The Tear Through Time


Ichigo x Hisana


Author's Note


CloudRed1988 requested this story and paid me deviantart points for its conception. If you ever want a particular story or updates, I accept points on deviantart or gift games on Steam. Contact me in message if you wish to do either.


Story Start


The fury that coursed through the orange hair man was one without precedent. He entered his home and began tearing things up in furry. The first thing that suffered from his wrath was a table with a base.

The second thing that fell to his fist was a picture on the wall. One after another something was tore in his rampage. The walls and floor were trashed by fist marks and crashes. In mid-tantrum a pair of petite arms wrapped around his waist, causing him to cease.

"Ichigo…please." The gentle voice caused him to cease. Her, only she could quell his anger. Sweet, loving, caring, and stubborn Hisana. Her violet colored eyes filled with worry, momentarily scanning around the mess that was once their home. She couldn't recall the last time he had an outburst such as this. "Ichi...Ichigo-kun." She was greeted by silence. "Ichigo-kun, please talk to me." she called out to him a second time, increasing the volume in her voice a bit.

Something of a mumble escaped his lips and he was trembling.

"Ichigo-kun, please, don't shut me out. Talk to me."

"It's my fault! It's my fault!" he sounded so broken.

"There was nothing you…anyone could have done. " she said in an attempt to console him. She couldn't imagine the pain he was going through right now.

"This shouldn't have happened. They didn't die last time." His mumbles were becoming coherent.

"Ichigo-kun?" Hisana inquired, clearly confused by his ramblings.

"I wasn't strong enough. Why? I trained…I was much stronger then I was then…what went wrong?"

"Ichi... ichi, ple... please listen to me." She was starting to become frightened. Was he having some sort of mental breakdown? "It's not your fault. Please, don't…" she felt so hopeless. She was stunned when he turned causing her to lose her hold. Suddenly his arms wrapped around her, his face burying into her ebony black hair.


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for putting you through this. I…I know you must be confused, but I failed Hisana. I wanted to change things, but I made things worse." He seemed to be coming back to his senses.

"It's okay Ichi. I trust you, and I hope you trust me enough to tell me whatever 'this' is." Next thing she knew her husband claimed her lips in a sweet kiss. The way her husband held her and began placing kisses along her began to fill the woman with another sensation.

"Ichi...go..." she moaned. It was the only thing she could do as the sensation of her husband' hot breath roamed over her neck.

"I need you Hisana." The sensuality not to mention the pleading in his voice was far too great for Hisana to deny. She closed her eyes as his lustful kisses sent shivers down her spine. Memories of the incident momentarily forgotten as they went to the bedroom to affirm their love and need of each other.


Chapter End


So yeah, short prologues that leave you with questions and wanting more seem to be my thing. As I said before, this was commissioned out to me. I will also be doing other stories and focusing on other particular stories to which I was commissioned for. For those expecting some other updates, sorry, commissions are now taking priority on my update list.