It was cold and rainy, but that didn't keep Bella from staying until the end. At her side, a disgruntled Alice did her best to stay under the umbrella—she really did hate getting wet. They were the only ones attending the burial of their shared friend.

The doctors couldn't explain what had went wrong—one minute everything seemed to be okay, the other he was gone. Pressuring the doctors proved to be a vain effort: they had many theories about Jasper's death, but no answers. Bella's only consolation was that he had gone peacefully in his sleep … in a warm bed, with a full stomach.

Letting her grief be translated into tears, Bella remembered Jasper's pleas when he had fallen to the ground. She had never asked him about that day, but now she regretted it. They had come from the same small town—the fact that their paths never crossed was a true wonder. Had he known her back when she was a child, a teenager? Why had he asked for her forgiveness?

Bella had the means to find out the answers, one of the perks of being wealthy, but she chose not to pursue it. She was wise enough to know that some things are better left unsaid, some secrets unrevealed. Besides, she wanted to remember him as her sweet, old friend.

Cradling Alice against her chest, Bella offered Jasper one last gift.

"I forgive you, my friend. Goodbye."

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