So the first oneshot is Carlos/Allie since they're the first couple around. Now I'm doing the one shots going all down my songs, and the first song is Addicted by Prince Royce.

Now remember, these one shots don't follow the storylines of the storys their in, unless I say they do. In this one shot Carlos and Allie live in their house and everything but don't have twins. She's still James' sister, obvi.

I suggest you get on Youtube or something and listen to the song while you're reading this, so if you want to do that look up Addicted by Prince Royce! :D

I swear you're gonna fall inlove with it!

Also, don't ask about the lame ass didn't know what else to call it!

Disclaimer: I own noootthhiiinnnnnng.

Carlos wakes up on Sunday morning, his beautiful girlfriend in his arms. He smiles softly, holding her tightly and looking down at her sleeping, giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead. He always love waking up to her in his arms, just holding her tightly and keeping her warm and safe and protected.

She starts stirring awake, fully waking up a few moments later.

"You awake?" he asks softly.

She nods, turning to her side so she's facing Carlos, who leans in and kisses her lips.

"Goodmorning beautiful." he grins, as she rests her head on his bare chest.

"Goodmorning." she smiles, digging her face into his neck. "Aaah, I don't wanna get up! I feel so comfortable just laying here with you."

"Who says we have to get up?" he questions. "It's Sunday, you don't have modeling today and I don't have to be at the studio. We can stay in bed for as long as we want."

"Well, that's true." she says, softly kissing his neck.

"So what do you wanna do today?" Carlos asks his girlfriend. "Big Time Rush was invited to a party tonight, we can go if you want or we could just stay in. I'd rather just go rent a movie and stay here and cuddle all night."

"I like the sound of that better," she agrees. "I feel like we party too much, we never really stay in so I'd rather just stay in."

"Okay babe." he replies, kissing the top of her head before sitting up. "Let's go take a long hot shower then go make breakfast."

"Let's go." she smiles, sitting up as Carlos grabs her hand and leads her to their bathroom.

"What should we make?" Allie questions, hopping up on the counter and sitting on it, as Carlos stands infront of her and wraps his arms around her waist. They just got done showering and brushing their teeth and changing. They just changed into comfortable clothing. Allie's wearing Victoria's Secret Love Pink yoga shorts, and a neon pink crop top, while Carlos is wearing grey loose sweats and he's shirtless.

Carlos shrugs. "Pancakes?"

"Alright," she nods, as Carlos moves and she hops off the counter. "I'm gonna start making the pancakes, you make the bacon and sausages because I always burn myself while making those!"

"You're such a little baby," he chuckles. "It don't even hurt."

"It hurts me!" she replies, starting to make the batter. "That's why I always have you make that shit."

"You're lucky you have a man that's a good cook," he says. "Because if you didn't you'd be screwed because you can't cook for shit."

"Well thanks," she says flatly, playfully slapping his bicep. "I can cook! Certain foods.."

"Like what?" he asks, laughing a bit.

"I'm not gonna name every single thing I can cook, dude."

"Because you can't cook anything!"

"Fine, if you want a woman that can cook then you're obviously not with the right girl.." she replies.

"Yes I am," he tells her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, leaning down and kissing her neck a few times. "I don't want a woman that can cook, I like cooking for you."

"Sure you do."

"Shut up, I do." he says, before kissing her neck one more time before continuing to make the food. "I'll teach you how to cook."

"You're a horrible teacher, though."

"No I'm not!"

"Remember when you tried to teach me how to play hockey?" she questions. Carlos once tried to teach her to play hockey and failed miserably. He's good at the sport, he just isn't really good at explaining how to play it.

Carlos laughs just remembering it. "Didn't you make the puck into the wrong goal?"

"It was your fault!" she giggles. "You told me to put it in that goal and when I did you got all mad. But hey, atleast I made one!"

"I guess that's true, just try to make it in the right one next time."

"There won't be a next time, I'm done with that sport."

"No, I'm gonna teach you how to play one day!"

"Goodluck with that." she giggles.

"Are you ready to watch this?" Carlos questions, as he puts the movie in the DVD player. They just got back from Family Video, and they rented The Possesion, and Allie isn't gonna lie, she's kind of scared. She seen the commercials and they look scary, but atleast she has Carlos to protect her.

"I'm kind of scared." she says, as she gets comfortable on the couch under her big soft cheetah print blanket. She's always been kind of scared of scary movies, but she still watches them anyway, as long as she has someone to cuddle up with and protect her. Before the guys lived here in LA and her and James lived back home, they always watched scary movies but James always protected her. "You better hold me tight, dude."

"Duh," he retorts, turning the light off before heading toward the couch.

"It's so dark," she says softly, as Carlos lays on the couch next to her, but on the side of the couch so she's on the edge. She hates being on the edge, it makes her feel like someone is just gonna grab her. "Why do I have to lay on the edge?"

"Because if I do I won't be able to hold you because then I'll be facing the couch," he tells her, getting under the covers with her and wrapping his arms tightly around her, holding her close and protecting her. He kisses her temple, smiling as he sees her smile. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Make sure the monster from under the couch don't grab you."


Haha, this was cute :)

RandomFact: I was literally once INLOVE with this song, and it's still one of my favs! I had the instrumental for this song (it's the same thing but without the words) for the Grand Entrance at my quince! :D I love it. If ya listened to it, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SONG!