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Harmony's Entropy GUESSED THE KILLER.

Read on to find the killer

I was walking out of the mall with my old pet cat. Mom sent him over last night. He was the cutest little thing. His fur looked like a cheetah with a pink mouth. He purred as I pet him and placed him into my handbag. It was the one with holes at the edges so he could breathe.

My mind sifted to Valerie.

I didn't completely understand what Valerie's words meant, I think she was either crazy or she just told me way to find my killer. I kept the box of the roses sent on my birthday, the box of the hand and all the notes I gotten.

BD. Dash name started with a D and end with B but I don't believe Dash would be stupid enough to write his initials. What about Brad? Brad Derrickson? Could it be him? If so why would he openly admit his name?

"Omfh." I groaned as bumped into a car.

"Sam!" I heard a male scream. I looked up to see Brad. He held my hand and smiled, this was the first time I allowed him to hold me after the breakup.

"Let go of me!" I growled. Then I saw the color of his car, it was red, like the paint on the back of Tucker's truck. When Danny and I were almost run over.

"YOU!" I screamed. It was Brad! He tried to kill me!

"I what?" He asked with his eyes shining. He frowned when I leaped out his arms.

"YOU!" I repeated, "YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!"

"Now Samantha, I wouldn't try to kill you. I love you." Brad said sweetly.

"You tried to bump me off the road last night." I accused, pointing his way. "You did everything! The threatening cards, the dead flowers, you sick twisted butt hole, you cut off a woman's hand!"

"Now Sam; I did no such thing! I was on a date with Shara Kickely," he said frowning.

"UGH. You don't know what you want. You wanted me, now Shara, then try to KILL ME, then claim you were out with Shara. I'm calling the police!" I growled.

"And tell them what?" Brad asked, "A guy who wanted to date you and gave you a birthday suddenly wants you dead? Well Samantha I do not. I don't like you anymore; I'm in love with Shara. Shara and I are engaged; we spent all night together. I don't know where you've been or what happened to you, but it wasn't me. Lemme show you something," Brad pointed to the front of his car, "Does my car looks like I knocked you off the road?"

I looked at the car. Perfectly in shape and color. I almost regretted accusing him but then I realized something: he could've gotten his car fixed that night. I looked into his grey colored eyes in a heated glare.

"All maintenance shops are closed on Saturday nights and Sundays. I don't make enough money to by two of the same dang car!"

"What's going on?" I heard a female voice gasped.

"Shara, sweetie, did you enjoy the mall?"

I turned to see a brown haired girl. Her hair brushed her shoulders and her green eyes glanced at Brad. She was fairly short wearing a U-shape top that showed an inch of skin and some jeans that covered her shoes. She dropped a bag with the words "Perfect Wedding." It was a bridal store meaning Brad was telling the truth.

"Brad, I'm so sorry I-" I started until Brad held up one finger.

"It's okay Samantha," Brad said softly.

He walked over and cuddled into Shara. I smiled, he moved on and found someone that makes him happy. Shara would be good to him.

Then I frowned.

If Brad wasn't the killer then who is?

Driving home in Tuck's truck, I noticed Dash frowning at the car. He cussed then proceeded to enter the house. I wondered what got him pissed. My cat jumped out my purse and onto the patio. I looked at Dash's red car, same as Brad's. The only difference was Brad's car wasn't bashed in the front.

What if it was Dash?

"Sam don't look at that," Dash said, making me jump.

"How did this happen?" I asked.

"I dunno'. But wanna come see my Jacuzzi?" He asked. "All female enter-ers must have on that little, sexy red bikini you wore the first day you worked here."

"No thanks Dash, I need to get my hat. I need to get my credit card to buy one." I explained- well lied.

"Borrow Star's. She won't mind; Paullie use to do it all the time."

"Who's Paullie?" I asked.

"Paullina Sanchez. The love of my life who I lost."

My heart stop at heartache tone he used. He was so depressed without Paullina. I wonder what made her leave. I sighed knowing I'd regret this; but I held my arms out. Dash gave a light smile and squeezed me tenderly. Then our innocent hug turned into a free feel on. Dash started groping my backside. I slapped him and he fell on the floor. I frowned as I stared at him.

"My pity for you is useless. I hate you." I told him before taking his offer.

I walked into his room looking for Star's sun hat. The room was big enough to be an indoor playground. I hated the colors: bright pink and deep blue. I opened the pink closet, pink must make it Star's because she always wears the pink tops. Opening it, I saw it was actually Dash's with the oversized football jerseies, loose button up tops, and jeans. I heard noises and decide to hide in the closet. The noise only got louder until I felt something on my leg. Skin. Looking down I saw a person.

"Kayla?" I whispered as I untied her, "What happen to-"

"Sam, you're in danger! Leave this house! It's not safe!" Kayla screamed running out the closet. I gasped at her. Bruises everywhere and even a black eye.

"Kayla, who did this to you?" I asked as she opened the window.

"BLONDE!" She screamed before jumping out the window. I watched as she ran away. Could Dash be the murder?

I went to the flower box address. I asked who came there yesterday, my birthday. The employee couldn't remember but handed me a date book. A list of buyers from the past week. And at the very end of the list was Dash's name. Written largely and neatly.

Every place I went had the same information. Dash was the murderer.

He sent the flowers, Valerie's hand and tried to run me off the road. It's all clear to me now.


I rushed to Dash's place to find that he was gone. Star was sitting at the table with a sharp knife cutting potatoes. I frantically told her the news on Dash. Her mouth dropped before frowning.

"He promised he'd take his medicine." Star muttered before standing up, "Let me talk to him. Just stay."

"I need to leave Star, before he finishes the job!" I said running upstairs. Danny Baxter was on my bed. He smile at me and reached his arms to me to hold him. I quickly kissed his forehead and started packing.

"Sammy leaving?" Danny asked me in a heartbroken tone, "I do bad?"

"No no no no no no no no no! Danny was perfect!" I said, and without meaning to, I kissed him lightly on the lips. I turned away before realizing what I did.

"Sam you did it." I heard a voice said. It sounded like Danny Fenton from the club. He was standing there where Danny Baxter was originally.

"Did what?" I asked. I was getting fed up. I don't have the time to socialize. I even threw a pair of panties at him. He smiled at the lacy fabric inbewteen his fingers.

"Aw if you wanted me, all you have to do is asked." Danny teased, "I want and need you." He stated seriously.

"Don't have time for you to try and get into my jeans." I told him. He gave out a full chuckle laugh then we heard noises from the shed.

"Before I leave, I'm checking that shed!" I said throwing my luggage on my bed. Danny followed me outside; once we reached the shed, he held my hand. His eyes met mine and gave me an ecouraging smile. I glanced at the old black, cobbwebbed door. The beach really messed up this door, I thought. The door was swollen with large cracks and brakes in the door.

"Sam," Phantom whisptered from beside me. I jumped into Danny's arms. When did Phantom get here?

"So we meet again, aye Fenton?" Phantom asked, his fingers curling and uncurling.

"As if fate wants you here." Danny shot back.

"Phantom, what are you doing here?" I asked after I was released from Danny's arms.

"Well I was going to ask you on a date tonight; but it seems as if Fenton doesn't know you're mine." Phantom growled.

"She was mine before you even came in the picture. I morphed myself to a child and slept with her everynight and almost made love to her on the beach." Danny said before I clapped a hand over his mouth.

"If you two don't shut up, I'll rip out both of your vocial cords." I threatened.

That got their attention. Phantom held my hand with a sorrowful glance Danny sucked my palm, and nibbled the skin.

"Are you trying to give my hand a hickey?" I asked ripping my hands from them.

"I'll give some light." Phantom said as his hand beginning to glow green.

Danny opened the door slowly, trying to stay as quiet as possible. I creeped in and gustured from them to follow. I flipped the light switch and gasped at what I saw. Star, with her legs wrapped around another person's waist. The hand of the person was thick like a man. I heard a moan and gasped.

"Elliott?" I asked. Elliott Gregory; my first time during everything besides Child birth and a wedding day. I heard a short gasped before Danny flipped on the lights. Are lights always the first Danny looks for?

When the lights were on I didn't see Elliott. My white haired, hazel eyed perfect skinned Elliott was now faceless. His skin was torn off his face. Showing red irritated muscles with each muscle more swollen and lined than others, his nose was nowhere in sight, teeth bared like an animal; his hazel eyes and white hair were the obvious features telling me he was Elliott. I walked toward him in disbelief.

"Oh my God. Eli! This is where you been all this time? Elliott, I missed you." I rambled when Star jumped up; that reminded me of all the conversations we had on Elliot.

"Star, this is my old boyfriend! The one I've been telling you about." I said as I reached them. Elliot looked at my hand that was stretched out to him. Danny and Phantom huffed as I reached my arms wide for a hug.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Star screamed, ripping a stoned knife of the wall. I took a baby step back in surprize. Why is Star threatening to stab me with a knife from the stone-age?

"Star chill." I said, "I missed him; I just want a hug. I haven't seen him in seven years!"

"You ruin everything!" Star said, "I'm going to kill you!"

"Or you can let me have her." Danny said, winking at me.

"Sammy!" Stephine asked stepping into the shed, "I missed soooo much. I brought you hairpin."

I would've smiled at the missing words in her statement but I couldn't. Star isn't about to kill me infornt of her own child, would she?

"I forgot; I left her playing hide-n-seek. I went back to Sam's room." Danny said slapping his forhead.

"Way to go dumbass." Phantom retortled sarcastically.

"CHILD PRESENT!" I screamed at Phantom. He gave me an apologic smile.

"Star, why do you have that knife?" I asked.

"And you called Paullina stupid. I'm about to kill you!" Star said jabbing the knife toward me. Danny pulled me away just in time.

"Star, I thought we were friends!" I said.

"Friends with you? You ruin my life and I'm going rid the world of you." Star said.

"Like before: I'll gladly take her off your hands." Danny repeated.

"Those are get your as-BUTT!-that's good- Those are get your butt kicked words." Phantom corrected himself.

"What? Sammy bad?" Stephine asked. Star threw her head back and let out a sinster chuckle.

"Samantha's been very bad. In highschool, she stolen Elliott from me. Then she got them into a wreck because she took somethings she wasn't supposed to. Then she never checkes to make sure he's okay. Look at his face, Sam. YOU did that!" Star said talking to Stephine then yell at me.

"My parents said his parents announced him dead. I was a wreck for an entire year." I defend myself. I couldn't look Elliott in the face, it was too gruesome.

"LIES LIES LIES! You broke my heart. When you woke up you never asked about me. I should have listen to my parents when they told me to stay away from you. So I told them, to tell you, I was dead. My parents disowned me!" Elliot screamed, blood dribble from under his eyes.

"Sounds more of a personal problem to me." Phantom said under his breath.

"You ain't lyin'." Danny agreed.

"I'm sorry about what happen to you. But I was worried sick. I texted your phone day after day but you never replied. I just- gave up hope afterwards." I said looking away.

"Why do you want to kill Sam? You're reunited with this dude's twin," Phantom glared at Danny but Fenton continued to speak, "I love her; so, she won't be in your hair for decades."

"Butt kicking words." Phantom threatened again.

"Bring it on, old man!" Danny urged and ready himself in a fighting position.

"LET ME FINISH!" Star scream.

"After the accident, you redated guys. Brad Derrickson was the first. That damned off and on shit." Star accused, which was true, told you this earlier. I was nervous to warn her about cussing infornt of a child. 'You talk you die' was her attitude.

"Then you skipped boyfriend to boyfriend. You even slept with Dash."

"I never slept with Dash! I slept in the same bed with Danny and you know that!" I shot back. I'll never have sex with Dash. He could crush me easily.

"SHUT UP!" Star screamed, "So I found you with your little friends and gave you the job of the nanny. I wrote notes to you hoping you'd come to the shed so I could kill you. But you didn't. Then the old nanny comes and tell you a stupid story that made you careful. Then my plan fell flawlessly together when you suspected Dash. I'm going to kill you and blame Dash."

"Why the meathead?" Phantom asked as Stephine yelled out a 'HEY!'

"With him gone- I get all the money. I'll give little Stephie here to a nice adoption home. With Dash's money, I can afford getting Elliot face reconstructed and rent out a small apartment. You can't take everything from me." Star closed her eyes and begin to stab the air in practice. Before walking toward me.

"Star NO!" Elliot said grabbing her by the waist. "I still love Sam and I can't let you kill her."

"Back off!" Danny and Phantom said.

"SAM DIE! SAM DIE! SAM DIE!" Star screamed, arms flying and legs kicking as Elliot held her.

"EMBY!" Very one in the shed stopped. I turned to see the little boy Valerie described to me.

"Mickey Jones- The witch hunter son!" I gasped.

His purpose was to kill the nanny. I'm the nanny! Great, that was two people trying to kill me.

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