A/N: Happy New Years! Or New Year's Eve depending on where you are in the world. My resolution is to write more but knowing me and my procrastination and laziness I might not be able to do it BUT I'LL TRY. By the way this is an AU where when Jack was born the villagers of the town of Burgess could see him.

Darkness. That's the first thing I remember. It was dark, and it was cold. And I was scared. This was the first thoughts of Jack Frost's immortal life and it surely wouldn't be his last. He awoke to unfamiliar surroundings. Slowly floating upwards towards the sky and the ever so brightly glowing moon encased by the dark background of the night, littered with bright gleaming stars. He broke free from his icy bonds as he ascended towards the sky as if the moon was beckoning him to come closer.

Your name is Jack Frost

The words rung in Jack's ear like a long acquainted friend. It was the first words ever spoken to him and it made him feel safe and warm on the inside despite his cold surroundings. As soon as he heard the voice it was gone; like it was never there in the first place. Only the tiny trickles of moonlight left in its wake. His white as snow feet landed softly on the ice and he stared at the moon; willing it to say more.

Silence greeted him.

Jack opted to looking at is hands and clothing in amazement and wonder filled eyes. Then he walked forward, slipping a bit as his foot abruptly brushed something hard. He looked down to find a wooden stick, gnarled in the shape of a shepherds crook. It's wooden shaft running up to a hooked tip. Crouching down, Jack slowly picked it up and frost spread where he touched. Jack dropped the end out of surprise and where the end met the ice beautiful like frost designs appeared. He looked at the staff in astonishment.

Slowly getting up he prodded a nearby tree with the crook of his staff and more frost appeared following its course down the bark of the trunk. Jack jumped on the balls of his feet with excitement. He started running across the ice with one end of his staff on the ice as he ran barefoot. Wherever the staff touched more frost designs appeared creating a beautiful canvas filled with wonder. It was like a dance and Jack was the dancer. He felt alive and bursting with energy. You wouldn't believe the shock he had when he was ripped from the ground by a burst of air and lifted in the sky above. He stared at his creation from a bird's eye view before his connection with the wind abruptly stopped and he was free falling through the air. He roughly landed on a tree branch and much to amazement started to laugh. A pure joy filled laugh that brings a smile to even a grief stricken person's face.

He stopped laughing when his eyes caught sight of a quaint little village off into the distance. An idea struck him. He called upon the wind and started to shakily fly towards the village.

Jack landed roughly and fell into a snowbank out of sight. His cape was over his head but he didn't seem to mind. He wanted to show all the people his cool new powers. He got up from the snowbank and brushed himself off looking at his hand wondering why he didn't feel the cold of snow.. Running over to the village he walked to the entrance.

People started to stare at him with a mix of curiosity and some of horror, eyes aimed at his snowy white hair. He walked towards the town and tried to get some people's attention.

"Hey! Do you guys wanna see what I can to with this staff? It's amazing!" Jack called out in excitement. He swiftly tapped the side of a house and frost patterns appeared where he touched. Jack turned to the people around him expected stares of awe but was take back by looks of terror.

"Witchcraft!" Someone called out. Jack didn't understand what was wrong? Shouldn't they be amazed by his powers? He sure was.

"He's a witch! Hang him!" Someone else howled.

"Burn him!"

"Look at his white hair!"

"An abomination."

Jack couldn't believe his ears. Why were these people saying these things? There was nothing wrong with him was there?

He glanced over and saw a little girl huddling closer to her mom. She seemed to have medium length brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a brown dress with little embroidered diamonds at the hem. Jack felt a strong pull to the little girl for some reason even though he had never met her in his 10 minutes of existence. She mumbled something that Jack had to strain to hear.

"Mama, why does he look so much like Jack?"

Jack? This boy she speaks of has the same name as him. I wonder what he was like. Jack's thoughts were abruptly cut off when he felt a sting pain on the side of his head. He touched the source of pain and looked at his hand.


Then he saw the cause of pain. On the ground right by his bare feet was a rock stained on one side with a bit of his blood. He stood frozen processing what happened. Then he felt another sharp pain and another and another.

People were throwing rocks at him. But why? He looked around and saw faces of anger.

"GET OUT OF OUR TOWN YOU WITCH!" a man yelled, throwing another rock at Jack. Jack dodged the man's rock by jumping to the side. He felt more and more rock bombarding him; hitting him from all directions.

People of all genders and ages were throwing rocks at him now. Kids, adults, women, men you name it they were there; all of them throwing rocks at Jack. All but one.

The little girl who spoke from earlier did not throw rocks at Jack. She stared at him like she was trying to figure out what his name was. Then it suddenly struck her and she knew exactly who the mystery boy was. How could she have been so ignorant? To not even recognize her brother even if his hair and eyes were a different colour. What kind of little sister was she? She opened her mouth to call his name.


But she was too late.

Someone threw another rock at Jack, this one much larger than the rest and it hit him upside the head. Jack had had enough.


In an instant a large blast of frost and snow erupted around Jack pushing all the villagers back. They shielded their eyes from the blast and some fell from the sheer force of power.

"YOU SEE! HE'S A WITCH! GRAB HIM, LETS BURN HIM ON A STAKE!" a woman yelled. They all advanced towards Jack who was trying to back away.

"I-I I'm sorry." And with that he called upon the wind and roughly was pulled from the grasps of the villagers towards the forest leaving behind a group of angry villagers and one little girl crying out for her dead brother.

Jack cried all the way back to the ice he was born on. Sitting down and crying into his knees he thought to himself.

Why me? What did I do to deserve this? This is not my fault. Not my fault. Not my fault. Not my fault! He repeated this over and over again in his head as if trying to reassure himself that it was indeed not his fault. And he was right. It wasn't his fault. He was just a boy who was lost and without memory, how was he supposed to know this would happen. And that's just it; he couldn't have known; no one could have. He never expected that to happen. Not at all. He sat there, crying, for who knows how long until he decided it was time to leave; to leave this town of hatred and anger. He shakily got up and looked at the moon for what will be the second time this night. He whispered something so quiet that only one who listened enough could hear it and then flew off towards the sky which would always welcome him. If he had stayed even a little second longer he would have seen a small girl with brown hair and eyes to match walk towards the ice calling for her long dead brother to come back to her and he also would have seen the girl curl on herself and cry herself to sleep waiting for her brother to once again come back to the quaint little town of Burgess. He left one word trailing behind him. One little word that would be carried by the wind for centuries to come. One word that meant nothing to some and all the world to another.


~Line Break~

A/N: Aaaaaaand it's done. You have no idea how much I wanted to try this. In the entire fanfiction listing of Rise of the Guardians I couldn't find one that had Jack being seen by the town when he was first born and even if he was their reactions would never be what a reaction in the 1700's is to magic. They would freak out and call it witchcraft and want to burn Jack on a stake. I thought this was a good thing to try and I really like how it came out. Hope you enjoy it too.

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