Six Months Later:

Church walks through the crowded New York City streets where he's on his way to another intelligence meeting. There are meetings basically every day to assess any future threats, something they all are scared of. Though he knows no country will dare attack, not with the knowledge that North Korean invasion was stopped with all force possible from the US. A nondescript woman bumps into him and he feels something drop into his pocket as he moves to steady her. "You alright?"

"Fine, fine. Sorry." She apologies and then continues on her path down the street not looking back.

With the woman gone, Church reaches into his pocket and pulls out a simple pre-paid cellphone the type of phone commonly called burners. There's nothing unique about the phone, he finds after looking it over. No contacts, no messages, no marks on the outside. His job came with the knowledge he'd get a lot of phones dropped like this for him to use. Informants, undercover agents and even people in the government opted to contact him this way, though they usually left a clue as to who would be calling. The mystery of who sent him the phone is soon answered when it begins vibrating in his hand; he hits send and brings it to his ear. "This is Church."

"Hello Church." Lissa Hollis' voice comes over the other end.

"The whole point of the president going along with the charade that you are dead was so you all could retire Miss. Hollis." Church explains. After meeting with Church the president agreed it was in The Expendables best interest to remain dead so they could do what they do without people interfering. CIA agents who died in the battle for American freedom were named as the Exes. It let The Expendables die and agents who died to die as fake heroes –but heroes none the less.

"Well I just wanted to say that we've picked somewhere and that we're safe." Lissa tells him, "I haven't had any lingering effects from the mind protocols being wiped from my head either."

"Glad to hear it." Church tells her.

On the other end of the line, Lissa looks up from the park bench she's sitting on with a laptop in her lap and the cellphone she's on plugged into it. The park is filled with happy families and joggers with their dogs. Salty sea air blows coolly across her face and sends pieces of her now light brown hair in every which way. After all the darkness, she's dyed her hair close to her natural light brown color instead of the black. She wants more light in her life and it helps that there is a certain solider from a New York alley way who likes that color. "So I'll be monitoring that site I set up. Comment if you need us, but until then you won't know where we are. I made sure of that." Lissa tells Church, "So stay safe Church."

"You too Agent Hollis." Church says, "And for what it's worth I think you all deserve this."

Lissa disconnects the call and closes up the laptop, tucking it into an oversized purse. She takes one last look around the park and walks towards the exit. On the way she turns the phone off and tosses it into a trashcan. Even if someone was listening to Church or trying to find the call they won't be able to track the signal. She made sure it would be untraceable. She stops walking when she reaches a black four door sedan in the parking lot, tossing the laptop bag into the backseat.

Much of Church's story to the president was true. Just about six months ago The Exes did invade North Korea in an operation deemed The Last Stand. They were all wounded and some of them only survived by the skin of their teeth. Low Jack's friends of friends came through getting them out to Japan, stabilized and moved to Australia. Since then they all recovered and moved about, there was no way they could go back to New Orleans's for a while. But a month ago they did find a new place to call home.

"WELCOME TO STORM, MAINE". A gray faded wooden sign reads as Lissa drives down the street. Storm, Maine is a small town, well more of a very small town population wise. It's nearly an island expect for one about four mile long side attaching to Maine. Other than that it's water on all sides. It's a town that was built and forgotten over the years due to the poor economy and the risk of flood. The majority of houses in the area are in foreclosure, some used as summer homes, but the most all belonging to members of The Expendables. The town offers the privacy they need to take off by plane in the middle of night and escape route access through the ocean. It's much quieter than the farmhouses in New Orleans, but after all the noise which comes with war they are happy for it.

Lissa pulls down a long rock driveway and about half a mile down she spots the turnoff for Barney and Maggie's house. Squinting she can make out the smoke from the barbeque grill going and with the car windows down she can hear Gunnar's loud laugh. Looks like there's another cookout going on at Barney's this afternoon. Lissa continues driving down the driveway till she spots the lighthouse, a smile forming on her face. In her search to rid herself from the darkness, the hurt that came with everything she's been through, she began looking for signs of light. What's better than a lighthouse? Plus a certain compass guided her back to Billy, with their crazy life a lighthouse is a good idea too.

When she nears their modest two story home, Remy and Colt come running with happy barks. Lissa and Billy are both looking forward to letting the dogs run through the snow this winter. Snow, winter, a future. There were moments on the plane out of Korea where she didn't know if that was something she and many of the others had – especially Billy. Things were touch and go after he took a bullet to the stomach which caused internal bleeding. The insanity created by the thought of losing Billy was enough for her to take up a vote to throw the North Korean leader out of the plane. Cold hard revenge. It was Barney who backed her play right away, though not for the same reason. He didn't trust what would come of Kong Ji if he was handed over the government. It was better for everyone if Kong Ji and his invasion plans died together.

Lissa shakes her head, forcing the thoughts out. She finds her left hand has travelled to the knife wound scar on her lower back where Kong Ji stabbed her. It's just another scar, another memento from her fighting the good fight. The nail scar to her hand, the bullet wound scar to the chest, the zapper stab wound on her stomach and now the knife wound scar. She stops the car at the end of the driveway and climbs out, just as Billy walks out the front door.

"How's Church?" Billy asks, managing to close the front door with his arms filled with a couple of trays of ribs and bag of beer cans.

"Missing us terribly, but good." Lissa grins as she walks over meeting him. She kisses him and frees his hands of the bag of beer. "Off to Barney's?" She asks him.

"Let's take the boat, Remy and Colt have been puppy dog eyeing me all day. They just love it when the boat goes fast." Billy tells her and starts heading for the backyard.

When they arrive at Barney's Remy and Colt are the first to go running off and straight towards the table of food. Everyone is there, Gunnar, Yin, Lee, Lacey, Toll, Tool, Caesar, Maggie, Barney and now them. Booker, Trench and Low Jack all headed back to areas of the Earth unknown, but were most likely relaxing. Chaos and Hunter headed out to Los Angeles, where Chaos got a job working for some elite security firm; they are all pretty sure it's a CIA front company. Jasmine returned to working with Church, with none of her coworkers knowing she was one of The Exes.

Lissa takes a second standing on the dock. She looks over all her family and friends and finds herself smiling. They are all here, they all survived. They'll live to see another day, another fight.

"Liss you coming?" Billy asks her, turning around when he notices she's not beside him.

"Coming." Lissa says and jobs a few steps to catch up with him. Something tells her Storm, Maine is going to be a nice place to live.

Authors Note: So here it is the final chapter! A huge thank you to those who have read and to those of you who have commented. It means so much to me. As of now I don't have any solid story plans for Billy and Lissa. I have a few ideas but nothing super good. So I'm going to say this is it for now – though it was because of you guys there were two unplanned parts after the first story. A fourth part might just have to happen. So tell me any crazy missions you'd like to see The Expendables on?