Summary: When a string of mysterious kidnappings begin occurring in various worlds, Sora and the gang must investigate but make a shocking discovery. And where did Vanitas come from? 4th Chapter of the Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts saga. Full Summary inside.

Summary (Full): While relaxing on the Destiny Islands, Keyblade Masters Sora and Aqua, plus their friends and Apprentices Riku, Kairi, Terra, and Ven, are alerted to a number of mysterious kidnappings from multiple worlds and must investigate but make a shocking discovery. What's more stunning is when Vanitas suddenly reappears with no memories of his past life. 4th Chapter of the Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts saga. Multiple Pairings but no slash.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or locales involved with this story. All characters are the property of Square Enix and Disney, respectively. Also this is a musical, and disclaimers for the songs will be listed at the end of the chapters in which they appear.

Pairings: Sora/Kairi, Aqua/Ventus, Implied Roxas/Namine. Friendships: Sora/Riku/Kairi/Aqua/Terra/Ven. Others exist but are otherwise irrelevant to the story at hand.

Author's Advice: If you haven't read the rest of the Reconnect Kingdom Hearts saga, I'd suggest you stop and go back to read from the beginning (For easy access, go to my profile page). First start with Reconnect Kingdom Hearts, followed by The Second Darkness, and then finishing with Dreams of Destiny. Once you've finished those stories, you'll be up to speed.

A/N: I've been having some creative issues with the intended 4th sequel for Reconnect Kingdom Hearts (The Forgotten Worlds), and while mulling over ideas, I just happened to read something that inspired me. What it is I read I'm withholding for now as it could potentially spoil things.

I'm also going to try something new. I got some praise for my inclusion of my choices of fight music (the music that plays in the background of certain fights in the story) in my previous two stories (the Second Darkness, and Dreams of Destiny) and I figured I might take the initiative and add not only the fight music but world specific music. What I mean is, for worlds that are unique (meaning that they're worlds I created); I'll list the name of the track that I chose for the BGM. These are merely suggestions for the BGM, mind you. All the music will be from the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks so there won't be anything too foreign.

I'm also mostly switching to the English translations for most abilities like Shot Lock instead of Shoot Lock and Keyblade Glider instead of Keyblade Rider. Some abilities will keep their Japanese names, most cases being that I prefer those names to the English ones.

Timeline wise, this story takes place a week immediately after the final chapter of The Second Darkness and three days after the epilogue to Dreams of Destiny.

(Music Cue: Dearly Beloved – KH2 version) (A/N: Imagine a deep and mysterious voice reading this section. Think the late Don Lafontaine)

Since the first recorded existence of the Keyblade, many have asked this same question.

Where did it come from?

Was it a creation of men?

Was it a gift from gods?

Was it an embodiment of a person's heart?

Many have wondered, but by the time of the Great Keyblade War that forever scattered the worlds, none had found the answer.

And so all thought of its origins faded away into nothingness.

Time passed and the Keyblade continued to answer the call of its chosen few…

Not one of them giving it a second thought.

Then, an unexpected thing happened.

The Keyblades themselves came alive, took human form, and rebelled against their chosen wielders…

But even they questioned their origins.

The Keyblade Rebellion failed, and the Keyblades returned to their original form.

And so the question remained.

Where did the Keyblade come from?

And so the question remained forgotten…


so it seemed.

Star Tours Traveler Presents…
…A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction story…
…the fourth installment of the highly reviewed Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts Saga…

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Reflections

In Agrabah…

(Battle Music Cue: Shaded Truths – Birth by Sleep OST)

It was the dead of night as Aladdin held onto the Magic Carpet, Abu the monkey riding on his shoulders as they flew fast towards the palace. Aladdin was glancing worriedly over his shoulder, a look of panic written clear on his face.

"Faster, Carpet, faster! We gotta lose 'em!" Aladdin yelled as they flew faster. They quickly dropped down into the marketplace below, weaving in and out of the empty streets at breakneck speeds, continuing towards the palace then quickly weaving into a nearby alleyway and coming to a stop. They watched as three colorful blurs flew past them and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I think we lost them." Aladdin said as he looked down at Abu who wiped the sweat from his brow.

"What a time for Genie to be off visiting some friends of his, huh?" Aladdin asked as he peeked out into the streets.

"Come on, we've got to get to the palace and warn Jasmine and the Sultan." Aladdin said but just as Magic Carpet was about to move, it jerked forward as if it was pinned down. The diamond-in-the-rough turned and saw that a tall figure in black armor with a hood over its head was standing atop of Carpet, pinning it down.

"There is no escape for you now, street rat." The figure said as Aladdin quickly drew a scimitar from his side but suddenly heard Abu screeching for help. Aladdin turned and saw Abu in the clutches of two more hooded figures, being held by the arms and legs, his tail being held in the same hand as his right leg. The figures' respective clothing varied but they were all black with hoods.

"You've only two options, street rat. Surrender or both you and your monkey friend die." One of the figures holding Abu said warningly. Aladdin knew he was beaten and lowered his scimitar which was promptly yanked away by a fourth hooded figure that placed a black gloved hand onto Aladdin's forehead, a brief green glow appearing between the figure's hand and Aladdin's forehead, causing him to fall unconscious instantly. A fifth figure then appeared and tapped Abu on the forehead, knocking him unconscious as well. Magic Carpet was being forcibly rolled up into a cylinder and once it had been completely rolled up, a black chain with a lock on it appeared as if by magic, binding it together.

"So what will we do with this one?" A Sixth figure asked as it approached, staring at the unconscious Aladdin as Abu's unconscious form was dropped atop of him. Nearby, an unconscious Princess Jasmine was being dragged towards the group by her arms.

"Their hearts have been touched by a Keyblade. We take them back with us; lock them up with the others." A Seventh figure replied as it, along with an eighth figure, appeared from within a portal of swirling blue energy lined by a ring of grey cubes with glowing olive green edges.

"You think they will provide new answers?" one of the ones that had been holding Abu asked as the seventh figure reached into a sleeve, pulled out a small blue glowing square which instantly burst open to reveal six images with scrolling lines of text beneath it that seemed to be floating in the air above the figure's hand. Holograms.

"If not, then we might have to go straight…" the figure said as it stared disdainfully at the holograms, each of them of six certain Keyblade Wielders.

"…straight to the source."


(Music Cue: Everything's Better with Perry – Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension)

On the Destiny Islands, the sun was streaming through Sora's bedroom windows as said Keyblade Master lay sleeping in bed. He was awoken however when he heard his bedroom door fly open, revealing Ven, fully dressed in his swim gear, with a grin on his face.

"Come on Sora! Everyone's waiting!" Ven yelled. Sora's eyes shot open and he sat up with a grin, throwing off the covers to show he had been faking and was actually in his swim gear as well.

"Let's hit the beach!" Sora declared as he leapt out of bed and ran after Ventus as they made for the front door. Sora and Ven ran out of the front doors to see Terra, Riku, Aqua, and Kairi in their swim gear (as described in The Second Darkness) on the sidewalk outside the house.

"Alright we're all together now, so what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Aqua declared happily as the others let out a cheer and summoned their Keyblade Gliders and flew off towards the islet. (A/N: Imagine a disembodied male voice with backup chorus singing the song as the action continues on screen. Please note that this song is supposed to break the 4th wall a little bit and it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek so just go with it.)

"We consider every day a plus,
to spend it, just the six of us.
We're always so ecstatic,
'cause the island's aquatic."

The six landed on the islet where Vaan, Penelo, Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, Serah, Snow, Hope, and Lightning were waiting for them.

"Adventures, we've all had enough.

It's the isles for the six of us.

Life's never fuddie duddy,
with our Keybladin' buddies."

Selphie raised a Polaroid camera as a photo of the six Keyblade wielders running across the beach appeared over the screen.

"When we're runnin' the beach, ooh, it's better!"

Then a photo of the gang finding one of Sora's shoes in the surf, boggling the others as Sora hadn't even brought his shoes.

"Losin' our shoes, oh yeah, it's better!"

Then a photo of Aqua, Kairi, Serah, and Penelo with spiked hair while grinning happily at the camera with Sora, Ven, and Terra attempting to hold down Riku while Selphie attempted to spike his hair in the background.

"Spikin' our hair, its better!"

Then a photo of Snow and Serah (her hair still spiked) sitting on a picnic blanket with a large picnic basket with Snow holding a cheese sandwich to Ven.

"I'd like a cheese sandwich with extra cheddar!"

Then a photo of the gang shielding their eyes from a cloud of sand kicked up by a mischievous Tidus.

"Sand in our eyes, oh yeah, It's better!"

Then a photo of Snow pushing on Tidus's chest whilst performing CPR after nearly being drowned by Riku, Ven, Terra, and Aqua.

"Breathing in and out, so much better!"

Then a photo of Aqua, Kairi, Serah, Selphie, Penelo, and even Lightning, reclining in a row of beach chairs with sunglasses on, grinning at the camera (well, everyone but Lightning who ignored the camera).

"Sittin' in a chair, it's better!"

A photo of an unwilling Sora being tossed into the water by Terra and Snow while a clearly upset Kairi and Serah came running at them in the background.

"And takin' a bath, just a little bit wetter!"

Then a photo of the islet's tree line (taken by Selphie for artistic value)…

"Every day is such a dream,
when you start it in a tropic scene.
All sand built and palm detailed and hairy?"

Then a photo of the entire island gang, save for Lightning, playing rugby with a coconut. The photo was quickly replaced by a photo of Aqua pulling coconut hairs out of her own hair after a bad throw.

"You know that it's hairy!"

Then it was a photo of Sora running with the coconut clutched under his arm.

"Everything's better with Sora,"

Then it was a photo of Riku diving into the sand with a grin on his face and the coconut under his arm.

"Everything's better with Riku,"

Then a photo of Kairi holding the coconut, now broken clean in half, on her head like a pair of Mickey ears while grinning.

"Everything's better with Kairi,"

Then it was a photo of a pair of hands from out of the frame shoving the coconut halves against a clearly bemused Aqua's breasts in a mock coconut bra. She was scowling while glowing with a clearly noticeable aura of impending doom.

"Everything's better with Aqua,"

Then it was a photo of Terra leaning in the shade of a palm tree in a stylish pose while grinning handsomely at the camera. You could see in the background, an irate Aqua as she chased the fleeting Vaan around the beach. Vaan was apparently the pair of hands in the previous photo.

"Everything is better with Terra,"

Then it was a photo of Ven playing air guitar on his Keyblade with Wakka playing air drums and Penelo playing air flute while Snow performed CPR on a half-drowned Vaan in the background.

"Everything is better with Ventus."

Finally it was a group shot of the six Keyblade wielders each throwing victory signs to the camera and grinning.

"Everything's better and we,
just want to tell ya fellas,
everything's better with you,
Better with you!"

(End Music)

It was nearly sundown and the six Keyblade wielders were the only ones left on the islet, and all were sitting at the sideways tree, watching the sunset. Sora sat in the middle with Kairi to his right and Ven to his left, all six of them smiling towards the sunset. Riku was sitting in front of Sora and Kairi while Aqua stood behind Ven, her arms wrapped around him while she rested her head on top of his with a relaxed smile on her face. Terra stood off to the side with his arms crossed but with a smile on his face. Sora and Kairi where holding hands. The spikes had come out of Aqua and Kairi's hair but Sora, Ven, and even Terra's hair spikes inexplicably remained.

"What a small world." Terra said.

"But part of one that's much bigger." Aqua replied.

"It might be small, but it's perfect just as it is." Riku added.

"True." Sora said in agreement.

"I could spend my whole life here." Ven said.

"I dunno. After a while the magic of being here might begin to wear off. Perhaps leaving and coming back once in a while will preserve that…that uh…what's a good word?" Terra asked.

"Spark?" Kairi said in an effort to provide a solution.

"Yeah, spark." Terra said with a smile. After a while, Sora glanced over towards the main island and could see a small flashing light coming from a house near the shore, his house to be exact. He knew what it meant however and smiled.

"Oh, my parents are home." Sora said as he leapt off the tree.

"So how do you think they'll take the story of our recent incident with the Keyblade Rebels and Vanitas?" Riku asked as he climbed to his feet. This caused Sora to sweat drop.

"Eugh, I'd forgotten we have to explain that whole ordeal." Sora said nervously.

"Relax Sora. Coming from all of us, it shouldn't be too bad. I mean they took the news of your previous adventures well didn't they?" Aqua asked as she released Ven who leapt off the tree along with Kairi.

"Yeah, but I'm still nervous about telling them. It always makes them worry." Sora said as they summoned their Keyblades.

"They're parents; they're supposed to worry." Ven said as they summoned their Keyblade Gliders and flew off towards the main island.

"I know Master Eraqus worried about us at times." Terra added as they flew.

"At least things have turned out for the best though." Aqua said.

"Yeah." Sora added as he noticed Kairi lagging behind and apparently he wasn't the only one who noticed.

"Kairi are you alright?" Riku asked.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired." Kairi replied as they touched down outside of Sora's house. The house was a simple sky blue two story colonial house complete with a white picket fence, a porch with white banisters and posts. The house also came with a porch swing and a small detached garage where an old 1949 Ford "Woodie" in pristine condition sat inside. There was a dirt road that ran across in front of the house, outside the fence where countless car tracks had left their groove in the dirt. The road abruptly stopped before a tired old wooden fence that was overgrown from years of neglect that marked the border between the grassy inland and the sandy beaches of the island. The fence disappeared in both directions along the beach. Further up the road were more houses that belonged to the rest of the island's inhabitants.

"Well I guess we better welcome them home." Sora said as he pressed his hand to his shoulder guard, summoning his armor over his swimming trunks but without his helmet.

"Why are you armoring up?" Terra asked, curiously.

"So that we don't track sand and seawater in the house, why else?" Sora asked back. The others took the hint and summoned their armor sans helmets as well before approaching the door.

End Chapter 1.

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The song above was an altered version of "Everything's Better with Perry" from the Disney Channel Movie, "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension" which I do not own. I call this altered version "Everything's Better with Us." No Phineas and Ferb characters will be appearing in this story, however…but that's not to say they won't appear in a future installment.