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"Talking" Demon/Summoning Thoughts

Chapter one

We find a little boy no older than six walking around a forest looking completely lost. The boy have crystal blue eyes, slightly tan skin, spiky blond hair, and three whisker marks on each cheek. He was also wearing a white shirt with a red spiral on the front of the shirt, blue shorts, and blue sandals that looked like it been through a lot. This little boy is none other than Naruto Uzumaki, the son of the Minato Namikaze (a.k.a the forth hokage), Kushina Uzumaki, and the jinchūriki of the Kyuubi. Naruto have just successfully escaped one of his beating that the villagers give to him but, it have also made him lose inside the forest that surrounds Konoha. He had walked around the forest for the past two hours, but still couldn't find his way back to the village.

"Great, I'm lost in the forest," thought a depressed Naruto, " and what else could go wrong!"

After he have thought that, it have started to rain as Naruto started to thing that he shouldn't have thought about that last part. He started to run and look for a place for shelter from the rain. He came across a tree with a hole near the base and seeing at how the rain starting to come down harder, he decided on going into the hole. When he made it inside the hole, he try to get comfortable for him to go to sleep but didn't notice that his hand have pressed an unnoticeable button on the far right corner. Naruto could only notice that the ground under him opened up.

"What the hell," screamed Naruto as he started to fall.

He thought that he'll fall right on the hard ground, but didn't think that he'll be sliding on what feel like metal at a fast pace. Naruto been sliding for a few minutes until he have stop right in front of a metal door and when I mean stop, I mean his feet have hit a cushion which made him go flying right into the metal door face first. The metal doors opened up, allowing Naruto to fall to the hard tiled ground. He groaned as he started to get up from the ground while also rubbing his face and making sure his nose wasn't broken. After he have made sure that he was all right, he looked around and saw that he's inside a room full of strange devices. He started to walk around the place while not hearing the metal door close behind him. As he ventured farther inside the strange place, he could see that all the walls and devices look like they're still looked new, but he wasn't looking on where he was going until he walked into something.

"Ow, what did I walk into," asked Naruto as he rubbed the side of face.

Naruto looked at what he have walked into and saw that it was a tube like device attached to the wall with glass case with the glass fogged up on it with buttons on the right side. Naruto let his curiosity get the best of him and started wiping off the fog on the glass. After he wiped off the fog, he could see that a woman with purple hair that goes down to her hips, perfect white skin, something on her head that look like rabbit ears, and is wearing a blue, white, and frilly dress. Naruto was just confused and surprised by seeing someone inside there along with wondering why she's inside there. He try to open it with his hand but couldn't open it, then he tried to break the glass with a near by pipe but all that happened was him shaking from the unbreakable glass and the vibrating pipe that is sending the vibration to his body. Naruto started to think very hard on what to try next seeing at how he can't use force or break the glass. He then notice the buttons on the side of the containment device and walked toward it with curiosity on the mind. There were kinds of buttons and could know what to do, so he just went with the obvious choice which was pressing the big red button. After he have pressed the button, the glass case have opened up as some steam started to come out. Naruto could only cough as he didn't more out-of-the-way of the steam as the woman started to stir. After the slight coughing fit, Naruto looked at the containment device and saw the woman who was inside jump right out then landed on her feet wide awake and is smiling.

"Yay yay, I'm finally awake," said the surprisingly excited woman, "but it was still mean of Houki-chan to push in there."

"Is this woman crazy or just plain nuts," thought Naruto as he looked on as the woman started to look around until she saw Naruto.

Naruto start panic as the woman saw him and was about to run for it before anything bad happened to him. However, the woman seem to be faster than the young blond by quickly jumping at him then trapping him into a tight hug while rubbing her cheek against his and saying kawii. Naruto was very confused as no one have ever did this to him before and he doesn't know how is he letting out a purring sound but was liking his whisker marked cheek getting rubbed. The woman then giggled as Naruto started to let out the purring sound and saying so kawii. After a two minutes, the woman have finally let go of Naruto and stood up while giggling at Naruto's pouting face.

"Hi hi, I'm Tabane Shinonono," introduced Tabane with a bright smile, "or you could call me Tabane the Genius!"

"Um, I'm Naruto Uzumaki," said Naruto as he just sweat drop at the last part of what Tabane proclaimed.

"So Na-kun, how did you get into my secret lab headquarters," asked Tabane.

"Haha, well long story about that," said a nervous Naruto.

Naruto started to telling Tabane about how he got there while following her to somewhere. She was sad that some people would want to hurt an innocent kid but then realized that he was have said his village and what it is. She then started thinking that she been stuck in there for way too many years and that the three people that she care very much are gone now and that the world have started over for some reason. After They have arrived where Tabane was walking, Naruto have finished telling her how he gotten into her lab headquarter. Naruto should see that the room look to be a living room full two couches, a table, an open way to let someone enter another room, a big TV attached to the wall, and shelves filled with books. Tabane have told Naruto sit down while she get them some snacks and tea. Naruto nodded while smiling at her and walked to one of the couches and jump right on it. Tabane couldn't help but giggle at Naruto's behavior as it's almost like her's as she made her way to the other room where it was the kitchen. She found out that she still have electricity and all her food is still fresh as the day that she got them. She started to heat up some tea and went back to the living with some cookies while still smiling. She doesn't realized that she have token a liking toward the spiky blond child in a little brother sort of way.

"Na-kun, do you anything about IS's," asked a very curious Tabane as she sat down and place the cookies on the table.

"No, what is it," asked a confused Naruto while picking up a cookie, "and why do you keep calling me Na-kun?"

"Na-kun is short for Naruto-kun," answered Tabane with a smile, "and as for what is an IS, well it'll take a long time to tell since it seem the world have changed while I was sleeping."

"What do you mean by that Tabane-san?"

Tabane simply smiled and started telling him about what have are IS's are and the world she once lived in, she even told him that there was only one guy that could pilot an IS. It took hours for her to explain to him about everything while also trying to simplify it for him to understand. Over all Naruto given her his full attention as she explained as it seem that what she is saying was more interesting than what the teachers back at the ninja academy have lectured. After Tabane have finished her expiation, she could see that Naruto have a serious face on and was wondering what it's about.

"Tabane-san can you teach me more about the IS," asked Naruto.

"Can I ask why do you want to know more Na-kan," asked a confused Tabane with her head tilted to the side.

"Because I want to be the second one to pilot an IS," answered Naruto with a big smile on his face.

Tabane started giggling as she heard that while Naruto started pouting as she giggled. After she have finished her giggle fit, she then agreed to teach him more about the IS but told him that he have to keep it a secret from his family and everyone else. This have costed a sad look from Naruto as he said that he doesn't have a family. Tabane thought for a moment and that smiled as she rubs Naruto's cheeks which earned her a purr from the blond.

"Don't worry Na-kun," said a smiling Tabane while still rubbing Naruto's cheeks, "'I'll be your Onee-san."

Naruto just looked at Tabane's smiling face and couldn't help but to hug her while rubbing his face into her lap along with crying out tears of happiness. Tabane just rubbed his head as he continued to cry into your lap until Naruto have fallen asleep. Tabane smiles down at her new otouto sleeping on her lap then picked him and started walking out of the living room. After a while of walking, she stop in front of a door that opened to show a bedroom and lay Naruto down on the bed and covered him up as he sleep peacefully. She quietly walked away while trying to contain her excitement from waking the blond up and rubbing his cheeks again.

"Good night Na-kun and sleep dreams," whispered Tabane as the door closed up.

-Time skip: four years later-

It have been four years since Naruto have found Tabane's lab headquarters and became her otouto. During that amount of time, Tabane have taught the little blond more about the IS while he still attend the ninja academy and keeping Tabane a secret from everyone. Tabane have made a device for Naruto to use so that he can come back to the lab without having to go find the entrance every time. Tabane was even helping Naruto with his studies at the academy as she secretly made a device that could go into places undetected and copy every information from all books of Konoha's library, academy's text books, scrolls (that includes the scroll of sealing), and justus from other ninja villages. As for the part of Naruto keeping a secret was slightly true, the reason being is that someone have found out about her. That person is one young Sasuke Uchiha, although it was a mistake on Naruto's part for him to find out.

-Flashback: night of the Uchiha massacre-

We find an eight year Naruto running through streets and ally ways. He is doing this do that he can get to his apartment faster and avoiding any drunk villagers. He decided to take a short cut near the Uchiha compound. He was unaware that Sasuke is also running back home as well. He kept looking back to see if anyone was following him and when he saw that there was no one there, he looked back forward just in time to see Sasuke but not enough time for him to stop.

"Gah, GET OUT OF THE WAY," yelled Naruto as he nearer toward Sasuke.

"Huh," was all Sasuke said as he look right at the running Naruto.

"This won't end well for me," thought the two eight year olds.

Naruto have roughly crashed into Sasuke and didn't notice that his transporter box have fallen out of his pocket from the crash. The two boys fell down to the ground as the transporter is in the air above them. Naruto just groan and Sasuke was telling him to get off. After Naruto have gotten up along with Sasuke, he finally notice his transporter is in the air which was falling to the ground. He try to caught it before it hit the ground but was too slow as Sasuke was the one to catch it. Sasuke look at it as Naruto try to get it back from him which ended up him chasing the Uchiha in a cycle. After a minute of this, Sasuke broke the cycle and started running to his home but was stopped by the blond tackling him to the ground.

"I got you now give it back to...me," said Naruto as he saw that the transporter box is on the ground under Sasuke's hand with the only button being pressed.

"Get off me," said Sasuke before the two were transported in a dim white light.

-Scene change: Tabane's living-

Tabane is laying down on one of the couches asleep while dreaming of messing with Naruto. Both Sasuke and Naruto appeared near the couch while being in the air Sasuke have managed you get Naruto off him while they were teleported but fell to ground face first with Naruto landing in the his back. Tabane have waken up after hearing Naruto's regular phase from landing but also heard someone's voice after. Tabane sat up while look at Naruto with her happy attitude.

"Welcome back Na-kun," greeted Tabane with a smile.

"Onee-san, you still need to make sure that I'm not in the air," said Naruto as he got up and rubbing his back.

"But then how am I going to know when your here or not," asked Tabane while pouting cutely.

"I don't know maybe with me calling out your name with 'I'm back'," answered Naruto.

Tabane finally took notice of Sasuke on the ground as he try to recover from falling on his face. Tabane looked at Naruto and asked him why is someone inside her living room along with who it is while surprising the blond that she notice Sasuke as someone beside a plain human like everyone else. Naruto explained what happened while Sasuke try to get up from having his face hit the hard floor that isn't wood. After he got up, looked around the room from where he was standing while not knowing that Naruto is explaining. Sasuke was confused as he never seen a room with metal walls or floor in his life. He took notice of the two was thinking if the rabbit looking ears look real or not that are on Tabane's head. Naruto finished explaining everything to her and look at the confused Sasuke and sighed as he remember what tomorrow is a weekend and the punishment of if someone finding out about Tabane which was him having to be dressed in girl clothes.

-Flashback ends-

Tabane had Sasuke to keep her a secret (after telling him everything like Naruto) from everyone through blackmail with a picture of him sleeping with a teddy bear. Sasuke have asked how she have gotten that while trying to get it from her. Naruto was enjoying the Uchiha trying to get the picture from his giggling older sister. Sasuke stayed with them for that night seeing at how he doesn't know how to get back after knowing that both the entrance and exit are both inside the forest outside the village. The next day, he found out that his brother have killed their clan through Tabane's monitor/spy cam inside the living room. He was in depression and looked behind him to see a smiling and giggling Tabane along with Naruto who is now dressed in girl clothes. Sasuke quickly got out of his depression and start laughing his butt off at Naruto. Naruto just chased Sasuke around while the Uchiha continued to laugh at the blond. After that day, Naruto (who is now dressed normally) and Sasuke have gone to the hokage, then start telling him that Sasuke have come to the blond's apartment for hiding from Itachi. It seem that he have bought the lie and let the two boys go. Over the years, the two have developed a brotherly bond and slight rivalry in both school and learning about IS as Tabane have allowed Sasuke to learn it as well. They even hang out with Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba during lunch after school. However, Naruto finally understand why Sasuke doesn't like fan girls when they keep bugging him about Sasuke related things. Some even try to befriend the blond to get on Sasuke's good side but proven difficult because, Naruto would either run out the door and out run them or jump out of the window then hide from them. Tabane even made the two boys do chakra control excises for the past years. We now find the two in the living room panting on the couches.

"Sasuke why did you must have so many fan girls," asked Naruto between panting.

"I don't know but at least we got away from them," answered an equally panting Sasuke.

"Is it me or are they getting faster at running?"

"No, they're just getting better at getting tracking us."

"OK, it's official," said Naruto, "we need to learn how to jump from building to building to escape."

"Agreed but how," asked Sasuke.

"Three words, Tabane-onee-san's hologram simulation."

"How could I forget about that?"

"Maybe from being exhausted from running so much and using our chakra."

They both gotten up and started making their way to the hologram simulation room. While they walked toward their location, they have to seek passed Tabane's laboratory so that they don't alert her and have her hug them. After years of knowing Tabane, they learn that she'll try to hug one of them at any chance she gets. So, far they could only hope that she doesn't have those tracking rabbits ears have out. When they have gotten inside the room that they needed, Sasuke have quickly took over the controls while Naruto go through the simulation for learning to jump from building to building. It took hours for Naruto to learn to do so and being quick about it as Sasuke kept making the hologram fan girls run move faster. Seem it was payback for the blonde eating the last of piece of strawberry cake that belonged to Sasuke. Naruto then took a turn at the controls and Sasuke took his place in the simulator along with running from the hologram fan girls. This have taken the rest of the day for Sasuke to learn to do that while also having breaks for rest and eating dinner.

-The next day-

Both the boys were woken up from their sleep from the alarm clocks that they thought that were off within their rooms of Tabane's lab headquarter. Naruto and Sasuke groans as they remember that it was their week off from ninja academy which mean that Tabane or more accurately her hologram of Yamada Maya teach them more about the IS. Naruto looked at the clock and saw that it's two hours early for getting ready which made him think that Tabane must have something to show Sasuke and him something. So he gotten dressed and walked out to see Sasuke have done the same thing and headed toward Tabane's laboratory. When they have arrived at the door, they didn't bother to knock and just simply walked in.

"Hi hi, Na-kun Sa-kun," greeted Tabane in an excited way.

"Tabane-san what is it this time," asked a tired Sasuke.

"Yeah, what is it," asked Naruto as he try to rub off the sleep in his eyes.

"Try guessing what I have made for you two," said Tabane.

"Come on Naruto let go back to sleep," said Sasuke as he walks for the door.

"Right behind ya," said Naruto as he follow behind.

"Wait wait, Na-kun Sa-kun don't you want to see your first IS prototypes," pleased Tabane as she saw the two stop in their tracks.

"Our first IS," asked Sasuke as he turned around along with Naruto.

"That's right your two first IS," said an excited Tabane as she turned on two lights so the two to see can see the two IS.

Both Is look to be a smaller versions of the Akatsubaki except one of them have blue armour with black trims and the other one is with orange armor with red trims. These smaller versions have of the Akatsubaki had some additions to them to which Tabane have explained to them and their specialties. The blue one was named the Uchisubku and can fight in both long and short-range with deploying pods. The orange one is called Kubsubika which can use the same weapons as the Byakushiki and the Raphael-Revive Custom II along with two fox-like tails.

"Tabane-san, why did you say prototypes," asked Sasuke as Naruto was looking over the Kubsubika.

"Isn't obvious that those two are the first IS made for guy," answered Naruto as he touching the fox-like tails.

"Right right Na-kun," said Tabane, "I worked very hard on these so that you two can use them."

"And let me guess we're going to have another hologram teaching us how to pilot them," said Sasuke with a blank face.

"Nope I have something even better," said Tabane while jumping excitedly, "come on out Chi-chan~."

As soon as Tabane said that, a woman with long black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin while wearing a formal white shirt, with a black overcoat, black skirt, green tie, stockings and high-heeled shoes. Naruto remember seeing some pictures of this person and thought that Tabane was trying to play a prank on them for saying that it's not a hologram. So, he went and poke Chifuyu's leg to see if it's really is a hologram but the area that he poked was her butt. When he found out that his finger didn't go through and that it was soft and warm, his eyes widen in horror as he start feeling what is anger coming from Chifuyu.

"You're either brave or stupid enough to do that brat," said an angry Chifuyu while having cracking her fist and looking down at Naruto.

"Wait, I just thought that you were a hologram and that Tabane-Onee-san was trying to pull a prank on us," explained Naruto as he cowered in fear.

"I see," said Chifuyu as she calmed down, "all right your off the hook for now."

"OK, don't get on her bad side no matter what," thought Sasuke as he secretly shake from seeing a woman's wrath for the first time.

"OK ok, time for you two to be fitted with your IS Na-kun Sa-kun," said Tabane in her happy attitude.

Sasuke and Naruto nodded their heads and got suited up into a smaller version of Ichika's clothes for practice or fighting. Each of the two gotten inside their IS and waited for her to get finish calibrating the IS to fit and move with them. It only took a few minutes for her to finish and allow them to use the fold-out armor at will along with having Naruto have robotic fox ears on appeared Naruto's head. Before they could move around, the floor under them start to move down and watched as Tabane waved at them. When the floor stopped moving down, the place they're in was pitch black until it started to lighten up. Both Sasuke and Naruto had to cover their eyes until they adjusted to the light. They could see that their inside what look like a big arena with an artificial sky and sun. Their attentions were cut off from looking around and looking at Chifuyu who is now dressed in a white jumpsuit.

"All right you two today and on ward I'll be your sensei for piloting the IS along with combat," explained Chifuyu, "and you are to call me Orimura-sensei during teaching times, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Orimura-sensei," answered the two in union.

"Good now I want you two to make 50 laps above the arena with in a minute," commanded Chifuyu while getting shock faces from the two, "and if neither of you two can't do that then I'll make you run 50 laps with 20 lb. weights on your body without chakra."

"Wait how do you know about chakra," asked Naruto.

"Tabane told me," answered Chifuyu.


-Time skip: After their week off-

Naruto and Sasuke make their way to the ninja academy with bags under their eyes. Everyone that look at the two was feeling sorry for their lack of sleep since they look like someone have worked them hard. Even the villagers that hate Naruto was feeling sorry for him as he some times fall to the ground and Sasuke had to drag the blond along. They soon met up with Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba that help the two to school when the two fell to the ground. All that Naruto and Sasuke could think was that Chifuyu was a slave driver along the way. After they have arrived at the academy, Kiba have set Naruto into his seat as Shikamaru and Choji did the same with Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke both rest their heads onto the desk and fallen asleep. However, they were waken up by one of Sasuke's loudest fan girls and groaned as class soon started. Both secret IS pilots have decided on leaving their IS with Tabane so that she can see how much progress that the two have made within a week.

"Let see Sasuke and I have to survive from his fan girls, ninja academy, IS learning, and now Chifuyu's harsh IS piloting training," thought a tired Naruto, "ok now we're in hell."

Naruto and Sasuke try to stay awake during their classes to make sure that there nothing wrong with them. So far it was only Naruto that was partly falling asleep while Sasuke have found a way to stay awake which was having Kiba secretly biting his arm. The pain have helped a lot but when it came to lunch the two just drop asleep. They have somehow block out Sasuke's fan girl's screams and voices. Whenever one of Sasuke's fan girls try to wake the Uchiha, they always get thrown to the other girls by the sleeping Sasuke. The same thing happened when they try to wake up Naruto to which raised the three friends of the two to question what have made the two be so tired. After school was down, Naruto and Sasuke quickly pulled out a light brown ball shape pill and put it into their mouth and bit on them while jumping out the window. At the last moment before they start falling, the bags under their eyes disappeared and they slammed their feet onto the side of the school and launched themselves toward a building's roof. After they have reached the building's roof, Naruto and Sasuke started running on it and jumping onto different buildings while leaving Sasuke's fan girls behind in shock.

"Try getting us now," yelled Naruto as he jumped.

"Naruto don't give them any ideas," said Sasuke.

"Sasuke, remember they don't train at all," stated Naruto, "all they have done was try to get your attention through looking pretty for you."

"Right and good thing that I got you over that dumb crush over the pink haired girl," said Sasuke.

"So true, and good idea with taking those coffee pelt from Onee-san secret stash."

"Yeah and beside what the worse can she do to us."

-Few minutes: Tabane's lab HQ-

"You had to ask didn't you baka," said Naruto while wearing a little butler uniform.

"This beats being dressed in girl clothes," said Sasuke wearing the same thing while brushing off the insult.

"Less talking more cleaning you two," ordered Chifuyu.

After they have come back from getting away from Sasuke's fan girls, Tabane have made them dress like butlers against their will with a used of robotic arms. Now they have to clean the place under the watchful eyes of Chifuyu. So far, they have only got part of the place clean but they were glad that they weren't forced wear maid outfits. Naruto could only think of ways to pull a prank on his older sister for this while Sasuke could only think of a way to get out of cleaning and he just thought of one.

"Naruto, your sister didn't say that we can't use justus," said Sasuke while cleaning more.

"Yeah, but the only one that won't make any mess is the multi-shadow clone jutsu," said Naruto, "oh now I know what you mean new."

"If you use that jutsu then you have to cook dinner without using any jutsu," said Chifuyu.

"Let see use the jutsu and force to cook dinner without jutsu," said Naruto.

"Or keep cleaning the place by ourselves," said Sasuke.

Before making saying the choice, Naruto made the sign and made 30 clones of himself and the clones started cleaning while Chifuyu dragged the two into the kitchen to make dinner. They still happy that they were about to get out of cleaning the place for the rest of the time. Both boys have started on cooking dinner while making sure they don't burn anything at all like last time where Chifuyu punished them by making them run 100 laps inside the arena. Before Naruto could make a mistake, he was hit in the head by Sasuke who made a correction which also reminded him about Chifuyu's way of correction them on what they didn't do right. Tabane even said that those two could be siblings as they both hit her on the head while she try to be perverted. After cooking dinner, Naruto dispelled his clones when they have finished cleaning and both shinobi in-training change back into normal clothes (much to Tabane's disappointment which didn't last long). Everyone sat down to eat. Naruto found this to be suspicion as he see his sister is out of her laboratory since she doesn't normally out of there unless it something important.

"OK I'll bite, why are you out your laboratory nee-san," asked Naruto while putting his chop sticks.

"Chi-chan told me that she have something impotent to say during dinner," answered Tabane.

"Is it that she'll be going to propose to yo..GAH," asked Naruto before Sasuke sucker punched him as Chifuyu did the same to the Tabane after she started thinking about it.

"No, that not it," answered Chifuyu, "and thank you Sasuke."

"No problem Chifuyu," said Sasuke.

"I was only joking geez/Chi-chan that hurt," said both Naruto and Tabane as they got back up.

After the two child like people have gotten back in their seats, Sasuke have asked about what Chifuyu have to say. The news that Chifuyu have for them was so shocking that even Naruto was speechless. The news was that she have talked to the Hokage and the council (while dressed in clothes that would before shinobis along with her sword) about adopting Sasuke as her little brother. At first the civil council said no to that, but was quick to change their mind after she have given the anbus that were in the room handed to them with the sword still inside the sheath. She even added something like having a house big enough for four people, having Naruto move in with them, and having someone else living with them who will be adopting Naruto as a younger sibling. Before the council could object to it, she reminded then that she beaten those anbu's to which made them agree. Chifuyu even asked the hokage if she could refit the kunoichi program for a training while also pointing out that the girls aren't even doing anything shinobi related and is just spending time trying to catch one boy's attention through looks. The hokage agreed to it before anyone could say something told her to go to his office. After then she have gotten a headband and chuunin vest to make her fit better in. Naruto and Sasuke could only gulp as now the girls would be able to do something to catch up to them. Tabane could only congrats Chifuyu for the news as she was happy that she might be able to get out into the village without having trouble.

"Sasuke, we're going to train even harder to make sure that your fan girls won't caught us," said Naruto.

"Yeah and I'll start planning out our training schedule," said Sasuke.

-Time skip: three years later-

It been three years since Chifuyu have told them the news and the start of the two boy's vigorous training of being ahead of the girls. While Chifuyu is teaching the girls of the ninja academy within the kunoichi program, she have cut Sasuke fan girls numbers by half in only a year. Sasuke was thankful for that along with Naruto but just proven more that the fan girls are still going after them. Chifuyu made sure that the two boys eat vegetables everyday throughout the three years. Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba would come over to the house that the four are staying and only Kiba would try to make Tabane notice that he exist whenever the purple hair woman is walking around the house. During those three years, Naruto have studies about seals and have gone a long way into helping his and Sasuke's training along with slowing down the Sasuke fan girls. Naruto and Sasuke have told the three boys in their group about keeping being Chifuyu and Tabane's adopted siblings from everyone. Which they agreed if they get help from them for getting away from the fan girls that is Sasuke's. Thous an agreement was formed between them, although Kiba learn to never get on Chifuyu's bad side from the hard way. The four even found out about the Kyuubi that is inside the blond but they didn't see him as the fox but just himself. However, this have also have added to Naruto's training of leaning to control over the fox's chakra which the fox himself have offered to help in return of having the villagers hating him. Now then, we find the two running toward the academy while wearing headbands.

"I can't believe that Chifuyu made us wake up so early just to see if we can beat her," said an angry Naruto, "while she's in default setting no less!"

Naruto have grown during the past three years, he have no baby fat on his face or body which gave him some muscles show from all those time from training. He's 6'4 feet tall an abnormal height for a 13-year-old boy. Naruto's hair have become for wild during the years. He wearing black anbu pants, a red short sleeve shirt with a dark orange jacket over it, black shinobi sandals, and have Kubsubika on his right arm in standby mode which also look to be a metal wrist band. Tabane have made the Kubsubika or for its nickname from Naruto Kyuubi from being a prototype to a complete IS with five more fox robotic tails, face mask that only cover the top half of the face, a program that help it evolve with its pilot, and other shift forms.

"Oh shut it at least we beat her this time," said Sasuke.

Sasuke have also grown during the years, he had the same thing as Naruto in terms of baby fat but with less muscles. He's an even height as Naruto and have kept the same hair style as before. He now wears a blue long sleeve shirt with the Uchiha crest on the front with an open black vest over it, black long pants, blue shinobi sandals, and Uchisubku on his left arm in standby mode as well look like a metal wristband. The Uchisubku was also changed into a complete IS with hidden mini-rocket launchers inside the legs, a single close range weapon, face mask that cover the face that look to be a raven, the same evolution program as the Kubsubika, and other shift forms. Sasuke even nicknamed his blue raven.

"Yeah but only through the skin of our teeth," pointed out Naruto, "remember is we can't beat her in the first shift form then we have to start back to square one."

"I know baka," said Sasuke, "now less talking and more running."

The reason of their abnormal height is from all the times that the two have been training from shinobi training to IS piloting training. Also while they have free time, they would try to figure out ways to beat Chifuyu inside their challenges. Over the years, Naruto and Sasuke have secretly been trying to figure out how to make an IS core. It took them only these three years from finding out how to do it even if it was a mistake or a miracle but it also ended them being caught by none other as Tabane who made them walk around the village in girl clothes for a week. There was also an ironic twist to it, They have made a bet with Kiba and Choji that if those two could cut Sasuke's fan girls in half within a day then the two secret IS pilots would wear girl clothes for a week. And it turn out that they have managed it and made it that only two girls are left within Sasuke's fan girls group. So, now they don't have to lie about the clothes thanks to that bet. Sasuke and Naruto even started trying to make their own IS. The reason that they are running, so that they won't be late for team assignments. Both Sasuke and Naruto have scored the highest of the boys column in all the sections thanks to Chifuyu's harsh training and studying. On the day of the genin exam, Sasuke and Naruto have had their suspicious of Mizuki being a traitor after telling them about a special test for them to become a chuunin. However, they went with it but not letting the hokage and Chifuyu about what Mizuki and they agreed to it. They reviled Mizuki as the traitor that he is while also laughing at him for thinking that they would be shock about the Kyuubi. In short, Sasuke let Naruto scared the man for life while beating the traitor up to near death with Irukia as a witness. In some different realm there was Yami cheering for Naruto to make Mizuki into a woman but was sadly disappointed he didn't do it. Back to the present time, the two have made it into the room and took their seats before anything happiness.

"We made it somehow," said Naruto.

"At least we didn't run into those two," said Sasuke as both his two biggest fan girls runs in, "I spoke too soon."

"Can't Sakura and Ino just stop going after you since its have really gotten really annoying," asked Naruto in a whisper.

"They're too dumb to know when to quiet," answered Sasuke who also whispered.

Sakura have spotted Sasuke and ran over to where he was along with going to make Naruto move. However, when she got near them, she suddenly fallen asleep and fall right into the chair next to Naruto. Sasuke high-five Naruto while Ino choose to go sit next to Shikamaru and stay quiet. When Iruka have walked into the room Sakura have woken up just in time for Iruka to announce that both Sasuke and Naruto are the two rookies of the year. Everyone have to cover their ears as Sakura and Ino say that Sasuke should be the only one to receive that title but were quickly shut up from Iruka have yelled at them. After they have quiet down, Iruka started to call out the teams. Sasuke and Naruto just blocked out team assignment until their attention was brought back to him in the form of seeing Chifuyu and Tabane. Everyone was confused as seeing them there especially Tabane since she doesn't look like a shinobi.

"Orimura-san, why are you here," asked a confused Iruka, "and who's that with you?"

"Her name is Tabane," answered Chifuyu while gesturing at Tabane who look like she looking for something among the genins, "and we're here to see what team our little brothers are on."

"Orimura-sensei," called out Ino while getting the attention of the two teachers, "who are your and Tabane-san's younger brothers?"

"Chi-chan, I found Na-kun and Sa-kun," exclaim extremely happy Tabane while pointing at them.

"Damn it," thought Sasuke and Naruto.

"There no way that Sasuke-kun could be related to the two," thought both Ino and Sakura.

"There go their secret," thought Choji.

"Damn, I owe Shikamaru 2000 yens," thought a sad Kiba.

"Point for me and 2000 yens from Kiba," thought a smirking Shikamaru.

"Naruto Sasuke did you two forget to tell me anything," asked Iruka.

"Yes, but we were hoping for it to stay a secret," answered Naruto, "which was us being adopted by them as younger sibling."

"WHAT," yelled everyone beside Iruka, Chifuyu, Tabane, and the three boys.

"Which one adopted Sasuke-kun," asked Sakura so that she'll know who her (in her very dream) later to be sister-in law will be.

"Why don't both of you tell them your full name," said Chifuyu in her demanding tone that even made Iruka a little scared.

"My full name is Sasuke Uchiha...Orimura," announced a defeated Sasuke.

"And my full name is Naruto Uzumaki...Shinonono," announced an equally defeated Naruto.

To say the least the people who didn't know about the secret were very surprised. Well except for Sakura and Ino who are in the state of utter shock as they're afraid Chifuyu during the years. Since in the first year that she worked, she have made then do harsh training that made them having to actually run with a time limit along with a consequence if they don't finish. She even made them study and try to memorized all that they read. Through out all those year's they have called it hell (that what they get for going on a stupid diet). Hinata is trying to figure out if Shinonono is Tabane's last name.

"Continue Iruka," said Chifuyu.

"Eh, yes thank you," said Iruka as he look back at the clipboard, "for team 7 will be Naruto Uzumaki Shinonono, Sasuke Uchiha Orimura(Naruto and Sasuke high-five each other), and Sakura Haruno."

Sakura cheered as she get to be with her Sasuke-kun while both Naruto and Sasuke groaned in response. Both Chifuyu and Tabane (dragged by Chifuyu) left the place and let Iruka continue with calling out the teams in peace. Chifuyu have asked Tabane if she have seen anyone interesting. She just titled her head to the side and just said that only see girl with lavender eyes and the two boys. Chimuyu just nodded her head and kept walking while also hitting Tabane for almost groping her.

-Two hours later-

"I can understand that someone could be a few minutes late," said Naruto as he stand on the ceiling using chakra, "but two hours late is ridiculous!"

"For once I agree with you," said a very bored Sakura while glancing over to where Sasuke is with a very thick curtain that he had Naruto set up.

"Hey, Sasuke what are you working on," asked Naruto as he could hear tools from Tabane lab being used.

"I'm working on the project that we started," answered Sasuke.

"Couldn't that be done when we get home?"

"Yes, but I decided on doing it now since our sensei is running late."

"Guys, what project are you two talking about," asked a curious Sakura.

"It's none of your business," answered Sasuke and Naruto in union.

"Come on I'm you two teammates," said Sakura as quickly walked toward the curtain, "and I deceive to know!"

Naruto appeared behind Sakura and try to stop her from trying open the curtain. That is until the door of the room opened to show that their sensei Kakashi have arrived. He look at the two and the curtain that is hidden the third member but is curious about the sound that is being made behind there. He voice his optioned about them which was a plain "I hate you" and told them to meet him up on the roof then left. After he left, Sakura quickly made a stab at the curtain and opened it before Naruto could stop her. Naruto had to cover her mouth as she saw the metal claw like hand laying on the table with Sasuke beside it and is looking at her. Sasuke sealed both the hand and tools as Naruto get Sakura to calm down. Before Sakura could start asking question when Naruto have removed his hand from her mouth, Sasuke have told her that they'll explain about what she have seen after their meeting with Kakashi and he along with Naruto disappeared from her sight. So, she had to walk there by herself and sit down between the two boys after she have gotten there.

"All right, now that pinky have joined us," said Kakashi while getting a glare from Sakura, "why don't you tell me a bit about yourselves?"

"You know that it's polite to tell us about your first," said Sasuke before Sakura could asked a dumb question.

"Um sure, I'm Kakashi Hataka, I have many hobbies, I don't have any desire to tell you all my likes and dislikes, and my dream...well I really haven't thought of that."

"Is one of your hobbies include reading this book," asked a smiling Naruto while holding up Kakashi's book.

Kakashi had doubt that it's really is his book that is inside the blond's hand and put his hand into his pocket but couldn't fee his book. His eyes widen as he started to look through his pocket for it but found nothing and see that it's really is his book inside Naruto's hand. This have raised an question of when did he take his book without being seen. Naruto hand the book back to him and sat down.

"All right, now it's blondy turn," said Kakashi as he calmed down.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki Shinonono, I won't say my likes and dislikes are, along with my hobbies, as for my dream is to become the hokage that surpasses the other hokages!"

"Hmm, seem like he knew what I was trying to do," thought Kakashi.

"Baka, you don't try to be cool like my Sasuke-kun," thought Sakura.

"Your turn duck-head," said Kakashi while ignoring the heated glare from Sasuke.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha Orimura, like Naruto I won't say my likes and dislikes are, the same goes with my hobbies, as for the dream is to get my older brother Itachi to tell me the reason of killing our clan."

"At least he's not going after revenge," thought Kakashi.

"Sasuke-kun is so cool," thought Sakura in fan girl mode.

"Your turn pinky," said Kakashi.

Sakura have told everyone her name and got a very good picture of what her likes, hobbies, and dream are by the squeals while looking at Sasuke but she didn't say anything about her dislike at all. Kakashi have told them that they will be doing a survival training practice for a test, to which have confused Sakura. Before Kakashi could answer, Sasuke have answered that this one will be so that they are able to become real genins. Naruto added that there a chance that they won't pass if they don't meet the expectation of their sensei. Kakashi nodded and comment on the doing their homework, he also told them to skip breakfast tomorrow morning and be at training ground seven. After Kakashi have left, Sasuke and Naruto were about to get away before Sakura remember about the promise that the two made to her. However, she have remembered and have tied the two up in chakra resist ropes which have made the two wonder where she have gotten it those. Both secret IS pilots gulps as it seem that Sakura have gain some sort ability of changing different personality or something like the IS being in standby mode and in different modes and shifts since she would never hurt Sasuke on purpose.

"Now then, mind explaining to me what are you two are doing," asked a demanding Sakura.

"Kami, this having to do with Chimuyu fixing the kunoichi's program," scream Naruto inside his head.

"At least that it's not me," said Kurama.

"Oh shut it fuzzball!"

"Um, Sakura this place isn't a perfect place to talk about it," explained Sasuke.

"And mind explaining why it's not a good place," ordered Sakura.

"B-Because, many people will find out what we're doing," answered Naruto, "and it's better do this at our home right Sasuke?"

"Yeah, and then we're just get our regular punishment like you had five years ago," said Sasuke while sighing.

"Well, maybe is get some candy or something to lessen the punishment."

"That's a possibility."

"STOP TALKING AND TAKE ME TO YOUR GUY'S HOUSE," yelled an annoyed Sakura.

"Um, Sakura you do realized that you just yelled at Sasuke right," asked Naruto.

Sakura finally recognized what she just did and start apologizing to Sasuke for yelling at him. Naruto then told Sasuke that they're going to be talking to Chimuyu about this later. The two gotten up and started to walk with Sakura behind them after she have untied them. Along the way that they have walked, they have bought some candy while also buying the latest book (the same one as Kakashi's books) for Tabane and addition of her serie. Sakura was very curious about what the punishment is that they have talked about. When they arrived inside Naruto and Sasuke's house, they were greeted by Tabane but only Naruto and Sasuke was greeted by her while Chimuyu greeted Sakura with the two. Tabane just as the boys about why they look so nervous, which she got answer about them being caught by Sakura and that she wants answers.

"Hey Chi-chan how long should I make them wear girl clothes for," asked Tabane.

"That's up to you since I'm already thinking of making then run 500 laps," answered Chifuyu.

"Umm nee-san, we got you some candy and the latest book for your serie," said Naruto as Sasuke and him hold up the offerings.

"Yay yay, thank you Na-kun Sa-kun," said an excited Tabane as she take them, "your off the hook from my punishment."

"Yes, no girl clothes," cheered Naruto.

"But now we have to do 1000 from Chifuyu," said Sasuke.

"That's right and you both have to do it within thirty-seconds," said Chifuyu.

"Come on that's so unfair," yelled Naruto.

"You want it to be ten-seconds," asked Chifuyu with a dark aura around her.

"Thirty-seconds are good," answered a frighten Naruto.

Chifuyu nodded and told them that they're all going that's include Sakura. Sakura was just confused until, Sasuke put an arm on her shoulder before transporting to the arena with her following by everyone else. When they all got there, Sakura was amazed at how big the place is while not noticing that Sasuke and Naruto have started their punishment along with finish it as well as Tabane leaving the arena. Sakura's attention was given to Naruto after he have run right in to a wall but not through it. Sasuke just whistled and said that it got to hurt a lot as the blond fall to the ground twitching. Sakura have compared the time that she hit the blond there was now reaction or sign of pain on his face with the wall that Naruto ran into now see that his head is thicker that it's looks. Naruto slowly got up as Sasuke came over to him with a first aid kit while Chifuyu just sigh as it was a too easy punishment for them. Sakura stare at her in disbelief as it was an easy punishment as the two boys starts walking to them, then all four started to walk out from there and into the living room area. As they walked, Chifuyu started explaining everything to Sakura as she and Sasuke are the only ones about to keep her attention. After hours of explaining from the two, Sakura finally understand to keep it a secret from everyone as Naruto finished making dinner and having a clone as Chifuyu to tell Sakura's mother that she'll be staying over for the night which the woman have given some clothes for Sakura as of tomorrow. Tabane soon came into the room and took her food then left to her lab. Sasuke, Naruto, Chifuyu, and Sakura have sat down at the table then started eating except for Sakura.

"Sakura, why haven't you touch anything on your plate," asked a confused Naruto.

"Oh um, I'm on a diet so that I don't get fat," answered Sakura.

"That's stupid since shinobi's burn calories faster than regular people," said Sasuke as Sakura was shocked, "I thought that you already know that from one of the books in the academy and from Chifuyu?"

"Guess I'll just have to re drill it into her head," said Chifuyu.

"Eep," screeched Sakura in a low tone way.

Sakura quickly started eating her food as she don't want to go through the same thing again. After dinner, Sasuke and Naruto showed where their pink haired teammate the room that she'll be using for the night while also showing their own lab to her. She could see an incomplete prototype IS in the middle of the room. Naruto and Sasuke have explained that they have yet to complete it as they were busy with training but are going to attempt to complete it tonight. Sakura just watched as the two started working on it with help from 50 shadow clones to complete the prototype. What seem to be hours, Sakura have fallen asleep but was woken up by Naruto's yell of them finishing it. She open her eyes and saw the IS have red armour with white trims, two metal like angel wings on the back, and two ax like swords on the side of the legs. Sasuke explained that this IS isn't armed with those two weapons but also twin katanas that are the same as the Akatsubuki's along with the abilities of the swords and the IS one-off ability. Naruto even explained about the IS' AIS that he have literally improved it as it can now negate any attacks from other IS and shinobi's along with adding six wire-guided daggers. Sakura was a little creeped out when her blond teammate said that with a scary grin on his face but was relief that he have come back to the normal him.

"So, basically it's a close range IS," questioned Sakura.

"Yeah, but also still a prototype until we get more data on how it preformed," answered Sasuke.

"But now we need to have a test run for it," said Naruto.

"Umm, don't you need a pilot as well," asked Sakura.

"Oh we already have one," answered Naruto with a smile.

"Really who," asked a curious Sakura.

"Look in the mirror," said Sasuke.

Sakura have blinked her eyes and look at the mirror that is inside the lab then screamed or more like yell. She see that she is wearing what look like a red one piece swimsuit and they look at the boys in with rage while cracking her fists. She slowly walks up to them while forgetting her crush on Sasuke for the time being as the two slowly back away. Naruto quickly explained that it was Chifuyu that changed her and not them but she still continued her advance. When the two boys' back hit the wall, Naruto started to panic as the enraged girl is closing in as Sasuke try to think of away from not getting hit. Before Sakura could hit either one, Chifuyu have come in and victor headlock her while saying that she trying to sleep. Sasuke and Naruto have made their escape and hide inside their sleeping quarters. They stayed there for the rest of the night until it was morning time.