Chapter 3:

Merlin snuck silently through the forest as Morgana rounded a curve and only to cut of, wait? "Is that Gwen?"

He stopped as she stopped. He was still far enough away that Morgana couldn't see him.

"You've done enough harm!"

"It IS Gwen! Is Morgana trying to hurt her? O, Lords, I can't reach her in time!"

Merlin's jaw clenched as Morgana knocked Gwen against a tree and he started forward.

He hesitated as Morgana seemed to be placing another spell on Gwen. She walked off.

This was Merlin's chance!

"Gwen!" She whispered loudly. He started forward towards her.

"Gwen?" Merlin gasped in surprise. Gwen was glowing, getting brighter and brighter. Soon, Merlin couldn't even look at her, she was so bright. He turned his head away, covering his eyes with his arm. When the glow died down, Merlin looked back, and gaped at what he saw. Gwen was a deer?

"Really, now, Morgana, why would you have done this-" Merlin's eyes widened. "The hunting party!"

"Gwen? Gwen." He set his hand onto the deer's body and shook her lightly.

"Oh, I'm going to have to fix this."

Merlin sat down, trying to recall the spell in the book Gauis gave him.

He took a deep breath and concentrated.

"áwendednes æðeling prep dá. ágýman héafod lícsár!"

His eyes glowed gold, and waited a moment. The familiar glowing returned.

However, Merlin was the source of the glowing.

"No, no, no! This wasn't supposed to happen!" He looked down as his legs suddenly became very wobbly, as though he couldn't walk on just two legs anymore. He toppled over when it became to much. He closed his eyes, wondering what to do. He was afraid of what he would see when he opened them. Eventually, he did open them.

Merlin looked up into the shocked eyes of Gwen, in human form.

"Gwen." He tried to say. Gwen just looked at him, clearly confused.

"Where did you come from? You look... familiar..."

Merlin stood up and looked down. What he saw was not what he wanted to happen. He had changed into the doe. Then he realized, the words were backwards!

Gwen stood up and brushed off her purple dress, ridding it of the pine needles and loose dirt. Her eyes scrunched together while taking one last look at the deer, Merlin. "Very familiar, indeed..." she muttered quietly.

A horn blared in the distance.

Gwen looked in the direction of the horn, and started to run off in the opposite direction.

"Gwen!" Merlin tried again, but it only came out sounding like a snort.

Merlin sighed. What was he going to do?


Arthur held up his hand, this signal to stop. A flick of the wrist, fan out and search.

Elyan and Leon led some to the right, and Arthur and Mithian led to the left.

All of a sudden, they heard the snort of a deer. The horns blasted and the dogs barked. They had spotted something. They rode on.


Merlin's head shot up. Was that a hound? His hearing seemed to be amplified, so there was no mistaking the barking of a dog. Then a horn blared. Merlin knew what that meant: run. If he was their prey, there was almost no chance of escaping. His thin deer-legs carried him fast, but it seems not fast enough.

A/N The plot thickens; okay, this got really hard to write really fast! i hope its not too dorky. I tried my best with the spell. It literally means "change man/hero into the doe. Heal this wound of the head" (err, I hope it does)

On a brighter note, the groundhog didn't see his shadow this morning! Spring shall come early! Whoop! :)

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