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Chapter 1:Prologue Part One

Sixteen year old Uzumaki Naruto layed on his bed dead tired after the battle between his comrades and the Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzo AKA the Zombie Brothers.

In the end he was able to defeat Kakuzo with his new jutsu Futon:Rasenshuriken. But the problem was the jutsu was far from complete he couldn't keep it stable for a needed amount of time and was forced to use it as a close range attack instead of mid to long range like it was supposed to. Not to mention it caused severe damage to his arm as well as the enemy.

His thoughts went from the battle to his personel life. He didn't have many people he could actually call friends. There were Rock Lee , Neji Huuga , Shikamaru Nara , Choji Akimichi and Sai and the Suna sibling but they were in difrent countries so they coldn't see eachother.

His love interest/teammate Haruno Sakura but he had to admit that it was rather one-sided since she had eyes only for their former teammate turn traitor Uchiha Sasuke or how most people call him The Last Uchiha. He betrayed Konohagakure no sato for Orochimaru Of the Densetsu no Sannin. To him Sasuke was like a brother but the bond got severed the moment he shoved a Chidori(One Thousand Birds)into his chest at the Valley of the end.

Jiraya and Tsunade were very important to him , the self proclaimed super pervert made him his successor which filled him with no small amount of pride. Tsunade was probably the closest thing he had to a mother in his life. The Toad Sage and The Slug princes were the people who cared about him the most.

His jonin sensei the Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi….well Naruto doesn't consider him a teacher for the reason he ignored him in his early post-academy days in favor of his traitorous teammate , hell he even taught him his signature was basically forced to help him with combining his natural element with the Rasengan(Spiraling Sphere).And that's when it hit the blonde like a ton of bricks. The orange clad shinobi didn't have any relations outside of professional with the silver haired jonin and frankly he wouldn't care much if the copy nin died. Now that made him feel uneasy if you asked him what kind of person his sensei was his only answer would be….he is sort of lazy and is always late. Naruto didn't like that he was going to find get to know his sensei first thing tomorrow.

When Naruto walked to Kakashi s house he ignored the glares and scows he got every time he was out of his apartament. His thought drifted to the village and he honestly wasn't happy here and felt like a fool for trying for so long to show them that he is more than a demon that he is a person worthy of respect. When he was young he had memories of the mobs they formed to beat him .When he defeated Gaara during the Invasion of Konoha they said it was a fluke or that their Uchiha weekend him and he finished him , please if it wasn't for him Sasuke would have died. But enough of those thoughts. He continued to walk to Kakashi's house.

It was a normal morning for one Hatake Kakashi he drank his tea, showered etc. When suddenly the door knocked he went to check out who it is and to his surprice it was his sensei's son at the door so he unclocked.

"Yo Kakashi what's up ?'' said the young Uzumaki with a smile.

"Naruto what are you doing here ?" asked the Hatake a curilosly. For a moment he took note that the blonde didn't call him sensei but shrugged at off just as quickly.

"Is it a problem ?" asked Naruto a in a mock hurt voice

"Well come in then" said the masked jonin wit his signature eye smile .

When the blonde haired ninja looked around his teacher's apartament he could see it was what a normal person would call a regular apartament nothing cheap nothing expensive. The one thing that got the orange clad ninja's attention was a desk with a lot of were picktures of the old Team ,7 a pickture of Team Minato and the silver haired jonin's father Sakumo Hatake also known as the Shiroi Kiba (White Fang).

''Something you want to talk about Naruto ?''asked the son of the white fang.

''Yes there is Kakashi.''said the blonde seriously.

Kakashi was surprised that his student wanted to talk to him about something serious and started to pay atention to the conversation.

''You see sensei to be blunt I don't know you and I don't care about you I mean you can die and the only thing I would say is something like o well to bad. What I mean to tell you sensei is that we don't have a real bond we are don't have the sensei-student bond nor do we have a bond of friendship and I wanna change that.'' said Naruto with a smile.

Kakashi's first thought was that they had a bond but then he thought about it and realized that his student was right they didn't share a bond and he also wanted a bond with his sensei's legasy. Even when they were training his Wind element he only did the bare minimum he didn't teach him any jutsu and felt ashamed of himself if it was Sasuke he would have gone far beyond the minimum.

''You know Naruto I think you are right about it , we never formed a bond so what do you say tomorrow you and me at the usual training ground so I can teach you wind ninjutsu.''said Hatake with an eye smile. Playing on the teen's lust for knowledge.

Naruto was a bit hesitant because when he trained with Kakashi he would only get the bare minimum, the silver haired jonin saw he was hesitant and knew the reason why so he quikly he added.

''For real this time'' said the Sharingan user.

Naruto smiled at that since he could see his sensei was serious this time around.

''Hai , Kakashi-sensei'' said Naruto with enthusiasm clear in his voice.

''Ok bye Naruto bye see ya tomorrow and remember at 07:00'' he finished.

''Sayonara , sensei''said the blonde as he Shunshied(body flickered)away.

Yea a real sensei this time Kakashi.

''Now to devise a training regime'' said Hatake.

The next morning

Naruto stood there with his normal orange and black jumpsuit ready to with a puff of smoke.

''You Kaka-sensei'' said the blonde haired genin.

''Oi Naruto'' replied the leaf jonin.

''Naruto listen up we are going to start with a C-rank jutsu it is called Futon:Daitoppa after that Fūton: Kamikaze , Fūton: Renkūdan and Fūton: Atsugai '' Said the silver haired man.

'' Futon:Daitoppa is a relatively simple teachnique that creates a sudden gust of wind but it scale varies greatly on the can go from a single push to a shattering tree. The hand seals are Tiger , Ox , Dog , Rabbit , Snake now go ahead and try.'' said the elder shinobi.

''The Fūton: Atsugai A tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to it's highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast sweeps everyone off their the technique is used by someone who has mastered wind nature transformation, the blast can hit a vast range, inflicting massive damage on both the target and their surroundings.''explained Kakashi.

''Hai , Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu'' and then 200 clones came into existence. Each ready to start the training with vigor.

I will never get used to seeing so many clones from one person. thought Kakashi. He then lifted his headband and used his sharingan to see the chakra flow and started to instruct the Naruto clones how to do their jutsu properly.

'' Fūton: Renkūdan It is a air of the large quantity of chakra kneaded into it, it explodes the moment it reaches its target, dealing an enormous amount of damage, as well as levelling anything in its path.'' continued the teacher.

''Fūton: Kamikaze The user releases a gust of wind that forms several small tornadoes.'' And with that he finished.

''Can you show me Sensei ?''asked the young genin.

''Sorry Naruto I can use every element except wind.'' The jonin said. Naruto cried anime tears at that statement. Untill it was time to get started to train that's when the Uzumaki became comleatly serious.

They contineud to train like this for the next month and to his shock Naruto learned every single jutsu. Naruto was by all means a genius and he couldn't see it for all their time as Team 7. With every training session Kakashi got learn more about Naruto and their bond grew stronger.

''Yosh , Sensei I did it I mastered all the jutsu , Belive it ! ''excalimed the happy blonde.

Amazing 1 month and he can use them as if he was using them for years. thought the copy nin.

''So Naruto wanna get some ramen ?''said Kakashi eye smiling , he of course knew the answear.

''Yes to Ichiraku ! ''proclaimed Naruto.

Ichiraku Ramen

As they were eating there was some small talk between the two. Kakashi was happy finally being a sensei if he had to be honest training with Naruto was fun. When he was training Sasuke for the chunin exams it was sort of boring considering the Uchiha wasn't a very talkative person. The second he lerned the Chidori he demanded to be taught the Raikiri (Lightnig Blade).

But the more time pass the Hatake started seeing Naruto getting close to snap at the villagers if the death glares he was giving them was a clue. He was gonna ask his student about that.

''You know Naruto I can see you are getting angry at the villagers.'' stated the student of the Yellow Flash.

''You see Kakashi-sensei I am tired of having to prove myself to them time and time again. Every time I accomplishment something they just ignore it and think it was a lie or a fluke. Honestly I don't give a fuck about what they think about me?'' said the blond haired shinobi with anger in his voice."Do you want to know why, sensei ?"

"I have a good guise"

''Why don't you talk to your friends about it ?''asked a curius copy nin.

''They wouldn't understand most of them grew up loving Konoha and everything about it , they didn't get beat up on there birthdays or got denied food and clothing. No they grew up with the a difrent side of the good people of our village. I honestly don't want to become Hokage to these people.'' said the Uzumaki. Kakashi heard the word good spoken with some much venom in the young man s voice he sighted. And he knew his student was gonna blow up soon so he better negate it. When suddenly came in the stand his other student Haruno Sakura . Sakura was wearing a white shirt a black knee lentgh skirt. She was currently looking for Ino but then she saw her teammate and sensei in in the ramen stand Naruto loves so much.

''Sakura-chan whats up !'' shouted Naruto which earned him a hit in the scull from Shis Pink haired teammate. Kakashi s eye widend one moment the blonde was angry and the next he was a super happy. Kakashi didn't need the Sharingan to see that , the blonde was putting up a mask. He then felt ashamed in himself that he was so blind to his blonde student. Then he got a little angry at his pink haired student. She disrespect the Uzumaki , claims to know him better then anyone and yet she hasn't picked it up for so much time? Plus why does she have to hit him in the head every time for the smallest thing and better yet why was his male student taking those hits?

''Oi , Kakashi-sensei why are you here ? ''asked the confused pinkete.

''We were just done training Sakura.''answered Kakashi

''Yea I learned a lot of new jutsu Sakura-chan !''the uzumaki grinned proudly.

''Really Naruto which jutsu did you learn ? the female member of team 7 asked curiosly.

''Sorry Sakura-chan but I can't tell you.'' said Naruto

''And why the hell can't you tell me? questioned the angry Haruno. She was two seconds away from pounding him in to the ground. Luckily for the blonde their sensei intervened.

''Sakura in Konoha, ninja do not question other ninja about the jutsu they know, as ninja's jutsu arsenal should be their most important secret. Do you understand ?asked the inwardly sighted most shinobi know that. Heck some of the more powerful genin know that , was she an idiot ? Sakura pauted and said her goodbyes and left to find her best friend .Not long after that Kakashi and Naruto went their separate ways. Naruto wanted to get some rest , while Kakashi wanted to find a way to defuse the situation.

Next week

Hatake Kakashi was in the Hokage office discussing his idea with Tsunade Senju. Tsunade was a 54 year old woman. However, she maintains the appearance of her younger self through a unique and constant Transformation Technique.

''Are you sure about this Kakashi this will put both you and Naruto in danger. Akatsuki will be loking for you.'' she asked worried. If Akatsuki were to find them and there was more then 1 team they stand no chance of wining. But he has a point , Naruto will snap soon and if he hurts anyone I will have to punish him and the village will only hate him more. she though sight-If you add the fact that no one will take his side it only makes matters worse. The punishment for a shinobi hurting a civilian is in best case is for a the civilian to be given 60 percent of the ninja's pay for every mission they do for 6 months. Naruto already doesn't get a lot of money so 60 percent cut will leave him with even less. Damn civilians.

''Hai Kakashi permission granted. You are to leave in two days , but please keep him safe.'' said the Hokage with worry in her voice.

''Hai , Hokage-sama thank you.'' said the copy ninja and with that he used shunshin and left the office.

Hey guys this and the second chapter are going to be the prologue. Naruto will have the sharingan in this story just not the way you think he will. He won't be godlike in the beginning he will get stronger as the story progresses because he walking over every opponent is boring since you know that they don't stand a chance. He will be a jack of all trades type. He won't be limited. The pairing is gonna be Naruto/Erza pairing. The reason for this chapter is concentrated on Naruto and Kakashi is because the latter will be a big plot point.

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