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I glanced at Danny and Phantom. Danny paled, not knowing what to do. Phantom looked at me, his eyes told me to jump into his arms. He flexed out a hand for me. A hand in which I didn't take. I won't let him be harm attempting to save me. I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself; knowing because of me Phantom died. Danny started quivering; I wish I could hug him, but I stood still. Waiting for my own death to come. Stephine started crying louder, almost to the point of a wail. Danny was close to fainting and Phantom silently begged me with his eyes to take his hand. The look he gave was enough to break my heart; he looked so hurt. I wouldn't take his hand. I closed my eyes as the harpoon flew through the air.

"PRINCESS!" Phantom screamed before an ear-piercing sound shook the room.

The scream was filled with pain, agonizingly torturing pain. I winced before feeling muscular arms around me. I opened one eyes to see a pair of green eyes staring back. Phantom hugged me closer to his chest. I was surprised I couldn't find the source of the pain but the scream continue. Then it hit me; I wasn't hit! So, if I wasn't hit, then who was? I turned to see Star with the harpoon in her stomach. All the blood made me slightly queasy as Elliot kissed her forhead. Stephine blinked before gasping. I rushed to her and started rocking her gently.

"It's okay, we'll fix your mommy. She'll be okay." I told her kissing her forhead. Stephine blinked.

"Lady Star ain't my mommy. Auntie Star is my nanny; she be bad!" Stephine said glaring at Star.

"BRAT!" Star scream as a line of curse word flew from her pale lips. I flipped out my phone and called 911.

"I don't understand. Star was behind everything." Dash said rubbing his head. Sam told Dash everything from the time she met Star at the café to the near murder. Dash apologize for everything. Who could he let this woman so close to his children? She could've easily killed them.

"I think I can explain." Elliot said looking directly at Dash.

"When I was younger; I dated Star and broke up with her for Sam. Star hated how Paullina and you were all love dovey and wanted what she couldn't have. She wanted you and me. So she plan this, she told me Paullina went on a cruise one day after I heard a lot of screaming one night. But after that Sam moved in; Star was being strange. I told her what happen between Sam and me; then she said she'd avenge me. I thought Star would prank her, you know; squirting her with water, peeing on the walls, painting her room pink but I was wrong. She tried to kill Sam, blame you for it. Then when Sam started snooping Star begin to take forceful actions. I'm so sorry. Everyone, I'm so sorry." Elliot finished.

"What about the ghost Mikey?" Danny asked with an eyebrow raised.

"He came back to finish his job. From the story miss Valerie told me; he came to get Ember back." I said, "My question is the girl in the street telling me not to break Danny's heart."

"Jazz. That was a memory." Danny said then fell down. Rolling my eyes, I looked at Danny, he was disappearing yet he was smiling. He waved at me until he completely gone. What the.

"What happen?" I asked.

"MOMMY'S BONES!" Stephine screamed before rushing off to the beach.

Needless to say everyone ran after her. She begin digging on the sand where Danny killed the seagull. The police officer got a shovel and help dig. They found bones. The bone were white with blood dripping from to the edges. The clothing on the body was a tight pink tanktop and light blue jeans. The cold green-blue eyes stared at in pain, broken jaw bones fell then turned to dust. Dash gasped.


"Star kill mommy. I see in bed." Stephine said crying as Dash hugged her.

"Star told me she ran away." Dash whispered, tears falling from his eyes into his daughter's hair.

"No no no no no no." Phantom muttered as his feet began to disappear.

"What's going on here?" I asked clinging to his arm.

"I have to return. But, Princess please, come back for me. I love you." Phantom said gripping my hand. Now his waist was glittering green as he slowly disappeared.

"Where are you going?" I demanded

"Casper." Phantom said before kissing me. When the kiss ended he fully disappeared. I started disappearing too, I gasped as the people around me melted into the ground.

"HELP!" I screamed, "ANYONE. PLEASE! Oh no no no…."


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