Hey, so it's been a while since I've put something up here. And I've had this idea for a while, started writing it, and then promptly went about doing other things. So I was hoping to maybe finish this story at some point in the future, but for the time being, I'll put up some of it. Hope you like it.

The Spine pushed himself upwards, shifting his weight to balance himself on the rickety floor. He brushed off the front of his vest, his photoreceptors quickly spotting his little brothers. HatchWorth wasn't too far off from the silver automaton. He was adjusting his jacket with short, jerky movements. If The Spine didn't know better, he would have thought the youngest robot was glitching. The Jon was farther in the shadows of the dimly lit train car, amusing himself with an odd song as he inspected the new surroundings. So far, so good. Now they just needed to-

"SPINE!" the Spine's eyes widened at the scream and he spun to face the still open rolling door. He flung himself forward, clinging to the metal frame of the door. Outside, Rabbit was desperately trying to keep up with the train. He was using one hand to keep his beloved hat from flying away in the harsh wind. The Spine moved one of his own hands away from the siding to mirror this, holding his own hat in place just in time for a particularly strong gust rushed by.

"S-s-spine!" Rabbit jittered out in freight. The older automaton's leg was shaking violently, causing him to stumble as he chased after the train.

"Rabbit!" the Spine exclaimed. He let go of the doorway completely to lean dangerously forward to offer his now free hand. "Rabbit, take my hand!" Rabbit reached out, desperately trying to close the gap between himself and The Spine. The train bumped, and The Spine lurched with it. He quickly rocked backwards, barely keeping himself from tumbling to the ground.

"The Spine!" He heard HatchWorth shriek from somewhere behind him. Almost instantly, he felt something tugging at the back of his vest, steading him. The Spine gave a slight nod before reaching out again, trusting Hatchy to keep him steady as he leaned out farther than before.

"Come on Rabbit. Just a little more."

"I'm tr-tryin', Spine!" Rabbit shouted back, stubbornly trying to grasp the silver robot's hand. The effort was stopped, however, when a whirring noise started up. If The Spine was human, he would never had heard it over the loud train. The copper 'bot looked up at his younger brothers, startled, as a large billow of steam escaped from the vents on his cheeks. The clockwork robot opened his mouth, as though to shout something up to them, but a loud popping sound cut him off. Rabbit's
mix-matched eyes widened as he tripped, falling face-first to the ground.

"Rabbit!" The Spine lunged outward, desperately trying to snatch up his brother. But it was too late. The only thing that kept The Spine from hurtling to the Earth like his older brother was HatchWorth, who strain with the effort of keeping the taller automaton upright. It took The Spine a second or two of staring in horror to
calculate a new plan.

"We have to get back off," he tossed a glance over his shoulder. "Come on bo-"he froze midsentence. "Where's Jon?"

HatchWorth gave The Spine a confused look before turning to look as well. Sure enough, the car was empty aside from the two robots. "He was just here a moment ago?"

"Ok, forget that. Plan B." Spine turned completely around, thinking quickly. "Ok, I'll jump off and help Rabbit. While I'm doing that, you need to go find Jon, ok? And then you need to get off the train as fast as you can. Do you think you can do that, Hatchy?"

HatchWorth was still trying to process the whole thing. "But what about-"

"No time for that!" The Spine cut him off. "The only way to get this fixed is to split up" He moved to place his hands on his youngest brother's shoulders. "I can count on you to do this for me, right Hatchy?" The spine felt a little guilty for playing that card, but it defiantly did the trick. HatchWorth's photoreceptors brightenedconsiderably as he nodded.

"Yes! Of course you can count on me, The Spine." The Spine couldn't help but smile at his eagerness.

"I knew I could." He let go and turned back to the doorway. "Now when you get off, don't stray too far from the tracks, got it? That how we'll find each other later." HatchWorth nodded and murmured a quiet "ok" to let the other robot know he was getting all the instructions. "Now go on. And for goodness sakes, be careful!" And with that, The Spine jumped.