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(Ambiance Cue: Dive Into the Heart -Destati- - KH2)

Sora felt like he was falling, all he could see was darkness. Finally he felt himself slowly turning upright then gently set down on something solid beneath him. He quickly figured out what was happening and sure enough, beneath his feet soon appeared the stained glass representation of himself lying asleep. He was once again in the Station of Awakening. As he looked around, he saw thirteen more pillars appear around his own, eight of them illuminated on their own, the rest still dimmed. On each of the pillars stood a single lone figure. On the lit ones stood Aqua, Terra, Ven, Roxas, Xion, Axel, Ansem, and Vanitas (the real one). He then heard a voice echo on the wind…

"You must return to free them from their torment." The voice said as one of the pillars started to flicker but there was no figure on it. A pathway then formed between Sora's pillar and the other. He quietly started to cross over towards it but as he did, he saw a Corridor of Darkness open on the opposite end of the pillar. Once he had fully crossed over to the opposite end, the pathway and other pillars behind him all faded away into the blackness. The Corridor then closed, leaving behind a tall figure dressed in a white variation of the Organization XIII coat. Sora seemed confused for a moment before looking down at the image on the platform. It was a grey outline of someone's silhouette.

"Are you connected to me?" Sora asked. His answer came as a voice on the wind…

"I will seek separation. I will seek to separate you from the key. I will seek to keep you from remembering. I will seek this with ignorance." The voice on the wind said.

"Remembering? Remembering what?" Sora asked.

"Eight locks have been opened. Five remain in place. To find the final four, the ninth must be opened. To find the ninth, you must seek it as you once did in your forgotten memories but knowingly and in earnest." The voice explained, the Unknown remaining before him.

"Ninth lock? My list! The ninth person I'm connected to! Who is it?! Who am I connected to?!" Sora asked anxiously but received no reply. (Battle Music Cue: Disappeared – KH1 FM) Instead the Unknown reached its right hand straight out to its side as a swirling darkness started to form around its hand. Suddenly it summoned a large sword, comparable in size to Cloud's sword but noticeably more curved. The sword was black with a single large white cat-like eye near the base similar to the Soul Eater sword but without the dragon motif. The curve of the sword was oddly jagged and there was a strange imprint on both sides of the blade. The Unknown then held the sword in a fighting stance. Sora immediately dropped into his fighting stance, summoning his Keyblade.

The Unknown then released the sword in its hand, crossing its arms over its chest as the sword started to glow and float in the air on its own. The Unknown then began to levitate slightly off the ground as well. Suddenly the sword flew towards Sora but the Keyblade Master blocked. The blade was flying on its own as if wielded by itself. He then noticed a faint black tendril of darkness emanating from the back of the Unknown, grasping the sword, but what was even more interesting is that the tendril had what appeared to be thorns all along it. As he defended against the sword he quickly summoned Two Become One and blocked with it before slicing through the tendril, causing it to splinter and fall to the ground like wood before spontaneously combusting and dissolving quickly away in a black and purple flame. The sword clattered to the ground before suddenly vanishing along with the bramble. Sora turned back to the Unknown, dismissing Two Become One in time to see the Unknown stretch out both hands, summoning two additional swords, both exactly the same as the first. He looked in its hood and saw a single yellow eye piercing through the darkness within it. Suddenly the Unknown flew towards him, swords flashing as it brought the blades around for a vicious strike. Sora was put on the defensive as the Unknown unleashed a flurry of fast yet powerful strikes towards him. He quickly leapt back, casting a Reflega in order to block its next blow, causing the Unknown to recoil as its blades bounced off the Reflega sphere, causing the burst of white lights to erupt from all sides, forcing it backwards.

Now Sora was on the offensive, casting Thundaga and Firaga blasts at the Unknown. The Unknown quickly countered by bringing both of its swords together, pointed straight up and the backs of the blades pressed together to create a crude shield but Sora slid to a halt when he saw this. It wasn't the move that stopped him, but he now recognized the markings on the blades. On a single blade it was nothing, but with the two blades back to back, they created a frighteningly familiar symbol. It was the insignia of the Nobodies only this time it was slightly different. It was the same insignia but with the hollowed outline of a heart behind it. Sora blinked in confusion as he tried to Unknown it out but the Unknown took advantage of his hesitation and released the blades, allowing them to fall, bladed edge first, towards the ground, disappearing into the ground and creating two walls of black and purple flames. The Unknown then thrust its right hand forward, sending the firewall on its right towards Sora who quickly rolled out of the way to his right, right in the path of the other firewall as the Unknown thrust its left hand forward, sending the firewall to its left towards Sora. Sora quickly cast Reflega again, escaping the flames. He then turned and ran towards the Unknown. Before he reached the Unknown, it reared back its head before lunging it forward quickly, releasing a sudden jet of the black-purple flames towards him. Sora quickly countered with an Aeroga, the swirling winds around him, dispersing the flames harmlessly in all directions.

"Breathing dark fire?! What are you?!" He asked as his Keyblade started to glow. The Unknown said nothing and instead thrust its arms forward, sending a thick burst of thorny black tendrils towards him from within its sleeves. Sora instead summoned a Reflega sphere which suddenly became a single smooth sphere instead of with the hexagonal tiles and his Keyblade began floating around him as he started floating off the ground slightly like the Unknown. He then began slashing at the tendrils, the Keyblade flying around on its own as he controlled it telekinetically. It was his Destiny Blitz Command Style. None of the tendrils got close enough to reach his shield as they were cut down by Sora's Keyblade.

"Alright, that's enough!" Sora yelled as he summoned Two Become One back to his hand, the second Keyblade suddenly starting to float along with the Kingdom Key as he attacked the Unknown which suddenly summoned seven copies of its sword, all seven swords within the grasp of the black thorny tendrils that emanated from the Unknown's back and sleeves. Sora's attempt to put the Unknown on the defensive had been quickly negated as he found himself having to dodge or block seven consecutive blows from the massive swords. As he blocked, Sora saw something that caught his eye. The cat-like white eyes at the base of the blades weren't the same for each blade. They weren't even eyes, they were numbers. Each sword bore a different number ranging from one to seven in Arabic numerals.

Sora didn't have a chance to think much about it though as he began casting Thunder and Fire spells in attempt to back away from the Unknown. Soon however he had entered his Light of the Worlds Command Style, his Keyblades letting off trails of white light as he double-cast spells from both Keyblades, sending four magic spells at the Unknown at a time. The Unknown quickly brought two of its swords around to act as a crude shield while the remaining five continued their attack. Sora was quickly getting overwhelmed. Sora suddenly slid backwards as he started to glow with a bright white light, his armor appearing around him.

"Light! Give me strength!" Sora yelled into the blackness. Suddenly Oathkeeper and Oblivion appeared in the air behind him, also letting off the trails of light like the other two. He suddenly launched towards the Unknown, the Keyblades orbiting around him at high speeds, before he grabbed two of them at random and took a vicious swing, causing the Unknown to block with four of its swords arranged in the crude shield, leaving three swords free. Sora immediately directed the Keyblades to cut into the tendrils holding the blades, causing them to fall to the floor but as they did, the Unknown breathed another jet of flames, catching Sora off guard, the four Keyblades coming around to block in an X formation, magically shielding him from the flames before the Keyblades suddenly swung forward and outwards, sending the flames in all directions. The Keyblades began to orbit around Sora again only slower than before, his helmet vanishing to reveal his determined face.

"Who are you?! Who are the people connected to me?!" Sora asked but again the Unknown said nothing. Instead it stretched out its arms as if motioning to something on either side of it. Suddenly six additional figures in white coats appeared in Corridors of Darkness, surrounding Sora on all sides. Sora dropped back into his fighting stance but before any of them or Sora could make a move, there was a bright flash of light. Suddenly an object made entirely of light dropped down from the blackness above, landing dead in front of Sora and creating a blinding flash that all of the Unknowns save for one to the original Unknown's right, shielded themselves from with their hands. (End Music). When the light started to fade, Sora looked around and saw that only one of the Unknowns remained, its hands clasped together in front of it as if watching patiently. (Music Cue: Dearly Beloved – BBS version)

The last Unknown then gently motioned towards the source of light, causing Sora to turn towards it, and what he saw startled him. It was a simple charm bracelet but with only a single charm on it. A small crown insignia like the one he wore on the chain around his neck. Sora stared at it curiously, like he had seen one just like it before but he didn't know where. He knew it was special to him somehow but he couldn't figure out why.

"You have to promise me, if we ever become separated, you don't stop looking for me. Promise?" A young feminine voice echoed in the distance. Sora knew he had heard the voice before somewhere but like the bracelet before him, he didn't know from where but he could tell the two were connected. He then saw two yellow five-pointed stars fly in from nearby, one with a blue wave rolling over it, leaving a blue trail behind while the other was just a simple yellow star that left a trail of light pink and light purple behind as it flew slightly below the first, both glowing with a yellow light. Sora watched as the stars flew past towards and past the bracelet, the bracelet magically beginning to follow after them as they flew upwards, revealing that the blackness around him had become a star filled sky and the ground below had become a sandy beach. As he watched the two stars and the bracelet fly into the sky, he noticed them flying towards a star in the sky that was shining brighter than the rest. The three objects then rocketed towards this one star, disappearing into the sky. He then noticed that the last Unknown was still before him, waiting patiently.

"Don't forget to thank me." The Unknown said with a familiar voice before vanishing into thin air. Sora recognized this voice and reached out to catch the Unknown but was too slow to catch it as the world suddenly brightened in a flash of light...

Sora suddenly sat up. He was in his room in his house on the Destiny Islands.

"A dream. Another weird dream." He mumbled as he rubbed his eyes sleepily. He then heard another familiar voice in his head.

"Sora? Are you alright?" Kairi's voice asked. This one he could explain. She was communicating to him through D-Link. Sora quickly grabbed his lucky charm off his nightstand, establishing the D-Link with her.

"Yeah I'm fine. Why do you ask?" Sora asked.

"I…I'm not sure. I somehow just sensed you were in distress." Kairi replied.

"It's okay. Just a weird dream is all. Go back to sleep." Sora said.

"Okay. Good night, Sora. I love you." Kairi replied, causing Sora to blush.

"I love you too, Kairi." Sora replied.

"Want to know what I love? To get some sleep!" Riku grumbled. Sora and Kairi couldn't help but giggle at this as they severed the D-Link. As Sora turned to set his charm back down on the nightstand, he glanced up out the window for a moment, recalling the star he had seen in his dream. He set down the charm and then kicked off the covers before walking to the window. He opened it and looked out into the sky, looking in the spot where the star had appeared in his dreams but he saw nothing.

"I guess it was just a dream after all." He said to himself as he closed the window and climbed back into bed. As he pulled the covers back up to his shoulders, he took one last look out the window but again saw nothing. He yawned and rolled over, facing away from the window as he drifted back off to sleep.

As he fell back into his slumber, something appeared in the sky outside…

…something in the exact same spot he had looked…

…a star…

…shining brighter than all the rest.

To be continued…

In Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts – The Forgotten Worlds.