Chapter 16

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Bella POV

As we traveled farther down the road, I bit my lower lip more and more; I was still kicking myself.

How could I have been so thoughtless?

Why didn't you pack before you left? I screamed in my mind. It was a difficult morning. I just barely got past Edward without him noticing my scars. I had to rush to the hotel bathroom with a sheet over my body before Edward could realize what I'd done and before he could order me to uncover myself. Thankfully, I had stripped in the bathroom the night before so my clothes were readily available to put on.

"What are you thinking about, Isabella?" Edward asked as he switched the air on.

"I'm thinking about what I'm going to say to Charlie," I lied.

"Isabella, don't start to make this little lying thing a habit. If you keep it up, you will really fucking regret it." He gritted. He is the only one that has ever been able to see through my lies. All except for one…

My stomach felt heavy. With every passing day, I felt even more guilt. It was building up in me. I didn't know how I would keep it from him much longer, but I had to.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, not only talking about the lie I had just told. "I-I was thinking about the change." It wasn't a lie because it really had been on my mind. "What will I be like when I'm not human? Won't you miss the blood? Will I mean le—"

"Of course not, Isabella," He sighed. "How could you even think that?"

I shrugged.

"You just really seem to enjoy my blood—"

"It is not your blood."

I huffed; I still hadn't broken that nasty habit.

"Sorry, your blood; seriously, though, it just proves my point; it seems important to you. I mean, you've claimed it."

"Everything about you is mine. I claimed it because it is a part of you. You belong to me, therefore, it is mine. Yes, I love the blood, but you really don't understand what happens after the transformation, do you?"

"Well…no, we haven't talked about it much. I mean, according to your sisters, physically everything will heighten when I'm like you, but I don't know much else. I don't know, I just thought you might miss it."

"I'll miss it a bit, but…" He sighed and pulled over. He leaned back and licked his lips. "When you're changed, at least for the first year, but possibly more… all you are going to be able to think about is blood and mating. Everything is heightened, not just physically, but emotionally, and sexually, too. It will be quite a shock. You won't be the only one, though; right now, my own instincts are watered down as—"

"This is watered down for you?" I exclaimed.

"Yes, it is. If they weren't, there would be blood dripping down the inside of your thighs. Even with my venom altering you to handle me…you would have broken bones. During your transformation, I'll have a bit of a transformation of my own."

"So, right now…the bond is watered down?"

"Mostly for you; your human body and mind can't handle it. If you got the full force of the bond now, you would go insane. Literally."

"…Oh," It was my only coherent thought as I absorbed this information. The lust and emotions were already getting to the point of being overwhelming…I didn't know what I would do if they got any stronger. What would I act like?

"W-what would I even act like? I can't imagine me being any more…"

"As I said, for at least the first year, you will be a little crazed, until you learn how to handle it and channel it. It will be a shock to both of us, but you more than me."

"Emmett and Rosalie were the worst so far," Edward started back down the road. "I used to think they were just disgusting and trying to be annoying before I found you. Now I understand, not fully, as you aren't changed yet, but I have an idea. I'm sure we'll break their record." Edward smirked.

"I'm sure we will," I murmured. If I could only keep my scars hidden until he changed me, then they'd disappear. I would tell him some day…long into the future. I told myself that, but I knew deep down that it wouldn't be that way…

"We're here." Edward announced. I opened my eyes. What I was expecting to be Charlie's house, was, instead, the Cullen mansion.


"I have to pick up a few things. We won't be here long." Edward assured, seeing the nervous look on my face.

"We're not gonna…because I really don't want them to hear…" I trailed off softly.

"I'm giving that abused pussy of mine a short rest. Enjoy it while you can…" Edward told me, opening his door. Before I could even reach the passenger door handle, it was already open. "You won't be getting any more of these rests in the future."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Just enjoy it while you can." Edward reached down to lift me from the seat into his arms. This was something that I was getting used to.

I rested my head against his chest as he kicked the car door shut.

We were standing at the front door of the mansion before I could blink.

The door swung open before Edward's hand could reach it.

"Bella!" Alice squealed, jumping up and down.

"Hey Alice," I smiled at her.

"Hello Alice." Edward greeted a bit stiffly.

"Come on!" She urged excitedly, making way for us to walk into the house. Edward shut the door behind us.

"Oh my god; when are we going on that shopping trip? We have to go! I see you buying the perfect brown leather jacket! Maybe tomorrow! Can we, Jasper, can we?" She turned towards her expectant mate. Edward slowly sat me on my feet right in front of him, taking my hand firmly, silently telling me to stay there.

"You have to check with them first, Mary-Alice," Jasper answered, coming up behind her to wrap his arms around her tiny waist. Alice smiled in contentment.

How was Edward satisfied with me? I wasn't nearly as beautiful as the Cullen girls. I felt a pang of sadness. I always knew I didn't deserve him, yet I had him.

"Isabella!" Edward snapped, and I felt his hand come down hard on my ass. I gasped.

Did I say that out loud? I couldn't have.

It was then that I remembered what Jasper's power was. On top of that, Edward could read his mind…

"I'm sorry…" I whispered, looking down. I couldn't help feeling inadequate.

"We'll talk about it later." He said, wrapping his arms around my form. "But there will be no more of that."

"I'll tell you later, princess," Jasper whispered, probably to Alice.

Just as I was about to ask Alice how she had been doing, we heard rapid hard footsteps, almost too fast to make out.

The front door suddenly opened, revealing Esme with what looked to be kitchenware in her hands.

"Oh, hello, dea—"

"ESMERALDA ANNE CULLEN!" A furious voice bellowed. I jumped and cowered into Edward as I found that the footsteps belonged to Carlisle. Edward immediately wrapped an arm around me, and rested one palm on the side of my head in a protective pose.


"You left this house without my consent! YOU KNOW BETTER!"

"B-but I was just going to our cabin to g—"

"Anything could have happened to you! A vampire could have just been passing through, and you were without protection? Cabin! Now! I want you bare and over the desk!" Carlisle commanded. Esme sniffed, her eyes watering as she disappeared.

I felt a little sorry for her, she is such a kind hearted women, and she had good intentions. She is Carlisle's mate though, and I could understand his worry. It was not my place to judge his decisions, and I knew that Edward would have done the same thing, if not worse, if it had been me.

"I'm sorry; I have to go tend to my mate." Carlisle quickly said as he, too, disappeared.

That happened very suddenly.

I was quiet for a moment before I let out a breathy laugh.

"Wow, we picked the best time to come over."

There was an awkward silence. I wondered if they saw each other getting in trouble often.

"So, um, the shopping trip…Uh, Edward?" I checked when I mustered up the courage to break the silence. Though I didn't like shopping, I had to come up with something to say.

"Not any time very soon, sorry Alice. Bella's birthday is coming up, though, remember." Edward told her.

"Oh, that's perfect! I know the perfect thing!" She gushed. Something occurred to me then.

"W-wait, we aren't doing something big for my birthday, are we? I'm really not one to celebrate them; I don't really do gifts well—"

"Isabella, it is a celebration of the day you were born. The day you were brought into this world. Just for me," Edward said. "We are celebrating."

I huffed. I hated accepting gifts. A friend of mine in Arizona had once offered to buy me the Harley, and I declined, and earned it myself. I was once a very prideful person, though there isn't much room for that now, just Edward.

"Come now, Isabella, we need to leave soon if you want your chance to speak with Charlie." Edward pulled me forward.

"What do you have to get?" I asked as he led me up the staircase. I knew Alice and Jasper usually brought him the things he needed, but I could see how that would get awkward and unfair.

"Clothes, books, things of that nature," He answered.

"Am I not entertaining enough?" I teased.

"Oh, you are very entertaining, and I could never tire of you, but it is I who will be entertaining you." Edward said slyly, pushing his room door open.

"What do you mean?" I wondered.

"You will see." He said shortly. I swallowed thickly as he led me into the dark closet. He was suddenly no longer beside me, but deeper in. I waited for him to turn the light on, but he didn't.

He has night vision, why the fuck would he? I asked myself.

The dark was eerie, though it was only a large closet, and Edward was in there with me. I felt silly; I had never liked dark places, even as tough as I seemed to others. It was a natural human reaction, I guess. I knew Edward would never let anything happen to me. That knowledge brought me comfort. That is not to say he won't cause the struggle himself…

"Are you scared that there is a monster in here?" Edward asked smugly, suddenly right beside again.

"Ah!" I yelped, jumping back.

"You would be right…" Edward smiled, a thin line of light from the door, illuminating his features in a terrifying way. I stepped further back. I had never really been scared of Edward, but something tells me was doing this on purpose…

"Oh, come now," He stepped towards me. "You know you can never be safe from me…." He brought his hand up to stroke my cheek, a hint of an evil smile still showing on his face. Even in his terrifying stance, his touch calmed me.

"You're mean…" I pouted. Though a feeling of eeriness still lingered in my stomach, his mysterious demeanor, and the dominant aura around him still sent tingles to my core.

"You're a needy little thing, aren't you?" He chuckled, breaking his stance. "Don't worry, little one, I'll take care of it in a little bit."

I knew both of us would really begin to pay the price for the sexless morning soon.

My fingers started to move, a sign of nervousness. We really needed to get out of the mansion and to Charlie's house before Edward bent me over and fucked me where I stood. If I could feel it, he could definitely feel it. I needed to get my body make-up retouched before; though, as I felt myself slicken further where I stood, I was afraid that neither of us would be able to make it that long.

I was restless on my feet as he blurred to different parts of his room, filling the bag he got from the closet.

I was relieved when he finally said,

"Come on, little girl; I've got everything we will need."

I nodded as I made my way to the door where he was standing, looking like a supermodel as always. I still couldn't believe he is mine…

Time for that later!

He took his free hand and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me with him.

The journey down the massive staircase was silent, though Edward did grope me with his free hand whenever he had the chance, which emitted a few small sounds from me. I was in a small lust-induced trance by the time we heard,

"Aw, I missed you guys' visit! Dammit!" Emmett cursed as we appeared at the bottom of the stairs. It was a bit weird knowing that they could all probably smell my arousal, but it wasn't like they weren't going through the exact same thing. They were probably used to it.

Even in my temporarily retreating haze, I wanted to be polite. I couldn't just stand there and say nothing back.

"H—" I started to greet before remembering the rule not to talk to other males without Edward's permission. I really only talked to Alice before we went up, and I was not sure that his family was included in the guideline, but it's better to be safe than have a red ass. Maybe it wasn't because I didn't want him angry.

I looked up at my expectant mate and asked,

"May I?"

"You may," His arm tightened around my waist. He was much more rigid around Emmett than he was with Jasper, probably because of the incident on our first introduction.

Emmett looked a bit surprised.

"Hey Emmett," I greeted. "Sorry, you guys were banging, and we are in a hurry…" I cracked a smile while he full on grinned. I'd have to see if Edward would let me hang out with Emmett for a while in the near future; he seemed very fun to be around. I knew if that if Edward allowed it, that he would be right by my side.

"Sorry, just can't stay off my Rosie," Emmett grabbed Rosalie by the waist and crushed his lips to her hers, which he probably did a lot of in the last hour, and, well, all the time. She giggled through the kiss. As they pulled away, he planted another small peck on her nose.

She licked her lips, and then said,

"Hey, Bella," She looked over and offered a small smile. She still seemed a little dazed from the kiss.

I smirked. I knew the feeling.

"Hey Rose," I greeted.

"We have to go if we are to make it on time," Edward reminded. I bit my lip as I felt him squeeze my ass, which his hand never left. Translation:

I am going to fuck you so hard when we get there, and that needs to happen as soon as possible.

My only worry was that he wouldn't wait until we got there and I said what I needed to say to Charlie. Most importantly, though, I needed to reapply the body makeup, I had already been extremely lucky that day with keeping it away from him; I just hoped that that luck didn't run out.

"Well, I am sorry we could not stay for very long, but it is time to go." Edward said to his family, who were awkwardly gathered around the door.

"Aw! Can't you stay a little longer?" Alice pouted.

"We have things to do." Edward stated as he opened the door.

"What, each other?" Rosalie smarted. Everyone chuckled around her, including me. I had a feeling that, if we had more time together, Rosalie and I would get along.

"Ha. Ha." Edward rolled his eyes at his sister as he pulled me out of the door and then shut it.

"Bye!" We heard a couple of voices yell through the door.

"Your family is entertaining." I smiled cheekily.

"Our family." He corrected. "I know that I steal you away much too often to bond with them, but it is the coven that I am a part of, which has become my family, therefore, you are part of it too."

He opened my door for me as he held the heavy looking bag in one hand.

"You can't steal away what already belongs to you," I replied, playfully rolling my eyes.

"Damn straight."


"We're here," Edward announced, turning the volume of the stereo down. I groaned; I really didn't feel like facing Charlie, though I knew that I had to get a few things off of my chest.

"We don't have to go in. I could steal you away if you'd like. He won't argue much; I've got him under control."

As tempting as that sounded, I just really needed to get this done.

"No," I sighed. "I need to get this done."

"Alright, but he will be leaving very soon; he just stopped at the house for his lunch break." He informed me.

"Ok, will you be up in my room? I might need you." I was truthful.

"I will, and you should know, if he gets to demanding, or lays a hand on you, I will be down in less than a second." He warned.

"I know, just…can you try to hold back, just a little?" I requested.

"I will try, but I am already giving this situation a lot of give as it is." He replied. I sighed and nodded.

"May I go in now?" I asked him.

"You may." He granted. I took one more deep breath before opening the passenger door and stepping out. I shook my head back and forth, trying to get in the proper mindset. I am submissive to Edward all of the time, I had to be; but when it came to others, that was not the case.

Charlie was not going to control who I dated, or who I had sex with. I didn't know who the fuck he thought he was. He hadn't been there for most of my life, and just recently started actually being a father to me, but even then he was hardly there. And he thought he could just start to get all authoritative over me. Fuck no.

The front door opened before I got to it.

"Isabella, where the hell have you been?" Charlie demanded.

"With Edward," I answered simply.

"Get in the damn house!" He yelled.

"Uh, excuse me?" I raised both of my eyebrows, and crossed my arms. It had been a long time since I had to confront someone since Edward found me. I still had it though.

"I said get in th—"

"Wow, hello to you too, dad."

"Don't start that bullshit with me; I am your fath—"

"Oh really?"

"What the hell do you mean, 'Oh really?' Now is not the time to be a damn smartass. Now, you are grounded; get in the damn house!" He shouted at me, firmly pointing inside.

"I don't think so. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, Charlie?" My voice was calm, but menacing.

"Who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like this; you are out of control!"

Oh god, this is exactly what Renee said. I was fucking tired of it. I came here to get away from it all, not to have the same damn things said to me.

"I'm out of control?" I laughed bitterly. "Really? How so?"

"You think you can just go out of the house whenever you please, and bring that damn boyfriend of yours here and have him disrespect me in my own damn house—"

Did he just insult Edward? Hell no.

"Why is he disrespectful? Is it because he doesn't put up with your fucking bullshit? He doesn't kiss your ass? He knows that you are delusional. You think you can just control who I date? Hmm? You think you can control my sex life? NO. You can't. And do you know why?" I was going to hit him where it hurt.

"I am not going to put up with this! I am your father! You don't lecture me!"

"Oh, on the contrary; you are not my father. You are a sperm donor. You can't call yourself my father just because I came from your balls. You actually have to do a few other things to earn that title."

"How dare you?!"

"That truth hurts, doesn't it?" I spat.

"I am your father! I've paid child support; I have called you everyd—"

"Nuh uh, you haven't. That stopped when I turned twelve, dad." I deadpanned. "Twelve!"

His nostrils flared.

"You know what, Renee is right; you are out of control. I can see why—"

"Why she disowned me? Huh? Just because I'm not the perfect little poster child, I deserve to be disowned by my own mother?!"

He looked to be struggling.

"Fuck you!" I shouted.

He hit me where it really hurt. I could feel tears in my eyes as I shoved past him and ran to the bathroom. I wish I could just go to my room, but I had to hide my cuts. I cursed myself. I just needed Edward.

I tried my hardest not to let the tears fall as I quickly reapplied my body make-up. I fumbled with the perfume until I finally got it sprayed lightly on my arms. Ever since Edward almost caught me because of the smell, I sprayed just a little bit on my arms. I didn't even put it back on the cabinet; I just dropped it on the floor.

I shoved the bathroom door open and ran to my room. Edward was lying on my bed, naked, with fire in his eyes. He was angry, but not at me. He took a deep breath and looked over at me with his arms open. Just the sight of him made me feel better.

"Go on, strip." He told me softly. His voice contradicted his still slightly angry features. I practically ripped my clothes off as I made myself bare. Tears were still in my eyes, clouding my vision slightly.

"Come here."

I was not hesitant as I made my way over to the bed.

"Come on now," He grabbed my hips and pulled me on top of him. I closed my eyes in delight at his touch. "Sit on my cock, I'll make it better."

I breathed deeply as I slowly sank down on him. It hurt a bit, yes, but it made everything else go away.

"Ow," I sighed as I stopped when I could no longer take any more of his length.

"All of it, come on little girl," He ordered me, hands still on my hips. My palms rested on his stomach as I struggled to accommodate him. I was only ¾ of the way down, when he finally forced me to take all of him. I surrounded him fully.

"Mmm," I moaned as he muttered a string of profanity. This was my home. I was connected to him. I was whole.

"Come on, ride my cock, baby girl," He encouraged, his expression contorting into that of a pleasured one. I had been waiting for this all day. I savored the feel of him going in and out of me as I began thrusting my hips.

"You feel so good," I sighed, picking up my pace. I felt him twitch inside of me.

"Fuck, little girl, this pussy is so tight," He began to take more control as he gripped my hips even harder.

"Edward," I whimpered as he reached down with one hand to massage my clit. "Edward, Edward, oh god," My hands slid up his smooth muscular torso before stopping on his chest.

"Keep going, Bella," He ordered me as he ran his fingers up and down my drenched slit.

"Hmh," I whimpered. I felt so many things in different places of my body, all at once. I began moving myself up and down his painfully large cock again.

"Edward, Edward, Edward," Was all I could say. He pulled his soaked fingers from my clit, and then used them to spread my juices all over my nipples.

"Edward!" I shouted as he leaned forward to suck them off. I moved my hands to clutch him to me as he continued to suck, his pleasured moaned sending vibrations through the overly sensitive flesh. I could hear my wet sex swish as he continued to thrust in and out of me. Every time he came close to leaving me, I brought him right back where he belonged; inside of me.

When he finally pulled his lips from my raw nipples, he moved them to my own lips, before shoving his tongue into my mouth. He explored my mouth, like he always did.

"Mmm," I tried to warn. I could feel myself peak. He pulled his mouth from mine, and looked me straight in the eyes, golden with brown. I felt myself quiver around him as he panted my name before ordering,

"Cum now."

I buried my face into his neck as I clenched around him, and fell over the edge.

"Mdwrrd," I shouted into his neck.

"Fuck!" He yelled as he himself fell over the edge, filling me with his seed. My nails dug into the back of his stone hard neck as he slowly lay back, taking me with him. He placed his hand on my back and held me to him, even though I wasn't breaking contact anytime soon. I was stiff as I clutched onto him and didn't let go. Though my muscles were relaxing, I wasn't.

"Don't leave me." I whispered in a pleading voice, my face still buried in his neck. I had already been abandoned by my mother, and now my father was probably going to disown me. I knew, deep down, that, at some point, Edward would find out all of my secrets. I was scared to death that he would leave me; if not physically, mentally. That maybe he would stop loving me. He was soul-bound, but was he heart-bound?

"Bella, I will never leave you." He vowed, knowing the true meaning of my words. "You are my existence. I love you, Isabella."

It was the first time that he out right said he loved me. I already knew; it was so obvious that it didn't really seem necessary to point out. It was part of the intrinsic fabric of things, but hearing those words affected me more than I thought they would.

My heart clenched in the best way. The tugging that I always felt for him in my stomach, even when we were right next to each other, got just a bit stronger.

"I love you too," I told him. "Just never leave me. Not for any reason."

"I won't, Isabella that is impossible. It is too strong. I am bound to you." He murmured.

Forgive me, I mentally begged him. I was almost desperate for him to hear my thoughts, though I was glad he couldn't, at this moment. He couldn't know. Even if I gave up on the belief that I could keep it from him forever, even though I knew he would find out, I just couldn't bring myself to tell him.

"I am so sorry about Charlie. I should have not brought you back until he was somewhat calm." He sighed, tracing small circles on the flushed skin of my back.

"It wasn't your fault. It was bound to happen sometime. I might still try to salvage the relationship but…I will not wait very long. If we aren't at least on speaking terms a week from now, I will move in with you before graduation." I said softly.

He nodded lightly.

"And, if I could, I would physically hurt your mother. I hate her just hearing about what she did." He sneered.

If only you knew ofallthat she did… I mentally sighed.

"You aren't really going to leave tomorrow, are you?" I frowned. I wasn't ready.

"I want to get it over with, little girl. And then you'll have me for another uninterrupted three weeks at least." He answered.

"But, I don't know what I'll do; how will I…I'm not ready…" My voice cracked.

"The longer you wait; the less ready we will be." He said. "Do not worry so much; I will put on a movie for you, and by the time that it is over, I will be here."

"B-but we haven't been apart more that few meters because of school…and even that is not pleasant." I huffed.

"Isabella, it will be alright, baby," He assured, though it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than me.

"When am I going to be changed? I am already tired of this." I said, referring to the hunting trips away from me.

"Soon, my precious, soon…"

I sighed and rested my head on his chest. I could feel him harden again inside of me.

"I want you again," I looked up at him. He smiled almost evilly before flipping us so that he was on top of me, and spreading my legs as far as they would go.

Hey babes! I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while. I hope you enjoyed the bit of sweetness in this chapter because shit's coming. I know a lot of you will not like how Charlie was treated, or how Bella acts towards him, but understand, Charlie has not been a father to her for many years. He is a sperm bank, basically, and only recently started to be there for her, and that is only because she came to him. Review!