Heiji and Kazuha fan fiction

"Stop bothering me, ahou!"

"Who are you calling ahou, ahou!"

"Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Yeah, busy watching that stupid deduction shows of yours!" Kazuha folded her arms crossly, looking at him with one of her famous glares. They were both bickering in Kazuha's living room. "You promised you'd bring me somewhere after you solved a case."

Heiji rolled his eyes, groaning inwards as a blush rose up to his face. "Baka! I don't remember saying that!"

"Yes you do and you did say it!" His childhood friend was getting madder at him by the second. "This is the fifteenth time that you used this excuse Heiji! The fifteenth time after your fifteenth case this week!"

"Well it's not my fault that cases follow me everywhere!" Heiji snapped at her. "If you don't like it, then why don't you stop following me around!"

He realized his mistake too late as he saw the hurt and anger that filled her green eyes. She was shaking from head to toe, tears streaming down her face. Heiji felt like he was punched in the gut.

"A…ah, 'Zuha, y…you don't-I...I didn't, I'm-" the detective stuttered, standing up quickly.

He was weak against tears, especially Kazuha's. But when he reached for her, she flinched and backed away. Heiji shattered in a million pieces. His bestfriend, cringing away from him as if he was some kind of stranger; this was a first and he didn't like it one bit.

"I…its fine…If that's what you want, I'll stay away from you." Kazuha let her bangs cover her eyes; her shaking voice barely audible, but was loud enough for Heiji to hear clearly. "I won't follow you and be a bother anymore. I'll stay away from you…forever."

Then, she left.

Each word that she uttered felt like a slap on his face. Every tear that slowly rolled down her cheek tore his heart into shreds. He was just standing there in the middle of the room, motionless as his brain tried to process what happened. She couldn't just leave him like that, could she? They knew each other for too long. She would sulk for a few weeks and then revert back to her old self. Besides, he couldn't lose her because….




Who would he brag to, after solving an extremely hard case? Who would be the one to roll their eyes as he did something that showed off his intelligence? Who was gonna be the one to keep him company of the next two months of summer vacation!?

"Bakazuha…" he muttered to himself in irritation. Why do girls ALWAYS have to make things complicated!?

True, Heiji was a detective that was fool-proof, then again, neither he nor Kudo could really deduce what was in a girl's heart and mind. (Used a bit of the confession scene in the London case XDD)

"Mataku! She is one really annoying bakaero." Heiji grumped as he switched to TV off and left to search for her.


"KAZUHAAAAA! OIII, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BAKAERO!" Heiji shouted from the top of his lungs as he walked around the places that she would go when she was lonely or was not with him.

Shopping mall – nope

The park – nope

The hill – nope

"HEY 'ZUHAA! COME OUT!" he looked in each crook and nanny, asking people if they saw a girl with green eyes and her hair tied at the back with a yellow ribbon. Each of the people he asked said that they haven't seen her.

After 3 hours of looking for her, Heiji sat down on a bench in the mall, tired from walking and running everywhere. Moaning, Heiji stood up again, his stomach grumbling. He hadn't eaten his lunch yet, which Kazuha always cooked for him.

He was about to leave when he saw a commotion up ahead. Wondering what it was about, he headed towards the crowd.

"Oi, what's this all about?" He said to one of the bystanders.

"It's Hattori Heiji!"

"The Detective of the West is here!"

Everyone began to surround him, fawning over how smart he is, how good-looking he was. Well, he is good-looking and he had that sort of swagger about him, blah blah blah (I'm getting off topic here, sorry *hides face*)

"Can anyone tell me what's going on?" Heiji demanded as he pushed through the mob and see the one who caused a 'disturbance'.

"No, you can't go there!" a person said to him in panic. Others agreed and he was pushed back, making him irritated. He took a guy that was blocking him and grabbed his arm, giving him an overhead throw.

"Anyone who gets in my way shall end up the same way as this person over here!" Heiji glared at them. Slowly, the crowed parted and showed him who was being covered.

Someone spoke up in the crowd. "We didn't want to tell you or show you. We don't know how it happened, but we thought that we shouldn't tell you since we know how much this person means to you."

Heiji didn't listen. He strode towards that person and grabbed her arm. "Where did you run off to, ahou! I searched everywhere and yet didn't see you! You know I was just joking back then. You take everything so seriously…taku."

"Wait! Don't take her!"

Heiji stopped in his tracks and looked angrily at them, still holding the person's arm. "And why is that?"


"A…ano," Kazuha looked at Heiji with her big adorable eyes. "What are you doing? Where am I?

"who are you?"