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On a warm sunny afternoon, two lovers were sipping tea on a patio in Tokyo. An elegant aquamarine-haired woman stirred her coffee and sipped it daintily. The tall sandy-blonde across from her, handsome in features, also exuded charm as she simply sat and observed her lover.

"Ne Haruka, did you just feel that?" The aquamarine-haired woman wasn't worried, only slightly shocked.

The sandy-blonde, name Haruka, frowned in confusion. "It seems like they've returned Michiru."

"It looks like we'll be doing something interesting again." Michiru teased and set her cup down.

Haruka had caught on to her lover's taunt and replied playfully, "Am I not interesting enough for you now?"

Giggling, Michiru interlaced her fingers with her lover's hand that was placed on the table and pulled it up to her lips. Haruka felt her soft lips against her pale skin and she blushed slightly, "Never said that." She set their hands back down on the table and stared at the clear sky.

It has been 5 years since the girls transformed into Sailor Senshi. Life was peaceful. In fact, life was perfect for Tsukino Usagi, the 'former' Sailor Moon… well almost perfect. On this warm sunny afternoon, she was trying on dress after dress to find her perfect wedding dress but it had been days and still no luck. Her four best friends were dragged to follow her to almost ten different wedding boutiques over the past couple weeks.

"Ehhh this makes me look so fat!" Usagi whined as she examined herself in another wedding dress.

Rei had heard that comment for what seemed like the 100th time that day and she was getting impatient "Maybe you're just getting fat."

"REI! You're so mean!" The soon-to-be-bride stuck her tongue out at her best friend. At the age of 21, Usagi still had her childish antics, but it suited her. Everyone loved her because of her carefree ways and silliness. But as the wedding day approached, they noticed that their friend would uncharacteristically catch her own childish behaviours and shake it off as if telling herself never to do it again. The wedding was still a year away but Usagi thought that she needed to be more mature to better suit her fiancée Chiba Mamoru. Not only that though; she needed to be mature enough to rule as queen at the age of 22. She was going to be responsible for essentially the whole planet WHILE being a mother, neither of which she was actually ready for. She loved her future daughter very much, but to give birth to a child and make sure she grows up right is frightening, even more so than being a queen. She'd never admit it though…never.

"Sorry Rei," she stepped off the podium to head back into the change room, "I suppose we could leave today." She gave everyone an unconvincing smile and went to change. Everyone exchanged worried looks but none of them really knew what to do. When asked, Usagi would always say it was just stressful to plan a wedding but they knew she was lying.

'Usagi, I wish you'd tell us.'

When night came, Usagi would sneak out of her room to avoid being bothered by Luna and walk to the park. She would unconsciously sit in the same bench every night… the bench where they first talked to each other. She would stare at the stars for hours with the same though in her head, 'Do you still remember me? You never came back.' She had been doing this for almost five years but she thought she just missed her best friend. A friend who she could share everything with. A friend who never judged her, in fact had fought against his own comrades for her sake. A friend who she could be herself when she was around him. A friend…

On a planet far, far away, there use to be someone who would sit by the window in his room and try to find Earth amongst the stars as if he could feel her shine from so far away. But he no longer looked… he couldn't.

The window was opened slightly to let some fresh air into Sailor Star Fighter's room. The maroon curtains danced in the breeze as if inviting him to sit by it to watch the stars again. But there was no one in the room. It had been vacant for months now.

Sailor Star Fighter, Seiya Kou, was in a coma.

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