Fated Death

A Bleach & Fate/Stay Night Crossover


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'Careless.' That was my first thought as I was blindsided by a giant creature that did not seem like it should be among the living. I caught myself by rolling into somersault and then rose to my feet once again. The creature before me stood at nearly five times my height and had the muscle to match its giant frame. It was very ape-like in appearance, but the thing that caught my attention the most was the skull mask that it had on its face. But most of all, the one thing that drove me to this creature in the first place was that it was dead.

I hated fighting the Dead; they are unnatural things that needed to be killed. I didn't know nor did I care what kind of manifestation this thing was, but whatever it was, I had to stop it here. I traced five Black Keys into my hands, and threw them toward the creature. The Black Keys were the main weapons of the Church for fighting such creatures and they served my purpose well here. As the blades lobbed themselves into the side of the creature, it roared in pain as the Keys charred its flesh. The ape ripped the Keys from its side, and charged at me. I smirked slightly as I took off to the side in a flash. As the thing tumbled from its misstep, I began flooding od into my body, nearly to the point of breaking myself.

I traced another blade in my hand, a nameless steel halberd, and swung at the creature. In my reinforced state, I was more like a blur than anything else, but even with my magical augmentations, I wasn't doing much damage to this undead beast. It growled in annoyance, and swung lazily at me. I took the hit full force, and barely moved as I set my legs into the ground. It seemed that only the Keys had any effect on this thing, but even then I still had never encountered a beast like this. When I worked as an Executioner for the Church, the Keys managed to slay every undead I had come across. I traced more Keys and flung them at the beast, but again the same effect. As the beast prepared to unleash another attack, I suddenly felt a much stronger spiritual presence, not unlike that of some of the Divine Elementals that I had encountered in the past. I looked up to a roof and saw what appeared to be a woman in a black kimono.

I reinforced my eyes to the point I could see her clearly. She appeared to be young with short raven black hair. She seemed to be observing the ongoing fight between the creature and I, before her eyes widened. It seemed that she realized I had watched her. The creature leaped into the air and lunged for me. The floating girl's eyes widened and she reached for her sword, but I just held out my hand and felt my Circuits hum to life.

"Rho Aias!" I shouted out, and the seven-petal shield formed in front of me. This was the shield that Archer first called out in our first confrontation with Caster from the Fifth Grail War. The large ape thing bounced off of the Aias like it was nothing, and I quickly dispersed the shield. Defensive items had always been a rather large drain on my reserves. However, since that night I had done my work with Ciel, one of the chief Executioners in the Church, she and I had a rather…strange ritual that allowed my Magic Circuits to handle nearly one-thousand units of prana per circuit. My circuit total was twenty-seven, so ever since the end of the Grail War I had been able to take on a lot more powerful enemies. Compared to them, this undead thing was a toy, but it was time to finish this thing off. I traced my blade of choice. The floating woman's eyes widened at my magical ability, but I paid it no heed. I traced my chosen weapon.

In my hand formed a long spear with a serrated blade on the end, and I brandished my chosen weapon against my foe. This was Kazikli Bey, the Fortress of Impalement, the weapon wielded in legend by Dracula. In reality it was the spear used by Vlad the Impaler, which he used to torture his victims. As a Noble Phantasm it doesn't lose any of its blood lust. I pointed the spear and charged the thing. I chose this weapon due to its innate ability to multiply the pain of the target in proportion with their sins. I slashed the beast and it roared in pain. 'Finally, something that can hurt this undead damnation.' I struck again. Blow after blow sent the thing down in pain; after hitting it a few more times, I decided to finish it off. As I began pumping od into the spear, I saw the woman in the sky reaching for something she had on her person, but I paid it no mind.

"Witness this blood spilt in sacrifice so that it may appease thy thirst! Fortress of Impalement, Kazikli Bey!" As I chanted the aria to unleash the Noble Phantasm, the spear hovered in front of me and began to glow a demonic red. It began to glow and suddenly thousands of pole arms, spears, and various other weapons formed from thin air. They shone with a great blue light and hovered menacingly, just waiting for my command to seek and destroy the creature before me. The floating woman's eyes widened at my display, but she remained in her position, just watching the fight unfold.

I gestured forward with the spear and the projections went flying forward to the creature. It seemed confused about the multiple weapons and swatted a few, but as more and more of them came at it, soon it was overwhelmed. As the last of the weapons flew into the creature, it detonated in a violent explosion of magical energy, and the being was no more. I let the od leave Kazikli Bey and dismissed the weapon. I looked down at my left arm and noticed the Shroud had come loose again, but I didn't notice the overwhelming sensation from Archer's arm like I had in the past. As I looked back to where the woman was, she was examining me with great scrutiny, yet she also was keeping a distance. I reinforced my eyes and got a closer look at her.

She was a short woman with very young features and raven black hair. She was brandishing a simple katana. The most intense feature on her was her piercing eyes. Calling her a woman wasn't an accurate description either; whatever she was, she was giving off way too much power to be a simple magus. I looked up to her and finally addressed her.

"Is there anything I can help you with, miss?" I address the woman, and she looks taken aback at the fact that she seemed to have forgotten that I could see her, and she floated down toward me. I called to mind dozens of my weapons ready to trace in a heartbeat.

"Why did you do that?" She asked quietly. Her tone suggested hidden intent to lecture me, but I thought nothing of it. Instead I cocked my head to the side in slight curiosity at what she had said.

"Why did I do what? That was a mindless, rampaging, undead abomination that needed killing. I simply did what had to be done," I replied dryly. Honestly, this woman was a pseudo-divine herself, yet she questioned why I had killed an undead. Her face turned to one of disgust.

"The right thing to do would have been to exorcise that Hollow, yet you eliminated its spirit, thus causing an imbalance, but a Quincy wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?" she hissed out accusingly, but I again just cocked my head at the terminology she was using.

"Quincy?" I asked her plainly, not trying to get a reaction, but a genuine question. However it didn't seem she took it that way at all. Actually she looked rather peeved at my total ignorance in the subject.

"Don't play games with me, I know what you are. I saw how you formed the weapons using your spiritual energy, but it did strike me a little odd why one of your kind would be fighting Hollow with blades. I thought you all tended to be archers." I stiffened a bit at that, but reminded myself I would never become like my Counter Guardian counterpart. I just shook my head and snorted.

"I think you have me confused for something I'm not. I'm just a normal human," I replied to her accusations, which caused her to boil with anger as I casually blew her off. "Now, if you are done wasting my time, I have more pressing things to attend to." I turned around and began to walk off, but in the blink of an eye, the woman was in front of me again. 'She's really fast or a teleporter, either way this could be a problem.' I stepped around her again, and again she was in front of me. After a few more rounds of our odd dance, I sighed. "What is it that you want?"

"I am required to take you to Soul Society for questioning. As far as we are aware, there were only two Quincies left in existence. The revelation of a third is startling to say the least, but if you are alive, then maybe more of your kind are out there as well." I shook my head again.

"Like I told you before, I'm not this 'Quincy' you keep referring too. My name is Shirou Emiya, and seeing as you are some kind of divine as well," her eyes widened at my naming of her, "I don't see the harm in telling you I am also a magus. Perhaps you haven't seen much of magic manipulation by humans, but it isn't uncommon." Now it is the woman's turn to give me a curious look.

"Regardless of what you call yourself, you displayed abilities similar to that of a Quincy, and I must bring you back to headquarters for questioning," she stated once again, this time more stubbornly. I shook my head. I couldn't waste my time with this, and I certainly wasn't thrilled with going dimension hopping again. She seemed to take the shake of my head as a final straw. I heard her blade unsheathing, and I silently called to mind my blades. "You have forced my hand then, I will regret doing this, please forgive me." 'Trace on!' My blades appeared in a burst of light.

The young woman struck with her katana, but it bounced harmlessly off my blades. My large, curved swords, one reflecting the moonlight, while the other seemed to drink it in, they flowed in my hand like sharpened extensions of my body. Kanshou and Bakuya, the blades that will never touch, clashed against this woman's own weapon with such grace. The woman was taken aback by my strength, but she was quite the powerhouse herself. I had reinforced myself to the limit, and was still struggling to match her. She struck at Kanshou, but I reinforced it and her katana bounced off harmlessly. When a sudden lull in our swordplay snuck in, she took the opportunity to leap backward, and then she began to speak. I could barely hear her.

"Dance, Sode no Shirayuki!" She twirled her blade in front of her, and traced a white line with its point. I eyed the blade cautiously, until it turned completely white, and a sudden cold wind began to pick up. 'Her weapon must be based on wind or maybe ice,' I mused to myself, until I saw her stab the blade into the ground. "Juhaku!" She cried out.

A trail of ice seemed to rush from the spot she had stabbed and it looked like it was heading straight toward me. I quickly traced a blade of my own, and stabbed it into the ground to counter the ice. I hadn't even noticed what I traced, until I saw the ground split and fire erupted from the ground. There was a great steam release and a fog rolled over the battle field. I extinguished the flame surrounding my blade, trying to mask my presence from this woman, but that didn't seem to help at all, as three large icicles flew toward my head, forcing me to leap out of the way into a roll. The small woman ran at me, attempting to run me through, but I parried at the last minute with my blade.

Once again, molten heat met absolute zero, and the blades hissed in response. I held in my hand the sword of Surtr, an ancient demon that was tied to the events of Ragnarok. It was foretold that the flames of his sword would engulf the Earth should the Norse Gods fail to stop him. I brandished the blade and pumped more od into it, and the flames shone brighter. The woman brandished Sode no Shirayuki with an amazing skill, but this was her only blade, the one she had dedicated her life to learning. I unleashed the flames of the sword toward her, but she created a barrier with her sword and fire and ice collided again. I began to flood the blade with od, until it became broken.

I then traced the ridiculously and improbably long bow, which Archer used to launch his blades. I modified Surtr's sword to make it more aerodynamic, and fired. The blade screamed toward the woman, and I heard her shout out something.

"Blockade of ancient ether, a glowing shield to cut down all attacks. Stand proud and withstand all forces until the very end. Bakudo 81, Danku!" As she finished shouting out the aria for what seemed to be a defensive spell, Surtr's blade collided the translucent wall of energy, and the fires of hell were unleashed. I say that literally, as the blade itself was said to be forged in Hel by a mad blade-smith. The small woman just stood behind her shield, until she saw it crack. As my Broken Phantasms' energy finally gave out, her shield cracked and exploded outward as it dissipated. It didn't seem the small divinity was quite done with me. She brandished her blade once more, and shouted out another spell, this time in English.

"First Dance, White Moon!" The woman twirled her blade quickly and then I noticed a circle of white appear around me. I quickly leaped out of it, and as I did, a column of thick ice nearly the size of a skyscraper erupted from the spot. I looked back to where I had been and noticed that the column gave no sign of melting. I racked my brain for a weapon to end this quickly.

"Trace on!" I shouted as I called forth my sword. Durandel, the sword of Roland, formed in my hand, and I quickly went on the offensive. The spirit looked confused as I summoned the seemingly harmless blade. She fired her 'dance' off a few more times, but then came to understand Durandel's true power. The last column she fired was set between her and me; said column quickly met sword, and was sliced in half. I quickly launched from the spot I had landed, and went to slash the woman, but as I struck her, she disappeared from sight once more. I really hated fighting spirits. She reappeared, and then shouted another attack.

"Next Dance, White Ripple!" She stabbed the ground in front of her four times, and the holes began to emit white energy. 'This can't be good' I thought as I back pedaled, preparing to block whatever she was cooking up. The energy seemed to focus at the tip of her blade, and then it happened. A hurricane of ice seemed to form from nowhere and started to accelerate toward me. I ran as fast as I could under the reinforcement, but the ice attack was still gaining. I turned to face it and decided to act.

"Durandel, heat thy blade nigh past that of the blazing sun!" A little archaic I know, but the blade responded to the command much more powerfully. It began to glow with such power that I needed to close one of my eyes. I felt the air's temperature jump wildly, yet the area around me was still survivable. I looked down and saw the concrete was bubbling from the temperature, and then the ice attack struck. It enveloped the area around me, yet I stood safe within the blaze of Durandel. After the tempest had passed, I lowered my blade, and looked to see the damage around me.

The entire path of the attack was flash frozen, and nothing was an ounce of heat to it. The young woman was now surveying the damage, and then she saw me, unharmed. It looked like that didn't make her very happy. She flew down at an alarming rate, and she had screamed something, but it was lost on me. Ice started to cover the blade of Sode no Shirayuki and I saw that it even extended the blade a good two feet. I managed to parry the flying strike, as Durandel still was resonating heat, just not the extent it had moments ago. The woman hacked and slashed at me, trying to force me onto the offensive, but I was getting tired of it. I decided to end this with my second miracle.

"Durandel, Retire this spirit into absolute slumber!" Durandel slammed against Sode no Shirayuki, and the effect was something I had no expected; the sword suddenly dropped all the ice off of it, and returned to its previous form. The young woman's eyes widened in shock as frantically shook her blade. After a few moments of just holding her blade, her eyes turned malevolent as she stared at me.

"What did you do?" she ground out in fury, as if I had just killed her closest companion. I gave her a puzzled look, before replying.

"I simply commanded Durandel to put any spirit it came into contact with into either an eternal slumber…or at least a very long one," I replied in a sheepish tone. This didn't seem to satisfy the spirit woman.

"How long?" she demanded of me, and I had a feeling I had messed something up big time.

"Well from the intent I was putting into the blade, I would say at least three centuries if not more," I said hesitantly. Initially, I had planned to strike her with it, just so it would keep her out of humanity's hair for a good while. The woman didn't look pleased at all with this and looked like she wanted to mangle me. Oh boy, another crazy spirit. I started walking away from the spirit, assuming we had no more to discuss, but I suddenly felt gravity decided to invite its friend over, and I was forced to the ground, and my hands were forced behind my back. So she still wanted to talk. "You know this won't hold me very well."

"I demand that you restore my Zanpakuto this instant, and then you will be coming with me to Soul Society!" The short spirit woman shouted. I felt the magic pinning my arms to my back, and I began to take in the energy, but it didn't seem like normal mana. My circuits began to expel the energy, but it still did the trick as I was free and got up to leave. After about ten more steps, I heard a very faint growl, but then found myself entangled in what appeared to be a yellow rope of energy. I sighed inwardly.

"Even if I wanted to restore your…Zanpakuto, I couldn't. It's a weapon after all not a spirit, whatever effect Durandel had on your blade, it wasn't because of the command I gave to it. Now please release me, before this gets any worse for either of us." That didn't seem to fly with her as I felt the chains tighten. I focused my od this time and felt my circuits warm. I summoned a small dagger into my hand, and simply touched the chains. They fell apart at the touch of Rule Breaker, and I smirked. It seemed that whatever energy this woman was using, it was some kind of contract with the world, which I could sever at my leisure. I stood up again to my full height, and looked down at her.

"It doesn't matter that you're bigger than I am," she began, "Any Shinigami has the power to beat a low-life Quincy." Again with this Quincy thing, I was really starting to wonder about this woman, but I paid it no heed. I turned away from her once more, but this time something much worse happened. She grabbed my arm. Well more precisely she grabbed Archer's arm, and managed to unloosen the Shroud of Martin more than enough to cause what happened next.

I suddenly felt my entire heat up until it felt like I was on fire. I gritted through as I felt his circuits connect with mine, and felt his entire history try and wipe me out. The arm was trying to reconstruct Archer's soul within my own, and would do so at even the cost of wiping my soul clean. The strange yet familiar energy flowed through my entire being, and then it hit me. I felt as though my body was being ripped apart, and then a flash of light.

After a few brief moments, I looked around my surroundings and saw that I was still in the alley where I had been fighting the spirit woman a few moments ago. I looked to see her still standing there, but this time her face had a look of shock upon it. I immediately raised my arm…Archer's arm up, and noticed that the Shroud was gone! However after my panic died down, there was no pain flooding into my body, but I could still feel his energy in my circuits, and I still had the Emiya crest that I had managed to steal from the Mage's Association with the help of the Lancer from the Fifth Holy Grail War. I also felt a lot lighter when I looked down and paled.

I was standing above my body, and hanging out of my chest was a slowly fading chain that seemed to connect with nothing. I looked to the spirit woman for answers, but she just looked dumbfounded. When I finally regained my ability to talk I began demanding answers.

"What did you do to me?" I shouted angrily at her, but she was still transfixed on the chain hanging from chest. What on earth was that anyway? Even with all of the research on souls through the old Einzbern tomes did I ever come across something like this.

"It appears, that whatever that cloak was on your arm…was anchoring your spirit to your body," the woman surmised, but I shook my head.

"The Shroud kept the power of this arm from entering my body and well…doing what just happened a moment ago. This arm that appears darker than the rest of my skin, it is not my own. A spiritual surgeon transferred the arm of a dying Servant to me after I had lost that arm in battle, and to keep its energy from invading my body, he gave me the Shroud. However, I never expected this to be the result."

"Well it seems to me that you are now at least in official terms, dead. This changes nothing about our current situation aside from the fact that I now have to perform a proper Soul Burial on you so that you may be on your way to the Soul Society." I tensed at that, and shook my head.

"Sorry, but I don't think I can go with you. Either way you put it, I'm still your prisoner, and I may not be much of a Magus, but I don't think getting caught up in a spirit's business was on my agenda today." I turned to face her, "If I have to fight you, then I will, but just let me be on my way." I started walking away, but then my chain tightened. It seemed that I could not move very far from my body, and reentering it would require nothing short of the Third Magic…I was out of options. "Fine…perform this Soul Burial or whatever, but know that when I arrive to where it is we are going, I will fight." The woman only sighed and nodded before she took her blade, and even though it seemed lifeless, she thrust it forward and turned it counter-clockwise.

A ripple distorted the air, and white light began to emerge from the spot she stabbed. It widened until it was the size of an average doorway, and then it stabilized. She looked over to me, and then spoke.

"This is where we part ways, at least for a while. I will see that you are found, and brought before the Gotei 13 for questioning. You are an unusual being, Shirou Emiya." I let a small smirk form, before the woman took the pommel of her sword and tapped me on the forehead. I felt myself being spirited away to only the Root knew where.

The fact that I had just been transported to what one could call the afterlife was amazing in itself. The Magus in me was screaming with joy at this discovery, but it was drowned out by one fact. The only way to get in was to be assigned a district and I swear I was waiting in customs to be let into the country. After a few hours, if time was still even measured that way here, I was given a ticket with a number seventy-eight and the name Inuzuri printed on it. I was then led there by a stout man, who also was giving off the same spiritual presence albeit much smaller than the woman had. I guess everyone here had a presence. As I walked through the streets of this city, called the Rukongai, I noticed that I was getting a lot of weird looks. I figured it was because I was new, but that didn't seem to be the case. The little man that was escorting me finally stopped and looked like he was ready to scream.

"Alright that's enough! I know that you must have had some powers in your living life, but that doesn't mean that you need to needlessly pour out your power and flare your reiatsu just because you were some big shot!" I pondered on his words, and checked my circuits. Indeed they were humming with od, and it seemed I had realized that without my body as a limiter, I was needlessly wasting my energy and dumping it around me. I quickly focused on my od, and reigned it in. The small man just let out a sigh of relief, and nodded curtly.

After a few more minutes of walking we arrived at what looked like a traditional Japanese flat. I didn't sense anything inside of it, and I walked in. The little escort deemed it a good time to leave and he left me to my new home. 'Now I just need to find out how this new world will affect my magecraft.' I thought. I experimented with tracing my blades, and sure enough Kanshou and Bakuya appeared in my hands as normal. I even attempted to use the Crest of my family and I could. It seemed that all my magecraft was still intact. There was suddenly a knock on my door, and then without any further waiting, the small woman from before came into my room, followed by two others.

They were both in the same kind of uniform as the smaller woman, and were both men. One had long red hair, done behind his head in a makeshift pony-tail, and was wearing a maroon bandana. He stood just slightly taller than I did, maybe a few inches, and had a katana clipped to his waist. He noticed the large blades in my hands and went to grab his own blade. I suddenly noticed I too still had my blades out and simply let them fade. All three spirits had a look of contempt on their faces as I did that, but it was the other man that was staring at me the hardest. His blade appeared to be a smaller sword, but none-the-less had suddenly appeared in his hand

"That's won't be necessary Sentarō, put your Zanpakutō down, you and Renji are only here to help me secure this…man and bring him before Captain Ukitake. Is that clear?" The man that had a small goatee and flaring black hair nodded, and sheathed his blade. I sighed inwardly, not wanting to duel with another one of these things, and then realized on some level, I was now one of these things…except with far more power now that I could fully access Archer's arm and knowledge without having to worry about going insane and blowing my body to bits, well at least for a second time.

"Funny, how he ends up in our old district too isn't it, Rukia?" The one named Renji asked the woman, Rukia, with a grin. The woman just snorted while I arched an eyebrow at the exchange.

"There's nothing funny about it fool, just a coincidence, nothing more. We need to bring him to the captain for questioning, even if he's not a Quincy like he says; he has an unprecedented amount of reiryoku, and what's even more unexpected is the amount of control that he has over it. Only once did I feel its true presence, and it was extremely overwhelming, almost more so than Ichigo's, but the control was so refined, it was astounding." I looked at the woman with a dead panning look.

"It was under control, you mean, until you unwrapped the Shroud of Martin and sent my body into oblivion," I reminded the spirit woman, Rukia. She looked over at me since I hadn't spoken the entire time, and then gave me a glare.

"After I did do that, why did you suddenly die?" She asked, sounding more curious than remorseful that she had effectively ended my mortal life. I thought about it for a second.

"Well you see, a few years back I had a run in with a spirit, who was a Counter Guardian. He was dying and I had lost my left arm some time before that, and a spiritual surgeon effectively transplanted the spirit's arm onto my human body. Our circuits were compatible enough, but no human body could ever fully use the power of a Heroic Spirit. So when you removed the Shroud, the arm overwhelmed my body and blew it apart, but it seems as a spirit or whatever myself, I can utilize it to its full capacity." I indicated how my left arm was slightly darker in pigmentation than the rest of my body.

Rukia seemed to take all of this in, and nodded at the events. The other two men were bewildered at my short and sweet version of how I gained Archer's arm. Of course I left out the part where Archer was a dystrophic, spirit me for the future who had come back to kill me to try and kill himself. However I had accidently let slip the term Counter Guardian and that piqued the red-haired man's interest.

"So what is a Counter Guardian, exactly, uh what was your name?" The one named Renji asked me. I sighed and then dove into yet another explanation of things spirits of their nature should at least have heard of.

"My name is Emiya Shirou, and to answer your other question, they are people who make a pact with the spirit of the earth, Gaia. This pact is in return for power, wealth, what have you in their mortal life; the person serves the earth eternally as a Counter Guardian. They are deployed whenever a threat is posed to the globe or humanity, even if it is humanity itself. They kill without hesitation, and will do whatever it takes to save." I looked at the ground grimly as I remembered how EMIYA had become a Guardian to save the world. But he was gone now, and everything that was him was now accessible to me, including the full use of his Reality Marble, although it would take some getting used to. It's easier said than done imposing my soul onto Unlimited Blade Works, since it was Archer's not mine. That being said, I could still launch mine, but to a much lesser degree, and I had a feeling that the two would eventually become one as time passed and I learned.

"I've never even heard of such a thing in all of Soul Society. The only souls that protect the Human World in this realm are the Shinigami," Renji replied to me, absentmindedly, but he immediately caught my attention. No Counter Guardians, but the protectors of the planet were Death Gods…or more precisely in this example Soul Reapers? This was indeed troubling, and what was more so that I found out exactly where I was wasn't the Root at all, but a realm of souls dubbed Soul Society, and I didn't think I would be reincarnated any time soon.

"So you're telling me that you have never heard of Heroic Spirits, Counter Guardians, and I'm going to take a shot in the dark here, but the Akasha, the Swirl of the Root?" I asked them, knowing full well that these Shinigami had probably no idea what I was taking about. However, I guessed that this only meant thing, and that damn bastard that was involved. "Zelretch…" I ground out the name in utter disgust. The three Shinigami looked at me for a moment, and I realized I had said the Second Magician's name aloud. I quickly tried to recover from that. "So, if I'm dead too, and still have my powers, am I a Shinigami, or is there some other terminology?" Rukia snorted at my naïveté.

"Tch, if anyone could become Shinigami, then we all would be. No you are what is called a Plus, a human soul that has been separated from its mortal body, and then will live in Soul Society, until such time that the soul dies and enters the reincarnation cycle." I looked at her, baffled. The soul can actually die in this place? But even with the countless parallel universes, we all go back to Akasha…right? I seriously doubted my former teachings that Tohsaka had given me, but on the other hand they could be wrong too.

"So how did you become Shinigami then? I imagine there's probably a formal training a Plus would need to receive to change titles, am I right?" It looked like I got it in one, as the quietest one, Sentarō, spoke up.

"It's called the Shinōreijutsuin, but most people call it the Shinigami Academy, the original name, even though the Kidō Corps along with Onmitsukidō, the stealth division of Soul Society. When a Plus enters there to become a Soul Reaper, they are given an Asauchi, which is essentially a nameless Zanpakutō, which in time becomes the weapons that we wield in duty. They are your only true weapon, and it is a literal extension of your soul. After achieving harmony by learning its name, the only way to fully develop your powers is to enter your mindscape, and communicate with it directly." I nodded in satisfaction at his answer, and then got up, startling the three Shinigami.

"Well I suppose it wouldn't do to keep your captain waiting any longer. I should feel obliged to answer any and all questions you may have about me or my abilities, although I should warn you that it is grim and may not be easily accepted," I said, my tone become darker toward the end. Rukia and Sentarō blinked, but Renji just snorted.

"Don't act all dark and mysterious now, new guy, I already know that you'll make a good rival for me, yet, just you wait and see." I only shook my head.

"That is, unless Captain Ukitake decided he isn't to be trusted, at which point our paths will no longer cross," Sentarō said darkly, I looked at him with mild intrigue. What does he mean by that?

"Sentarō, quit being so dramatic, it's not like the Captain will kill Emiya just for being an amazingly powerful Plus," Rukia told her comrade.

"It's not his powers that worries me, but his dark history that he seems adamant on warning us about," the other Shinigami replied. I spoke up finally.

"If I could intercede here, I suggest we don't keep your captain waiting any longer." The three nodded in agreement, and they began escorting me to the inner levels of this Soul Society. Just another day in the life of a magus I suppose. With that I headed to meet the Captain of the Thirteen Division.

Well hello all…my it's been a rather long time since I've put out anything new hasn't it and I must apologize…writer's block is a hellish thing once it gets on the loose. I've been churning the story for a long time, as I'm a big fan of Bleach and the Fate series. I know that I took more than a few liberties with Shirou's abilities, and the explanations are a little rough, but I plan to build on them later on purpose, so stick with me on that. I'm not trying to make Shirou a total overkill by granting him spiritual power on par with that of Ichigo but with all the restraint of a captain, but tine-wise this is about 6ish years from the 5th Grail War, and I haven't determined what arc I'll be using for Bleach, but that is the universe we find ourselves in thanks to that meddlesome Zelretch. He'll be a big part of this story later on.

Lastly, don't think I've forgotten about Guyver + Vampire or Towards Blue Skies, I just needed to get this out, and I want to see the kind of feedback I get. I've been pretty down about my writing, so I hope by appealing to a new crowd and shying away from the Guyver a bit, I will get my groove back on. So please review this, and I hope you all enjoyed Fated Death! This is a story I will continue, either for fun, or for you fans. Either way expect more in the future.


PS. I will probably do a pairing for Shirou with Senna…except for the fact she will be older than her movie self, and the events of the movie she is in, are moot and are non-canon for this story. Definably an AU story.