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Chapter 6

"We're looking for professor Jamisen's office." Jane said to the very dispassionate receptionist who seemed more interested in her mobile phone.

"Science Block. Room 609" she insipidly said; turning her attention back to her mobile phone.

Jane rolled her eyes at Maura and mouthed. 'Very helpful'

"I know where it is" Maura beamed excitedly as she strode forward with Jane in toe.

Ten minutes later they were walking along a narrow corridor. Jane was mentally counting the room numbers in her head. Finding the room she turned to Maura and smiled slightly before tapping on the door three times. They waited for a "come in". Jane opened the door and stood aside for Maura to enter; she followed a few steps behind.

"Professor Jamisen...I'm Detective Rizzoli Boston PD ... and this is Chief Medical Examiner Doctor Maura... Marie?" Jane's eyes went wide. Her voice abruptly stopped. Maura looked at Jane and realised the panic in Jane's voice. Did she know this woman?

Maura spoke "Chief Medical Examiner Dr Maura Isles" Maura extended her hand to the honey blonde professor who rose from her chair she shook Maura's hand and then turned to Jane.

"Jane...twice in twenty-four hours.." Marie said huskily with a wink. Jane looked a little uncomfortable.

Marie indicated for them to sit. "I take it this isn't a personal visit Detective" Marie said as she sat behind her desk again.

Maura turned her head and saw Jane squirming in her seat. How did Jane know this woman? What did she mean personal visit...twice in twenty four hours. None of this was making sense.

Jane maintained her professionalism. As she sat slightly forward the neck of her singlet flopped down revealing a black lacy bra. Maura had caught sight of the professor stealing a sneak peak. Maura rolled her eyes.

"No business...Marie...I mean ... Professor Jamisen…do you recall any of these names of past students..."

Jane handed her phone to Marie who glanced at the screen. She shook her head and placed the phone on the table. "Detective...I am the Assistant Dean of Science at BCU...I don't have much to do with the daily running of the Science Dept. I spend most my time in meetings or out of town arranging funding for the department...You are probably best to speak to the heads of department...you might have some luck."

Marie stood up and looked out the window. Maura realised this was her chance. She pulled the shoulder of the singlet and the neck instantly rose covering Jane's bra. Jane looked at Maura who rolled her eyes and nodded at Marie. Jane looked down; she realised what had happened. She glanced at Maura before turning back to Marie.

"Professor how long have you been at BCU?" Jane asked.

Maura's eyes shifted to Marie, she was interested to know the answer.

"Well Detective...some could say I haven't really left...I graduated with a Doctorate. I decided that I wanted to teach...so I worked my way up until I reached my current position." Marie said turning back to Jane.

"Impressive...so why don't you use your full title... Doctor" Jane asked.

Marie laughed "Not one for titles. To me it suggests that I am better than everyone else...I don't think of myself like that...yes I have achieved a great deal academically but really I am no different to you Ms Rizzoli or you Ms Isles...I still struggle in my private life with my personal worries of love and life"

"Anyway ladies...I must leave it there...I am due to meet someone soon over dinner...you know a lady must get prepared..." Marie laughed to herself.

Jane and Maura stood in unison. Jane stood back as Maura made her way out the room; Jane thanked the professor for her time then followed and caught up with Maura. They briskly walked down the corridor to the lifts. As the lift arrived Jane patted the back pockets of her jeans in panic.

"Oh shit...my phone.. I'll catch you up Maura" Jane said as she turned back and headed to the Office. Maura shook her head silently and walked into the lift.

Jane walked back up the same corridor and found Marie's office. She tapped a couple of times as she entered. Marie was leaning against the desk. Jane's phone rested in her palm. "Lost something detective" Marie said huskily.

Jane smiled "I...thought I had...Doctor" Jane smirked as she captured Marie's lips. The kiss was hurried, passionate and totally carnal. Jane let out a loud moan as Marie nipped at Jane's bottom lip. Jane brought her hands up ran them through Marie's blonde hair and down to her backside groping it eagerly. Marie let out a soft groan. They pulled apart. Marie leant back and let her eyes roam Jane.

"Exquisite..." she purred.

"Damn straight!" Jane winked.

Marie laughed and ran her fingers over Jane's chest and down her abs letting them rest on the belt buckle of Jane's jeans. "You left suddenly...this morning... "Marie pouted as their eyes met.

"I was running late for work..." Jane said as kissed Marie's forehead.

"Dr Isles is ... She's quiet.." Marie said as she traced her fingers around Jane's lips.

"hmmmm..." Jane hummed. The thought of Maura standing next to her Prius waiting filled Jane's head. "Damn...I've got to go...see you at eight?" Jane said as she leant back. She looked into Marie's eyes.

"Don't be late detective..." Marie said as lent into Jane and gave her a quick kiss. Jane smiled and backed out the room.

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