So here's the "you drool in your sleep" chapter, as it's a favorite. I hope you like it. As requested, I'll probably do the Sirens part next, but keep the requests coming!

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This was ridiculous, I thought as a leaned against the railing. Why wouldn't they tell me anything? I knew I could help, and after my failed attempt at getting the Percy kid to tell me was going on, I was more than a little frustrated. How could they just sit there and play pinochle while something bad was going on?

"Mr. Brunner?" a surprised voice said behind me. I turned to see Percy staring wide eyed at Chiron.

Chiron smiled at him and said, "Ah, good, Percy, now we have four for pinochle." Percy sat warily down next to Mr. D who turned to him and sighed.

"Oh, I suppose I must say it. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. There. Now, don't expect me to be glad to see you."

Percy eyed him and scooted his chair a bit. He could probably smell the alcohol on our Camp director, and I guess that would be kind an unsettling trait for a camp director to have. That is, if he wasn't the God of Wine.

"Annabeth?" Chiron called. I walked up to them as he continued, "This young lady nursed you back to health, Percy. Annabeth, my dear, why don't you go check on Percy's bunk? We'll be putting him in cabin eleven for now."

As if cabin eleven needed more campers, I thought. Chiron probably just wanted to get rid of me so that he could talk to Percy about some top secret things. Things he would never tell me even though I had 5 more years of experience than this kid. What made him so special? Oh well, I guess I could grill Percy later and see if he'd spill the beans. "Sure, Chiron."

Percy started sizing me up, as if we were about to fight. I found myself once more looking into those gorgeous green eyes. He really was pretty cute. Now that he was awake, he had this rough, experienced quality that told me his previous life hadn't been exactly easy. My eyes gravitated to the Minotaur's horn in his hand, and I thought about how scary it must have been to face a Minotaur without even knowing monsters like that existed.

When, he noticed me examining the horn, he smirked a little, obviously expecting praise. I could feel my cheeks heating up, so I said, "You drool when you sleep," and turned on my heel and sprinted away.

I could have kicked myself. 'You drool when you sleep'? Come on, Annabeth. I guess it could have been worse. I could've blurted out what was really on my mind. Something like, "You have beautiful eyes, you know that?"