Chapter Two: War Games

Chief walked down the nearly empty halls of the Infinity. There were only a few people scattered around, mostly cleaning crews and repair technicians.

"So, tell me about yourself," Destinee said, trying to strike up a conversation.

"Just read my file. But first, tell me about you," John answered.

"Not much to tell. I was created only two months ago, and was tested in the War Games simulator a few times, but never seen any real combat."

This "War Games simulator" was new to John. He had to ask. "What are the War Games?"

Destinee chuckled. "How can you nnot have heard? There the newest form of military training."

John dodged a group of three Spartan IV's running toward the opposite end of the ship. "Well, sleeping in a freezer in outer space doesn't really give any time to get caught up."

On the comm screen, Destinee face-palmed. "Right, how'd I forget that? If you want to go to the War Games, just follow those Spartans that ran past.

John thought about it for a moment. He was still stressing over Cortana. Maybe the best thing was to try to forget. I doubt I can actually forget. John looked for the Spartans, but they were no where in sight.

"It's right here," Destinee marked a location on the HUD. "Thanks," John said as he walked toward it.

The map marker led to a large room, so large that you could easily fit a UNSC Frigate into there. There was a terminal in the middle of the room, with the three Spartans around it. They were trying to decide who was on what team.

"Cooper, you go solo, and me and Ginger will be on a team," said the one in green Gen II Scout armor.

"Dude, stop calling me that," said the one in blue Gen II Recon armor. His helmet was off, and you could see his bright red hair from anywhere in that big room.

"Both of you, stop being assholes. We need a fourth player to be fair," said Cooper, in his Gen II EVA armor, with the BREACH armor skin.

John walked up to them. "If you need a fourth, I'll join." The Spartans looked toward John. Ginger let out a low whistle. "We got the famous Serria 117 with us. Dibs on his team!"

Cooper spoke up. "Since ya'll two are going to be on a team, then I'm on his team."

"I'll go solo, you three can be on the same team," John offered. The IV's agreed on this.

"You pick the map, Chief," Cooper said as his team retreated to on side of the room. John looked at the terminal screen, and there were three options; Ragnarok, Power House, Boneyard. "Just pick the one you want," Destinee said. John hesistated for a minute, before selecting Ragnarok. "Allright, now go to the edge of the room, and wait for the match to start."

John walked to the other side of the large room, which took about a minute due to the size. "Stand on that blue circle, and you should be set," Destinee said in a cheery voice.

Chief noticed something right then. "We don't have any weapons." Destinee smiled. "Just wait for it."

Suddenly, John's HUD went black, and the words 'Synching Map' appeared in blue. Destinee went into a full explanation. "That means that your Heads Up Display is downloading the map to your HUD. The War Games room will change to fit the map, but the HUD brings the texture and coloring into it."

The blackness changed into a scenery of grass, a few trees, and a large hill in the middle of the map. An option screen that said 'Select Loadout' appeared on John's HUD. Destinee laughed. "This one is self explantiory." John selected the one quite suitibly called "Jetpack." He spawned behind a large Forerunner structure, and noticed that the equipment from the loadout he had chosen was on the ground in front of him.

As he reached down to grab it, he noticed that his armor was blue, not green. "Uh, Cort- Destinee, my armor has-"

"-changed color? It does that to show what team you are on. I thought that would have been obivious."

"Well, I picked this map because my armor was green, I would blend in." He finished attaching his jetpack and picked up the Magnum and Assualt Rifle. John put the pistol on his hip, and saw an icon of a Sniper Rifle. Assuming it meant that there was one there, he went for it, swapping his pistol for it. "Okay, now what?"

"Kill the enemy team. It's not that hard. John looked at the fine assortment of vehicles at the base. Two Mongooses...Mongeese...Whatever, a Worthog, a Banshee, and a Manits, not to mention a Ghost. He ignored them for now, and went up the ramp that led to the top of the base. There were gravity cannons in the middle and on the right side of the trapazoid shaped base. He took up a defensive position on the left side of the center gravity cannon. And waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally ,a red Spartan in Recon armor could be seen crouching next to a tree on top of the hill. John put his head in the crosshairs, but hesistated on the trigger. "It's not real. You can do it," Destinee assured him. John squeezed the trigger.

There was a loud bang as the bullet hit its target. The words 'First Strike' and 'Sniper Kill' appeared on John's HUD. "The Spartans thought it would be more fun to make like a video game and have points and all that," said Destinee, and John menatlly face-palmed. New Spartans...

Fifteen minutes later, the match had ended. The score: Blue Team-170, Red Team;10. They had actually gotten a kill when John was killed by a falling, empty, half-destroyed Banshee.

When he exited the room, Commander Lasky was waiting for him. "Some one wants to see you on the bridge, Chief."

Once they had gotten to the bridge, John recognized the aged man in a white Navy uniform.

"Good to see you alive and well, son," said Lord Terrence Hood.

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