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"I found it!" Buffy cried triumphantly as she waved a glittering plastic object around excitedly. "The princess tiara!" Still enthused she jumped off of the chair she had been standing on in order to reach the shelves she had been riffling through for ten minutes.

A three year old Dawn had been standing below watching in anticipation for her sisters' discovery. Now that her sister was back on her level she held out her hand hesitantly. "Can I wear it?" she asked, eyeing the tiara hopefully.

"Of course!" Buffy said, as if it had been obvious. She then placed the cheap sign of royalty on her little sister's head carefully. "You're the princess. I'm the Queen so…"

Buffy turned back to a lower shelf and found her own headpiece without much effort. "I wear this!" she declared, holding out a significantly larger and more bejewelled tiara for Dawn to admire. She then proceeded to place it on her head and stride over to the bed, stepping up onto it and raising her arm above her head.

"I am Buffy Anne Summers, Queen of the Bedroom and I um..." For a moment she stumbled, trying to conjure the right word. "I declare!" she then said, a grin breaking out over her features. "I declare that we're going on an adventure." Jumping down from the bed she grabbed Dawn by the arm.

Dawn giggled. "Where we going Buffy?" she asked. On Buffy's glare she backtracked. "Queen Buffy!" she corrected herself quickly as Buffy began pulling her around the bedroom in circles.

"We're going to a place where I've heard there are fairies, pirates, treasure, unicorns, royalty…like us" Buffy explained as she towed her sister around the room more times than she needed to because Dawn seemed to be having so much fun with it. When finally she was dizzy Buffy stopped and gestured around her.

"See!" she coaxed and Dawn looked around also and nodded because if Buffy saw it then she was going to see it too.

As if she had just spotted something Buffy pointed, her enthusiasm almost knocking her tiara off her head. She liked when they played like this because she was entertaining Dawn and she liked that she was the person who could do that. "I see something" she said, rushing forward.

Instinctively Dawn followed but she shrunk back, unsure of what Buffy might have seen that her eyes couldn't.

Buffy grabbed two drumsticks from under her bed and placed them in an X formation on the floor. "Buried treasure" she explained, quickly pushing them aside and pretending to dig. Losing her nervousness her little sister rushed to help her, digging furiously just to get to the imaginary glistening gold.

"Aha!" Buffy mimed pulling a box from within their hole and placed it on the floor between them. She then looked at Dawn who was eyeing the air where the box supposedly was with interest. "Do you wanna see what's inside?" she asked, grinning widely.

Dawn nodded and Buffy acted out struggling with the lid a little before pushing it wide open. Her face changed to an over exaggerated look of delight and her sisters' followed suit.

"Lots of gold" Buffy announced. "We're rich. And there's teddies and books and jewellery too." Dawn leaned over to see all these things and smiled brightly at the nothing she saw, mimicking her sisters' expression.

"It's all for us? Really?" she asked the Queen who nodded, pulling her imaginary objects out from the treasure box. "Wow."

"Yes" Buffy said, still pulling objects from the depths of the not-even-there box. "And guess what – "

But Dawn never even got the chance to guess and Buffy never got the chance to tell for there was a rap on the bedroom door and then a head with a mop of curly hair poking through it.

"Girls," Joyce said, glancing around the room to be sure Dawn hadn't broken anything in her excitement like that one time. "It's Dawnie's bedtime now and yours soon too Buffy."

"Queen Buffy" Dawn corrected innocently. "And I'm Princess Dawn."

With an amused smile their mother nodded. "So you are. Now go and clean your teeth and get into your pyjama's and then Buffy might read you something, okay?"

Within seconds Dawn had taken off to her own room with the tiara still on top of her completely straight hair. While her sister was missing Buffy took the time to clear off her bed so she and her sister could lie on it. She then grabbed her bedtime stories book 'Buffy's Book of Bedtime Stories' and placed it on the bed.

Soon Dawn came toddling back into the room, fully changed and cleaned for sleep. "Story time" she said, climbing onto her sisters' bed and settling into the pillow. Buffy did likewise, holding the large book between them.

Although the book was large it wasn't difficult and Buffy had perfected her reading of it. "Which story today?" she asked Dawn, fingering the pages of the book as she waited.

"Peter Pan!" Dawn decided. "For the treasure" she added, by way of explanation.

"Ooookay" Buffy drew out her word and flicked to the Peter Pan story. It had lots of colourful pictures and Buffy pointed to them as she read as illustration of the events. Dawn got especially excited when Tinkerbell came along and drifted off to sleep before Wendy was even captured by the pirates, leaving it a happy ending.

Neither Buffy nor her mother even bothered to move her to her own bedroom.