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"Usako is in a coma on Kinmouku!?" Mamoru jumped up in disbelief as Haruka and Michiru told him. They had arrived at Mamoru's apartment a few days later and had told him everything that had happened. They nodded gravely at his question. He looked at Yaten, who just merely twitched his eyebrows. He had never spoken to the man; none of the Starlights really knew him. "When are we leaving?" He composed himself after his earlier outburst.

"As soon as possible." Michiru replied gracefully, "when can you leave?"

"I have to make a few calls about my absence if we're going to be gone for a while." He walked away into his room and shut the door. The three sat in awkward silence in Mamoru's living room. Michiru was quietly sipping her tea while keeping an eye on Haruka and Yaten. Haruka had closed her eyes to wait but her eyebrows were twitching furiously from the tension in the room. Yaten crossed his arms irritably and often looked over to Haruka in case she made a move to attack him. The past few days were stressful as Haruka would get frustrated that they couldn't leave right away and proceeded to make threats – Yaten needed time to recover from travelling so far. It was already exhausting for him to cross galaxies, and more so when he had to take others with him.

To everyone's relieve, Mamoru came out soon and said he could leave right away. "Why didn't she tell me she was leaving?" The question had obviously been on his mind since they told him what had happened.

Haruka looked at Yaten, who shrugged to show that he wasn't going to answer. She turned her head to Michiru who sighed upon catching her lover's eyes, "She said she didn't want to bother you since you were so busy." Mamoru sighed and ushered them out the door so they could leave.

"AH! Seiya! I hate you! This is your fault!" At the age of 31, Usagi and Seiya were about to have a child together.

"Too late to divorce me now Odango. Just bear with it for little while."

"YOU bear with it for a little while!" She continued to scream in pain.

He chuckled, "If only I could turn into a woman." She turned her head sharply and glared at him. He kissed her forehead but he was clearly concerned about his wife's condition. It was soon over though.

"It's a boy Odango…" Seiya wiped away a tear as he looked at his child. He wrapped his arms around Usagi's shoulder as she sat up on a hospital bed, cradling their son. Their small bundle of joy was sleeping soundly in his mother's arms. They saw that the baby had small tufts of dark blue hair and if his eyes were open, they would have seen huge cerulean eyes.

"Hikaru." She smiled lovingly at the sleeping baby then looked back at Seiya and kissed him. She whispered on his lips, "He's perfect, just like you."

"Of course he is." He smirked and Usagi bit him slightly on his lower lip. He chuckled in response, "Only because we both have you." He kissed her affectionately on her forehead as she turned back to look at their son.

"Hikaru, you're the new light in our world." Her eyes sparkled as she beamed at the child who had woken up and looked at the two.

"Took you long enough to get us here." Haruka huffed as they landed on a cobbled stone path that led to the palace.

Healer's eyes flared at the comment, "It takes me longer when there are more people. Maybe you should just make the trip yourself next time." She stormed off into the palace, heading for the infirmary. They made haste to follow, detransforming as they ran.

"Usako!" Maker had removed Usagi from Seiya's side and placed her in the bed they had set up for her. Ami and Mina moved aside to let Mamoru through. Quietly grabbing her hand, he lowered his head and kissed it.

"Ne Mamoru-san," Mina had just remembered something and thought to try it before going to get Helios, "remember how you woke Usagi up after you kissed her when that youma put her to sleep years ago?" Still keeping his head down, he nodded. "Remember how you woke her up?"

His face shot up in surprise – he hadn't even thought about that. Without a moment to waste, he leaned right in front of Usagi's sleeping face and stroked it lightly, "Please wake up Usako." He cupped her face as his lips touched hers lightly. Mamoru felt the icy cold lips of his fiancée and frowned. Rising from the kiss, he looked into her closed eyes to see if there was any change… there wasn't.

"SEIYA!" Usagi screamed suddenly. She ran to her husband and held tightly on to him.

Rubbing her back, "What's wrong Odango?" He kissed her forehead to try to soothe her.

"I just felt… scared. I don't know why but I felt that something bad was going to happen… like we would be trapped." She sniffled into his chest, pulling him even closer. Hugging her tightly, he assured her that everything was going to be alright as long as they were together.

"Mama?" 2 year old Hikaru wearing indigo pyjamas walked to his parent's room to see his father comforting his crying mother. "Are you ok?" His bright blue eyes widened in concern.

Usagi released herself from Seiya's embrace to scoop up the little boy. "Sorry for scaring you Hikaru. Mama is fine as long as Papa and you are here," they smiled at each other and the little boy hugged his mother around the neck hoping it would comfort her, "Come on then, let's get you in bed." She ruffled her son's short dark hair and carried him into his room to tuck him in.

When they closed the door to his room Seiya looked worried again, "Odango, are you sure you're alright." He stroked her face gently and she lifted her hand to hold his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes to feel the warmth of his palms and fingers; the warmth comforted her. She kissed the inside of his wrists and felt him stiffen slightly.

"I'm not really alright," she opened her eyes seductively at him, "but I guess you can help me feel better." She winked at him.

His eyes glinted mischievously as he got his wife's hint and scooped her up swiftly, bridal style. She giggled and her little impromptu reaction aroused him further. He hurried across the hall to their room and shut the door to prevent their son from hearing Usagi's enthusiastic moans.

Even after 12 years together, the couple never lost their passion and love for each other.

"It didn't work." Ami commented sadly. "Mamoru-san I'm sure Haruka and Michiru already told you what to do. Can you get to Elysion?" He nodded and proceeded to lie on an empty bed to reach a stage of sleep in order to enter Elysion.

"Prince Endymion?" A pale boy with a golden horn looked curiously at Mamoru who was dress in his prince armour. Despite his confusion, the boy bowed before him. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Helios," Mamoru gestured for the boy to rise, "Serenity is trapped in a dream and I need your help to rescue her." To his dismay, Helios frowned and looked to the floor.

He didn't want to break his Prince's heart but he had to tell him the truth. "My Prince, the Princess is not trapped." Mamoru frowned. "She does not wish to return from it so she chose to forget about her real life to live in her dream." He inhaled deeply before continuing, "I can retrieve her and the other since they are in the same dream but it will take some time. They have buried themselves deep within the dream that it will take some time to find them."

Mamoru had always appreciated Helios's honesty and willingness to help. "Thank you Helios." Helios bowed again before transforming into Pegasus and soared into the sky.

"He's going to help," Mamoru tried to prop himself up on the bed, Maker helped him sit more comfortably, "It will take some time to find them."

"What did he say about their condition?" Ami asked curiously.

Mamoru sighed and told them all that Helios had told him. They all gasped. None of them believed that Seiya and Usagi wanted to escape their lives so much that they would trap themselves in a dream. Mina bit her lip as she thought how Usagi would react when she woke up… she didn't want to take away her friend's happiness even if it was in a dream. Healer had noticed Mina's distressed look and being next to her, she placed a hand on the blonde's shoulder. "They can't live like this." She whispered so softly that Mina had troubles hearing her but understood – their bodies were slowly decaying from lack of physical activity and real food. They need to wake up and all the senshi could do now was just wait.

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