Chapter 3:

Ravenheart woke up to find himself in a cave. In front of him was a shining stone, about 3 tail-lengths high. Around him where cats of other Clans.

Honeypool of SkyClan. Mosspelt of RiverClan. Barkfur of WindClan and Nightpool of ShadowClan. In front of them were 5 cats.

"Welcome, you are the cats we chosen to be the Clans medicine cats." A skinny gray she-cat told them. "I am Moon."

"We have brought you here to show you where you are going to meet every half-moon." Another cat, a brown and white tom, meowed.

"Here?" Asked Honeypool in wonder.

"Yes. You will touch your nose to this stone and close your eyes. If StarClan has something to show you, we will communicate with you." Moon meowed.

"So we come here every half-moon?" Nightpool asked.

"Yes. Medicine cat are different that warriors. They do not have rivalries, medicine cats need to keep friendly between each other. You will be able to travel to other camps and talk to one another if you need to." The brown tom said.

"Now, go back to your Clans and tell your leaders that they need to chose a deputy. Make sure he is wise and experienced." Moon told them.

The cats disappeared.

Ravenheart opened his eyes. He was in a narrow cleft in his den.

I have to tell Thunderstar to choose a deputy.

Ravenheart ran to Thunderstar's den.

"Thunderstar! I have a message from StarClan." Ravenheart meowed.

"Yes Ravenheart what is it?" Thunderstar asked.

"You have to choose a deputy right away! Make sure he is wise and experienced." Ravenheart told him.

"Very well, I will call the Clan together." Thunderstar got out of his nest and padded out into the clearing. He jumped onto the Highrock.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!" Thunderstar called his command.

Cats came out of the warriors nest. Moonheart, the only queen, padded out of the nursery and sat down next to her mate, Bramblepelt.

"It is time to choose a deputy!" Thunderstar told his Clan. "I say these words upon my warrior ancestors so they can hear and appove of my choice. Sunpelt will be the ThunderClan deputy."

Ravenheart looked over at Sunpelt sitting next to Ashfoot.

"T-thank you Thunderstar. I accept." Sunpelt stammered.

Nightpool woke up in her new den. She yawned, and smelled a lot of cats in the clearing.

I have to get used to this.

It was a cold night sleeping alone. She padded out of her den to find Shadowstar.

"Shadowstar! You have to choose a new deputy today!" Nightpool mewed as she padded up to Shadowstar. "He has to be wise and experienced."

"Yes. I know the perfect choice." Shadowstar said. He padded up to the Clanrock and called the Clan together.

"Let all cats old enough to hunt gather beneath the Clanrock to here my words!" Shadowstar called.

"It is time to name ShadowClan's deputy!" Shadowstar looked down upon his Clan. "The new deputy will be, Clawpelt!" His son was the perfect choice.

"Me? Why not some one else? I mean I honor this, Shadowstar, but I'm not as experienced as Frogclaw!" Clawpelt stammered.

"Clawpelt! I chose you as my deputy! You will either accept or back down and be a coward like your mother was." Shadowstar growled.

"Don't bring my mother into this. I accept. I will serve my Clan loyally, and not kill my mate like she was prey." Clawpelt glared at Shadowstar.

Honeypool opened her eyes.

I have to tell Skystar to choose a deputy soon!

She stood up and walked into the clearing. The sandy walls that surrounded the camp blocked the sunlight.

"Skystar! I have a message! You need to choose a deputy soon!" Honeypool called to Skystar.

"Oh! I shall do it right away." Skystar mewed. She had a good choice.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Skytree for a Clan meeting!" She called the Clan together.

"It is time to choose a SkyClan deputy! The new deputy will be Stormfur!" Skystar announced. Stormfur was wise and very experienced.

Stormfur stood up from where he was sitting.

"Thank you Skystar, I accept. I will serve SkyClan until my last breath." Stormfur meowed.