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"Sayonara Heiji."







Heiji turned away as the helicopter exploded, fire and screeching metal falling down everywhere, hissing as it sank down into the depths of the ocean…

He opened his eyes and look out over the ruin around him, hoping to see a head of his childhood friend.

"Kazuhaa! OIIII! Where are you, boge!"

No reply…

Defeated, he sank down to his knees, slamming his fist down on the boat's hull, cursing to himself.


He felt a prickling sensation on his eyes and he quickly wiped them away. He was NOT going to cry. He had really tried to save her. If only he hadn't said those words to her, then she wouldn't have had to lose her life. Now there was no way he could tell her all the things he'd wanted to tell her…


"Heiji, wait up!" Kazuha called out to him. He turned around with a bored expression.


"Ran-chan invited us to go to Tokyo to go and visit this island. Wanna go?"

"Ya bet!" Heiji grinned and Kazuha smiled back at him, her eyes twinkling and her ponytail flowing gently by the breeze.


-flashback 2-

"sera chara chara uonotana"

A 7-year-old Heiji walked towards the crack and peeked out. There was a really pretty girl playing with a red ball under the Sakura tree, pink petals fluttering gently down around her, her pigtails bouncing happily. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew and when he opened his eyes,

She was already gone.

Ten years later, he found out that the girl under the tree was Kazuha…


"I should've told her that…" Heiji gripped his omamori, the only link he had left with Kazuha. I should've told her that…

Kazuha, I…I also…

I really love you…"

"About time."

His head snapped up as he heard the voice. The voice he always expected to hear every day, everywhere, and every single moment of his life, he was always searching for that voice.

He turned around and saw the girl who was always by his side, whether it was good or bad, she always stuck to him. Dripping wet, her hair plastered around her face, she climbed up the boat unsteadily, her body filled with scratches everywhere. The back of her leg was badly hurt, blood running freely down. He strode towards her and helped her get inside. He took off his jacket and put it around her; not only because she was shivering uncontrollably, but because she was also wearing white, though it was already stained with red.

He rummaged around the police boat, knowing that there would always be first aid kit kept somewhere. When Heiji found it, he took out the necessary equipment and began treating her wounds.

"Ne, Heiji."

He concentrated on bandaging her leg, not listening. He was lost in his own relieved thoughts.





"Ahhhhh! Itaiii!" Heiji clutched his head, a confused expression painting his face. "What was that for!?"

"I've called you over and over you baka!"

"Well, what is it?"

"I think we should get back to the main land first." She said quietly, gazing at her surroundings. He got the message and began to start the engine.

In no time, they were already on their way back. Every few moments, Heiji would look back at her frame, stunned at how she escaped and how she still looked amazing even if she had just survived an exploding bomb that was strapped around her. He'd ask about that later.

"What are you looking at?" Kazuha asked him suspiciously. Heiji didn't realize he was staring until she pointed it out.

"Nothing." He looked ahead, but then sneaked another peek at her. She caught his gaze and rolled her eyes, her cheeks flushed.

"Please Heiji, It's not like I'm gonna run away."

He smiled widely.

"Ah, I know."


As Kazuha was being treated in the hospital, Heiji later heard that Nico's operation was a success and that Dark was actually a subordinate of one of the criminal groups the young detective had sent behind bars. Maybe that's the reason that man's kidnapping was so lame. They found the dead man's body a few days later under the sea, his face badly burned. They never knew what he looked like.

However, Heiji was still confused about the shootings that had occurred. He was pretty sure that Dark had no accomplices. Then what did the shooting have to do with all of this?

"Hattori-kun, Toyama-san is already in her room. You may now be permitted to visit her."


Then he left for his childhood friend's room. He opened the door and strode in, seeing Ran and Conan already there ahead of him. The girls were both laughing at something Ran said. He looked incredulously at them, wondering if they were talking about him.


"Shut up, Kudo."



Three days had passed and Kazuha had finally been released from the hospital. During the stay, tons of people had visited her, wishing her well and glad that she was finally found. Most of the frequent visitors were the boys in their high school, but Heiji always glared at them with vicious eyes that they ran away. One guy, unfortunately, had the guts to go against him.

"She doesn't need to see you." Heiji folded his arms, giving the guy the evil eye.

"Well, yeah, but at least let us see her! You shouldn't be selfish Hattori-kun!" The guy retorted.

"I'm not selfish and you're not seeing her! Besides, I was the one who saved her, not you."

"You didn't save her, she saved herself. You did nothing but watched."

The hospital received its 215th patient who was punished by a kendo champion that day.

During the duration of her kidnapping, he found out that Kazuha had picked up a few tricks from him and was able to free herself before exploding into nothingness. She had used a broken wine bottle and had cut the ropes that bound her, but didn't do it all the way through until the last minute. As for the bombs, when that man left the room, he had forgotten a sack that was filled with bomb decoys [-.- could've used those to add more actions, but, meh.] and she quickly switched them with the real ones before he found out.

"You're kinda smart, aren't you?" He said to her. She grinned widely.

"That's 'cause I've got a crime otaku with me. Better pick up some stuff that might come useful."


Both of them were in front of Kazuha's house and Heiji found the house dark and empty. Both stared at the house, then back at each other.

"You think I should stay for the night?"

"Nah, it's fine." Kazuha said to him, smiling, though there was a bit of disappointment in it.

Heiji fidgeted nervously. He knew what he should do now but he was really nervous. Finally, he threw his hands up the air and quickly planted a quick kiss on her soft lips.

"See ya tomorrow." He mumbled and with his face flushed deep red; he quickly walked back to his home.

Kazuha stared at him with a shocked expression on her face. He looked back at her and stuck out his tongue.

"Better close that mouth or else bugs will crawl inside!"


Two weeks later…


"Yeah yeah, just a moment!"

The young Osakan detective's eyes were glued on the television. Kazuha rolled her eyes; this person clearly did not learn his lesson. With a huff she left the room. As the living room banged shut, Heiji's eyes grew wide and he jumped up from the sofa.


"WHAT IS IT?!" She opened the kitchen door in annoyance. He looked at her in surprise.

"You didn't leave."

"Mohh! Don't freak me out like that!" she threw her hands up and walked back inside the kitchen, preparing lunch. He peeked inside, not going in because he knew that she would ask him to help her in cooking, which he sucked at.

He stared at the backside of her, a smile tugging the left corner of his lips. She was there inside his kitchen, preparing food for him, just like always.

He would never tell this to her, but in a few years, she'd be his, permanently.

He was about to walk back in the living room when, "Oh Heiji!"


"Do you still remember your baseball cap?"

"Yeah, I couldn't find it…odd…"

"I think it's still down there in the bottom of the sea."


-The End-

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