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* Davis+Kari

~ Tai+Sora

! Mimi+Matt

? Surprise Couples?

WaRnInG: this may contain couples that are not suitable for your liking, don't blame me for the surprise couples if you don't like them...

This story also has a few original characters...Shelley *me* Jocelyn *my friend* Marie *My sis* this also has a few characters from season 3... Kazu, and Henry...

And yet I forgot to mention the following: Joe, Izzy, Goth TK, Yolie, Ken and (the not so small) Cody.


Chapter one: The growing feeling, ice cream, and Yama-chan.

"Hey Kari, guess what! I GOT A JOB!" Davis said excitedly.

"What is it?" She inquired looking at him...smiling.

"I'm a model!" He said as he put his hands behind his head.

"So your gonna be a model and...fake YOUR REAL SELF?" She asked raising her voice.

"It's NOT like I am a striper..."


"Hikari...we've been through this before...just settle down...quit yelling..." He said soothingly, "Listen...now that your...well...getting sick all the time, I just wanna be able to pay for the hospital bills...hey, did you ever find out was wrong with you?"

"Dai-kun...they are still running tests...they don't know yet..." She lied, not wanting him to know what was growing inside of her...consuming her very soul.

Chill out what ya yellin' for
Lay back it's all been done before
And if you could only let it be
you will see

"Let's get some ice cream...maybe that'll take our minds of the money trouble we are having...I got my paycheck today, every shoot that I do, the more money we make...I get paid for every shoot I do...right on the spot, that'll help..." He said grabbing his car keys, to the convertible that his father had bought him for his 20th birthday, which was three days away. Since his dad died a few days earlier, he got it before his birthday...

"Ok...hey let's invite the others, and tell them the news!" She said going to the door.

"But...Wait...what tests?" He said looking at his watch...

"We can drive to their houses...and tell them to meet us at the parlor...how's that?" She said ignoring his question and smiling.

"Sounds great...you always have good ideas!" He said opening the door to his silver corvette, forgetting all about the question he had asked earlier.

They drove for a while, and finally, got to Tai's house. Kari jumped out of the car, and walked up to the door...

*Knock Knock Knock*

Tai opened the door, "Hi sis, wat's up?"

She looked at him, holding back the laughter that she was holding in, and then asked, "Hey, would you and Sor-"

Tai cut her off, "She's not here, she's in America...with Mimi, wait, I FORGOT TO PICK THEM UP FROM THE AIRPORT!" He yelled, running over to Davis, "Can I have a ride to the airport?"

He gave him a strange look, then said, "You know, you should really get some clothes on, then I'll drive you..."

Tai looked down, noticing he only had on his boxers... "You know, that might help...right?"

Daisuke looked at him, then laughed, "You know, your sister saw your Twinkie?"

Tai contemplating then thought of what it could be...He looked down and saw his thing hanging out of his shorts, then quickly stuffed it back in and ran into his house to get changed.

Kari walked back to the car, laughing as she jumped in the car, "You told him I saw it didn't you?"

He laughed and smiled and said, "Of course...you don't wanna see it again to you?"

"No...but you do have to admi-"

"I'm ready! Let's go!" Taichi said as he jumped into the car, "Admit what?"

Kari turned bright red and didn't answer. Davis looked at Kari out of the corner of his eye and smiled, "Tai, she's just e- OW! Why did you have to punch me, I was just explaining the situation. Hey, Tai, did you hear that Kari has tests running on her?"

Tai was shocked, "Why?"

Kari glared at Davis then spoke in a gentle tone, "It's nothing, I've just been getting sick lately, that's all...they don't have the results back yet..."

Tai whispered in her ear, so Daisuke couldn't hear, "Kari, don't be afraid to tell the truth, he loves you....you guys are Engaged...you are supposed to share everything...don't be scared...he loves you, and you love him, don't you?" He asked seriously.

She replied by shaking her head up and down, meaning yes.

He then said, in a whispered tone, "Then what's the problem?"

Before she could answer, they were at the airport. Tai jumped out and ran in to get them. Davis looked at Kari, then asked, "So what were you guys talking about?"

Kari didn't answer, looking at the door, "I need to think about things...I'll get a cab..." she started to get out.

Davis grabbed her arm, "Please Kari, stay with me, I don't mean to be rude, but, I'm just worried about you!"

Kari's eyes filled with tears, she turned toward Davis and put her head on his chest, and through a mouthful of shirt, she said, "I'm so sorry...please forgive me....."

"Forgive you for what?" He asked.

Kari didn't say anything, she just kept her head on his chest and cried. All he did was put on her favorite music, and stroked her hair. He heard yelling and then made Kari sit up and away from him, and took off his t-shirt, so they didn't notice the wet spot on his shirt. He also changed the station, from soft pop to hard rock.

I like you the way you are
When we're driving in your car

and your talkin' to me one on one but you've become
Somebody else round everyone else
Watchin' your back like you cant relax
trying to be cool you look like a fool to me

Tai ran out of the airport door, screaming, followed by two girls, one with short hair, that was platinum blond on bottom and cherry red on top, and the other with her hair shoulder length and the ends flipped out. Her light brown shimmered in the light as she ran after Tai. He jumped into the corvette and smiled a weak smile, "Here they are, as you can tell, the one with the short hair is Mimi...Matt'll be glad to hear that she's gonna move to Japan and live here, but for now...she has to stay with us..."

Mimi looked around for Tai, she spoke to Sora for a few minutes, "Does Tai even have a car?"

"No..." Sora said as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Hey look, there's DAVIS!!!!!" Mimi ran to Davis the best she could, with out falling over, because of her platforms. Her short jean shorts rid up as she ran.

Davis looked at her from his car, "HEY MIMS!"

She thought as she started to walk, "He called me mims..."

She hopped in the car, Davis said a cheerful, "Hello"

He looked at Kari and saw her roll her eyes. Sora got in the car, and then they drove off at high speeds, "How's this?" He asked.

Mimi ran her fingers through Davis' hair, smiled and whispered in his ear, "Hey, it's perfect."

He smiled, and shortly they had arrived at Matt's house, Mimi squealed and said, "Yama-chan!"

Davis honked his horn, but to his surprise, Matt came out, giving a girl some money, she looked about 18, she had short dark brown hair, that was died platinum blond, you could tell because it was starting to grow out...

Mimi looked at the scene her eyes big

To be Continued...