Title: Boys Will Be Boys?

Rating: K+ to T because somebody got there hands on a nudie magazine!

Summery: Wally and Dick get there hands on some X rated material

Note: these short stories are all going to be based in the same reality, but they might not be in order. I'm just going with whatever plot bunny is nibbling on my toes. So this story is based in 2008 or 2009 with Dick being twelve and Wally being fourteen.

"Barry?" Iris whispered as she poked her head around the corner of the kitchen. Barry put down his newspaper and raised an eyebrow at his wife's behavior.

"Iris?" He questioned back at a whisper. His wife's normal complexion was slightly flushed and she looked a little uncomfortable. "What's up? Something wrong?"

"Uhm.." She came fully into the kitchen, "You might want to go talk to Dick and Wally."

"Huh? Why? Is something wrong?"

Iris shook her head and bit her lip, "I was just walking by and I heard some stuff- just go up there, okay?" With that Iris turned around and made a beeline for the back door, heading out into the garden.

Frowning at his wife's behavior but not overly concerned – certainly she would have said if it was something serious, or dangerous. Still, he made his way quickly up the stairs out of curiosity, stopping just before the room with the suspiciously closed door. He could still hear the voices from the hall.

"—But why is she sitting on the computer desk, how does that make any sense?" Dick's voice reached his ears first, quickly followed by his nephew's response.

"It doesn't matter, that's not what you are supposed to be looking at! She's naked!"

"Speaking of which, how is she even upright with those watermelons on her chest? They don't even look real!"

Barry considered walking away. They were teenage boys. What teenage boy didn't look at nude pictures of women?

Unfortunately, the same heroic justice that drove him forward in battles drove him to push the door open.

One benefit of super speed also meant that his eyes were also fast, and even with Wally's quick movements he could see his nephew shoving a suspicious looking magazine off the bed.

Both of the boys were turning red and neither would meet his eyes.

He put his hand out. "Give it."

"Give what, Uncle Barry?" Wally asked with false innocence, but he still wasn't meeting anybody's eyes and the flush on his cheeks hadn't gone away.

Dick, on the other hand had gotten his blush under control and was utilizing his mentors batglare. At his shoes.

He would laugh if he didn't think it would make the whole situation worse. "Look, I was fourteen once," he glanced at Wally and then Dick, "And twelve as well. This isn't that foreign to me as you might think. Just give me the magazine."

The two sidekicks exchanged a quick glance before Wally snatched the magazine off the floor and handed it to his uncle.

Pulling the desk chair over, Barry sat down and flipped through the magazine. Featuring topless women, it wasn't the dirtiest magazine he had ever seen, or even as bad as he had imagined. Still, he supposed as an adult and a hero, he had to do the responsible thing.

Or at least make an attempt.

"Where did you get this?" He asked looking up at the two squirming boys.

"We bought it." Dick answered, not meeting his eyes.

Barry studied the two boys in front of him, "No, I don't think anyone would sell either of you a dirty magazine. So where did Roy get it?"

The two boys exchanged a guilty look, and Barry knew he hit the source right on the head. Thankfully, Roy was not his problem and he actually felt like it would be quite enjoyable to dump that particular problem squarely on Ollie's lap.

"So the way I see it," He rolled the magazine up so he didn't have the scantily clad women staring at him, "I can either call Batman and you will both get an in-depth sex education featuring both me and Bruce and possibly a few other members of the justice league that Batman thinks might make a valuable contribution" Both boys winced, "Or we can do a quick public service announcement and agree to never tell anyone about this."

"The second option, please." Wally said quickly.

Barry relaxed in his chair; even he was a little squeamish of telling Bats that his protégé had gotten his hands on a nudie magazine.

"You're bodies are changing and it's natural to be curious – trust me, we were all curious like this at one point or another, but as superheroes you also need to behave in a certain matter—and I know, you aren't looking at dirty pictures while you're in costume. Even when you take off the costume, you are a superhero and that means you need to consider your decisions carefully in matters such as this."

Barry looked at both of the boys until they looked back, "That means you need to come to an adult with any serious questions, and hide your less serious – eh, education materials, more carefully. And preferable not in my house." Both boys nodded.

And Barry stood up and waved the magazine at the two boys, "I will be keeping this. I had something to drop by at Ollie's and I think this will make the conversation a bit more entertaining." He headed towards the door.

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