Hey guys! So, I wanted to preface this fic a little bit because it's - well - little different. And I just want to explain some things to avoid confusion.

First and foremost, everything in this fic is owned by Disney and ABC. The world, the characters, all of it. The only things that belong to me are the AU details and such. So basically, if it appears in the show, it's not mine. Otherwise, you're welcome.

'Fool Me Twice' is an AU fic based on the idea that Killian Jones aka Captain Hook came over to Storybrooke with the curse like everyone else. But I didn't want to write a fic that was essentially a lot of gratuitous Killian Jones in Storybrooke stuff. I really wanted to deal with the effect the curse would have had on him. A thing I see a lot is cursed!Killian acting the same as the Killian Jones we all love. But the curse woulnd't have worked that way.

To start, he couldn't be named Killian. No one in Storybrooke shares the same name as their Fairytale selves, though all the names reference who they truly are. Snow White is Mary Margaret Blanchard. James is David (the shepherd who defeated Goliath). Red is Ruby. Jiminy Cricket is Archie Hopper. Victor Frankenstein is Dr. Whale. So the first thing I wanted to do was know who Hook would be in Storybrooke.

Enter James 'Jimmy Baird. In the play and book 'Peter Pan,' the character of Hook was named James. Captain James Hook. So that seemed the obvious answer. In OUAT canon, Hook was a nickname, so I wanted to keep that theme and James became Jimmy. Then came the fun trivia aspect of some of Storybrooke's names. Baird. In the original early drafts of the Peter Pan play, Hook didn't exist. He was written is as a pantomime character to be seen behind a sheet and the actor originally assigned this role was someone already involved with the production. Dorothea Baird, the woman who played Mary Darling. So there you are. James 'Jimmy' Baird.

Next I had to figure out who Jimmy was. No one's Storybrooke counterparts are the same as their fairytale selves either. They are all missing the essential trait that makes them them. Mary Margaret was meek where Snow was strong and brave. David lost his honor and his strength. Archie lost his own conscience and the courage to speak his beliefs. Jimmy had to lose something too. To figure that out, I had to identify what trait is - in my opinion - Killian's core. And for me, that was his will and his passion. His passion to love Milah and the life he had as a pirate. The will to continue after her death, to dedicate his life to something. Jimmy is missing those traits, you'll find. So while some things remain the same - Jimmy's snark and sarcasm and borderline sexual harassment of Emma - Jimmy is very different from Killian.

Don't fret, though. Just because he doesn't start out as the pirate we all love, doesn't mean he won't get there. Emma changes people, remember. She helped Graham find who he used to be, helped him remember. Mary Margaret, David, Archie, Ruby, they all found some of who they used to be because of Emma. Jimmy will be no different.

Not to mention this fic is meant to go past the curse being broken so we will see the change in Jimmy when he remembers Killian. And we'll see him even more hell bent on vengeance than in the show because now, he has two targets. Rumplestiltskin of course but also, Regina who betrayed him by bringing him along with the curse only to keep him from getting his revenge. Which will be interesting as it will align him with Emma in his quest to destroy Regina, but not so much when it comes to Gold. Expect all the things about Hook that you love to appear, eventually.

Also. Brief detail note. Jimmy, like Killian, is missing a hand. He, like Killian, has a hook. This is where the similarity ends. Jimmy's hook is what is called a voluntary opening split hook system. Which means it's kind of like two hooks that open and close? I suggest going to youtube and searching 'prosthetic hook' The first video there is what I based his hook on.

Now, without further ado, enjoy!