An all human AU inspired by Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi.

Is it possible to get a happy ending when the one you love is completely oblivious?

Beta'd by the lovely Behind Blue Eyes. Any mistakes that remain are mine and not hers. Enjoy!


Chapter One – Out of Dodge

Today had been the day. The day William was going to ask Cecily to marry him. He'd asked her to accompany him to the Christmas party at the Bronze and had been overjoyed when she'd accepted. Buffy had helped him pick out the dark blue suit, had looped his tie into a perfect Windsor knot, and had fixed his hair. It had grown out quite a bit and his curls had fought the gel, but she'd finally managed to force them into an artfully styled, just-been-ravaged mop. He'd looked gorgeous – like chocolate covered sex on a stick – and any girl in her right mind would've jumped at the chance to have the hottest guy on the Sunnydale college campus down on one knee offering her his heart. Any girl except Cecily Bitch Queen Underwood, that was.

"I do see you, William. That's the problem. Even with all the changes you've made, the fact remains… you're beneath me. You always were, and you always will be. You were a pleasant distraction for a while, a wrong side of the tracks boy to torment my father with, but it could never be more. I can't believe you didn't realize that."

"And she told me that in front of the whole bleedin' party, Buffy! The whole party! Everybody we know was there. Absolutely everybody! Then she walked away and just left me kneelin' there like a complete prat. I can't go back there now, I can't. I'm the laughingstock of Sunnydale, the pathetic tosser that should've known better. Why would a woman like Cecily possibly want a wanker like me?"

Buffy held him as he sobbed out his heartbreak on her shoulder. It killed her to see him hurting like this and all she wanted to do was punch that bitch's face in. How dare she! How dare she treat him like shit on the bottom of her shoe after all he'd done for her! He'd completely changed everything about himself for that stuck up whore and apparently it still wasn't enough.

He snuffled against her damp shoulder and Buffy squeezed him a little tighter as he worked to get himself under control. She'd like nothing more than to see Miss Stuck Up Bitch brought as low as she'd managed to bring Spike. Almost two years he'd been chasing her, since their senior year of high school. He'd given up his music, shaved off his platinum locks, and completely changed his wardrobe… all for her. He'd gotten a job – a job he hated – and had sold his drum kit and guitars in order to get enough money to buy a decent car to take her out in while his beloved DeSoto sat moldering in Buffy's garage.

Buffy ached to tell him that Cecily was a bitch of the first magnitude and didn't deserve a guy as great as Spike, but she held her tongue. His pain was still too raw – too fresh – and saying anything against Cecily wouldn't help and would probably only make him angry, so she did what best friends do, she came up with a plan. She tightened her arms around him and murmured into his hair, "Let's get out of here, Spike. Just you and me. We'll go to LA. My dad has an apartment there and we can transfer colleges and get jobs and just put Sunnydale and all this crap behind us."

He lifted his tear-stained face and gave her a hard look. "You'd do that for me? Leave everythin' behind? Your Mum, your boyfriend? Are you sure?"

Buffy nodded and reached up to wipe the tears off his face with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. "Yeah, I'm sure. You're my best friend, and best friends help each other out. Mom won't have a problem with it as long as I'm still in school, and I broke up with Riley two days ago when I found out he was cheating on me. So it's just us, getting the hell out of Dodge and starting a new life. What do you say?"

A small sunny smile broke through the storm cloud of Spike's tears and he nodded. "I say hell yeah. Let's get our shit together and ditch this poxy little burg. LA, here we come!"




"God, Spike! Are you allergic to picking up your dirty socks or what? I mean, seriously, the hamper is like RIGHT THERE! You can't manage to pitch them another two feet?"

His deep chuckle rolled through their shared bedroom. "Sorry, pet, but bloke here, you know. I think it's against the laws of maleness to put dirty togs in the hamper. That's what the little woman is for, yeah?"

Buffy threw him an exasperated scowl. "I'm your roommate and best friend, Spike. I am not your 'little woman' or your maid, so pick up your own damn socks!"

Spike held up his hands in surrender and backed away from the tiny irritated woman. "Sorry, luv. Didn't know it upset you that much. I'll just keep after my own bits and pieces from now on, all right?" He snatched up his dirty socks and a wayward t-shirt and tossed them into the hamper.

Buffy shook her head. "No, I'll still wash our clothes, Spike. You always use too much detergent and you don't sort them right, and remember how you shrank the first three loads you did wash? If you'd just get your clothes into the hamper, that would be a big help. I don't have time to chase them all over the apartment." She dumped her armload of clean clothes onto Spike's bed. "I'll let you put your own clothes away, though." He moved toward the pile as Buffy picked up the hamper of dirty clothes and started to exit the room. She turned back at the doorway and threw him a teasing smile. "And I mean actually folding them and putting them away… not just cramming them into the first available empty drawer in your dresser."

He muttered under his breath, "Yes, Mum," as he picked up a black t-shirt and shook it out before folding it carefully.

Buffy left him to it and started for the kitchen, dropping the hamper on the washer as she passed the laundry cubby in the hallway. There was still a load of dishes to wash and she had to leave for work in an hour. She filled up the sink with hot, soapy water and started feeding the soiled dishes into it as her mind wandered over to her favorite subject… Spike.