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Gwen ran.

Her fear had engulfed her. The only thought her mind could assemble was, RUN! She no longer cared about how much noise her body made as she made her way through the forest.
The banished maiden knew Morgana couldn't have been far behind. She was on a horse, after all. And poor Gwen was quickly becoming out of breath.

Morgana stopped and looked around. She hadn't lost her. She refused to lose her. Then her eyes averted to a low tree branch, broken in two. Morgana chuckled to herself. How could Gwen be so careless? She smirked and rode forward, towards her prey. Faster and faster she rode, until...

"Gwen." She had cut the girl off. Rounded the corner and there she had been, fear etched across her dark face. "Too easy," she thought. "Nice to see you again. Oh, but you forget; I know those woods."
"Leave me alone," Gwen replied. "You've done enough harm!"
Morgana smiled cruelly. "You've misjudged me. We were friends once, were we not? I only want to help, Camelot lies that way." she said, her finger pointed.
Gwen exhaled. "Do you think I'd ever trust you again?!"
Morgana smirked again. "True, I may be lying. Maybe not..."
"Well I know these woods, as well." Gwen said with confidence, starting to sprint away.
"Oh, Gwen, when did you become so naive?" Morgana muttered under her breath. Her eyes flashed gold, and the maiden was flown through the air then knocked against a tree, rendering her unconscious.
Morgana walked towards the now-unresponsive Gwen. She though about what to do with her. Then inspiration struck here as she heard the familiar horns of a hunting party.
" Nu bebeod ic the thaet thu lætest thine flæcsclice gelicnysse. Wyrth deor!"
Smiling as a glow started to appear around the girl's body, Morgana quietly walked back to her horse, and rode away. Little did she know that someone was watching.

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The horns blasted and the dogs barked. They had spotted something.

"No, no, no! This wasn't supposed to happen!"

"Merlin? Merlin, can you hear me?"