Title: For Future Reference

Rating: K

Summery: Having abruptly acquired a sidekick, Flash goes looking for Batman for some advice.

Batman had a very strict policy on other heroes entering the batcave unannounced. Not that it seemed to discourage a certain speedster who was now pacing back and forth in front of him, with little to no greeting or word of thanks for the disabling of the security system before it eviscerated him.

"And then he goes and recreates the experiment! How? I mean, he's twelve years old – and you know what he asked me, like ten minutes after waking up? If he could be my sidekick. Laying in a hospital bed, the kid asked me if he could be my sidekick. How do you do it, Bats? I mean, you started the whole thing. Really, it's your faul-"

Feeling a tension headache coming on, Batman chose to indulge in one of his more childish urges, and put his leg out in front of the pacing speedster.

Barry glared from his new found position on the floor, pulling himself up to sit cross-legged on the floor in front of Batman. "Well, that was mature."

"I had to get your attention. I assume from your rambling, this is about your nephew," Batman turned to his computer and pulled up a window, "Wallace Rudolph West, admitted to the hospital at four thirty six yesterday afternoon after an explosion in his garage?"

"He used my notes and recreated the experiment, Bats. He's a speedster now. But he's only thirteen." Barry was pulling at a loose thread on his jeans – his civilian clothing that he wore as he ran across the country and then entered the top secret batcave in - "What am I supposed to do?"

Feeling that this conversation was more appropriate between colleagues rather than superheroes, Bruce pulled off the cowl.

"Taking on a sidekick has to be a serious thing, but rewarding. If your nephew has meta speeds, you will have to give him the opportunity to use them, either now or later in life, hopefully for the side of justice."

Barry scoffed, "Trust me, Bruce, he isn't going to become a villain. Heck, the first time I met the boy, he showed me his Flash collection – and that's before he knew I was the Flash!"

"Do you think he couldn't handle it? Crime fighting, the hours and responsibility?"

Barry thought longer about it this time, considering. "I think he could. Even though he's young – he wants to help people."

"I think you have your answer."

Barry groaned and ran his hands through blonde his hair, "I guess I got a sidekick."

"Wait, you got a sidekick now too?" Robin popped out from behind a desk, startling Barry. Batman, of course, had been tracking his own young sidekick's movement since he had entered the cave. "And why are you wearing civilian clothing, don't you know that's dangerous? Why are you here, anyway. Batman doesn't like it when people are in the cave, you know."

The speedster quickly stood up, ignoring the boy still staring at him from his behind his domino mask, "Well thanks, Bats. I should be going."

Apparently the appearance of over-eager boys was a quick way to scare off unwelcome speedsters. Bruce would have to remember that.

For future reference.

I was just craving something cute and so I wrote it. I'm leaving this incomplete because I might come and add a few more loosely connected one shots of life-before-YJ. I just really like flash!fam and bat!fam

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