I got into the car and my mom was going on and on and on and all i kept thinking about was what Miley said. I mean was it true did Mitchie hide her relationship from ME? Why would she do that? Miley could be lying I mean she already didn't like me. But what came out of her mouth seem to make sense...How would she know that i wasn't with Mitchie as much anymore?

"Hey Mitch sorry Nate planned our 5th date he is so cute sorry for bailing again maybe we can hang out next week or something love you.." I left her a message and waited to see if she replied. I was falling for Nate he was so cute, i feel like i haven't been hanging out with Mitchie as much but she should understand that I have Nate now. My phone started to ring it was Mitchie i picked it up quickly.

"Hey Alex..." She sounded as if she whispering

"Hey sorry i have to cancel again"

"It's fine I'll just have Miley come over me and her have been getting close, when ever you are with Nate or whatever i don't have to feel so lonely with her around I think i-" I interrupted her because Nate walked through my door and surprised me with flowers.

"BABY those are so freaking cute! Um Mitchie I'll call you later Nate came over a little early Love you bye" I hung up.

I got back to reality and placed my hands on my face Mitchie was trying to tell me about Miley that day and i completely ignored her worrying about Nate, how could i be so stupid.

"Hunny we can get out of the car now..."

"Mommy can you drive me to Mitchie's?" She looked at me confused

"But isn't she in class?"

"Mom just take me please i have to take care of something over there" I was determined to fix this.

She turned the car on and started to drive not another word was said. When we arrived at the front of Mitchie's house i was nervous to walk in for one because i wasn't walking in as just Alex, her best friend. But Alex the girl who was crushing on her best friend, I stepped out of the car and began to walk slowly my heart began to pound. I knocked on the door and it crept opened. To my surprise it was Mitchie's dad, what was he doing here?

"Um is Connie here?"

"No... she left...like a week ago..." He looked at me

"Oh um she like moved out or something?" I was curious

"Why don't you just come inside Alex..."

I walked in and sat on the couch he sat in the couch next to the one i was on.

"I thought Mitchie told you, her mother left us...I finally told Mitchie that well I'm gay and her mom was so upset that, that was the reason I left her and Mitchie...she took her things and left I'm suppose to go back to Chicago to my partner he has been waiting for me but i can't leave my baby girl here by herself..."

"Mitchie hasn't told me anything..." I looked down and began to play with my fingers

"She's really upset about all of this Alex...I think she really needs you right now...I don't know what to do I thought of her moving to Chicago with me" He sat himself up from the slumped position he was in.

"No you can't take her away from me...I'm in love with your daughter sir and you can't take her so far away from me! you can't!" I was getting furious why would he EVER think it is OK to take Mitchie! wait...i just said i was in love with her...

"Alex...I'm sorry" I ran upstairs to Mitchie's room and grabbed the stuffed animal i got for her when we went to the carnival 2 years ago and placed it against my chest. I was in crawled up like a little ball on her bed crying.

"Mitchie lets play that one" I pointed to the one with the gold fish and the rings.

"Lexi you can't win that they are like IMPOSSIBLE" She giggled and i grabbed her hand and began to run to the game.

"Watch me win princess!" I winked and guess what i WON. I hugged her and she hugged me back tight, I got the bear that was wearing a princess outfit and handed it over to Mitchie.

"Lexi no you won it's yours" She tried to hand it back.

"Hey! no way now you could always remember you can't have doubt in me winning 'princess'" I emphasized the 'princess' and giggled she gave me a slight playful shove and linked her arm in mine.

I wiped my tears and smiled to my self looking at the bear from that day.