Welcome to chapter six, go ahead read on. The first sad story I've written for Gale *sniff* here read it yourself.

Tears welled up in his eyes, and he slammed his back against a tree and slid to the floor. He gripped his bow so hard that he would've broken it if he didn't let go. He threw it in front of him and it landed perfectly in a branch of a tree. He scoffed and screamed into his sleeve. All that he had hoped for was just taken away from him. Yeah of course he was strong for his family, his siblings who looked up to him, he was even strong for Katniss. But today she was taken away from him by a freaking capitol train, and didn't know if he'd see her again.

Maybe he was right about her being able to kill people, like they're animals. But what if she came back Mad, or worse? Crazy even? Or would she end up like Haymitch? A drunk who'd spend her days in the dark, alone and depressed. Gale screamed into his sleeve again, knowing very well that, that wasn't like Katniss. None of them were. But that arena could change people. Even her! There'd always be somebody better, and what if she didn't get a bow? Or worse she gets caught up in the blood bath? She would hardly be the first one killed, but there was twenty-three numbers after that. Which one would she be? How many would she have to kill, to be farther down on the list? Or would she just hide? Her best bet would be to find a tree? Would she just stay up there? No…the capitol would force her down. Then what? Run?

Gale screamed into his sleeve again, but then he bit his tongue. It would be his luck for someone to hear him. Especially now that he has given in to his fears, and weakness. His thoughts went back Katniss. Maybe she would team up with an ally? But if there was a younger kid there she'd wan to try and save them. Would she die for someone she barely knew? Or would she keep her promise to Prim-rose and come home? Would she try to win? Would she be killed? The careers would get an advantage over her. Would she try to save the boy from her district? Peeta Mellark? That city-bread-boy? Was that like Katniss?

More tears spilled from Gale's eyes as he went from one thought to the other. But he finally ended his fit with one lest question. "What would I do if I was in her place?"

Short, sad, and to the point. I'm kind of busy so yeah I gotta go. Otherwise I'd write more. Enjoy, oh and please REVIEW REVIEWREVIEW!