Why the faragot? (And other Spock and Uhura drabbles)

They called out her named but it was not what she wanted to hear and Knowing Uhura she always got her way and she wanted the enterprise so she could be with him he knew it to but being assigned to the faragot! No way! "Commander a word" Uhura said walking up behind him "yes lieutenant?" Spock asked "was I not one of your top students?" she snapped "indeed you were" Spock answered "and did I not on multiple occasions demonstrate exceptional aural sensitivity and I quote and unparallel ability to identify sonic anomalies in substance transmission test?" she asked quieting her tone "consistently yes" Spock answered looking at his PADD "and well you were aware of my qualified desire to serve aboard the enterprise I get signed to the faragot?" she asked spitefully "it was an attempt to avoid the appearance of favoritism" Spock said looking at her with furrowed brow "No I'm assigned to the enterprise!" She said knowing she'd won this one "Yes I believe you are" Spock replied leading her to the shuttle "Thank you" She said kissing his cheek causing him to turn a shade of olive