Quake Survival Warfare

The squad wass wasted, only one single survivor was left, and he was the one who got the most. Jake Marcus was one of the few still on foot, the spaceship was working with a skeleton crew now, they were not prepared.
When Jake was young, he watched the ships and spacestations and stras, humanity was at celebration because they made the first interstlelar capable spaceship, they sent it to first travel shortly, but when it came back, it came back with cyborgs.
Humans still wanted to go to space thogh, but then more and more cyborgs apered and humanity had to form the space navi to fight them back, led by gernel Brandrsn, they went the same way as first spaceship to fight the cyborgs.
Jake was a marine stationed in the USS Spaceship, he was expecting the uninexpectable, the rest of the crew didn't though and thought he was crazy.
"Space is big, they could be somewhere else!" but then the cyborgs boraded...
Jake's squad got slaghtureded but he avenged them, then he hid behindd a wall, Branderson's voice was telling the crew to fight the cyborgs but then everyone got downed too, Jake was the last one where he was, so he went and attacked the biggest cyborg.
"It's that human that destroyed the rest at B, shoot at him!"
it started shooting and Jake but Jake Shotgunned it first and everycyborg else around, then he radiod
"This is Jaek Marcus, I have destroyd Cyborg leader"
"Good wrok! now join us!"
Then everyone else was cyborg