Gale dropped his bow on the floor and slammed the door behind him. The cold weather outside was nothing compared to the display on the television screen. He cursed aloud loudly, Mrs. Hawthrone walked over and slapped his arm harshly.

"No boy in this house is going to talk like that, no sir!" she told him roughly.

Gale snickered, "Whatever." Mrs. Hawthrone looked at him question in her eyes.

"What's bothering you, Gale?" she asked, and he sighed.

"Nothing." He lied and went to his room, silently shutting the door.

He stared at the wall, forcing the stupid tears behind his eyes, to stay there. Katniss, his best friend, and that's all. Or at least he thought, anyways. I mean it wasn't until a few months ago he even noticed her the way he has never before. I mean this Peeta fellow was nothing of a man, compared to him anyways. Than again, Gale thought, he seemed to love her a whole lot.

Gale picked up a pillow off his bed and smooshed it to his face, screaming into with everything he had inside. He slammed his fist agaist his bed railing and flopped onto the bed. He fell asleep thinking about Katniss and that Peeta fellow. Whom he desided he hated!

He woke up the next moring feeling worse than he did last night. He came to the conclusion that he loved Katniss, and that he had more rights over her than Peeta did. And that if Katniss wins, to which she will, he will take what's his and make his move. Altough Peeta would come back too, hopefully he'll meet someother girl in the blasted capitol.

Gale went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. "What the heck is wrong with you?" he asked his own brown eyes.

He heard a knock at the door and opened it, "what is it Posie?" he asked his little brother. "Mama wants you!" he said with a grin. "Okay." Gale mumbled and than shut the door in Posie's face. He turned to the mirror, "Now you see? There is something wrong with you." He told himself aloud.

"Gale?" Mrs. Hawthrone, "Are you okay? I mean I know why you're up-set, and I know it's hurting you. But…I guess I mean, oh Gale." She looked at him sadly.

"Mom? Do you think Katniss loves Peeta for real?" Gale asked desperatly.

"Oh, that boy, yes I do. But I don't think she loves him. Or at least not like that."

Gale sighed, "I watched them at the square last night, they were in a cave, and.." He trailed off, tears fighting there way to come out. But he blinked them away, as far from the surface as they'd go back.

His mother walked over and embraced him, "Sweetie, I can only say this, she is a survivor that one, and she will do pretty much anything to stay alive." She whispered into his ear and than let go.

Gale smiled and left the house it was to late in the day to hunt so he'd go watch the children play on the playground. Or atleast it look that way, in all reality he'd be day dreaming. About Katniss of course. All day, all after noon. And he wouldn't watch on show of the Hunger Games. Not one!