Zoids, Lunar Balance: Live on Bright Comet

I do not own Zoids, but if I did I would make a show that revolves around the couples. This is a Brad and Naomi fic so all you yaoi and other stuff freaks leave!

Naomi looked down into the cliff. Brad I just wish I could have told you how I felt before...this had to happen. She thought silently and then remembered what had happened.


Naomi dialed the number in and waited for Brad to pick up. She heard his calm and gentle voice answer it. "Hey um Brad...would you maybe sometime I don't know like to go to the movies together?" Brad took some time to contemplate. His voice sounded a little high-pitched though.... "NO! GET OUT OF MY LIFE NAOMI!" Brad yelled almost sounding like Leena.

~End Flashback~

Tears started to run down her cheeks as she though about it. "Brad I'm sorry.... Don't worry because in seconds I'll be out of your life...forever. Goodbye Brad Hunter. Even though you may not love me I love you...." Naomi said in a whisper.

She suddenly felt to warm hands lay on her shoulders. "Naomi...." Brad Hunter said softly into her ear. She looked back and ran into his arms. She felt the tears drip down onto his shirt, but he didn't seem to mind.

"Naomi...I'm so very sorry. Please forgive me. I heard the whole conversation. Leena also apologizes. She was the one that told you to get out of my life. She just has a little rivalry with you. But she didn't mean to make want to kill yourself. Naomi trust me...I of all people would never want you out of my life. And if I had to prove that to you...I would leave the Blitz team in a second and join up with you. And if you want me too I will."

Naomi felt even more tears fall down onto him and she knew that they were tears of joy. "Brad *sniff* I'm sorry I didn't *sniff* trust you *sniff*." Naomi said looking into his handsome eyes. "I love you Brad!" She flung herself on him and began to cry some more. "Naomi I love you too...more than anyone." Brad said holding her softly.

Naomi got in her GunSniper and Brad got in his ShadowFox. Brad walked along with her too make sure she was ok. Naomi smiled and then blushed when they got back to the base and he kissed her softly on the lips.

Suddenly gunfire was heard and Backdraft men with guns jumped down from the WhaleKing. Brad stepped in front of Naomi and in a flash laid on the ground bleeding from a bullet wound. One of the men shouted, "GIVE US THE LIGER!"

Naomi dragged Brad inside and wrapped him up in bandages. "Brad...." Naomi said holding him close.

"Hey this is Naomi. What will happen next? Will the Backdraft get the Liger Zero? Will Brad survive his wound? Find out next time on, Zoids, Lunar Balance."