Hello dear reader and thanks for taking a moment to read this. I am writing this to you guys to let you know that this work, Fated Death, is being taken down from FF within the next few weeks. I will leave it up so that anyone following it will see this for a while.

However this does not mean that Fated Death will be gone forever. I published this story about a year and a half ago and it was my most popular story just in terms of reviews and favorites. It turned into one of my most favorite things to write until suddenly last year and I got to thinking on how I wanted to write the story.

I feel I should also apologize at how much of a travesty this thing turned into to both sides of the fandoms. Shirou was way out of character and I thought I had a solid grasp on him, but the more I wrote him the less it was him and more how I wanted him. Plus he was uber-OP and I was basing him off of other Shirous I've read in the past.

So my plan is to take the concept with this story, the crossing of these worlds, and redo it in its entirety. You may see similar things going on between this version and the next, but hopefully the transition will be nicer.

Now what I'm wanting from you guys, my readers, is to either in a review or a PM (PM if it's super long) is to let me know how I can improve upon this story or what other directions I should take. Things I'm looking for in terms of what you should send:

-Division ideas for Shirou

-Anything about my writing style – aside from the use of monologue. I get it I explain way too many things.

-Overall plot ideas or a starting point

-Romantic interests

-Change of teachers for Shirou if he becomes Shinigami

-Zanpakuto ideas

-What Shirou I should use.

Feel free to build upon that list or even hit at other parts you feel should be changed; I'm open to anything constructive.

Also if you comment these in reviews, let me know if you want me to contact you directly or I will simply note it and not contact you. Thanks!

That's all from me guys, thanks to everyone who read this – kind words or not – you've really shaped how I look at my own writing, and look forward to this launching in the coming months.

Signing off