Crime of Fashion
E. Wallace

If she had known she was going to be arrested, she would never have worn stripes.

Della knew now she would never wear this hideous suit again.

She had been ambivalent about the outfit, even when she bought it. A misguided effort at something new, it merely ended up making her look like a reject from a barbershop quartet.

The soft rose crepe blouse wasn't as bad but after a night in a holding cell, the high collar had begun to feel more like a noose.

The decision now was whether to send them to charity or just burn them.


Author's note

I've read that Barbara Hale was responsible for much of Della's wardrobe choices during the series. I wouldn't be surprised to find out she had similar input in the movies. I would be appalled to learn she had any hand in the dowdy bit of schmatta that she was forced to be arrested in during PMR (although the alleged murder outfit was exponentially worse.)

Yes, I know, the craziest little things tick me off... but then again, they inspire bits like this.

I, personally, vote for burning that striped horror.

And the explanation is exactly as long as the drabble.