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Hi, this is my first time posting on . I hope that the story is to your liking. I have decided to use French and German in the story so translations will be at the bottom of each chapter. My french is accurate because I'm native from Paris and if my German isn't it's because it came from Google Translate :) Let me know what you think, I love reviews and suggestions for this or future fics. Also tell me if you want me to include other pairings !


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The rain trickled down the window pane as Matthew finished writing up his report for the next world meeting. It was one a.m and he was exhausted, he had been held up for six hours at the Roissy airport because of delays so now he was running late with work. Matthew snorted lightly, it's not like his report would really matter by the end of this world meeting, he wasn't deemed as such an important country, and that was mainly because America was his southern neighbor. The American always loved to shove his nose in other people's business so, as a result, the obnoxious man held the attention of most of the nations. Matthew prefered to keep to himself and maintain a quiet and peaceful existence, he had ,in the past, done some crazy things that led many nations to believe that Canada was more like his American compatriot. This had earned his country a reputation with extreme sports and being very laid back, which, Matthew supposed, was true to some extent. The Canadian finally closed his laptop and settled in for the few hours of sleep he could get before his early start the next day, he dreamt of older days when he had been crazy.

Gilbert yawned loudly as he walked down the streets of Paris, Francis drunkenly dangling of his arm as he continued his slurred speech on how fabulous his capital city was. Gilbert wasn't paying attention but he doubted that it would matter since Francis would probably wake up in the morning completely hung over without a clue of what had happened the previous night. Upon his arrival in Paris for the world conference the Prussian had been ambushed by a depressed Francis who complained that none of the nations had asked him to show them Paris. Gilbert complied with the frenchman and was dragged all across Paris. It was late and Gilbert spaced out, thoughts of fluffy yellow chicks and beer filled his head.

"Gilbert, are you liiistening to meeee ?" Francis whined "That english cochon Arthur did not even take me up on my offer !"

"What offer, marriage you mean, kese kese kese !" Gilbert cackled remembering when a desperate France had proposed to England. The british nation had been horrified and turned him down. It had been one of the highlights that year. Francis frowned displeased with Gilbert's comment. Tears started to well up in his pretty blue eyes and he whaled

"Zat vas not funny, and I did not propose marriage, I invited eem to stay at my villa in Aix en Provence but ee refuzed saying it was a waste of time."

"Oh mein armer Frosch, amer, amer Frosch ! Kese kese kese. He vill never love you !" Gilbert teased Francis patting the slumped man's head as he continued to ramble incoherent things about eyebrows, unicorns and bad food. Gilbert returned to his hotel after dropping off Francis at home. He hoped tomorrow wouldn't be too tedious, he hated the world conferences with a passion. He was not a nation and was not aloud to put in his two cents for any matters yet it was still mandatory for him to attend those silly meetings. He collapsed onto the couch falling into an uncomfortable slumber

(TRANSLATIONS): Cochon - Pig

: Oh mein armer Frosch, armer, armer Frosch ! - Oh my poor Frog, poor,

poor Frog !