Moka-san. My love for you only grows ever time I look at you…" Gin had a charming smile as he presented her a bouquet of flowers to the girl, "So how about the two of us go out on a date, Moka-san?"

"… That guys just won't give up, and how can he profess his love so easily? Especially after Moka-san beat him in a fight and Naruto exposed him to everyone in school with the newspaper." Tsukune could only watch as Gin chased Moka around while continuing to ask her out, the older student's monster features sticking out with his tail wagging about. 'He really can't control his transformation when he's excited.'

"I could care less about that pervert, as long as I'm with you Tsukune!" Kurumu cheered as she hugged the brunette tighter, "After all, I love you so much."

"Aaah, Kurumu-chan!" Tsukune could feel Kurumu's large breasts push into his arm. 'Another easy confession out of nowhere?! They say it so easily… Kurumu-chan's soft breasts feel nice on my sore muscles- ACK! WHAT AM I THINKING!?'

Just as Gin managed to reach Moka, one of the desk tables slammed onto his head sending him crashing into the floor. "I refuse to allow any other man to go after Moka-san romantically besides Naruto-niisan! Anyone who tries will face my magic!" Moka's face went red as Yukari stood on top of the teacher's desk, waving her wand around with a smile. Naruto and Haku, who was standing next to the desk shook their heads at the young Witches actions.

"That's funny considering the fact you were so against anyone getting near Moka and tried to attack Naruto yourse-" Kurumu was cut off as a dust pan hit her on the head, "Ouch! What was that for?!"

"Never mind the technicalities!" Yukari exclaimed as she leaped off the desk with a smile before pouncing on the still seated Naruto. "The fact remains that he is the best choice for Moka-san!"

"… You're just as childish as ever Yukari-chan." Naruto said as he patted the girl on the head, shifting her hat a bit so he wouldn't ruin it. "But remember not what I said about attacking others."

"To cut back and try to only do it when they absolutely deserve it or when it's fun between friends." Yukari replied as she enjoyed Naruto rubbing her head, it was an innocent moment between them. However, Haku could see that the smile on Naruto's face wasn't as honest as it usually was. Just who was this person to Naruto before they died?

"Why is that girl here?" Gin asked as he slowly stood up and turned to Moka, pointing towards the girl now giggling at Naruto's side. He remembered seeing her at Tsukune's birthday party, she was an instant target for Haji… he would never understand his friend's taste in women. But going back to Yukari, he never found out who she was during the party, so he was curious to why she was in the room.

"That's Yukari-chan, our club's newest member." Moka explained with a sweat drop, there was a lot of blood falling down his face as the desk pressed on top his head. "She's a girl genius and a Witch. After an incident she kind of see's Naruto as an older brother figure."

Gin turned to look at the two for a few seconds before shaking his head, knocking of the desk at the same time. He made his way to the blackboard and started to speak, "Well whatever, I have an announcement for the club so everyone listen up!" That got everyone's attention as they turned to look at their Club President. "We have some news for the Club, the 'Missing Girls' problem."

"… Missing girls? Wouldn't that happen to a few students anyway, especially with a school like this?" Tsukune didn't doubt the possibility that some of the students, be it male or female, would leave the school for a certain amount of time due to their monster race traditions and such. "Maybe they just left to take care of some business involving their families."

"Normally you'd be right Tsukune, it isn't unusual for SOME to go missing at different times during the school year. However the locations of these girls would be known to the teachers and staff. Even their friends and classmates would have some idea on this if it were something like that… or because of a certain group." Gin pointed out as he took out a pile of papers and put them on the desk, though the last part he said was much lower then what the others could hear. "But in just one month, seven girls have gone missing without a trace of any kind. Each one vanishing almost right after the other… Something like this basically shouts out that there is something is going on."

The papers that were on the desk were passed out to everyone, containing pictures and information on the seven girls. Naruto studied the different girls, taking in their appearances before looking up at Gin. He had heard the last part Gin had said under his breath, but choice to ask about it another time. "So I am guessing that you want us to see if we can find out any information or something."

"That's right, as you can see I have some basic information on the missing girls." Gin replied as he lifted up his own copy, "So the Newspaper Club will uncover the facts of this incident."

'Wow…I guess even a perverted wolf like him knows when to get serious.' Haku thought with an impressed look, Gin seemed to be really focused when it came to the Newspaper Club and finding its stories, especially this time for… some… reason. 'Wait a minute… Don't tell me the only reason he's interested in this story is because…'

Moving over to the window, Gin continued to speak with a serious look on his face, "And as you can tell from the pictures, the girls that have gone missing are very hot. If someone is holding them hostage I have to find a way to save them. If they see my heroic actions then they'll be so thankful that they might fall in love with me." Gin finished as he clutched his fist with a look of determination on his face, and a grin slowly growing as well.

'That's his motivation?!' Tsukune thought in disbelief.

"So do you have any ideas on where to start?" Naruto asked as he studied a few of the girls on the paper, one of them was actually in a class of his. Looking back up at Gin, he saw the older teen shake his head as he turned to look at them.

"Unfortunately I am still looking into things myself, looking into a few leads. While I'm looking, I suggest you all see what you can find out about the girls from their friends and classmates." Gin said to his underclassmen, to which they nodded in understanding. "Well there's not much else I can say, so you all do your best and we'll reconvene in a few days and pool any information we find." With that said, the people in the classroom started to vacate, until Naruto and Gin were the only ones left. "Is something wrong?"

"… You already have a suspect in mind, am I right?" Naruto crossed his arms as he stared at the werewolf with a calculative look.

Gin rubbed the back of his head, "I do have an idea, but without any conclusive evidence I can't really say… In any case, I want you and the others to find out as much as you can and we'll discover the truth… And then those beauties will be so grateful for me rescuing them."

"… Sometimes it amazes me that you can be so serious about this club one moment and extremely perverted the next." Naruto's eyebrow twitch a few times before he shook his head, "Whatever, I'm going now."

The older teen watched as the Dhampir made his way to the door, turning head back to the window before hearing the door open and close. The Club President seemed to be deep in thought as he looked out the window for a few minutes, catching sight of his fellow club members as they walked away from the school. He couldn't help but notice that Naruto seemed to be walking a few feet away from the others, though Moka seemed to resolve this a bit as she moved a bit closer to him.


"I'll see you tomorrow everyone." Moka said as she waved her friends goodbye. Naruto turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow, the others looking at the girl with a confused look.

"You're not going back with us Moka-chan?" Naruto questioned, usually the five of them would head towards the dorms together. "Is something wrong?"

"No, it's nothing bad." She apologized as she held the book from earlier up for them to see. "It's just that I made some plans to go somewhere now…"

"Isn't that the art book from earlier?" Tsukune asked with a curious tone. The pinkette was looking at the book almost the whole time they had weren't in class.

"That's right. The Art Teacher asked me to model for a project." Moka explained as she brought the book closer to her. "So I'll be busy for a week."

"Are you sure you'll be fine, with all these girls disappearing I mean." Haku spoke up with a concerned look.

Moka nodded her head, "Don't worry I'll be fine, especially since I am going to be with a teacher."

'A… teacher…?' That caught Naruto's immediate attention as he started to think about what Moka had said. A theory came to mind as he started to think about what she had said… before shaking his head, he would do some investigating later. He returned his attention back to the female Vampire as she continued to speak.

"And I'll still work hard for the Newspaper Club, so don't worry about that either." Moka said as she smiled at her friends, before turning to Naruto. He walked closer to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Naruto-kun?"

"Just be careful Moka-chan and do your best." Naruto smiled at the girl, who nodded her head slowly, but she could see that his smile seemed off. "… But remember that-"

"Oh Moka-san!" The group turned to see an attractive woman in her late twenties wearing a tube top, slim jeans, pumps, a golden necklace and a long trench coat with paint stains on it. She had her hair braided and a dark bandana covering most of her hair. "I was just heading to our meeting spot. Can you still make it?"

"Yes, I was just about to go there myself Ishigami-sensei. I just wanted to say goodbye to my friends before leaving." Moka replied as she turned to face the female teacher, this was the Art Teacher of Yokai Academy, Ishigami Hitomi.

"I'm glad to hear that, I look forward to adding someone as beautiful as you into my art collection." Ishigami said with a smile before her gaze drifted to the people, before stopping at Naruto. "You must be Namikaze Naruto, you're another one I was interested in having modeling for me."

"Sorry maybe another time, kind of a busy week for me." Naruto replied while putting his hands in his pockets.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind," Ishigami nodded her head before turning to look at Moka. "If you're ready Moka-san then I think we should get going."

"Alright Sensei, I look forward to working with you for the next week." Moka bowed her head a bit before she and the Art Teacher started walking away from the group, Naruto watched with narrow eyes as the two walked away.

"Are you okay Naruto-sama?" Haku asked as he noticed Dhampir was quietly staring at the two with a hard look.

Naruto shook his head as he turned away and started to continue his way back to the dorms, "… I'm fine, just thinking about a few things… I'll see you guys later."

The three watched as Naruto walked down the path by himself, "It's kind of weird to see him like this. Usually he's so friendly and cheerful." Kurumu commented as she looked between where Naruto was walking and the direction Moka had left in. "This probably isn't a good time for him to be alone, but I get the feeling he would just brush us off."

"He most likely would, it's like I said before… Naruto-sama always becomes like this for a few days and then after the 2nd he'll go back to normal." Haku's gaze narrowed down to the floor, "I don't know who this person who died was to Naruto-sama… but whoever they were, it's been effecting him since he was six years old, before I even met him."

(The Next Day)

"Today you'll be painting pictures continuing the last week's theme of 'What's important to you'. And just what is important is the art in each and every one of your hearts. Feel free to paint whatever you want." Ishigami-sensei said to her students as she gestured to a small board with the art theme of the month. Naruto, Tsukune, and Moka were in the room for the Art class, though unlike the other times were they sat next to each other today the three of them were sitting away from one other.

Of course Tsukune had taken notice to this and looked from the teacher to where Moka was sitting, working on her project with an expression of complete focus on her face. He turned his head again to see Naruto looking at his pad with a blank expression as he was lightly sketched something. 'Something that's important to you? I wonder what they're going to do… I wish we weren't so divided up.' The Human was taken away from his thoughts as he heard some of his other classmates make a bit of noise as they stood around the female teacher. 'Ishigami-sensei is really popular with the girls, it's probably because she's tomboyish…?'

Meanwhile Naruto looked up from his sketch to look at the woman, having similar thoughts to Tsukune as he looked at the scene. '… I don't suppose I could rule it out, with her being this popular with female students and all… but I can't be sure yet.' Naruto turned to a window as a girl wearing gym clothes stick her head through the window while saying she was skipping class to have fun with the teacher. Ignoring a gawking Tsukune, Naruto watched Ishigami-sensei walked towards the window to talk to the happy student, who had a very light blush on her face as they conversed.

"Excuse me Sensei, could you help me with this?" Moka had called out to the teacher, who turned her head to look at the pinkette. Naruto's eyes narrowed as Ishigami nodded her head with a smile before walking up to Moka's desk… it was only for a split second, but he could have sworn he had felt something coming from the older woman.

"… I see… okay, this is…"

The Dhampir watched as Moka listened to Ishigami-sensei as she helped with her project, there was no doubt in his mind now. All he needed was to find proof, and who better to get the answers from then the person he was planning on seeing later today anyways.

(After Classes)

"I'm surprised that you wanted to see me Naruto-san, is there something you needed?" The headmaster questioned as he turned to look at the Vampire halfbreed, who stood completely still as he stared at the man before him. He had heard stories about the Three Dark Lords from his father, and knew that Tenmei Mikogami wasn't someone he should beat around the bush with.

"I'd like to ask two things of you, if that is alright?" Naruto said with a serious expression.

Mikogami let out a chuckle as he stared at the teen, "So young and yet so serious, another thing besides your appearance that you get from your father. And what may I ask are these two things?"

"The first involves the missing girls, if it is alright I would like access to their files and class schedules." Naruto answered before crossing his arms, "I have an idea on a connection to what happened to them but I want to see if my theory is correct. It could help me find the person who's responsible for their disappearance and hopefully the girls in question."

"Hmmm… I suppose I could lend some of the information to you, but it would only be a limited amount due to certain reasons. I want my students to be safe however there are a few personal details that are not for public eyes, I'm sure you can understand what I mean." The headmaster said, to which Naruto nodded his head in understanding. "I will have someone bring their files to you later, now what was that second favor you had for me?"

Naruto was quiet for a few seconds before uncrossing his arms, "I'd like to ask if you could have the Bus driver take me somewhere outside the school's dimension on July 2nd. There is somewhere I need to be and I thought it would be best to ask you for your permission, seeing as the bus can travel to different Dimension Portals around the world."

Mikogami silently sat in his chair, "Do you mind if I ask what this somewhere is? I can't just let students leave the school anytime they wish for just any reason after all."

"… It's in a remote area away from civilization, I go there once a year because it's the anniversary of someone's death, someone very close to me." Naruto explained as he thought about the destination, it was where the grave was located. "I know this sound selfish of me, but it is something to important for me to brush off. So please sir, is it alright?"

"… Normally I would prefer not to agree to such a request," Naruto lowered his head with a small frown at the man's words… until Mikogami continued to speak. "However, I will make an exception this time. But in return, you will be owing me a favor."

"A favor? What kind of favor?" Naruto asked hesitantly as he tried to study the Dark Lord in front of him.

"It isn't something of major importance at the moment, just something I would like to hang on to for the future." Mikogami said with an ominous tone, which only made Naruto even more suspicious on what was going through the headmaster's mind. "Now if there is anything else you need to ask me about…?"

Naruto shook his head, "No thank you sir."

"Very well, like I said earlier I will have someone send you the student's files. You should have them by tomorrow, goodbye Naruto-san." Naruto nodded his head at the headmaster's words before making his way out of the room. One the door was closed Mikogami looked down at his paperwork and lifted up a sheet of paper, "Yes, there's no doubt that I will be cashing in on that favor in the near future…"

Meanwhile outside the room Naruto already making his way to the building's exit, deep in thought about the current issue with the missing girls, the anniversary coming up and the supposed favor he now owed the Dark Lord. As he continued walking with his mind busy at the moment, he didn't notice a certain pinkette exiting the art room, though she instantly took notice to him.

"N-Naruto-kun?! What are you still doing here?" Naruto snapped out of his thoughts and turned to see Moka standing a few feet away from him, "I would have figured that you'd be back at the dorms already."

"Nah, I've been investigating the disappearances… I was about to head home now." Naruto replied while scratching the back of his head, before tilting his head a bit. "I'm guessing you're done with Ishigami-sensei for today."

"T-That's right!" Moka nodded her head with a bit of embarrassment seen on her face, which made Naruto raise an eyebrow.

"It something wrong Moka-chan?"

The Vampire girl quickly waved her hands in front of her in a dismissing manner, "N-No it's n-nothing! Just thinking about what Gin-sempai had said earlier… Did you manage to find out anything?"

Naruto could tell Moka was trying to change the subject, but with a shrug he let it go. "I have a theory, but nothing guaranteed. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to some of the friends of the girls and see what they were doing before they disappeared."

"I guess that would make sense." Moka said as the two walked out through the entrance doors and started making their way down the path.

"Yeah, if I can find a connection between them then maybe it can lead me to who was responsible for their disappearance and why." Naruto replied, 'And it could help me determine if what I am thinking is correct…'

Moka looked at Naruto for a few seconds, "You're really dedicated on this investigation…"

"I figured I give it my best shot and try to solve it within the next few days." Naruto closed his eyes and placed his hands in his pockets, "If I can't finish this in time then my lead will go cold."

"In time?" Moka had a puzzled look on her face before it turned to a look of realization, Haku did say that Naruto wouldn't be at school on the 2nd. If that was the case then she should speed up her plans a bit. "… Well I hope you find something out."

"Thanks Moka-chan… So how is modeling for Ishigami-sensei?" Naruto questioned as they walked passed a large tombstone.

Moka looked down to the ground, "It's an interesting experience, but a little tiring as well."

"I see…" Naruto nodded his head before he heard the very small sound of something rumbling, and saw Moka's face go a little red. "Hungry Moka-chan?"

"… Y-Yes, I didn't really eat a lot for lunch… that being said… could I?" Moka looked up at Naruto with a shy look.

Nodding his head, Naruto tilted his head to the side. "Go ahead."

Moka smiled at the Dhampir before leaning up and bit down on his neck, enjoying the taste of his blood after not drinking it for two days… she really was getting addicted to his blood. As the two enjoyed the silent moment, a figure was watching them from behind a few trees with a small smirk of their face.

(A Few Days Later – July 1)

"There's no doubt about it, these girls definitely have a few things in common after all." Naruto said while placing a few papers on the table, looking at both Gin, who was standing over the paper table, and Haku, who was sitting across from him sipping some ice tea in a can. The three of them were currently sitting in the empty classroom, waiting for Tsukune and the others to show up.

"You mean there's actually a connection between the girls?" Haku asked as he took one of the papers and studied the picture.

Naruto nodded his head, "Yes, there is. I've gone around and asked several friends of each of these students as well as looked at their different schedules and attendances for each of their classes. While most of them haven't really talked to each other that much… there is one place where all of them have been at one point or another."

"The Art Room, meaning the last person to see them was the Art teacher, Ishigami-sensei." Gin said before letting out a sigh, "… I was hoping that it was a crazy dude or something. But given her popular with many of the female, she would be a good suspect."

"I think we should investigate her classroom today, there might be some important clues in there if we look around while no students are there." Haku suggested, causing Naruto to nod his head in agreement.

"Yeah, the sooner we end this the better." The sound of door to the classroom opening made the three male students turn their heads to see Tsukune, Kurumu and Yukari walk into the room. "Perfect timing you guys, we have a lead."

"Really?" Tsukune asked as he noticed all the papers on the desk.

"It's perfect timing too, another girl went missing yesterday." Gin lifted one of the papers to show them a photo of the eighth girl.

Getting a good look at the photo, Tsukune let out a low gasp. "I've seen that girl before, she came during Ishigami-sensei's class to have fun. Wait, what exactly is this lead you guys have?"

"We'll tell you on the way, right now we need to go somewhere." Naruto said as he rose up from his seat.

"But shouldn't we wait for Moka, I think she was going to stop here before heading off to meet Ishigami-sensei." Kurumu spoke up, but that only made Naruto narrow his eyes at her words.

"No, it's better to get this done quickly before Moka-chan heads off to meet the teacher, if she's here then she'll be safe." Naruto replied.

"Safe? Then that means that my Divination was accurate like I thought." Yukari said which caused the others to look at her. "Earlier I could see a dark aura covering Moka-san." What she wasn't telling them was that the aura had been enveloping not just Moka, but Naruto and Tsukune as well. Unfortunately for Yukari, while her Divination were very accurate, it was unpredictable for her to tell when it was exactly going to happen.

"I think that's more than enough reason to take care of this now rather than later." Haku commented, if Ishigami was responsible for the missing girls then it was more than possible that Moka was her next target.

"Alright, let's go everyone." Gin ordered as he and the others began to walk out of the classroom.

Naruto stopped Yukari just before they were about to exit the room however, looking outside to where the others were walking he looked back at the confused Witch. "Yukari-chan, you said there was a dark aura right?"

"That's right, a sign that danger is approaching. But I don't know if it involves this case or something that's going to happen in the near future." Naruto nodded his head in understanding at the young girl's words. During his lessons on other species, he knew that some of the abilities of other monsters could be limited at a younger age.

"So did you get a look at what this dark aura was?" Naruto asked, if he had an idea on what this darkness was then he could keep an eye out for it.

"It was hard to see anything physical, although…" Yukari brought a hand under her chin, "Some of the entities were moving around a lot, almost like a bunch of snakes."

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly, "Snakes, huh…"


Ishigami was walking towards the Art Building, she needed to get everything ready for Moka to model for her today. A small, cold smile grew on the teacher's face as she thought about how beautiful her newest addition to her art collection would be. Moka Akashiya was going to become one of her greatest works. The woman's thoughts soon came to a halt as she noticed the door to the room was open, her eyes narrowed as she walked into the room with a dark look on her face.

"I was wondering when you'd show up… Hello Ishigami-sensei." Naruto greeted from her desk, he was sitting in her chair with his feet kicked up on the desk.

The woman's expression shifted to a more pleasant expression as she caught sight of who had entered her classroom, "Ah Naruto-kun, did you need me for something? Or did you come to pick Moka-san up? She's going to be too busy modeling though."

"I knew Moka-chan wasn't here. I'm actually here to see you." Naruto replied, not moving from his spot as he continued to look at the woman.

"Me? What for?" Ishigami raised an eyebrow as an amused grin appeared on her face, taking a few steps forward as she moved her hands to her coat's pockets. "Did you decide that you wanted to model for me after all?"

Naruto shook his head, "To be honest I'm not really interested in becoming crying statue." His words made the woman freeze and her expression harden, Naruto pointed behind him to the backroom door. "Sorry but I took a quick peek at your collection, all eight of them. You're very talented to make them so realistic, but then again… those aren't just statues are they?"

"… So you actually figured it out… Such a naughty boy you are, going into a woman's privacy like that." Ishigami's bandana started to loosen as her hair shifted around, "You've seen a bit too much."

"Maybe, but as a member of the Newspaper Club I have rights to investigate any areas I deem suspicious. And I've been suspecting that it had been a teacher who was responsible for the disappearing girls." Naruto's eyes flashed for a second as he cautiously kept Ishigami in his sights, "After all, who do students trust more than the teachers that are supposed to be watching over them… the fact you were so popular with many of the female population here only raised you up the list. And going through the list, I saw that each one of the girls had you as a teacher, or was last seen with you by several eye witnesses before they mysteriously vanished… But it wasn't that they vanished, they had been turned to stone by you, and I know only one monster who has that ability… Medusa… or to be more precise, a Gorgon."

"You're quite the clever one aren't you? It only takes one bite from one of my snake-hairs and they turned to stone, to stay eternally beautiful and show such powerful emotions. That is the truest form of art is it not?" The bandana on her head fell to the floor as her snakes moved around more frantically before darting towards Naruto's sitting form. "I was planning on turning you after Moka-san, but it doesn't matter me. I'll enjoy adding you to my collection!"

"Interesting thought, but I'm going to have to decline." Naruto's eyes flashed again and as the snakes reached three feet away from him, they seemed to slam into something and break apart.

"AAAGGH?! MY HAIR!" Ishigami cried out in pain as blood spurted from a few of the ripped snake-hairs, but before she could react Naruto finally moved and grabbed a few of her locks. With a quick pull Ishigami was sent flying around him and into the back room, creating a large hole as she crashed through the wall. Naruto planted his feet firmly on the ground as he looked at where he threw the teacher.

"Naruto-kun?! What are you doing here?" Naruto turned his head to see a surprised Moka standing at the entrance, looking at him before her gaze shifted to the giant hole. "What's going on?"

Naruto looked back at the hole, keeping his guard up as Moka stood next to him. "It was Ishigami-sensei, she was responsible for kidnapping all of those girls and then she turned them to stone."

"N-No way…!?" Moka's head snapped downwards as she felt something constricting around her, several of Ishigami's snakes had emerged from the ground and wrapped around her right leg and waist, coiling tightly around her. "They're like snakes!"

"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY COLLECTION!?" Ishigami shouted with an enraged look as she made her way out of the hole. Moka let out a cry as she felt a sharp pain coming from her leg. "TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE BEFORE I TURN YOU BOTH INTO STONE!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes before breaking the hair bindings around Moka, curling an arm around her waist and jumped back. Once he secured the distance between them he started to explain, "When I said I took a peek, I should have said my friends and I. Almost immediately after our discovery I had them transport the statues to a separate location… Gin-senpai's Werewolf speed and strength made things easy."

"So everyone knew?" Moka asked before letting out a very low gasp. Looking down she was shocked to see one of her legs was being turned to stone.

"Only when we got here, while Gin-sempai, Haku and Yukari-chan are watching over the girls, Tsukune and Kurumu are contacting the staff and the headmaster… It's over for you, Ishigami-sen, no… Ishigami Hitomi."

"You… You ruined everything…" Ishigami's body shook in anger as blood dripped from several destroyed snake heads, "You ruined my art… AND NOW I'LL DESTROY YOU BOTH! TURN TO STONE AND SUFFER!" Naruto quickly grabbed Moka and once again jumped out of the way as more of Ishigami's snakes attacked them, landing behind several chairs he used his shadows to send all of the desks to block the snake's path.

"Damn… fighting so many small targets and carrying someone at the same time is getting a bit difficult. But I can't let Moka-chan leave my sight, especially when it's so close to that day." Ignoring the look Moka had when she heard that, Naruto continued to think about the situation. Ishigami was going on a rampage, and Moka was unable to move with a leg of stone, which was also still slowly going up her leg with every couple of seconds. It was already passed the upper part of her thigh and about to go up her skirt, if only there was a way to…?! A though came to mind as Naruto turned down to Moka's rosary. "Moka-chan, I'm going to need to release Ura-chan for the rest of the battle."

"Huh?" Moka blinked in confusion as Naruto reached up and grabbed her rosary. Giving a strong pull as he unlocked the seal, and the room was covered by Moka's powerful demonic energy. Her features shifted to their released stated with her hair turning silver and eyes blood-red.

Once the transformation had finished, Moka turned to Naruto with a look. "Care to explain why you released me Naruto?"

"Because you have a lot more energy in your released state than Omote-chan… and it looks like my theory was correct." Naruto looked down at Moka's leg, which the silver-haired beauty followed, and saw the stone transformation had come to a halt. "Looking at all of the victims and their true monster forms, and then when it was going up Omote-chan's leg at a slow pace, I figured that the venom's effectiveness from a Gorgon's bite varies from each victim depending on their demonic powers. Even while sealed up, Omote-chan is still a vampire and that means she has a lot of power."

"And now that my power is fully released, it has all but halted the process. Impressive." Moka had an impressed look on her face. A hissing sound caught their attention making them turn to see Ishigami's remaining snake-hairs dive at them, but both the Dhampir and Vampire both released a burst of demonic energy that destroyed them in an instant. Ishigami's hair sprayed blood as the demonic energies from the two monsters spread along her braids, the pain getting to the teacher as she let out a pain-filled scream.


"I think it's time someone shut her up, don't you agree Moka-chan?" Naruto suggested, to which the Vampire smirked.

Adjusting herself a bit, Moka and Naruto now stood side by side, "I couldn't agree more Naruto."

Ishigami's clouded mind made her lose focus as Naruto and Moka disappeared from her sight. But as soon as she registered the two were no longer standing in the same place, she felt two powerful blows slam against the top of her head. The two teenagers had mirrored each other's movements and performed a synchronized drop kick with Moka's right leg that had been turned to stone and Naruto's left leg. Blood once again sprayed the air, coming from the art teacher as the two feet caused major damage to the woman's head. Not even a second later the woman collapsed, leaving Naruto and Moka standing as the victors.

"A woman who was obsessed with her art, ended up being defeated by the stone she created." Naruto commented as he looked down at the woman with an expressionless look.

Moka placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder to steady herself, "… Thank you for halting the process. It seems you took my words to protect Omote seriously."

"Of course I do. I won't let anyone else that is precious to me die. I can never allow something like that to happen… never again." Naruto closed his eyes as if he was recalling something, which made him clench his fists tightly. "That's why I'm going to continue to get stronger, to protect my family and friends. Even you Moka-chan, I never want to see you get hurt… or worse."

"… Don't be foolish," Moka replied while taking the rosary from Naruto, slowly and difficulty taking a step back. "I am not like Omote, I don't need anyone to protect me. So only worry about her and the others."

Naruto shook his head, "I can't do that Moka-chan, because I care about you just as much as your other self. Even if you don't want me to, I will be there to help fight any enemy you have."

Seeing the honesty and determination in his eyes made Moka turn away from him, a very small dust of red on her checks as she raised the rosary to the seal. "… Words can only do so much Naruto… Unlike Omote, I will only allow someone I trust completely to watch my back, whether it is in or out of battle. So if you want to be that person… then you will have to prove yourself to me." With a clink of the chains, the rosary once again rested in its seal.

Ura's appearance shifted back to Omote's before her body started to wobble and fall backwards, but Naruto moved quickly and easily caught her mid-fall. A small smile was on Naruto's face as he held Moka close, "… Then I'll just have to do that, won't I?

(Later That Day)

It wasn't long after that that the effects of Ishigami's powers had been broken and her victims had returned back to normal. Moka's leg had also return back to normal pretty quickly, just as the headmaster and a few others had shown up. Thankfully Naruto and Moka weren't in trouble for fighting and injuring a teacher since Ishigami had attacked them first. Mikogami had been pleased that Naruto had kept his word on all of the students' safe returns. The female students were very grateful as well, unfortunately for Gin though they didn't fall for him like he had planned. Ishigami had been suspended and removed from Yokai Academy, but silently Naruto had a feeling that they would see her again. It was around night time that everyone had gone back to the dorms, Naruto and Moka being the last ones to leave because the nurse wanted to make sure there weren't any other problems effect Moka or the other girls from the process of turning to stone, and Naruto wanted to keep an eye on Moka himself.

"I never meant for you to get bitten Moka-chan, I should've told you about my suspicions from the very beginning." Naruto said to Moka as they walked out of the building and down the path to the dorms. "I'm sorry."

Moka shook her head, "No it's alright. You didn't have any proof and I probably would have pushed you out of the room before you could've said anything. The only thing that matters is that you were able to find out what was happening and put a stop to it before anything else happened. Thank you for protecting me Naruto-kun."

"But still, if I had said something to you then you wouldn't have had your leg turned to stone and almost get killed-Ouch!" The Dhampir had been cut off by Moka flicking his forehead, which adding in her vampire strength actually stung a little.

"I already said it was okay Naruto-kun, and my body was able to turn back to normal. Ishigami-sensei has been arrested and the girls are back to normal as well, so let's be happy about that instead of being depressed." Moka said, trying to cheer Naruto up. He was quiet for a few minutes before nodding his head making the girl smile before spinning around to start walking, only for her to almost fall to the floor from her left leg still feeling weak from turning into stone.

Naruto quickly reached out and caught her before she got to low, bringing her close to him before letting out a sigh. "Why didn't you tell me or the nurse that you were still feeling the effects?"

"It's nothing major, I'll get the feeling back into my leg by tomorrow…?! What are you doing Naruto-kun?" Moka looked at him with a surprised look as the bi-colored haired boy kneeled in front of her with his back facing her.

"Just get on my back, I'll carry you back to your dorm room." Naruto replied as he waited for her to get on.

Moka's face went a little red as she stared at Naruto's back, waving her hands in a dismissive manner. "B-But I don't need you to d-do that…and I don't want to be a bother."

"It's no problem at all Moka-chan. Now come on, get on." Naruto turned to give Moka a reassuring smile, to which the girl nodded her head with a hesitant look before moving close to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Once Naruto made sure Moka was secure on his back, he raised himself up while curling his arms under her legs. "All right then, let's get going."

As the two made their way down the path, Moka turned her head to look up at the moon shining overhead. And while the sky was a sight to look at, her focus was more on the battle earlier and what Naruto had said after Ishigami's snakes had bit her. "… Naruto-kun?"

"What is it?" Naruto didn't look back at her as he replied, but she knew he was paying attention.

Moka lowered her head a bit as she continued to speak, "Before all of this started you said that the anniversary of someone precious to you is coming up… Of the day that they died…"

"… Yeah, what about it?" Naruto's tone seemed to have a very small edge to it.

"If you don't mind me asking, who was this person?" Moka asked with a tone that held both curiosity and concern. "… It's alright if you don't want to answer though."

Naruto was silent for a minute or so before he finally spoke, "It was my older sister, one of them at least."

"Sisters!?" Moka's head snapped as she looked at Naruto with a shocked look. "But you said you didn't have any siblings."

"I… had two of them… and they weren't my sisters by blood, it was more like a deep bond between the three of us." Naruto explained as he continued to walk, "I met them when my family had stayed in China for almost two years… I was around six years old when I met them, they were the first people outside my family and Haku's family to find out that I was a Dhampir… and they accepted me."

"Oh, so were they monsters as well?" The curiosity within Moka grew as she thought about the girls Naruto was talking about. "What were they like?"

"Yeah they were monsters that lived in a human village a distance away from my father's villa, they were really strong ones too… Well, the oldest one was at least, the other would rather try to resolve things peacefully then through violence." Naruto closed his eyes as if he was recalling the past, "The three of us always had fun together, and even though I was half their age they always let me tag along when they went somewhere… But that all came to an end…"

"You mean when one of them died-"

"She didn't just die Moka-chan… after she was discovered to be a monster… the villagers tortured and killed her." Naruto said in a solemn tone. Moka froze up after Naruto had said that, "There had been an incident and Onee-san was trying to take them to my father's villa so they could leave China with us… I don't know all the details but before they somehow separated from each other. By the time we got there she was already dead.

"… That's horrible, why would they do that?" Moka's eyes went a little teary.

"Fear mostly, like I said I wasn't told all the details on what happened. Everything went a little dark after that and the next thing I knew, I was in my bed three days after we had found her body. Apparently that scene had triggered my powers and had gone on a rampage." Naruto final moved his gaze from the path as he looked down at the bracelet on his wrist, it was the first thing he noticed when he awoke that day.

"So what happened to your other sister?" Moka asked as she tightened her grip around Naruto's shoulders.

"I never really saw her after that, the last time being at the funeral… She started to hate humans more than anything else in the world… Part of me thinks I might be included in that hatred because of me being half Human." Naruto had a bitter smile on his face as he said that.

"And what about you… how do you feel about them?" Moka questioned.

"While I don't hate every single Human on the planet like Onee-san does, I can never forgive the ones that killed her." Naruto answered as the dorms came into view ahead of them, "I should know more than anyone that there are as many good Humans as there are bad, my mother and Tsukune are proof of that… Before my sister died, she used to tell me that it didn't matter is a person was a monster or a human, we could all live together in peace if we tried."

"She sounds like a nice person." Moka said with a smile, "I would have like to have met her."

"You both would have gotten along great!" Naruto replied with a grin, shifting over on the path closer towards the female dorms. "There are times when I think about her, wondering what life would've been like if she hadn't died so young…"

Moka silently fidgeted on Naruto's back, her rosary clinking lightly. Unknowingly to either of them, the rosary's gem was glowing a little bit as Ura listened to the conversation. After a few seconds Moka finally spoke up. "Naruto-kun… you don't… blame yourself for her death, do you?"

"… Who knows, maybe a small part of me does. But that's to be expected when dealing with things like this, there is always that small flash of that question." Naruto made his way into the Girls Dorm Building and made his way to the stairs, making sure Moka was securely on his back before taking his first step up. "But I also know that nothing will change from concentrating on the past, that's why people focus on the future so much, to make sure nothing bad happens ever again." After a bit of direction from Moka, Naruto arrived in front of the pinkette's room and let the girl down on to her feet. "I guess this is where we part ways."

"Yeah I guess so… you're not going to be at school tomorrow right?" Naruto nodded his head to confirm what she said, before she continued to speak. "Today is Thursday, so that means I won't see you again until Saturday." Moka looked away toward her room.

"That's right. But don't worry Moka-chan, I'll be back before you realize I'm gone." Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder, "… I am sorry I'm leaving like this, but it's just one of those things I have to do."

"I understand completely… but just make sure you make it back okay." Moka looked up and stared into Naruto's amethyst eyes.

Naruto smiled before bringing the female Vampire closer and wrapped his arms around her, "I promise I'll be fine. Just make sure you and Haku watch out for everyone else, who knows what kind of trouble Tsukune and Kurumu could get in, same goes for that Ero-senpai of ours."

"Okay." Moka nodded her head against his shoulder before pulling back, "… Good night Naruto-kun."

"Good night Moka-chan, see ya later." Naruto turned around and made his way down the hallway towards the stairs.

Moka silently watched as Naruto's form disappeared from view, "I'm surprised you didn't tell him about that little gift of yours."

"It wouldn't have been a good time to mention it, I'm just happy I finished in time." Moka replied, having gotten used to Ura speaking to her through the rosary.

"You spent a week modeling for that teacher in exchange for lessons to paint better, and then went al to the boy's dorms to make sure he got it…" Ura pointed out, "Are you sure things are okay like this Omote? I know I wouldn't be."

"It's fine Ura-chan. I'll wait until he gets back." Moka turned to her door and unlocked it, making her way inside before closing the door behind her. "… I just hope my message gets through to him…"a


Naruto made his way down the halls of the Boy's Dormitory, thinking about how busy this week had been and how everything had been resolved… Well, almost everything. Getting closer to his door the Dhampir noticed something was leaning against it, a big something with a drape over it. Naruto stopped just as he reached his door and noticed a small note folded and taped on to the cloth, with a cartoonish vampire bat on it. Reaching out and picking up the object, he made his way into his room. Taking the paper off the drapes, Naruto placed the object on the table and opened the paper to see that it was Moka's handwriting.

"This month's art theme was to paint whatever is important to us, so I want you to have want I had been working on. It may not be that good, but I hope you know that I'm here for you whenever something is bothering you Naruto-kun."

Looking up from the letter and at the covered item resting on his desk, the Dhampir moved closer and removed its covering to reveal a painting of him in his school uniform with his bracelet exposed as the arm was raised in front of him. '… Moka-chan… this must've been what she was working on when she was with Ishigami, in exchange for modeling.' Naruto let out a soft sigh as a small smile on his face, "Thanks Moka-chan." He was definitely going to do something very nice for her when he got back… Placing the note on the desk he turned and moved over to his closet, before opening the doors. He reached his hand into his closet, passing his clothes to get further into the closet until he felt something attached to the wall before pulling his arm out to reveal a small decorated box in his hands. He slowly opened it to reveal a hairclip with a flower on it, the hairclip was small and yet it was still as perfect as when he had first seen it. "… Onee-chan…"


"Jasmine-neechan!" A seven year old Naruto shouted as he was seen running up to an older girl who had her back to him, she had long hair that reach down her back and several beads to hold them in place. The girl was wearing a Chinese outfit known as a changshan, with the jacket being white and yellow while her pants were black.

Jasmine turned around in time to catch Naruto as he jumped at her with an excited grin on his face, before smiling down at him. "Hello Naruto-chan, what's gotten you so happy?"

The boy grinned up at the girl and presented a box to her, "Happy Birthday!"

"W-What?" Jasmine looked down at the box in his hands before looking back at him with a look of surprise, she had never really gotten a gift on her birthday before.

"Naru-chan, you were supposed to wait till later." The two turned to see another girl with black hair walking up to them, she was wearing a different Chinese outfit known as a cheongsam, with it being mostly black. "Well, I guess it's too late now."

"I'm sorry Onee-chan, I just wanted to give her the present." Naruto replied with an apologetic tone as he looked to the ground with sad look, "I picked real hard for the best one and I got excited…"

The blond dhampir felt a hand gently place itself on his head, rubbing his hair a bit and making him look up to see Jasmine smiling down at him. "It's alright Naru-chan, I'm happy you got something for me." She took the box from Naruto and opened it to see a flower hairclip inside, pulling it out slowly she noticed it was a jasmine flower.

"… I thought it would be perfect for you sense it matches your name, and Onee-san said that they have a lot of meanings to them, like kindness and beauty, just like you!" Naruto said as he looked up at the girl, who studied the small hairclip in her hand.

Tightening her grip on it, she smiled at Naruto. "Thank you Naru-chan, I love it."

"Really?!" Naruto asked in a hopeful tone, while the black-haired girl behind him giggled in her hand.

"Of course I do, it came from my adorable little brother after all." Jasmine replied before adjusting and placing the hairclip in her hair on the side where her beads were, but leaving plenty of hair to still cover her forehead. "How does it look?"

"You look really pretty Jasmine-neechan!" Naruto grinned at the girl.

The black-haired girl nodded her head in agreement, "It definitely suits you, now let's get going."

"Going? Going where?" Jasmine asked with a tilt of her head, before finding her hand being pulled by Naruto.

"Kaa-chan is making a big dinner for your birthday! If we don't make in time then Tou-chan will eat it all!" The two girls giggled at the young boy's words as they followed him.

Flashback End

'It's been nine years since then…' Naruto thought to himself before shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he needed to get ready for school. Closing the box, he placed it on the desk near the bed before lying down. 'I need to get some sleep… I have to meet up with the Bus Driver before I leave the school.'


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