"What if we cloned your brain again? Would that work?" John was getting pretty desprate. He had never gotten over the intial shock of losing Cortana, but he had set to work finding any way to get her back. John had his Mark VII helmet tucked under his shoulder, looking at the prisoner.

Docter Catherine Halsey had been quite surprised when the long lost hero had come to visit her. She was still in custody, and she hadn't expected to see John-117 again. "Well, it could." Halsey could see the look on his face. Pale from being in his armor for so long, with scars every here and there. "But since I have aged since Cortana was originaly created, it could have fatal side effects. Plus she never would remember anything that had happened. It would just be a new AI with her face."

John thought for a moment. "That's better than nothing. Do you think that-"

"John, I hate to be rude to humanity's single most important savior, but, you need to let her go. You'll never see her again You have to move on." Hasley sighed, and put her head in her hands. The two sat in akward silence.

The silence was broken when the cell door slid up, revealing a young Marine. She walked in and caught a glimpse of the towering Spartan, and weakly said, "There's a message for a John-117. It's from Commander Lasky. He wants you to go to meet him on the bridge of the Infinity." She quickly walked out of the room.

John put his helmet back on. "Just another delay," he muttered to himself. He really wanted to get back to finding a way to get Cortana back.

Lasky heard the clunking of heavy metal boots behind him, and turned to face the Spartan. "Chief, ONI sent you a gift, but I don't expect you to take it." He went over to a nearby terminal and pulled an AI chip out. Lasky walked back over to John and handed it to him. "Meet Destinee, the newest smart AI model. Smarter than most others, and only one was known to be better than her. Care to guess who that was?"

Most people on the deck of the Infinity had heard the surprising stories of the legendary Spartan and his equally legendary AI. The two had been practically inseperable. They had known that Chief would rather die, than to ever be without Cortana. Those people were suprised at what happened next.

John slowly raised the chip to the back of his helemt, hesistated, and inserted Destinee. The comm screen on his HUD came to life, revealing a teal avatar of a woman, with dark green hair down to her shoulders. She looked at him and smiled. "Nice to meet you face-to-face. I've heard a lot about you."

Lasky looked at John. "Now for the reason a called you here, Chief." He glanced at the crew around them. "Could we have the bridge to ourselves?" The crew slowly left, leaving them alone. "A message was sent to the Infinity from the Didact's ship shortly before it blew. It was locked with a three number code. Care to guess what those numbers were?"

"One, one, and a seven?"

"Bingo. It was meant for you, and so far I'm the only one who has read what the message says." He brought up the text on the hologram projector. "Take your time," Lasky said as he exited the bridge.

John inspected the text. It was written like a haiku from Earth, but no one had used them in years. He read the text:

I know it is hard,

I know you can go on 'cause,

You are my Spartan.

Spartans never die,

That was always a big lie,

That fooled everyone.

The Flood and the Ring,

You fought alone all the way,

Move on, my Spartan.

The Delta Halo,

Prophet of Regret you killed,

Move on, my Spartan.

The Ark was the dusk,

Our last stand before the Dawn,

Move on, my Spartan.

Left alone in space,

Rampancy on the attack,

Move on, my Spartan.

In the very end,

I made the right choice for you,

You are My Spartan.

Goodbye John. If you haven't moved on, go ahead. It's not the end of the world.

-PS, That was a bitch to write, so you better like it!


Chief stared at the haiku in complete awe. He felt like he was going to cry. He saved a copy to the Infinity's database, and left the bridge with Destinee, ready to move on.

A/N: That was my first one-shot, so if it didn't really go as you wanted, well, I'll try to get better. If that was any good, I might expand on it, but only if a lot of people feel like I should.

-Peace out!