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So this is orginally written by the AWESOME TEEN HORROR writer Robert Lawerence Stine. So I'm just excited to post this so I'm dedicate this to Sara Kickey. My newest penpal.

So the orignal title is called "The Sitter" by R.L. STINE but if you read my Cinderella story (Which I not to fond of) I'll be changing it A LOT but basically the same plot.

If you read the book it's based off it but you know me. I change A LOT!

DANNY PHANTOM( I don't own it... but I wish did!)

Alexandrea Askings is Lissa Gomez (use to be Love is Fake/ Different is Better )

~Sam's POV~

"THIS IS LOUD!" My best friend, Tucker, screamed.

"Tucker," Alexandrea, my other best friend, said calmly, "WE'RE IN THE DAMN CLUB!"

"Saaammmm; Lexi's being mean to me!" Tucker said with his hands on my hips, hiding behind me.

I have really abnormal friends; that only makes me love them more. Alexandrea is my only female friend, and she's so gorgeous. She gotten a lot of good Latino heritage from both sides of her parents. Her mother's pouty lips, long black eyelashes, coke like body, and her lovingly caring side. From her father, she got his emotional teal eyes, high cheek bones, shy smile and sarcasmic personality. The only thing she got from both her parents are her complete fun nature to be around and her long black hair.

Tucker is my other best friend, he's an African American. He was a true sweetheart but he's annoying time to time. He had low cut hair with his sparkling silver hat sexily dropping over his mossy eyes. His nose was pulp and rounded to lead you to his full lips. He had on a light grey shirt tucked into his black pants and to top it off with black pants and grey shoes. He wanted all of us to match; is it me or do you find that a tad bit strange?

"Tucker, just dance." I said as the blinding blue light-beam appeared.

The hypnotic robin's egg blue made me pause before a striking my silver hills. The color went up in sparkles on my dancing heels. The blue was replaced by green that glittered at my silver earrings. The music jumped within beat as I swung my hips wildly. Tucker decided to take us to club "Spectra", it was new but spanking! I usually don't say words like that, but recently Alexandrea was in the mood for Kim Possible. Must be rubbing off on me.

"You look sexy," a voice whisper in my ear. I turn to see my exboyfriend Brad.

"Go away Brad." I said, a growl interlaces my voice. He has long, deeply groomed dark blonde hair and cloddish grey eyes. He was wearing a fitting tucked, plaided shirt that shows his nice six pack. I internally cursed at my fascination to his body. Is that why we dated? Just because I liked his body?

"Sam, I missed you." He whispered into my ear.

I started shivering, his hands slowly feeling the curves of my hips. I missed him too, God I miss him. But he cheats too much, I have higher standards than that. We had an off and on relationship; I just grew tired of it. I hate you, I hate you; then I love you, I love you? Really? What are we, stupid lovesick teenagers? If he can't stay conmitted, why should I even try? I ignored him and continue to dance. Thankfully, Alexandrea came up and literally shoved him off me. I winked at him on the floor and high five Alexandrea.

"Thanks Lexi!" I said as we continue to dance. Brad got off the floor and walk back to his date.

"Don't worry so much about him. He's an anal anyway." Alexandrea said as she spin me to make me smile.

"Why don't you spin me like that?" Tucker whined.

Alexandrea rolled her eyes but nevertheless, twirled Tucker. It was pretty funny to considering he towers over both of us. I laughed even harder when she dipped Tucker. Tucker lift one foot into the air smiling and batting his eyelashes. Alexandrea body shook in laughter before Tucker was dropped onto the floor. Alexandrea and I both fell to our knees checking to see if he was alright; he smiled at us with his thumb up. All three of laugh, not caring if everyone was looking at us.


"Wanna go to the Nasty Burger?" Tucker asked as we piled into his red truck.

"Oh wow, that new place with the most expensive food? Nothing but burgers and fries?" Alexandrea faked a gasp; I laughed at her, she's insane; "Tucker we've been eating there since we were teenagers; let's go to the little cafe on Balivord."

"Hmmm, coffee sounds nice." I said licking my currently scarlet lips. Alexandrea and I took off our lipstick as soon as we got in Tuck's beatup truck.

"Fine, fine, Jimalyn works there anyway." Tucker mutter under his voice.

"Ohhh, I think our Tucker is in love, Sam." Alexandrea said in an old English voice of a male with an overly deep voice.

"It can't be! Can the 'never be tied down' Tucker wants this female? Impossible!" I said in my old sick man. It was hard to keep up this charade because I started laughing with Alexandrea.

"I need more male friends." I heard Tucker said under his breath as we pulled up to the cafe. I open the door to see a flash of yellow. It was strange but shrugging it off; we entered the cafe.

Tucker walked into the counter with a blush on his cheeks. I never seen him blush, he must really that Jimalyn character or whatever her name was. I saw a dark skinned girl smile at Tucker with small lips painted maroon. Her hair pulled into a low pony tail strip black and blood red. She was thick with her low cut top and an apron over it. She rang up Tucker's order and handed him a card. I notice small numbers, barely written, across the card as she blushed. She worked on the order when Tucker did a backflip and mutely rejoicing. I chuckled at the scene, he's such a boy.

"Hi!" A voice said beside me.

I jumped to see a woman standing over me. She had achromatic turquoise eyes but blinding golden tresses. Her dark pink lips curled into a friendly smile and I smile back. She had on a tight pink top with a loose dark blue skirt and mini white flats. Her outfit reminds me of something but I'm not pushing the subject. I can't accuse a girl who's innocently trying to communicate with me. She looks like a sweet woman.

"Hello," I said running fingers through my hair.

"I'm Starlet but call me Star!" Star said clapping her hands. Preppy much?

"I'm Samantha Manson call me Sam. Unless you have a death wish." I said.

"Ohh, your name is like, super pretty!" Star said giggling and sitting beside Alexandrea, "What's your name?"

"Alexandrea Askings." Alexandrea said dully. Star and Alexandrea aren't going to be friends anytime soon.

"So cute!" Star squealed.

"Can we help you?" Alexandrea snapped; Star must really infuriates her.

"Well, Sam can." Star said looking deep into my eyes. My heart slowly ripped seeing the pain behind her ires.

"Anything." I said, reaching out to hold her hand. I usually hate human contact, but she needs help.

"Can I hire you as a nanny?" Star asked.

"Nanny?" Me, Alexandrea, Tucker and Jimalyn asked at once.

"Sorry! I'm getting into your personal conversation. I'm so sorry; here." Jimalyn said handing us our drinks and quickly walking off.

"You want to hire me as a nanny?" I asked slowly incase she asked me the wrong question. She nodded.

"My husband will pay good; I promise." Star begged me, I sat there mouth slightly ajar.

"Sure?" I asked.

"Promise?" Star asked, Alexandrea shook her head indicating a no.


"Yippie!" Star cheered as she grabbed a napkin and wrote down the address and the phone numbers, "Later Samantha!"

Star authentically scurried out the cafe, giggling madly. I guess I'll drive up to the house later tomorrow.

Oh Sammy you are still the same. Sweet Sammy with your little good heart. You sicken me!

All you do is care, and care, and care then you love, and love, and love!

Awww; look at you, trying to help a poor girl and her children.

I promise you this, I will destroy your life. I shall destroy it like you destroyed mine! One piece at a time until you have nothing left! A slow and painful suffrage.

You think you are all that with the pretty long raven color hair and fluorescent amethyst eyes. Just because you have a perfect looking body means NOTHING! Just because you have the small full lips doesn't mean you can have your way! I will not allow it.

I cannot wait to have your little dead head in my lap. You wounded me once Sammy, never again.

Bye bye love.

Sam's POV

Tucker drove me to the house; it was a mansion on the beach. I tried to ignore the bright white walls and golden door knob. I knock the silver hand on the door handle as a man open the door. He towered over me with dark blue eyes, his blonde hair falling over them giving him a sensual appeal. I bit my lip as he smile gently at me, checking me out.

"Can I help you?" His voice was a bit higher than I expected.

"Please," I looked down at the napkin, "I'm looking for Dashiel Baxter."

"Him." He answers with a grin as his eyes outline my body.

"I'm here to apply for the role as the nanny." I said. I don't know why I said apply. His wife practically begged me to take this job.

"Hired!" He said in excitement, "I just want you to love Daniel and Stephine."

"Sure, I love children." I said; it wasn't a lie. As a teenager I said I didn't just to keep up with my gothic image. I smiled at him as he step aside and allow me into his home. I blush feeling his eyes still roaming me, what a perverted bastard! He's married with two children!


Soon I heard little feet bouncing down the steps, first was the little girl. She looked either three or four, probably five. She had long blonde hair which was in pigtails and dark wine-colored eyes. I was shocked at the color; I guess if I can have amethyst, she can have pink. She was wearing a powder blue overalls with miniature yellow flip flops. I thought she was adorable with her little fingernails and toenails painted pea green. She had a blush on her pale cheeks as she ran to Dash and touched his nose. Dash chuckled and tap her nose back gently.

The next came out; his body seems to be eight to a ten year old. He shyly poke his head from the side of the railing of the stairs. His icy sapphire eyes gazing at me, his mouth dropped and masking within his locks. I smiled and walked toward him. I stopped an inch away from him and held out hand. He smiled at me before jumped into my arms. I lift him up and held him close to my chest. He rested his head in the crook of my neck before her tucked my hair behind my ear. He used a small hand to stroke my hair lovingly after he lean in to kiss my cheek. He was so sweet! He didn't have on any shoes, just an over sized shirt. He cuddles into me and fell asleep.

Yeah, Daniel and I'll get along real well.

So it is DannyxSam it's going to be a horror romance. The only one who knows the plot is me and my little joy Kaitlyn.

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I'll list my characters: Kayla, Sam, Danny, Phantom, Jimalyn, Alexandrea, Valerie Stephine, Dash, Star, Paullina, Tucker, Blake, Brad, Rajishine, Ms. Manson, Mikey, Ember, Skulker and Jazz.

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