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"Demon talking"

"Demon thinking"

Chapter 1 Darkest news

Naruto walked down the streets of Konoha, biting his nails he threw nervous glances at anyone walking by. He was afraid. Worried, he wasn't used to it. He was always known as the bravest or stupidest ninja in the village, depending on who you talked to. He knew it wasn't much time before he changed. He had to tell someone. If he didn't, all of humanity would be in danger. But who could he tell? Tsunade? Sakura? Kakashi? He was afraid of their reaction. But it needed to be done. If the Kyuubi was released, they would all become what he would. It was too late for him it's been too late since the damn demon was confined in him, 19 years ago. All he could do was save his precious people from the diseased chakra more so the ones that he loved as he knew the fate that would become of them because of the diseased Chakra in his body.


Naruto awoke, rubbing his eyes. He looked around the dark and damp room only to groan. "What do you want Kyuubi." He asked the demon, confined is his personal jail. Something was odd to Naruto however. The Kyuubi looked different. He couldn't quite describe it, but the Kyuubi looked, well, stronger. The chakra that surrounded the Kyuubi was different from usual. Naruto was having trouble breathing the atmosphere was so dark not that it wasn't dark before but this was unreal. The Kyuubi then let out a great laugh before speaking.

"Oh Naruto-kun, how great it is to see you." He cooed, staring at Naruto with an evil grin.

"Kyuubi, what's going on, something's off. What's with the ridiculous chakra you're emitting?" Naruto asked, looking straight at the demon. Naruto had become slightly comfortable while with the Kyuubi since he had re-sealed it. Not that he was friendly with him either.

The Kyuubi laughed even harder before glaring at Naruto. "This chakra is my token to getting back at the world and you." The demon snarled at Naruto.

"What do you mean getting back at the world?" Naruto asked, feeling pangs of fear gripping his body.

"I guess I'll explain it all to you, seeming that there is nothing you can do to stop it… You see, this chakra is slowly dripping into your body. It's already replaced a fourth of your regular chakra, soon all of it. Once this happens I will obviously be able to take over your body. Of course since you lost all you're chakra you will sort of die." Kyuubi stated, smirking.

"B-but if I die… you die too! Why kill us both you bastard?" Naruto yelled, shaking from the mixture of rage and fear.

The Kyuubi laughed once again before speaking, "Yes we will both in fact, die in a way. However, your body and mind will become that of a demon, a Kitsune to be exact. You're strength will be comparable to mine. You will have your memories you just won't care, or understand them. All you will care about is the basic needs, and killing lots of killing." The Kyuubi ended, before laughing uncontrollably.

"Why you bastard you would sacrifice yourself just to kill innocent people?" Naruto whispered, realizing the great threat being posed.

"Because I want to go out like a demon, not a pet but I have one more surprise in store for you, you see a basic need for my kind is to be in a pack. You will choose those who are closest to you and make them into Kitsune's as well." The Kyuubi said as Naruto looked on in horror at the thought of Sakura changing into a demon.

This was something that the Kyuubi saw and laughed a loud as he could. "Oh yes she will becoming a demon I can tell you will change her so you can have her with you, and maybe you may take more than one mate as that is what some demons do. The time of the demon is coming again. But I warn you, you will not be the only one making an army, the snakes, bulls and dogs among others will be obstacles in your way, but your power will be unmatched. Now leave, and prepare for our end. In a week's time, we will both be dead, but we will both live on in a new 9 tailed fox!" Naruto faded out, but not without hearing the bone chilling laugh of the Kyuubi.


Naruto sped towards the Hokage building. It had been 4 days since the meeting inside his seal, with the demon. If the 9 tail's was correct, he had 3 more until the resurrection of the Kyuubi occurred. He couldn't let that happen. He would rather die than become a demon, putting everyone at risk. He was also troubled by the thing the Kyuubi said about the other demon armies being formed. Was he telling the truth? Was a demon revolution of sorts taking place? He needed to talk to Baa-chan. They needed to know.

Tsunade was filling out the last of her paper work for the day. She looked forward to the sake bottle hidden in her desk. Just one shot would do it for tonight, don't want Shizune or Sakura to have a fit. She filed her paper and was about to open the secret drawer when a knock sounded on her door. She sighed quietly.

"Come in, if it's really important." She said, slightly depressed. She was surprised when a Naruto that looked like he had had a nervous breakdown walked in. This wasn't far from the truth. "Naruto, what are you doing here so late, it's pushing 1 o'clock. Is something the matter?" She asked with concern present in her voice.

Naruto wasn't sure how to handle the situation. He didn't want to spill it all out, but that seemed to be the only answer so he explained everything, without pausing. Tsunade's face went from confusion, to anger, to shock and finally, complete fear. She stayed quiet for a minute, taking in the terrible information she had just received.

"I don't get it how can the hell Kyuubi leak chakra into you like this… it doesn't make any sense biologically. How could it happen? It's brilliant though, terrible all the same. He's making it impossible to fail. We can't seal the chakra away, because we would seal away yours as well since you combined it with the help of Kushina. That damn fox is brilliant. He just wants revenge on all of us. You should have told me immediately." She stated, raising her voice.

"I know, I was just so shocked. At first I thought it was a dream, but that didn't seem likely. I just didn't know what to do…" He replied, on the verge of tears. She lowered her head and let one tear fall. She quickly wiped it away.

"We'll get everyone working on a solution. We won't go down without a fight god-dammit!" She yelled, punching her desk, crushing it in two. Naruto nodded, feeling the first hint of hope in several days. Shizune and Sakura barged in looking frightened.

"Tsunade-Sama, what's wrong?" yelled Sakura looking around wildly. Tsunade replied by yelling at the top of her lungs,

"Shizune, you are to bring be every scroll, text or pamphlet about sealing and chakra flow now. This takes top priority over anything. Bring several highly trained and intelligent ninjas here as well to help me look for an answer. Sakura, you are too take, Naruto to the hospital and do and entire mental and physical examination. Check his seal as well, look for any abnormalities, dismissed!" With that, the three took off.

"Don't worry Naruto I'll try and get into contact with Jiraiya and tell him what's going on." Tsunade said as Naruto smiled at her.

Shizune returned 15 minutes later with Shikaku and Shikamaru Nara, Kakashi, and Yamato. The Four Jounin's were tired, two of which looked like they wanted to be elsewhere. The attention of all was instantly focused when she said a couple of words.

"The Kyuubi is breaking the seal." She went on to explain the whole story to them, not leaving anything out. They then got to work, studying anything and everything that might hold an answer. Sakura and Naruto walked into the hospital. Sakura was shaking uncontrollably. Naruto had told her everything. After punching him, she had questioned him on why he had waited so long to tell her. They were teammates after all. Sakura had grown closer than ever to Naruto. Their friendship could not be severed. She was disappointed that he hadn't told her immediately. What was going to happen? She was afraid for her friend, herself, the whole village, and the whole world. Was this... demon revolution really going to take place? What were they going to do?

"This just isn't far." Sakura thought as she looked over at Naruto, after all the Akatsuki had stopped going for Naruto after three members had been killed by Konoha.

Sakura just continued to look at Naruto and saw that he was worried about the Kyuubi. "Naruto

"Naruto, what's going to happen if we can't save you? What will happen to all of us?" She asked, terror taking its grip.

"I wish I knew Sakura-chan I really do. All I do know is what the Kyuubi told me. If he was indeed telling me what was going to happen, this might be the end. But I won't let it happen. I promise. I know I've done this promise thing before, but this time I mean it I will not let any of you become demons because of me." She smiled at him, believing that he would make everything right. He always did. Except for him of course, but they had lost interest in the retrieval. Only in his death, for the good of the village, he had dropped off the map for a long time though. Undoubtedly they would meet again. She felt a deep form of admiration rise from her as she stared into his cerulean blue eyes. They then entered the hospital.

She pulled him into a vacant room and ran every test possible. He checked out physically fine. She then went to the seal. The seal looked as it usually did, the swirl surrounded by several kanji. Nothing was added or taken away. She ran every test possible to test any weaknesses of faults within the Jutsu. None were found. She didn't understand. Where was this chakra coming from? Perhaps the answer was held in his head. She needed someone for this job. Thankfully, she was on call tonight. She told Naruto to wait while she rushed out of the room.

Ino was walking down one of the many corridors of Konoha hospital, reading a file. She was interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her. She turned to find her friend Sakura sprinting towards her. She stared confused as Sakura dodged things from patients to wheelchairs.

"Ino I need you this instant! Direct orders from the Hokage! Let's go!" Sakura yelled before grabbing her, pulling her back towards the room that held Naruto. Sakura pushed Ino into the room and told her to investigate Naruto's mind, leaving no memory unturned. Ino shrugged.

"Why are you guys acting so weird? I saw Shizune a moment ago, running up and down, yelling orders at Kakashi. Poor guy was working his ass off. Even Shikamaru was working. Am I missing something?" She asked, giggling.

"It's probably got something to do with the fact that the Kyuubi could return in three days." Sakura replied ushering her towards Naruto. Ino stopped laughing and turned serious. She turned to Naruto with a questioning look on her face. "Naruto, what's going on? Is the seal failing?" She asked, fear starting to grip her.

"I really don't know. Sakura-chan says that the seal is fine, its working as it always has." Naruto replied.

"That's why we need to check his head, see if anything can help us understand or stop it." Sakura continued. Ino nodded before placing her hand on Naruto's head. She preformed the Jutsu and entered her mind. However she was forced immediately out by a large, red fox-like thing which roared before sending her back. She fell back wards, tumbling over a chair. Sakura and Naruto helped her to her feet, staring at her in a very confused manor.

"He's blocking me. He knows were trying to do something. I can't do anything. It was way too powerful. I'm sorry Naruto." She said, staring at him, gauging his response. He stood still for a moment before looking up at Sakura.

"Report to Tsunade. Tell her everything. Ask if they've had any break-through and come back to me. Ino, I want you to look up anything that could explain how he's locking you out. Ask your dad if you can." The two girls nodded and left immediately. Naruto zoned out, thinking of what to do. He thought of his sensei and what he would do in this situation.

"Most likely something perverted…" He said to himself. "I just hope that Tsunade can get in contact with Pervy-Sage and tell him what's going on." Naruto said as he looked outside the window and only hopped that he would be able to help stop the Kyuubi before it's too late.

Sakura on the other hand was still thinking on what she was going to do and how she could save Naruto. "Come on Sakura you need to think of something that will save him, you can't let that Fox kill him, you can't let that Fox make him a monster." Sakura thought as she went to tell Tsunade what was going.

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