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Chapter 31 - The End ?

Gilbert woke up feeling contempt. His husband was asleep by his side today on their sixth wedding anniversary and today his daughter was getting married. Gilbert planted a kiss on Matthew's forehead.

"Wake up Mattie, today's a big day." he whispered into Matthew's ear. The blonde man mumbled something incoherent and rolled over to face Gilbert.

"Good morning. I can't believe this is happening already." Matthew sighed. Gilbert agreed, it was as if yesterday Maya was only just three years old and today she was getting married.

"Time really does fly doesn't it." Gilbert said.

"Yes, and speaking of that, we had better get up or we will be late, and Maya will kill us if we are." Matthew said pulling himself out of the warm bed. Gilbert and Matthew stumbled into the bathroom, not bothering to take separate showers, it saved water and it wasn't unpleasant in the least to look at a lover naked under a hot stream of water. Soon they were all dry, hair combed and suits on. Their house was empty and quiet, they ate in comfortable silence and then left for city hall in Matthew's Volkswagen. Everyone was present, standing in the entry of city hall. All the nations were present, talking excitedly amongst each other. Matthew and Gilbert went over to where Alfred, Francis, Arthur and Ludwig stood.

"Are they here yet ?" Matthew asked.

"No, but they should be here any minute now." Ludwig said. Sure enough, within two minutes in walked the bride and groom to room went utterly silent, Maya stood in the door, a long black winter coat on her shoulders, her arm in Ivan's. Matthew and Gilbert came forward and gave their daughter a hug. Maya started to cry a little and then Belarus snapped,

"Maya, do not cry, you will ruin your makeup. I put a lot of effort into it." Belarus smiled and they large marched up the room where the ceremony would be held. The same room in which Matthew and Gilbert were married. Over the six years that had passed during which Maya and Ivan had been a couple Belarus had taken a long time to get used to the idea that she was never going to be with her brother the way Maya was. Ivan's sister had also attempted to kill Maya at one point, but now they were friends and Belarus was just as happy as the other nations about their engagement. All the nations filed into the room and sat down. Gilbert and Matthew, as well as Alfred, Ludwig, Belarus, Francis and Arthur sat in the front row. They all removed their coats and respectfully waited for the master of the ceremony to arrive.

Ivan and Maya stood when the master of ceremonies arrived, Maya finally removing her coat. she had insisted that Ivan not see her dress until the ceremony. Maya wore a simple white dress. It was boat-necked with a plunging neck in the back, it plummeted to the floor, falling around Maya like a winter waterfall. She was so beautiful Ivan felt breathless. The minister asked them to come up to the podium, and as in Matthew and Gilbert's wedding they signed papers and then Matthew, Gilbert and Belarus came up to sign witness papers. Maya and Ivan exchanged rings.

"I know pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your spouse." the minister said. Ivan and Maya shared a chaste kiss and then the whole room burst into cheering.

"I love you Maya." Ivan said and kissed her again.

"I love you too Ivan." Maya said and then grabbed his hand and led him along with the rest of their guests to the door. Their life together was just starting, and now, they had promised to be each others forever.

The night was filled with celebration and joy. Everyone was having a good time, the bride and groom left for their honeymoon in Russia and the guests enjoyed the rest of the night. Matthew and Gilbert left the festivities not long after Maya and Ivan had. They went home to celebrate their anniversary. Later that night as Matthew and Gilbert lay spent side by side on their bed Matthew sat up, face glowing in the light of the moon, and said

"I guess my life is complete."

"So is mine. I have you and I have Maya. Now she has Ivan, another member to add to the family." Gilbert sighed. things were perfect and he did not want anything to change. However there would be change, some good and some bad. But that was life, and without change and love, what was life worth ?

"Our lives are complete together." Matthew said.

"Yes, they are." Gilbert smiled. Who knew what the future held ? He would have to wait and find out, with Matthew by his side of course, finding out with him what would happen next forever.

The End.