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AN: This story is part of The Return of Saturn Series. If you haven't read Deconstructing Bella, I'm afraid you won't be able to fully understand this story.

Deconstructing Bella - Chapter 19: Bella watched in a daze while Jasper kissed her cheek and said goodbye, for he was going home, back to his family.

This is where Jasper's story begins.

Standing outside the house he had once called home, Jasper questioned the wisdom of his decision to come back. Driven by the distant dream of making amends with those he had left behind, Jasper had saved most of the money he had been given over the years. Sometimes, he had succumbed to the temptation of alcohol induced oblivion, but not as often as one might assume.

The beautiful garden and the cheery color of the walls betrayed nothing of the foulness that had tainted the insides of that house when he had lived there. The inconspicuous stench of lies and deceit made his stomach churn in disgust. In times like these, he wondered if Maria's fate wasn't a blessing in disguise – living with the weight of his mistakes only got harder as he got older.

Trapped in a torturing state of indecision, Jasper tried to predict the outcome of his impromptu return. For hours, he ignored the incessant throbbing in his weary legs and the pain of his weak spine. Gathering the courage to move, he knocked on the door and waited. His heart hammered in his chest and his palms were sweaty – he knew he wouldn't be welcomed, not if Maria was in one of her good days.

And if she wasn't … Suddenly, he was yanked from his musings by the loud bang of the door being thrown opened. Holding his breath, he waited for the reaction of the woman he had so callously abandoned.

"Jasper, I can't believe you're here."