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Star let out a silent squeak as the headless roaches crawled out. All that was seen was brown bodies and hairy legs either crawling or flying out the box. Their gray-purple colored guts covered the off white card. I jumped from my seat as they tumbled onto the floor. I quickly waved the card to get the intestines off. It was still flawed as I held it up; two letters BD was stamped in gold and blood.

"Cockroaches can live up to several days without they're head. When I cut yours off do you think you can survive several days? BD." I read out loud.

"Oh my. Sam!" Star ran up to hug me. She hugged me so tight I lost breath.

"Oh Sam if anything happen-" Star started until I lost conscious

Like my little present Sammy? Did you enjoy the little roaches? You pulled this same prank on my bestfriend. That's when you met Elliot. Damn roaches.

Adorable aren't the they?

I wonder how much you'll enjoy my next present.

I woke up in my king-size bed at nine in the morning. I took in a large breath, Star is too strong for her own good. I heard a muffled knock at the door. I allowed the person to enter. Dash sneaked his head through the door. Damn, damn, damn.

"Sam? Are you okay?" Dash asked softly, as he seated himself on the edge of my bed.

"I'm fine." I said. I feel so unprotected when I'm near him.

"Star told me about yesterday. I'm so sorry this happened to you." Dash said gently, sliding a hand from my exposed ankle up my leg. "I wish I've could do something to protect you."

"No one knew it was coming." I said ripping his hand off my leg. Bits of blood was on my skin; I looked at Dash. Dash simply wiped the blood on his pants; not daring to look at me.

"I heard it had initials on the card. What were they?" He asked. Why is there blood on his hand?

"BD." I said handing him the murky ash-gray card.

"Tell me who this bastard is and I'll personally handle him." Dash said before he got up and pat my thigh like a child.

"Thankyou Dash." I said breathing softly.

"Oh and take tonight off. I'm taking the kids to mother's house. I need to find out what happen to Paullie." Dash said leaving the house.

Okay, this means I can get ready for tonight.

I lean back into my bed, about to drift off again when my door was burst opened. Little Danny frown before seeing me. He took off for the bed, lifting his arms to lie beside me. I cuddle him to my chest as his breathing even. I looked into his face, dusky and marine blue bags under his eyes. Why haven't Danny been sleeping?

"Oh, I much feel better when you're in my arms. As if the world cannot get me; I love you so much Sam. Can't you image our future together? Me and you in a large bed, with two children. One girl one boy, the boy being attach to you and the girl to me. Them running and sleeping in the bed we created them in?"

"You have too much time on your hands, mister Fenton."

"Well marry me and you'll occupy all that time, miss Samantha."

"Saamm." Danny whispered. He tapped my shoulder but I didn't move. Danny moved his head into my neck and breathe. "Tonight princess, tonight. You'll be mine!"


Danny and I awoke to my cell phone blasting off. Danny groaned before clinging to me tightly. I used one arm to hold him and the other to answer the phone.

"Hello?" I yawned inlayed with a groan. Danny snuggled into my shoulder. I smiled and held him tighter.

"Well goodmorning darling! Are you finally conceiving my grandchild?"

"Ma' no! I just woke up." I jerked up. Danny groaned in anger and disappointment. Either I was too weak or Danny has the strength of a full grown man; but he forcibly pulled me back down. He placed my head on his chest. He begun to stroke my hair.

"I hear a man Samantha. Are you finally married and doing the nasty?" My mother squealed.

"No. Is there something you need mother? Or did you call to annoy me?" I asked irrated.

"Gosh Samantha; all I wanted to say is happy birthday."

"Wait. Today's my birthday?" I asked getting up and walking to the window. I heard Danny pound the mattress underneath him. He muttered words I couldn't make out.

"Yes darling. I was looking at your horoscope for today. Today you'll meet a long last love and love on the beach." I hung up. I hate her at the moment.

"Sam!" Danny pouted. I giggled then stop.

A man with long, flapping black hair sat up by the support of his arms. One hand reached up flipping his hair back; revealing bright blue eyes. His chest was bare with washboard abs glistening.

"Samantha do not just leave me. You know how I feel when you leave me." He growled.

"Daniel I must leave."

"Please don't leave. You know that we just shared something beautiful. No matter how many times I ask you to ma-"

"Danny you ask me that every freakin' day!"

"Because I need you to say yes!"

"Uh Danny I need to shower so out! Out out out out out." I said scooping him and placing him behind the door. I slid down onto the floor.

"Sam? Sam! Saaaaammmmm." Danny cried hamming on the door. I could hear the tears streaming and his voice shaking.

"Open door! OPEN DOOR!" Danny screamed before hamming the door, "Sammm!"

"Now now Danny; today's Sam's day off." I heard Star said. I heard a couple of scrapes at the door before a full blast cry.

"Sam please!" Danny shrilled. I covered my ears until I was sure they were gone.

That was an older version of Danny. Why did I see that?

I decided to get dress for the event tonight. I spray my hair with the dark tangerine hair spray. I pinned my hair up to start on my makeup. After four hours I completed my hair and makeup. I heard Star answered the door and Tucker asking for me. I wiggled into the dress and felt bare. 'How could Jessica handle this?' I thought as I slipped on my heels and gloves. I rechecked my hair.

"Sam, Tucker's here. Your friend since third grade." Star called as I stepped hard enough to hear my heels click.

"I do amazing work." Alexandrea gloat in her full cat costume. She looks like cat woman with her charcoal mask and kitty ears. The suit was midnight colored, skin tight with a long tail wagging. Her eyes were enchanting behind the mask.

"Wow, you're totally badass." Tucker said. He was dressed up as roman king. He wore eyeliner and braided his beard. A golden necklace shimmered around his neck, his chest was bare until a cloth cover his lower hips. He wore sandals and painter his nails ebony.

"I'm not bad." I dragged out as sexily as I could convoke, "I'm just drawn that way."

"Wow Jimalyn." Tucker said as his girlfriend arrived.

I looked at her costume. Small reddish-brown fox ear head band and her streaked hair in a low ponytail. Her makeup was simple with winged eyeliner and deep cherry lips. She wore a white shirt that was slice to one long strap on her left shoulder, to snuggly hug her chest. My eyes rolled down her stomach to bright carroty shorts. They weren't booty short and they were fitting. With a small fox tail and black heels.

"Hiii!" Jimalyn squealed.

"Hey J." I said smiling.

"You look sexy babe." Tucker said reaching down to kiss her.

"Wait!" Jimalyn stopped him. "You didn't give me the chance introduce my girl!"

She stepped aside to show- "Kayla?" I asked, "Kayla Huckabee?"

"Oh Nanny Sam; or should I say Jessica Rabbit? How are ya?" Kayla asked.

"Good Minnie, just glad to be out the house." I said staring at her.

I really liked her mouse eared head band. Her hair was curled so you couldn't see the band. Her makeup was a smoky cherry and burgundy with winged out eyeliner and sheer cherry lips. The pink and black Pokka dot dress was V-neck and knee length. She as had on Mary-sue

"Club Spectra would like to celebrate the 23rd birthday of Sam Manson!" The DJ, Buddha King, announce. "Let me see the special guest."

I blush before walking up to the stage. He let out a long wolfwhistle as his eyes march me. I flush hard Jessica don't blush, she'd encouraged it.

"Mh mh mh; hear I thought you was guy. You're too sexy lil' mama. Now honor ya' girl with that birthday LOOOOVVEE!" Buddha cheered. Down below a bunch of guys whistled and the girls clapped. I heard one guy scream 'beautiful.'

"Now in respect of miss Jessica Rabbit," Buddha continue, "We have a special guest that'll attend to the little lady need. Lemme introduce: Daniel Fenton."

A steam of gray clouds covered the stage. A man walked onto the stage half covered in a long cape. His hair was sleeked back with two eye colors, one blue and one red. He had a mask over the left side of his face that contained the red eye. He had on a old timely tux as he straightens his jacket with pure white gloves.

"Phantom of the Opera." I gasped.

"Can I be your Roger Rabbit, just for tonight?" He asked after he kneeled down and kissed my hand.

"Sure Roger." I said after a small giggle, "I'll be honor to play your Jessica or your Christine. Which ever comes first."

I dunno why I'd flirted with this random guy. Maybe because the moon was full or my character roll affecting me but I was deeply attracted to this man. He took me by the hand and led me off stage. He slyly slid his arm around my waist. He smirked at me when I gasped. I turned my head to lie it on his shoulder. He didn't make a sound only continued to guide me through the crowd. He led me to two guys dressed as the musketeers. I blinked there's three members in that group; so why only two? Danny smiled sweetly at me.

"These are my friends Blake," He pointed to a guy with shaggy coffee colored hair and hazel eyes behind his mask. Blake bent down, acknowledging me as a princess.

"And that's Rajishine." Rajishine lifted his hat, grabbed my hand and kissed it. His eyes were fluorescent grey

"Find your own date!" Danny glared, literally snatching me away.

"I'm not interested in her; I'm interested in her friend in the little charcoal cat suit." Rajishine said looking at Alexandrea.

"She like clothing and sports. Use that; oh and snow scones." I told him as Jimalyn walked up to me, "And your dressed as?"

"Foxxy Love from Drawn Together." Jimalyn answered briefly, using her hand to flip her bang back into place.

"Hey love, who's your little mouse friend?" Blake asked me. I looked at Jimalyn hoping she knew what Kayla likes.

"Kayla Huckabee. Why?" Jimalyn asked with fists on her hips.

"She's pretty and I liked to talk to her?" Blake asked sarcastically.

"Fine she's dressed as Minnie Mouse. She loves the water, Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series." Jimalyn said with ease.

"Thanks mate." Blake begin to walk off when Jimalyn grabbed his collar.

"Break her heart I'll break you. Starting with your face, to your reproductive and lastly to your knees." Jimalyn threaten, "And tell her she has very very very nice hips."

Danny and I laughed at Jimalyn as she skipped away. She's too crazy to be threatening. I glanced at Alexandrea; she was blushing as Rajishine asked to dance. She rolled her hands up to his neck as his played at her waist. I smiled at her before Danny grabbed my hand. He laid a sweet kiss on the back of it. Danny led me outside where we sat down by the pool. We took off our shoes and dipped our feet in the water.

"Tell me about yourself." I said making waves by bobbing my foot.

"Well I'm 25 I lived in Amity Park all my life but I live on Sumter Road. I have an older sister, she freaks me out 68 hours of the day."

"There's only 24 hours of a day." I corrected him.

"The longer you stay with her, the longer the hours seem." I laughed at him; typical sibling drama.

"Sam Manson?" A man asked with a small yet lengthy black box.

"That's me. Thankyou." I said getting the box. I smiled it felt work on the out side.

"Open it." Danny said crossing his arms, "Might be from your boyfriend." he spit out in disgust.

I opened the box slowly then scream. I threw the box into the water as the blood formed a disarray circle with four fingers bobbing to the surface. Valerie's green ring on the left hand made me scream louder.

"So sad the hand must come off. Maybe now she'll shut it. BD." Danny read then all the lights shut off in the club and a deadly scream pierced the silent night. I know that scream.


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