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"Higher Power Talking"

'Higher Power Talking'

Chapter One: Arrival

Nameless Tavern

A cloaked figure opened the aged wooden door and stepped in, catching the attention of the patrons as he looked around. It was easy to see why he called such attention, being nearly seven feet tall with broad shoulders, while the slight clanking sound made when he shifted spoke of some kind of armor and sword, a longbow and a quiver of arrows were slung over his right shoulder while a satchel was slung over his left. The sword garnered the attention of some greedy eyes as it was obviously well made and would be able to fetch a good amount of gold, although the bow on the other hand looked well worn and not worth a whole lot, although many marveled at it's size, eyes were quickly averted however when a soft growl emanated from the man's throat.

The man walked up to the bar and settled himself onto a stool that creaked slightly as it absorbed his weight, as he sat his cloak parted to show some sort of silvery scale armor that seemed to act as a sort of second skin causing many greedy eyes to alight. "A flagon of ale and lightly roasted pork please." The man requested setting his sword upon the counter to keep an eye on it while he leaned the bow and quiver against the bar next to his satchel.

"Aye, i'll be five coppers," The dwarven bartender, a short and stocky man with rust colored hair and beard, confirmed "Bu' I don' serve cloaks buddy."

The man paused for a second as the patrons tried to, and failed horribly, subtly watch as the man threw back his hood revealing a handsome human-like face with militaristic brown hair and ice blue eyes that seemed to glow slightly as well as slightly pointed ears that spoke of elven parentage. The man raised an eyebrow to the bartender who nodded and pulled out a flagon of ale and handed it to the man while a waitress brought out his food "Thank you." The man said softly as he drank deeply from the flagon and took a large bite of his meat.

"Don' get many many 'ravel'ers out this way," The bartender commented idly as he cleaned a flagon "Wha' brings you out to our nameless hamle' 'ravel'er."

"A friend asked me to investigate the disappearance of his son," The man said. "Last he heard, his son was out this way, maybe you've seen him, 'bout five-five with sandy blond hair and green eyes, often goes by Aramil, he's a bit fey looking."

The bartender eyed the man sitting at his bar as he scratched at his beard "I idly recall seeing someone by 'ha' description recen'ly, but I migh' need a li'le... help in recalling him." He replied with an emphasis on help.

The man sighed and reached into his purse and pulled out three silver pieces. "Info first dwarf," The man said with a hard look in his eyes as the crowd eyed the silver in his hand "Then if it's good, you get the full amount, if not, one for something."

"I saw your boy, came in no' 'wo days ago, real fey looking 'oo," The bartender answered, his eyes never leaving the silver pieces "Asking 'bout the ruins north of here, had lef' las' nigh', migh' be able to ca'ch him if you hurry."

The man nodded slowly and dropped the coins into the awaiting hand. "I'll be returning if the info proves to be false." He warned as he drained the last of his ale and polished off his pork and placed five coppers on the table. "Thank you for the meal." The man stood, gathering up his gear, and turned to head out the door only to stop as a couple of patrons blocked his path "Is there something you need."

"Yeah, there is stranger," One of the men, a burly man with a few missing teeth, spoke. "The toll for staying in our hamlet, I think we'll take your sword, or your armor, we're nice folk so we'll let you choose."

"Neither." The man chose as his blade's strap slid down his arm and into his hand as he drew it out. The light flickered off the silvery blade as it seemed to whisper while being drawn out of its leather sheath, it was a peculiar blade that started off from the point and widened at the center only to thin at the hilt with a chunk of the blade missing in the center (Since I suck at describing blades find it here, www . edmwi home/edm/page_1247_161) "Please move aside, I'd rather not be forced to maim, or possibly even kill you."

The men growled but resisted, showing smirks as another man approached the stranger from behind, raising a stool up to club him. Unfortunately for the one sneaking up on him, the stranger knew he was there and sighed before something silver shot out from underneath his cloak and smacked the man away. The silver blur stopped revealing a silvery dragon tail as the man dropped his cloak revealing a pair of leathery silver wings.

"D-Dragonborn." The bartender whispered in fear as he cowered behind his bar. "Oh god it's a Dragonborn."

"No, I'm not one of my cousins, I am a Half-Dragon, a big difference." The Half-Dragon growled sharply not even facing the cowering dwarf. "I suggest you all move out of the way, I am in a hurry."

"Ah fuck it, get him!" The leader ordered as the group of ten surged forward grabbing anything they could use as a weapon. The Half-Dragon sighed as he leaned out of the way of a stool leg, his blade flicking out tearing a howl of pain from the wielder as it cut through the muscles in his arm rendering it useless as blood sprayed out.

The stranger cut through the men charging him with a fey-like grace that vastly belied by his size and width of his muscles. As the last man fell, the stranger let out one final sigh as with one flick the blood on his blade flew off with ease. He reached to his belt and pulled out some silvers and threw it to the barkeeper. "For the mess." He declared before leaving not even flinching as a gust of northern mountain wind hit him full in the face.

Later that day, deep in the mountains

The man sighed as his booted feet crunched through the snow looking around at the forested with semi-nostalgic eyes as he remembered the past.

Flashback (Please note that the conversations will be in elven with translations)

"Kriv, Kriv amirama ilma aey(Where are you)?" A light feminine voice call out in elven as a young child with a silvery tail and small leathery wings sat outside underneath a large and ancient tree "Ean'la anesa oem wellam(It's Time for dinner)!"

"Nyeselv Seaniram(Coming Mother)!" The boy called out as he leapt to his feet and ran up to a small and simple dwelling that sat on top of a small hill. As he entered the dwelling he was greeted by a beautiful looking woman that had the pointed ears and lithe beauty that was commonplace amongst elves. She had green eyes that sparkled brilliantly with compassion and kindness while he soft golden hair seemed to be spun of pure gold

"Ve amillair yty(Go wash up)," The woman said with a slight smile "Aey ilma tyelaeaneelaca oecanira(You are positively filthy)."

Kriv smiled sheepishly as he followed his mother's order and washed his arms and face "E amilla tycilaelv ameanir anira eleccilva nyirecwmal anewila, illw alwaw yty oilccelv el anira syw(I was playing with the village children today and ended up falling in the mud)." He explained happily as he sat down at the table as his mother served up a stew full of beef while she had one that was made with vegetables "Seaniram... amiral amecc Oilaniram maanyml (Mother... when will Father return)?"

Kriv's mother smiled softly at the young boy as he ate his meal "Anesemmeam, tymeelewaw anirilan anira meilwla ilma oilem(Tomorrow, provided the roads are fair)," She answered patiently "Ill'eeyla ane laanilman aeym silveny calalaella(Anxious to start your magic lessons)?"

Kriv smiled widely and nodded enthusiastically "Aailir, ean'la veelv ane fa ilamalaesa(Yeah, it's going to be awesome)!" He informed happily making his mother giggle "Anireyvir aeym calalaella ilma ilamalaesa anee Seaniram(Though your lessons are awesome too Mother)!" She laughed happily at her son's honest face and his willingness to please her.

End Flashback

Kriv sighed as he pulled himself out of the pleasant memories and focused on the tracks of Aramil he was following that lead up to a cluster of ruined buildings that had a similarity to an ancient temple. Entering the main ruin he looked around cautiously as he held his bow at the ready with an arrow notched. The bow was of elven make with leaf patterns along it and was made out of an ancient tree branch by his mother who used to be a well renown Ranger.

Taking a careful sniff he he picked up the faint sent of Aramil along with a slightly familiar scent 'This scent... a Dragon is here?' He thought his eyes going wide in realization before narrowing as he crept forward making no noise as he approached the main chamber of the ruined temple only to see two humanoids standing in the center 'Avandra protect me.' He thought in prayer to his patron goddess as he felt the magic being poured into the room 'What are they doing.'

Deciding he was close enough he inspected the person who was with Aramil, and it shocked it 'Father?' He questioned mentally, for indeed the man certainly looked like the humanoid form that his father favored, it was of elven base with dark brown hair and the same kind of ice blue eyes if his son, although he looked more lithe and less stockier than his son 'But what are they doing?'

"Aramil, it seems you were right, your father did indeed hire someone to come looking for you," The man who looked like his father announced in a cold voice. "Come out boy."

Kriv stepped out of the shadows with a steely gaze as his bow was leveled upon the unknown man "Kriv?" Aramil asked in surprise as his eyes widened.

"What, you think that your father would trust your safety to some two-bit mercenary scum?" Kriv asked skeptically before turning to the stranger "Who are you, and why do you take the form of my father."

The man chuckled "Ah so you are the legendary Kriv Dragonchild, Aramil here told me so much about," He said "The way he explains it you are a matchless warrior without equal who saved his life when his band of adventurers ran afoul with a pack of Werewolves."

"I just happened to be in the right place at the right time," Kriv answered cautiously "And you didn't answer my question... Dragon."

"Ah how rude of me," The man said with a slight trace of mocking, nonplussed at Kriv's revelation as Aramil stared at the man in shock backing away slightly "You may call me Trine, and as you guessed I am a Dragon, but do you know what kind?"

"You're not White, they're too damned stupid to know how to shapeshift, Blue is also out as we're too far from the sea," Kriv stated as he listed off the colors "Black and Green prefer the swamps and forests respectively, so that leaves Red, isn't that right Trine?"

Trine let out a deep laugh of amusement, making Kriv frown as Aramil edged away "How remarkable, the Half-Dragon Half-Elven Ranger has done his homework," He stated. "And I also have done my homework too, you prefer to fight at range with using your mother's bow that you inherited after she died from protecting you from a group of bandits, that sword you carry, along with the arrows, are made from the fangs of your father, how is Balasar by the way, it's been ages since I have seen him last."

Kriv's eyes narrowed. "Last I saw, he was fine, and alive," He answered slowly trying to buy time as Aramil edged away. "But what's on my mind is what you are doing here."

Trine smirked arrogantly "Trying to buy time for your friend to get away, go ahead, you are no longer necessary now that I am here," He said in dismissal causing Aramil to scurry away getting behind Kriv "And to answer your question Dragonchild, I am trying to open a portal to a new dimension. And before you ask why I'll simply tell you, you see there are plenty of warriors like yourself who are cunning, strong, or intelligent enough to kill us, provided that they are teamed up with equally powerful warriors. But you, you became legendary amongst Dragonkind after killing an Adult White Dragon by yourself, a very impressive feat to be honest."

"Luck mostly," Kriv admitted as he aimed his bow at the center of Trine's chest "But do you want see just how lucky I am?"

Trine chuckled darkly as the magic gathering in the room reached its zenith "To late Dragonchild, for I was stalling you, the portal is now open, a new world to conquer awaits me!" He shouted as a shimmering circle of light appeared behind him "You cannot stop m-"

"Hear me Ice and Cold and strengthen my weapon to smite my foe!"Kriv chanted as a icy aura surrounded his arrow right before he loosed it striking Trine in the shoulder.

"What? You can use magic?" Trine questioned in pain as his shoulder began to freeze over before he growled and spat a bit of flame onto it melting the ice "Tricky, tricky Dragonchild, but not enough."

Trine turned and leapt through the portal, getting a curse from Kriv "Go to your father, tell him what happened," He ordered before leaping off after Trine. "Avandra protect me!"

Harry Potter Universe, Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Headmaster's Office

Albus Dumbledore, a elderly looking man with sharp blue eyes that were hidden behind a pair of half-moon spectacles with a snow white beard that fell to his knees wearing a midnight blue robe, sighed as he looked out one of the windows that looked out over the currently empty ground of Hogwarts, it was currently the middle of the Summer Break and the only people who occupied the castle were the teachers who taught there and the ghosts who haunted the castle.

He was in a bit of a depressed mood to be completely honest, a Dark Wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort had returned after 14 years of silence and hiding, however no one wanted to believe the only witness to his return, their supposed 'savior' Jade Lillian Potter, instead preferring to call her an attention seeking glory hound, couldn't be farther from the truth as she actually preferred to remain outside of the spotlight, and calling him a senile old fool who wanted to relive the glory days, he was willing to admit that in his old age he had acquired some... eccentricities, and that he certainly had made mistakes in his time, most notably in his mind placing Jade Potter with those horrible relatives of hers, blood wards be damned, but he certainly didn't want to relive what they were calling the 'glory days', those days were filled with nothing but horror and sorrow for the elderly headmaster.

Because the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge desperately wanted to cover the whole thing up and not incite a mass panic, he stuck his head into the ground and fought him at every turn while ignoring every sign of Voldemort's return, hell even the magically-aware muggles who were rather high up in the food chain were gearing up for war, most notably the Queen of Britain, who, contrary to popular belief, didn't listen to a single word Albus said and actually had a strong dislike for the Headmaster for reasons that would remain between them, had listened to his warnings about the return of the Dark Lord and his followers.

And finally, to add insult to injury, Fudge had the gall to accuse him of corrupting the students taught here at Hogwarts and was trying to get one of his most zealous lackeys in to control the amount of information given to these youngsters, information that would save their lives if the worst happened and Voldemort attacked the castle Fudge wanted to prevent them from learning.

So he was in quite a pinch trying to get a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher lined up for the year before the ministry stepped in and assigned a 'qualified' professional.

He was interrupted in his musing when a massive wave of magical energies swept through the area making him gasp in shock. Leaping to the window and fearing for the worst his eyes widened as he saw what could only be describe as a crack in the sky appeared and a silver blur fell from it crashing into the Forbidden Forest with a thunderous boom as the crack closed up.

Rushing out of his office with a speed that should not have been possible at his age, he swept down to the grounds quickly joined by his colleagues at the school heading to where the blur crashed.

They exchanged reports on what they had seen, heard and felt all of them pretty much coming up with the exact same thing, something cracked the sky and fell through, what no one knew was what, or better yet who.

As they entered the forest they were surprised to see the Centaurs keeping their distance stomping the ground nervously bows cocked and ready as they circled the area of the crash sight. The witches and wizards entered the freshly made clearing hesitantly and everyone gasped in shock at what they saw, for in the crater was what seemed to be a half-man half-dragon with rather pointed ears, a scaled silvery tail and leathery silver wings.

"My god..." His Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, a rather severe looking woman with her graying brown hair pulled up into a bun her brown eyes wide in shock "What... what is he?"

"Quickly," Dumbledore announced trying to gather back his usual calm "He is obviously injured, let us get him to the hospital wing and attend to his injuries, when he recovers we can question him on what he is and how he arrived here."

The professors quickly leapt into action some of them working together levitating the surprisingly heavy man using their magic while others gathered up his belongings that were scattered around the impact zone for study.

"Is this wise?" His Potions Master Severus Snape, a man with oily black hair and a rather prominent hook nose, asked. "For all we know, he could be sent by Voldemort to kill you."

"I highly doubt that Severus," Dumbledore assured confidently. "That... person is something I do not think is of this world."

Severus' and Minerva's eyes widened in shock. "Such a thing... that's unheard of!" Minerva nearly shouted. "Another world, Albus? Really?"

Albus sighed as he looked up where the crack in the sky had once been "The magic we felt, even you admit it was completely foreign," He pointed out. "Add in the fact of his own magic, it felt... I don't know quite how to describe it other than earthy."

Minerva sighed and shook her head. "I suppose we will have to wait until he awakes, for good or for ill." She agreed as the three headed back to the castle to inspect their newest visitor.

Hospital Wing

Kriv let out a slow groan as a dull, steady throb of pain echoed throughout his entire body slowly but surely bringing him back from the blissful emptiness of unconsciousness, he could hear voices speaking softly around him although he currently wasn't aware enough to make sense of the sounds. Letting out another groan he forced his eyes to open slightly getting the expected pain as his eyes were forced to rapidly adjust to the change in light.

"Close the curtains Poppy if you will," He could hear, actually able to make out the sounds being spoken, well they spoke Common, that was a good sign "Allow his eyes to adjust."

The blinding light receded as he heard a soft metal on metal sound, obviously the curtains being drawn and allowed his eyes to open further, the first thing he saw was a worn soft grey ceiling as he blinked a couple of times bringing a hand up to rub the junk that had accumulated during his time asleep 'Not the weirdest ceiling I woke up to at least.' He thought to himself as he looked around. He was laying on a rather comfortable bed with a side table to either side of him, the curtains had been drawn to one side to block most of the light, but from what he could see on the other side he was in some sort of infirmary if the slight smell of disinfectant around him told him confirmed that. At the foot of his bed stood four people watching him expectantly as if he was about to spout out the meaning of life.

The most prominent one was an elderly looking man with a long white beard and midnight blue robes and a serious amount of magic emanated from the man, to his right was a rather severe looking woman her hair up in a bun with a pair of glasses resting on her nose as she inspected Kriv who had the feeling as if he was about to be scolded by the woman who, while significant, didn't have as much magic as the old man. To the old man's left was a greasy haired man whose very presence set Kriv's teeth on edge for some reason, his entire presence screamed distrust, finally there was a rather kindly looking woman who looked like she was barely restraining herself from inspecting every inch of his body 'And definitely not the strangest group of people I woke up to...' He thought to himself before letting out a depressed sigh. 'What does that say about my life?'

Just as Kriv inspected his surroundings and the people before him as did Dumbledore's group inspect the young looking man before them his ice blue eyes glowed with a magical power they were not able to identify with Minerva, Severus and Poppy recognizing what the Headmaster had meant by an earthy feel to his magic they blinked in confusion when he let out a rather depressed sounding sigh once he had gotten his bearings "Are you able to understand us?" Albus asked curiously to the... man before them who looked up to them as he spoke.

"Yup," The man said "Before you go interrogating me, burning me at the stake or whatever it is you have planned let me ask one thing, was there anyone else with me when you found me?"

A rather odd question, Minerva thought as she looked the man over 'A companion maybe?' She guessed, however one look into his eyes wiped all thought of it being an ally he was trying to ensure the safety of.

"No it was just you," Albus answered calmly "Why do you ask?"

The man let out a sigh as he looked up to the ceiling before pulling himself up into a sitting position, Minerva made a small hand gesture to prevent Poppy from admonishing him knowing her old friends rather strict bedside manner "It's a rather long story," The man said "Just that I was chasing a rather... destructive and domination bent psychopath who opened the portal to this world."

That caught their attention quite quickly, not just the man he was chasing, but the portal. "So you are not from around here than?" Albus said "But from another world..."

The man nodded with another sigh "Knowing my luck a very different plane of existence." He added rubbing the back of his head as his wings and tail stretched out "Anyways, my name is Kriv Dragonchild, and yes, I know how ironic that name is."

Albus' eyes twinkled as he bowed his head in greeting "I am Albus Dumbledore," He greeted deciding to forgo his full name and titles "With me are my associates Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape and Poppy Pomfrey, you are currently resting in the Hospital wing that Madame Pomfrey runs in this school that we run, and I must say, it is certainly an honor to meet such a person as you."

Kriv lips twisted into a smile as his eyes blazed in what must have been humor "Well, glad I'm not going to have to fight my way out so soon after wakin' up" He said, Minerva wasn't quite able to place his accent, it was some sort of mix between Irish and Canadian sounding accent "And I take it from you interest in me that there are no half-dragons around?"

Albus shook his head "Not to our knowledge, but life has a habit of proving us wrong at times." He replied the twinkle in his eyes matching the same humor that blazed in Kriv's "Although I am sad to say that half-humans are treated rather poorly by the general magic community, and well, considered a myth by the muggle."

Kriv's eyebrow rose "Muggle?" He asked in confusion.

"Ah, my apologies, it is a word we use for the non-magical community," He explained "I am not sure how it's done in your world, but we keep them unaware for the most part to our existence."

Kriv shrugged "Non-magics know about magic and stuff back home," He explained "Way too many enchanted items and such laying around for them not to. And just to let you know, my other half, it ain' human, it's elf."

The three of them boggled at the man before them in shock. 'Is that why his magic feels so different, because he doesn't even have human blood in him?' Minerva couldn't help but wonder as she recovered from the shock she just received. "That's... surprising..." She finally managed get out through her shock.

Kriv shrugged unfazed. "I've seen stranger things, believe me," He said as he grinned widely. "After your buddy who is a male suddenly turns into a female after drinking a seemingly harmless bottle of water he had found, very little surprises you."

The three boggled at the non-human unable to comprehend the magic he described "I have heard of potions like that, but they certainly do not look like water..." Severus said his eyes wide "How was it made?"

Kriv shrugged again in disinterest "Not a clue," He answered "There are some things you learn quickly in what and what not to look into."

'What kind of magic do they use?' Minerva couldn't help but wonder as she processed his little story before Poppy stepped forward.

"Would you mind if I cast a few diagnostic spells to ensure you are alright?" She asked getting a nod from Kriv who watched curiously as she drew out her wand and cast a few spells analyzing his condition.

"You use wands for your magic?" Kriv asked in confusion "Odd, only novices use wands back home..." He shrugged "Ah well, different magics different casting styles."

"How is it normally done where you come from?" Dumbledore asked curiously trying to gauge the man's strength.

Kriv thought for a moment "Varies from person to person really, most use staves, staffs even spears as a focal point," He answered honestly "Me personally I don't need a focal point to cast my spells."

The wizards and witches swallowed in surprise, for them being able to do even minor spells wandlessly was a show of strength, but Kriv apparently does solely wandless spells. "I see," Dumbledore mused his eyes examining the dimensional alien "What do you plan on doing? Hunt this person who you chased here?"

Kriv sighed "If he is in this world then yes," Kriv informed "And try and find a way to return should he not be here or when I do kill him."

"How is he Poppy?" Dumbledore asked as Madame Pompfrey finished her scans.

"As far as I can tell completely healthy if a bit bruised," The school nurse informed "And I must say you are very similar to human physiology outside of the obvious of course."

Kriv grinned "Elves and Humans are very similar," He agreed "They often interbreed with each other and are, for the most part, on good standing with one another."

Dumbledore cleared his throat bringing attention back to him "I have an offer for you if you are interested," He said his eyes twinkling "I am currently finding myself in need of a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for this coming year," Minerva, Severus and Poppy boggled at Dumbledore in shock as Kriv raised an eyebrow "You would have a roof over your head, plenty of food, access to the one of the largest libraries in Britain for your research for getting home and if I am understanding this person you are hunting, chances are he will join forces with an enemy of ours."

"You do realize that I wouldn't be able to teach any of these students wand waving aside form theory that I read in books," Kriv stated "Although... from looking at the four of you I take it that you do not put physical conditioning very high up in your curriculum?"

Dumbledore shook his head in a negative "Why do you ask?" He replied.

"From our own understanding of magic it is somewhat tied to our life forces, use up far too much and you die, correct for your world as well?" He asked getting a nod of the head in reply "Our theory is that if you build up your physical capabilities alongside you mental capabilities your magical power will exponentially increase."

"So I take it if you accept this offer you will be instructing them in their physical education?" Dumbledore asked getting a nod from Kriv "That would be acceptable."

Kriv sighed as he shook his head and swung his legs to the floor ignoring Poppy's shout of protest as he stood easily to his feet "Where's my stuff at?" He asked as he stretched his muscles.

Dumbledore waved his wand and his gear floated in "We had inspected them to ensure that they were of no danger to us," He informed honestly as Kriv looked his gear over "We didn't look through your satchel although we did detect a number of impressive enchantments on it and the sword."

Kriv grinned "My father, the Dragon, is quite the Sorcerer, to be honest," He informed "Learned a lot from his feet."

Dumbledore and the others looked on in surprise "I see..." Dumbledore mused "We should let you rest for the time being, please, do not hesitate to ask any of the staff here questions if you have any."

Kriv nodded as the three professors left and Poppy disappeared into her office allowing the Half-Dragon time to process all he has learned and to think on Dumbledore's offer. Outside Dumbledore was confronted by the two Professors "Have you gone senile Albus?" McGonagall asked hotly "We're already being targeted by the Ministry, but if we take on someone who isn't even part human they'll lynch us!"

"I would rather ensure that our students are taught properly and accept the lynching from the Ministry than allow their 'expert' to sabotage them," Dumbledore countered. "Besides, we have our magic and his magic, I'm sure this wouldn't be the first time he would have to hide his... unique heritage."

"If this so called enemy of his really does join forces with Voldemort we would probably need his help," Snape admitted reluctantly. "Their magic is far different than ours, not to mention we don't know what they are fully capable of."

"The same can be said in return," Dumbledore pointed out sagely as they ascended into his office "But I feel that there is something much larger at work than the machinations of Voldemort and his ilk, something wished for him to come here, and now that he is here, I wonder what will happen?"

Minerva and Snape shared a nervous look, something larger than Voldemort, hopefully it was on their side.

Later that week

Kriv breathed evenly as he stretched his wings and arms in the cool morning air atop one of the turrets of Hogwarts Castle bare chested, breathing in deep the smell of the wildlife drifting up from the forest and the food currently being cooked in the kitchens of Hogwarts. He drew out his short sword and started running through his forms with his sword looking like it would be performed by a graceful dancer instead by a massive warrior. He let his mind wander as he moved from one form to the next.

'This world is so different from my own...' He mused to himself as he shifted to a defensive form that relied on evading with swift counterattacks 'Their magic seems so... restrained compared to ours, should I try and train them to move past wands?' That question brought up its own set of problems, most notably the 'Purist' faction led by Voldemort. 'If I decide to teach someone, I have to ensure that they don't give that power to this Voldemort. If Trine is truly here, he won't teach Voldemort how, he'll try to keep him as limited as possible to make it easier when he wants to take full control...'

"Ah here you are..." Dumbledore's wizened voice said as he stepped out from the staircase "It also surprises me to see how graceful you are."

Kriv stopped has he panted lightly a light sheen of sweat covering his body and grinned over to Dumbledore "A bonus to having elven blood," He informed "Well, that and having a taskmaster for a mother."

Dumbledore smiled with a twinkle in his eye as he filed the information away "Have you made a decision in regards to my offer?" He asked getting down to the reason he was there.

Kriv was silent as he picked up a towel and wiped his face free of sweat "I will, however... no meddling in my class," He warned with a hard look "I'll teach them wand theory from the books, best I can do with that, the main focus will be getting them up to a higher physical standard."

Dumbledore nodded his acceptance "That is acceptable," He informed "But there is the matter of your heritage and appearance..."

Kriv chuckled with a wry grin as he resheathed his sword he set the sword down and started chanting "Cloud me and reshape my form to protect me from prying eyes." He intoned as he gathered his magic and pushed it throughout his body. Within second a change took over him as his wings and tail receded into his body and his ears shortened to a human normal although they still had a slight point to them. He looked over to Dumbledore who looked rather impressed at his display of magic "I've been in some places that were less than friendly to non-humans." He explained "And my father is a master at shapeshifter magic, so while I am specialized in ice, I did pick up a few tricks in shapeshifting."

Dumbledore nodded looking impressed with the young looking man "How long can you hold the form?" He asked curiously.

Kriv shrugged "As long as needed," He informed "Keeps this form even when I'm asleep or injured."

Dumbledore nodded as he let out a relieved sigh "It is good to know that I have blocked at least one of the ministries attempts to subvert these children's teachings." He said in relief as a weight seem to lift off of his shoulders "Will you be needing anything?"

"The books on wand theory for the years," He informed "Also some books on wizarding law and the student files if possible."

Dumbledore nodded "I'll get them to you as soon as possible," He informed "Come, let me show you to your new quarters."

Kriv smiled gratefully with a nod and followed the Headmaster back into the castle.

Number 12 Grimmauld Place

Jade Potter, a fifteen year old teen girl with a lithe dancer's build and a figure many men in her year would die to get their hands on, yawned as she staggered down the stairs of her Godfather's ancestral home dressed in a dark green spaghetti strap shirt that brought out the green in her eyes and a pair of white pajama pants. She rubbed the junk that had built up in her eyes after her night's sleep before rubbing her hair through her dark red hair that was in a short pixie cut that combined with the eternally messy hair that she inherited from her father made it seem like that it was naturally spiky.

She reached the second floor of the house only to stop dead as her still sleep dredged eyes took in the sight of a pair of identical boys about a year older than her crouched behind a banister with a pair of rubbery looking tubes in their ears. They both had flaming red hair that was several shades lighter than her own and merry brown eyes that shone eternally with mischief. These were Fred and George Weasley, the Prankster Twins of Hogwarts and good friends with her as well as the brothers to two of her other friends.

"Fred, George, if you are planning something that will impede me getting my morning coffee, I cannot be held responsible for my actions." She warned as she stood over top of them.

The twins shared a slightly nervous look, a Jade who doesn't get her morning coffee was a angry Jade, they both remembered what happened in her third year when they deprived her of it. "Nothing like that Jade," Fred assured

"In fact, you might want to listen in." George continued with Fred's sentence and the twins were wont to do.

Jade glared for a second at the twins before sighing in relent and accepted the extendable ear that Fred and George had created over the summer, Jade shuddered at the thought of the pair turning their minds to weapons, they would rule the world within days, and plugged it into her ear.

"So Dumbledore managed to find a teacher for DADA this year?" She could hear her godfather Sirius Black ask in obvious relief "Who did he get?"

"A traveler of sorts that had ended up injured on the school grounds," She could tell her Head of House Minerva McGonagall's voice anywhere "He is actually quite the talented young man, doesn't look anything beyond his twenties and yet he is a master of wandless magic, been doing it all his life apparently."

Jade exchanged a surprised look with the twins her morning tiredness vanishing in a second as a new voice stepped in "Is Dumbledore certain he isn't with Voldemort?" The tired voice of her pseudo uncle Remus Lupin was sharper than normal showing his interest and concern on the subject.

"Quite certain," Minerva assured "One could say he... dropped into our laps from the sky."

A round of chuckles could be heard from the group as the twins recalled their extendable ears "A competent teacher," Jade said musingly. "Wonder if this one will try to kill me too?"

It was a morbid joke, but thankfully the twins could see that she was just doing that, joking "Who knows, maybe Death finally decided that he needed to take a hand in things to get you," Fred said looking to his brother with grin that matched.

"After why else would three out of four DADA teachers try to actively kill you," George agreed "Ironic really, the ones supposed to be teaching you how to defend yourself,"

"Are the ones trying to kill you," Fred finished "Maybe it's that hands on that give you the edge?"

'How about you take my place for the year and find out," Jade suggested swatting their shoulders as she passed them heading downstairs "I'll gladly take over pranking."

The twins look appalled at the idea. "We want people to laugh Jade," Fred protested.

"Not to be traumatized!" George agreed getting a merry laugh from Jade as she descended down the stairs.

Everyone looked up as the door to the kitchen opened and Jade stepped through "Mornin' Jade!" Sirius greeted with wide smile, he had a rather haggard looking face showing that he still hadn't quite fully recovered from his time in the Wizarding Prison Azkaban but his black eyes were vibrant and shining with mischief that outdid that of the twins. "How's your second day of freedom from threat of wand snapping?" He was referring to the farce of a trial she had to go to yesterday on trumped up charges of underaged magic, thankfully not only did Dumbledore support her, but Jade had happened to convince Madame Pince to loan her the Wizarding Law books from the library over the summer after her second year, it was no mean feat mind you, she had to sign several magically binding contracts with the librarian before she reluctantly handed them over, and was able to quote several laws that stated that Jade was well within her right to use her magic and was even willing to testify under Veritaserum aka Truth Serum and submit memories for viewing. Unfortunately for her she wasn't able to completely embarrass the minister of magic that day as he quickly shot down both of those his face rapidly paling.

"Bloody amazing," Jade said smiling ignoring Molly Weasley's, the matriarch of the Weasley clan, a rather pudgy woman with a warm heart and a quick temper that had to have been where the comparison to anger and redheads came from, cross look from her language, if Petunia couldn't get her to stop cursing no one would be able to "It'll even be better with a cuppa coffee. Mornin' Professor McGonagall."

There were chuckles around the table as Jade's morning coffee was as legendary as the lightning bolt scar on her forehead "Good morning Miss Potter," Minerva greeted in returned smiling at one of her favorite Gryffindors "I heard about you little escapade at the Ministry yesterday, I dare say if I am in need of a barrister I think I may give you a call."

Jade grinned cheekily "I'll even give you a discount Professor!" She informed as she fixed her coffee and sat down at the table next to Remus, he had brown hair with streaks of grey starting to creep in and his gray eyes looked tired and worn like always "I overheard about a new Professor for DADA, what's he like?"

Molly grumbled something under head breath that sounded like Fred and George with some rather descriptive punishments, Minerva only smiled and shook her head "I'm sure you've heard me say he's a talented young man," She said getting a nod from Jade as she sipped on her coffee "And the best way I can think of describing him is... odd, he can go from laughing to intensity in seconds. A good man though, very strong in his convictions."

Jade took the information in as she accepted a plate of food from Mrs. Weasley and dug into the delicious food with her usual gusto, she paused as she considered something "You said he's not from around here right?" She asked getting a nod from the professor "Where is he from, then?" She was rather curious about that, you'd think that a country who trained its magic users in wandless magic would be rather prominent in the world.

Minerva shook her head "Some extremely isolated island in the Pacific as far as we could narrow form his description," She informed "He had chased an enemy through a portal so we are acting under the assumption that the country is sealed away from the rest of the world for some reason, although hearing him talk about some of the creatures there..."

That perked Jade's interest, she had always been fascinated with magical animals and beasts from the very beginning and had uncanny ability to be able to calm them, she had certainly shocked everyone last year during the First Task of the Tri-Wizard tournament where the Hungarian Horntail she was supposed to get past to get the golden egg listened to her as she spoke in Parselmouth to it explaining that the golden egg in her clutch was not one of her own and offered to take it away. She not only got the egg but received a rather slimy lick from the dragon.

"Really?" She asked her excitement visible as many looked on in amusement "Should be an interesting year, then!"

Minerva could only shake her head as the 'Lioness of Gryffindor' threatened to give her another year of headaches and heart attacks. 'I'm going to need a lot of Aspirin this year,' She thought to herself excusing herself from the group and headed to the fireplace 'I wonder if I can buy in bulk?'

Timeskip, one week before the start of School, Hogwarts, Kriv's Quarters

Kriv sighed as he sat at his desk in the quarters provided to him next to the DADA classroom and rubbed his eyes before staring at the book on Wizarding Law "These people are so fucked up." He muttered to himself before marking his page and closed the book and shoved it away. He pulled a stack of files closer to him and opened the one on top of the file "So this is the infamous Jade Potter huh?" He murmured, he had heard of her many escapades from the other Professors during her time at Hogwarts and he was actually fairly interested to see if the stories matched up to the person.

Name: Jade Lillian Potter

Age: 15

Magic Levels: High to Extreme

Specialty: Looks to be DADA with the possibility of Beast Magic

Unique Traits: Lightning Bolt Scar; Parselmouth; unique rapport with animals – can calm and understand them.

Kriv stared at the last entry ignoring the rest of the page "Could it be..." He whispered "Nature Magic? Could she be a natural Ranger?"

Rangers in his world were trained from a very young age to be able to form a connection to the earth and her creatures in order to access even the most basic of skill and spells available to them, this could take years of study, meditation and training to achieve. A Natural Ranger on the other hand is born with an innate connection to the Earth and her creatures, while the term 'Natural Ranger' is not completely correct due to the fact that the people with these ability could just as easily turn these skills towards becoming a Druid, however the druids were often reclusive to their forests whereas Rangers were often see traveling throughout the world tracking monsters or guiding travelers through forests.

He drummed his fingers on his desk as he read through her grades, for the most part she excelled in any of the practical portions of the testings and while her theoretical, ie written, portions were not as strong, she still got above average marks across the board 'Hmm, this is interesting...' He mused mentally 'I really don't want to pass over a natural Ranger, but I don't even know if our magics are compatible, it could be that this is just this world variation of Nature Magic.'

He sighed as he looked at the profile again and set it off to the side and was about to pick up another one when an ear grating, especially to his sensitive ears, 'hem hem' behind him informed him of the presence of Hogwarts most unwelcome addition, Dolores Umbridge, the High Inquisitor appointed by Fudge. "May I help you?" Kriv asked turning his head to look at the woman who was looking over his room with a distasteful look in her eyes, his room was fairly spartan with a bed to sleep on, a desk for his paperwork, along with a pair of couches for guests, on the wall next to the door were three stands, one held his shortsword, another held his bow along with a full quiver of arrows, and the last one held his dragonscale armored vest.

Dolores peered at him as if she was trying to intimidate him causing Kriv to suppress a snort of laughter. "Yes, I'm here to discuss your qualifications Mr... Dragonchild?" Dolores stated a pudgy eyebrow at his last name. "I have trouble believing that you are as qualified as you claim to be, really? Only using wandless magic?"

Kriv adopted a bored look as he raised a hand up and kept the palm open, channelling his magic he caused a sphere of ice to form there floating a couple centimeters above his hand. "I assure you, Miss. Umbridge, I have no need for a magical focusing tool," He informed a smirk playing over his features. "In my line of work they tend to get in the way and inform everyone that I can use magic."

Dolores recovered herself from the display of wandless magic as the sphere of ice dissipated into vapor. "And... and what line of work is that?" She asked, sounding almost afraid to ask.

"I'm a Ranger for the most part, I dive into the deep, dark recesses of forests much more dangerous than the 'Forbidden' Forest right next to us," He informed. "Not only that, but I am... I suppose you could say an Enforcer, although my official title is Champion of Freedom, I am essentially an Enforcer against those who seek to become tyrants or as you would know them, Dark Lord... I think I'm qualified to teach these kids how to defend themselves, both magically and otherwise. Unless... you want to test my capabilities in combat?"

"T... that won't be necessary." She informed looking slightly panicked. "If... if you'll excuse me..." With that she hurried out of Kriv's room looking alarmed.

Kriv snorted the minute she fled the room and turned back to his file and made a small note in the margin 'Look into possible apprenticeship.' before closing the folder and setting it aside and picked up the next one.