'How did I get here in the first place?'

'Why am I here?'

'I can just leave now'

'Get back to my home and darkness'

All those thoughts ran through his head but still he sat there getting another cup of water on his head and a pair of hands keeps the soap from getting in his eyes. He watched her as she smiled and carefully gave him a bath. She still seemed very un easy with giving him a bath, if he were human and he was bathing a huge black dog that could kill him at any moment he might be too.

"You are clean…but Mike said you must have a bath if you're going to stay at the hotel." She said as she rubbed the non-smelling shampoo she picked up from the store on the way home. She watched as the dog just sat there taking the bath like he really didn't want it but didn't do anything about it.

"It's so weird that I just found you this morning." She laughed and the dog looked at her.

"It seemed like my life was going downhill before you came." She laughed and scrubbed him behind the ear making him lean into her touch. The girl smiled and standing up to get the shower head pulling it down so she could rinse him off better. She turned on the water and made sure that the water was warm. The dog looked at the open door and grinned. He was about to have a little fun when he saw her turn on the shower head and start rinsing off the horrible foamy that was all his black fur making him look like a spotted cow.

"Almost done, now should I'll a towel or should I use a hair dryer it might be faster but I'm not sure how you would react to it." She said as she got the soap out of his fur still trying to decide. She looked at the huge dog again and sighed.

"Guess I'll do both." She turned off the water and started to walk away when she saw the dog start to move.

"Please stay." She said putting an emphasis on the word stay like any other person talking to a dog would. The dog looked at her for a second and then sat back down sighing out before resting his head on the edge of the tub. The girl quickly when over to the closet and looked at her towels before grabbing three beach towels, one for the floor and two for the dog. There wasn't much room in the bathroom she if he stepped out and took about four steps he would be halfway out the bathroom door so she didn't need more than one towel for the floor.

"OK come one." She cooed and the dog gracefully leaped out the tub and on to the towel. She started with his head making sure to avoid his mouth and curiously looked at his neck still hoping there was not a collar even if she checked 100 times already.

"Looks like your mine buddy!" She laughed and started on his feet then his back. Then it took her over five minutes to try to get him to roll over.

"Come on your only halfway dry." She groaned she still needed to get some sleep before work; it's already 2:45. The dog seemed to feel her stress building up and stood up. The girl's eyes open wide with fear for a second as the dog was standing over a head taller than her. He had the high of a Great Dane with the body of a long-haired black retriever. But find out his breed was not as bad as having one of them in your face with its jaws a few inches from your face. She saw the dog smirk a bit before he crouched down a little and something worse than getting bitten was going to happen.

"NO!" She said as she grabbed the towel and held it up right before the dog started to shake water everywhere. 'I think keeping this dog will much trouble but…he did save me…'

~11:32 PM last night~

"Come on! Get out before I kick you out!" Mack yelled as he twirled the keys in his hand.

"Wait! I'm going! I just need to grab my bag!" Someone shouted. The man grumbled letting go of the door he was holding letting his foot keep it open so he could light a cigarette that he had in his pocket. He was about the age of 30 standing at about five nine with brown slicked back gel hair and a button up black and gray shirt with faded jeans. His blue tired eyes slowly started to narrow as he waited for her to come.

"Sorry! I couldn't find my bag!" A girl rounded the corner almost hitting the meat fridge on her way out. Her black brownish curly hair bounced one inch below her shoulders in the back and right above her chin at her ears making her have long bangs. Her natural deep pink cheeks were even brighter as her bright light and dark brown eyes looked for her coat that was lost somewhere in the meat shop.

"Have you seen my -"

"It's right here." Mack said as cut her off and held up the coat over his shoulder. She rushed out the store finally letting him lock the door.

"You really need to do something about your face." He said as he checked to see if the door locked all the way.

"Hm? What about my face?" She said patting her dark olive skin.

"You're too light to have your face that bright red." He laughed making fun of her.

"Hey! I'm mulatto I can't help it! And what are you doing with that cancer stick?" She asked as she jumped and tried to get it out of his mouth. He knew she didn't have the guts do really do it but he always put them out. But tonight was a rough night of work and he really needed it. He hated to smoke around her but she was leaving now.

"Mack you really have to stop, it's not good for you." She said frowning and Mack took another drag of his cigarette then looked back to her before he flicked it to the ground making her smile.

"You better be glad that I'm trying to quit Abri." He said as the smoke came out of his mouth.

"And I'm here to help you!" She said before zipping up her coat and putting on her backpack like purse.

"Well I need to get going before it's too dark!" She said and Mack let out a booming laughter and shook his head.

"It's already dark, in a few hours it will be morning…know what for now on your going to leave before nine, I don't like you walking home this late at night." He said seriously.

"As a matter of fact, let me walk ya." He said and Abri waved him off.

"It's only ten minutes if I run, no one is on the street. If I'm in lucky I might get there in eight if I'm lucky." She said and started to run.


"Thanks for the reminded jerk!" She snapped at him. She really didn't like the dark! Her imagination would go wild about monsters and little kid fears that stuck with her as she got older. Things like the monster under her bed would still give her the shivers and she had some anxiety problems since she was little. She turned the corner and realized she took the wrong way.

'Great! Looks like more walking for me!' She said and yawned before she turned around to giving up running. When she finally got back on track she started to jog to make up for lost time. She saw the red light that always had that strange glitch in it. Each time the light turned red, it would blink red three times fast right before it would turn green. She took her attention from the red light and looked at the cross walk button.

'I guess I can press it just for fun.' She thought and quickly pressed it. It was just her luck because after a few seconds the walking sign turned green. It was childish but it was something she always liked to do when she worked late.

"OK, just got to get through the park, then a block away and I'll be at the hotel." She said aloud to calm herself down a bit as she jogged across the stone path with only the wind and stomping of her feet to keep her company. She looked up to see the dog park sign as she entered the park for the dogs.

'I really hope I don't step in dog poop.' She thought groaning what Mike would say if she accidentally drug that in. He was so strict about everything; if you're wet he would have to dry off first. Some people found it very delighting but to her it was slightly annoying when she would just have to hop in the shower after getting dry again. She blinked as she saw two figures walking down the street the way she was heading. Seeing someone calmed her down a little but she didn't stop jogging.

"Hey, what are you doing here do late?" one of the men asked. As she got closer she saw they were in long coats and hats. One had white and the other one had a black one.

"Just running around the park to get healthy." She said and turned her head away from them.

"Liar." The other said and as she passed them one grabbed her back pack making her sling back slightly and bump into their chest.

"No one goes for a walk this late at night, and to get healthy, ya you could lose five pounds." One with the white said. She felt offended, she was not super skinny but she was not fat either, but she did want to get rid of that bit of tummy she had. When another hand grabbed her Abri elbowed him as hard as she could and she could feel the air being forced from his mouth at her blow. Not taking any time to think she started to run as fast as she could.

"GET HER!" The black one said and both started to run after her.

'Who are they?! Men in black…err white? SOMETHING!? No time to think got to get off the path and lose them in the dark!' She looked around to see where she was and an idea came to mind. She suddenly turned left and when full speed into where the trees where.

"She's getting away!" one of them shouted but everything was a blur now. She would glance back but fear of hitting a tree was about 80% possible in this darkness. As she ran something a head walked from behind a tree forcing her to stop thinking it was another one of them. She let out a small gasp ash she tripped over a tree root and her speed forcing her to roll on the ground.

She groaned in pain as she felt something scratch her leg, but what was making her confused was this fluffy thing she felt on her hand. She slowly looked up to see her hand touching the paw of a huge dog right in front of her with bleeding red eyes. She immediately started to scoot backwards as it took a step forward. 'So far in the life of Abri, she gets tripped by a root, a huge black dog that's going to bite me, and Men in Black are going to kill me! THAT'S NICE!' She thought then she got jerked up by her hair making her scream.

"Thought you could get away huh?" The white one asked as she pulled a knife out and put it to her neck.

"What do you want?!" She asked and kicked her foot back hitting his 'man pride' making him drop his knife.

'I am on a roll today! I didn't even know I could do this stuff!' She thought as she started to run again but the man in black tackled her to the ground penning her arms to her sides.

"I have the right mind to take out my gun and shoot you in the head!" he said and Abri gasped in pain as he dug his knees into her back. She turned her head enough to see that the guy's hat flew off, it was too dark to see his face but from the full moon's light she could tell he had a chain tattoo on his neck and it was quite detailed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something that shined in the moon light.

"Now, let me get a look at that pretty little face of yours, maybe I can make it rearranged." He said and used his legs to pin down her arms as her reached in his pocket and so he could put his knife in his mouth. She tried to kick him off or roll him off, she was everything but it didn't seem to work.

'HEY STUPID! YELL! DO SOMETHING DON'T JUST LAY THERE!' She was shouting in her mind.

"HELP!" She finally yelled and as if her cry became answered the man got thrown off but she was also sent rolling because he still had a hold on her. She heard the man scream and from where she was, she could see the man's elbow caught in the large dog's mouth. The dog started to tug but it was just standing there holding his elbow in its large jaw while the man started to freak out. The man in white ran to help him with his knife ready but then the dog let go and started to bark so loudly that she had to cover her ears from the sudden noise. It was like as if a dog straight from the devils throne were barking now.

But not only did it scare her, it scared the men too so now they were trying to get away from the dog that was chasing them with its tongue stuck out. But she didn't see much; only thing she could see before they we're swallowed by the darkness was the white man's coat and a few glimmers of the red-eye dog. Abri slowly with shaky arms sat up on knees and tried to stand. But she was shaking so forcefully that it made her fall back again landing hard on her backside. She pulled her knees to her chest so she could rock herself.

"It's going will be okay Abri." She mumbled to herself. "Everything will be fine now." She rested her head on her knees trying to get as far away from reality now as possible. She pictured herself at home after getting a nice hot shower and into her fluffy pajamas before she jumped into her soft bed. But she knew she couldn't face the facts she was in the cold dark park that would be a murder spot with her body lined out in white that would turn pink from the blood on the ground.

If that man was to do what he was going to do and she didn't have her Mack's Butcher House they would have never guessed it was her, if there would be anything left of her. The sound of panting and crunches of twigs made her head snap up and her body freeze.

'They are back!' She thought in horror and she stared to scoot away to try blinding in with the darkness. But her blue jeans and dark red coat didn't help her at all. She nearly screamed but covered her mouth in time when her back hit a tree. Worse part is she was directly where the moon light was shining. She sound of whoever it was knew her exact location because they started to pick of their speed. She quickly got on her feet scrambling to get away when something tripped her.

'Another root?!' She cursed her clumsiness but couldn't move, her ankle tightly caught on the root and was not letting go.

"Come on." She hissed lowly and tried to get it off but it seemed like her hand was going right through it, but her hands had turned numb from the man making her lose blood flow so she really couldn't feel anything besides the stinging. As the footsteps got closer Abri was on the edge of tears as she tried kicking the root off and even pushing with her other foot. She looked for something to wedge her foot out but there was nothing near her. Suddenly something gleamed a few feet away from her.

'THE KNIFE!' She cried out for joy and started to reach for it. 'NO! Please no!' She wanted to scream as she couldn't reach it. It was just on the edge of her finger too. She could almost feel how cold it was on the back where the metal was.

'Just an inch more!' She was begging as if her hand would magically grow that long. Something black suddenly stepping over it right next to her hand. She could feel the blood draining out of her face made her face go pale. There it was again, the huge black dog that nearly took off that man's arm. It was standing before her looking down at her with its red eyes. She couldn't move her body, she couldn't look away and that was a bad thing when it came to a dog, but this one just stood there looking at her. All they did for the next few minutes was playing the waiting game. Finally after a few more minutes her phone rung.

"HO HA HO HA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! HE'S MY BEST FRIEND BEST OF ALL BEST FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE A BEST FRIEND TOO?" the ring tone sung loudly. The dog looked at her bag then sat down with a smirk on its face.

'Wait is this dog smiling? Oh wait, all dogs can.' She said and slowly shifted so she could get her phone. By the ring tone she knew it was Mike because he was the only one who when through her phone so he can change his to the "Best Friend" song. Plus if she didn't answer her phone and missed a call he would freak out. After all it was. She really didn't know that time. She kept glancing at the dog that seemed to watch her every move but because she was taking so long, he lost interest in what she was doing and looked around. When she finally unzipped her bag she quickly got the phone out and pressed talk.

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" Mike shouted making her move the phone from her ear. He was so loud the dog even glanced at her but didn't turn its head. She took a deep breath and as happily as she could manage said.

"At the park, what are you doing?" She asked then held her breath before she could say anything about what happen.

"On break because no one is hardly coming in, and I am expecting someone important and SHE'S NOT HERE YET BECAUSE SHE DECIDED TO TAKE A WALK THROUGH THE PARK AT ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE!" He yelled and she couldn't help but flinch. Wow, a 17-year-old getting yelled at by a college student. Ouch.

"Sorry, I had to work late, don't worry I'm fine!" She lied and she forced herself to smile as she talked or else he would catch her tone.

"Well you better be here in less than ten minutes or I'm locking you out." He threatens and Abri knew he was joking, it's a 24 hour hotel but he wasn't lying about locking her out. You had to press the button and have someone open the door if it was past 10 for safety. They didn't have a bad little town but there were a few incidents before she came that Mike told her about. She took another look at the dog and her words caught in her throat when he looked back.

"G-give me fifteen." She said then hung up the phone.

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