Half-Lfe: complex work unnacuracies

Athunor's hose: I playd Hlaf-Life and found other fanffction called Quarterlife: Halfway to Dstruction so I thog it was going to make good stoyr too nad I dedicided towrite one to, enjuy :)

-Cahpter opne- sciecistificistic pursuts

Gorden Fremind was scientist that worked at Black Mesa science facility with several other scientists called Elly and Alix and Cleinr. They had found a strange alien cristal that was green and they found in nother dimension.
They were sitting on lab when a guy with nice bssness suit appeared and said "We're offering 4 hunderd nillion dollurs for study on cristal so we can have research on portuls and reach better science!"
So then Gudren Fremayne went with cientist cow-orker to put cristal in light machine and start pooting it to test.

-Chapter tu- Unxpected Results

Eli and Aliex and Kliener were at control rewm while Gorden Freemind was pushing cart with cristal into antimater resonance machine, but then guy in blue suit was broke in control room and activated the ray's hypermode.
"haha!" he lauffed, "I trickd you into studying dimensional arte fact, now I open wormhol to alien dimension and aliens will apear!" then ray started getting bigger and shuting and exploding the rom but no one got hurt but then aleins started appeareing and attack humens
"Oh no! we must activate alarm!" Eli yelled and ran to red button to press alarm and make bells sound

-chapter tree- Inavwsion has begins

Gordon Freemant ran fast out of ray room because it was exploding, then found guard with wepon and graeb it but he still had his lab coat so he couldn't use it, but then he heard throught radio that aliens were trying to turn other scientists into zambees so he ran to Elli and Kliener.
"Gordan! you must get yor protecshun suit and stop aliens from turning everyscientist into a zomibie!" but he was late and everyone else was one alredy

-chapter foar- sole survor war

Gorden hellix kleiner and Alyx ran to exit but it was blocked by zombeis, then Gordon got out his crowbra and stater smashing them on hed and cleared it so they could escape, but when they were getting in van a voice started talkin in Grodan's brain, it was dark and scary voice
"Gordon Freeman you tried to stop my minons but you failed and I can send more and dominaet world because u humens are inferior and I can use them as slaevs to work"
Gordon got mad so ran into coemplx agen
"Gordan!" yelled Kliener but Gordon was insied alredy and Gordan didn't talk either

-chapter five- finishing teh treat!

Gordan steped into alien portal and got to alien space with floating rocks and islands but it still had gravity and air and flyingaleins for some reson, gordan got orange backpack and jumped into big rock where a big boss alien was waiting
"Gordan U are a fol and felt in my trap just as I planned" alien said but then gordan started shooting at it with wepon and made its head open, then shoot into glowing ball inside it and then big alien boss was screaming and flying and exploding then gordon win, but then he was in portal to Earf and blue suit guy appeared liek "Gordon freeman youre berry strong and have to work for me" and then gordong was suddenly missing in time-space.

The end